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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1886, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1886, Marble Rock, IowaIs week will be a Tow to any find in it it Tiv tit of tit x Ctm Oki Zoltak. Ditch want m i a Doha. Willed in. B m k. Us. Food vat Imp a. Re Geo enl apts wanted. If u Isar a .1 to outwit i i us a re f Kkt f i w itch t i h. Vol. 12. No. 12 Marble Rock county Iowa. October terms deals bin Staple and fancy groceries. St. I i Arkansas and Texas railway to Tox balt route standa3d gauge by 86 the Law Tirol pfc Lite from Union Depute St. Louis and Cairo to Jou Eliboro Pine Bluff Brukl a Gold Man Camden Arkansas City Little Kovit Mcneil Mega Tia Texarkana. And All Point in Eastern Arkam Gaa it i Lei sent. Bremond cd Sandy or Sicam Urc Nam Austin . Fort Worth a Scivilla Dillu Van my Houston Antonio Gill Custori a 1l pints in and Central Texas. Fie bin. F the i ill a ii his. Is nil no vend ele 1 scr Perl i la Lifis Cari and Day it t to nil 1 Konsti of Tavel. L trip Tiralli to .11 tax notice. Stale of Lowi Floyd count a j b von Are hereby notified that us Daj of a. P. 16e3, the Slowins a Escribe Twute. Aiu ated in Flo i Donn to tit wit lot no tame s of the Irreg by tar of the North Wem Quarter of bets Tion no. Own hip no. Inge no. Us West of the 5th p. N. Told by the Treaner flood Iowa to a j. Doore for the him then die nid real Dentato and that the to redeem said real estate will expire and a deed of had Lutts will be bade redemption from Inch Nile be nude within ninety from the Date Evn plated St Rioe of this notice the certificate of 0nr chaw of state now Law Fallt held of the a. J. Dated oot oter 14th. 1886, 10-3 Rye. S5 to 00 Fux teed 75 18 to 20 menu. Hogs. 93. 10. Eggs 1? cents per Naai is cents per Inch. Next week to needy. Charles Parker it painting Hiram Cuy a Home. Or. Shell Clark a bored into the sip. F. To i. Hatchet to tide a tying trip to Ociea Golant Fob Sam Grain food u new fur 15 piece i. Hutches son mrs. Sehee hat moved into aver Horace Llo Okaoa s store. Tee i 10 we Are informed that John Rohim will make a it Bra Hall of m ment been on the car Kunkle Lam week. In. Fadd Leford Haa sick Lut us put week. White Tara. Barg Gea has ret nned to Ber hone Al Nora sri Dpi. Mrs. P. W. Has told her Chat. Weber. Tia it died Kilts Buke s tie Day of Tia week. Mrs. Habbard returned from to Ben Salve in tax world for Salt Beon fever sort Tetter chapped chilblains and All Skia end Skwe and posit Fely Pill a required. It Gniew tech to Gire perfect eat a fiction or Oonea re landed. Price 25 per Box. For Sale by Kendall ac., Tonj Ages Flie slav. Mikius torus St. Imus a. Rera Rod my iliac Kimith and shop to my read Denic lot next South of the m. S. A Barcli would he Thuok Fol to or want Rien is and customers for Continua Tion of Liberal ontto Oage. 1 ours truly. P v Bussell her visit last saturday. Else Etta Leigh of Rockford was in town last week visiting friends. Mrs. Johnson of Council Bluffs is visiting her daughter mrs. Conraot. That 9 the willing workers will meet at in Frank cookers Friday after noon. Parties knowing them Sej to me and Many on ladies availed team Tel of the excursion rates visit Cedar rapids. Mrs. A War. To Law a Wai the Greet of her re Tives the forepart of this week. Mrs. Hol Meitter and children an mailing with or. And in Charley Bofto. Another line of millinery no fancy yarns us ladies under Wear etc., etc., at Rosin Lang. To r or. Maya be will take Hia Lanny a to to image Thia inter doa t Hagat to Leaai ballot next the away. Eiraj Rote it enacted in Iowa. George Aad Phillip Hullt Hare Par heated the Malhon Oao adm aka k. Go Haa r. Turned Hia Evlern trip and a again Raa awl Ike chair Vanthip of the you Ute o Tel come Tittle. D. D cuter and 0. U Lewt who Are in Ohio at Leech Ian for a Wpm port they Are rap idly annul Tion of Scott township will tie held Al the Center school Llouel Tut Day Uncle William Waller a returned to he bout in Duewan. Re left his race horse Badger with Jamet Cav Eton go. Col. Henderson will speak at Greene this evening. To understand that quite a delegation Root Thia place will be in attendance. Che Noesi Money f. A. Roziene loan red estate broker cite. Iowa. Pkg Oates Loans on improved farms at Lowes Bates Hack stack t lasting and Fra Grant perfume Price 25 and 50 cents. By lob s cure Iril immediately re Ieve croup whooping Caugh and bronchitis. For dyspepsia and liver complaint Yon have a printed Enan tee w every Wattle of Shiloh a Vii Aliar. Ii a ills to Curr. A Nual lit Tector free with each bottle of shirt s Catarrh remedy Price a teats a. J. Taper it co. To prompt paying men Hoire i Olet Erna. I Aas always Able set tin Day for Consoni Wintion of w a Writy u and tech at All be relied wry. P. A Kozelink Long or. Wot by awl fail have moved knee. L. H. Shrader and j. P Miller wife and two children Are visiting in Dakota. The Cru Blier Fine Cut tobacco at ours 4 son beats Otteni All a Accuu ice Pound Hei Garter wife and children of Manly have been visiting Here the past week mrs. Jevta of Nathaa visited with her grand parents or. And mrs. Jes Moore inst week. For 50 Beni Crusher so Union Tow Bip has 289 males and 267 females Between the get of eve nod Twenty one Yean. Frowen e. Woulard has bean president the National Asao Oia of of the w. C. T. U. Poa ads of butter daily Tor the next months. H. C. Robter. Anna toilet Julia Bowen of Rockford Ris Teil with miss Huttic Moore the of the week. Naff. Siame Back of a pet s Joseph with . Coli Jan u m4 sir pin fire Oil. N Al Mew Marb Kilbuck the cities in its Coop to ticket credits John atm to Scott township. Makei Turon or. I Tiptn and will be nearer right Hon. J s. Boot will address the people of Mirble Bock and Ticino it at Hall this Thundal everybody is to tried. We Naden tand that Ueo. Lines will accept a re nomination at the hands of the republicans for Iwon trip assessor tie has made a Faith Tui the Nee Lulu Aird Merrill Marble take place the in Varhyl saturday afternoon weather permit a Amber Olbon Fri Tiaa Ity Wewt to Mato to Rewar City you need re Kerr sum. Coats dude Laud Coats Over Coats under Wecter Wool socks glares and mittens hulking mitts a hats and Soga and child runs Suitt press and work suits working jackets Kite skirts. Working Woolen or. W. C. Bael of Dis Moines Isic. Town looking Over the with a View of locating in our midst Aad stems Well with the appearance so far. Too Millet is a candidate for re election to the office of township clerk which be he very creditably ailed John will prob he past t ably be re elected. We Are prepared. To Exchange 30 to 35 ibs., of tour per Bushel of wheat in ims in shuls or Orer. Bring m Yoor wheat and Gire n a anal 1. M by tubes sox. Pinkeye Prevou Twig Honea a turks Diflo and Vicinity. Erdi and attorney by Erik waa in to fwd last lie exp Ett to try Bellows at the n Oveater Tatnai of Coart the Nonty finances Are a a healthy Condi Tion and Well Auu ged docile the Frothy aporia is of and a Democrat. A Large a Jonty of that party even an Well Tai fied Wita the Way in which county affairs Are con a Ezraty Temperance convention will be held at the m k. Wen in Chirk Pilj w Friday Ort. 29th, 1ss6, to i o clock p. M., to take such a shall be thong it Best for the enforce not of Tho pastors and All has Papen will oblige by Cir Eula Ling this notice. It is for to try body. As have a routing meeting by ordet of the executive committee now is the time to buy your Supply of Coal. The following Are a Tew reasons summer mined Coal is much better than that mined in Winter As there is no Rush for Coal in summer. You will find your Coal in Large it is now free from take such Coal is St. Lon ii Clatt Demerria Bat it it equally that the Republican party Baa reached a Point where Jit cab Mph Jar Only by baking souk Moneet sign to the spii4t of Liberty in the mat Ter at Pere Oil Obj icon Waadt squirrels Are it Seliag to Mph Louisiana. They an reported think Coa Cordia that they can be killed with clubs la curly Tii Aea freq wetly Long Byuk the Ohio better m b. Banniy township clerk. Goodwiller to totter of John Goodmiller returned to her Home in Illinois Friday. Or. Goodwiller her As far As Martelle front which place she would reach Home we How Emtage of ears the democrats who Are shocked at Iowa s debt do not probably know that Alabama Arkawat Georgia. Louisi Ana Missouri North Carolina South Carolina team Sec and Virginia Are nine democratic states whose average debt Edneta is the democrats or Scott township will meet at the Center school House on november 1st, 1886, at Lor the purpose of nominating a township ticket and to trans set such Otlien business As tray before the caucus. By order of committee. Our county Orect ten Are All they can to increase the Republican majority in Floyd county. The latest idd Itira is a girl la the family of county auditor and when she fetches her majority site will no doubt Able to Cut a ballot for pod and hone St we have received the annual report of the commissioner of pensions to the of the inter or Tor the year Iti Siux Wule vote Loti that Floyd county has pensioner derided into the following in valid 99, widows ii minors 1, de Pendents 10, widows War of 1812, 2. Total amount of pensions paid in Floyd a panty the Cedar rapids daily Speaks these Good words for our Eon Gre Nional candidate the Reno Mia Tion of Hon. Via. E Fuller for con Gress by the of the fourth Iowa District is a Kigh con pliant to of the youngest and Ablest of Yong congressmen Eier tent to Washington Foroi the state of Iowa. When or. Falls was uni rated two Jean ago they said of him that be would Ante weak candidate. Fie took the stamp and made As thorough us Sucic Toful a canvass As was Eter nude in the District Jului year or. Fuller stamped the state for his neighbor now governor Lam Bee and nude two speeches in this Vicinity one Al Center Point and the other at Tipton and in those places he surprised everybody by bit masterly and eloquent pow Tatiom of the issues of the Campaign. La or. Fuller took an pro neat place Fot a first Tern and it to the dote of the Tamon. Hit speeches were widely quoted and favourably com Akmed on. Fourth District has in or. Father a Strong and growing we Don t take Mottle Mack it sea Anayi that in. In rate awl by the ing twp., Tio Faa Vav. D. Isth at his residence in Areola aged 70 Yean tie leaves a vile six daughters and four he was a native of Vermont. Be bored to Wisconsin in 45, where he lived 18 years at which time be moved to Iowa having been a resident of Floyd co., since 53. He died trusting in a Cruci fied redeemer. Funeral ducted by writer oct. 20th. D. N. Thompson. A quiet wedding took place wednes Day evening at 1u o clock it the hone of the Bride. The relatives were nil that we present. Tie contracting parties be two of our worthy esteemed Young people or Wilbert d. Johnson Tod Misa is Row 6 Couper Tud hosts of friends join in Well Wii a for the future. Her. S. 9. Grinnell officiated. Or. And mrs Job woo tool the North bound Cannon lint night for i tour through the Northwest. A Vicille. Pieces and no dust or dirt slate and Stone. You can you wish and Are not forced on account of cold weather to take such As is for Sale. The roads Are Good and you can haul it Home easily and do not run out of Coal in a blizzard As has of ten been the Case. Try and buy our Early and see How pleasant it is to think when the storms come that my bin is Lull of Nice Coal and i can stay at Home and let her Call and see our Coal. We shall keep a Stock on hand and will be pleased to have you Call at any time and we think you can make satisfactory arrangements with us. It is to Muke bed neb prices the Best Salle 3d vein cowl. Hutches sox. It u All nonsense for the Saloon men to Cay the Republican responsible for prohibition the Saloon uen Theau Elvea ate responsible. They were not Content to obey a License Law when they had one but they violated it every Day. They eat Ayed. To control the poli ties of the state and the result was suppression of their places by an Indig Nant people. Sooner the Saloon keepers closes their doom drug store Saloon included the better it will be for them. Prohibition ii come to slay. Ita benefits an apparent to every Calm and impartial observer. Ift Witron of a twiet wat kitted by few lbs it owe great than of in tic Menf the rec uly of Taiwei by War Hinam Day. Him Dove two tit to or to Haiti Tow to Bough Naa Row causes any oper ate to Tan the hair Gray All that a Mittl to restore the Nat Rel color Hill air Rcw or. For Awre than Twenty Yean in rates hut been Evora vote but we yet w barn is rut fail Wra. A elastic step buoyant spirit and Cwb Phiow an the nevus of we j. The Tail m healthy a Cleamma Penett Wii to Pomme whew the a Tao is Wilh . Take Ayer s Best nod Tulner. At the rude Nee of Bride t Paretta in town Kip Floyd a panty town on Santway a Eton or 24, Asili by the Wai. Pearcy or. A corp wat Hure to miss Libbie Sittl Buu Union town ship the the Eggert Are told stands squarely a the Republican fold a. Re niger Bat purchased the i Hynden Vevy ban. Whynder will move Back to Illinois. Six years ago but Friday the ill Ivou Central Railroad was blockaded by Snow storm. Think of it and be thank Ful for Nice fall weather inf. Waller proposes to Hare a meeting Al teachers of this and Mitchell county. At ibis place next month to consider the twit met for teaching the new work of Hygiene and of alcohol in schools Good speaker a will he pres ent. 4ay. Battie the a avg to claw Rawa. V Pytwan of tag web few my w Ofat tin de Kitty. Rap i we Yov via iavmiw4 Wmk my any away few Kymm a killed a Tonia the was at the Tan by mow was and med a thae maker that and met to Tajai was fat to which by Mil that i. The by by fire. Boil we. T Bulut it r Bat a has i a wits re wow. Not Perowe Idi Tipeti and Fri oods. Or Wash own a oae of War Artie Aad posting Meo while miss Ned u the Brij Cox Aad Viva Laos Hugh tit of oar Subt Smial Farmer Friend in Lime Ned. The avd Happy a Tuple Start life so Caraey with Bright Kiwi film awl a a Pyy Maiore the Wio Wini it hot of Post Eta by Strowd a. H. Gar Matwiy. Of Law a vow. Mrs. A let from my cow up on no. 1, Aad my to new exclusive clothing Stock. In Saan Block at the be be some. After elimination should so As Yon will that Yooran Tave Money by buying what want in my lint shall Only to glad to Supply and in order to git Jou to Croc and what Yon can do i will pay your fare both ways if your to Tea dollars or More. You Tan Tarn on no. A Only lose 70 and the Trade you Ever made. H. Childs exclusive Clothier Rock Ford Iowa. Alkac Duhs w. W draw inst of Winchester lad. Writes my eat Tomera mra. Louisa Pike. Bartonia Randolph Shyti Eizat. Heard old. King s discovery for Coom Ptim haying it tar. Miami time City a distal eur of Mola and n a much a Ting Reem Ibe oven her Lile free trial bottles Al Yakw soil Prog Sim. A be Load of celebrated or Tai to. Otwe or. The Best stove in the Market. Just received at the Mammoth hardware store of e. P. Walfer. Examine our and trouble to show we Are always pleased to see you. The party that will me the 20 heaviest ears of Field Corn Between this nov. 15, 1886 will receive free of Cost a Tbs by a its. No. 8 Cook stove the Corn to be Well matured of Good Quality and Good condition. Pumps till a std in Stock an sold e. P
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