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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 21, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. Is. Marble Rock Floyd count y. Iowa oct. I 1s9t. Teems a year we think prices r Vav c Induc you in can Ana our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to Call your attention to the fact that none of the above stoves Are Back numbers or old fashioned direct draft but All Are closely fitted carefully mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Nickle of any stove in the Market behave done away with the Long handled fire Shin Al. We ought to be judges of stoves we Hare handled All the leading stoves in he Market Are thoroughly acquainted with their merits As we have had the world to select from we think we hate just what our customers want. Call see us before you buy. The Chickasaw county democrats either through ignorance of the Law or to car Tiff t Cir Inee for representative to the Secretary of state in time to have the same placed on official ballot. Or. Fairburn is the Kepu Hcan nominee his election seems assured. W. L. Nelson. A. T. A. M. A t. Stone Lodge no. 351. Two Lutr communication wednesday i or before ill Moon Iii Toni Brothers in Goolst nuding attend. W. M. S. A Bee. I. O. Of f. Kir lilt Lodge 2fo. Meets thursday Irene no of Erk week. Cordially ii cited. Huson n. G. B. K.orl1, Lodge. Meets tue Silav f week. Liing Brethren invited. W b. Oui it. C. C. A. k. Of ii. B. 1. Of ii. Tif 3rd the sudsy night in each Mouth in add fellow Hall. L. W. , pres. X. J. Act let Leo. Sec. M. W. Of a Marble Reck Camp 4j5s bes Iular meet i Lee Sotl mail fourth saturday of each Mouth at Fellows Hall. Veiling neighbors i Art cordially United to attend. A ii. Mei ii v c h. Clerk. A. K. C. mrs. Stewart the 1ft Gejl u the Friday if each month at 3 o clock p. M. Mils. K. A. Stew Ajit pres. Itu. Cams taxi Aarin Sec. Marble i Oit 308, meet first sat Idaj eath month. C. T. Mckiry com. W. B. W c t u Titi thursday. Int. Taleb Pra Siudut. A. M. Secretary. 7-so i a. Eur Worth league Incus tag at 6.30. Meeting Thor ids evening. W. W. To Bissoux pastor. Cimi Tivix Church pics Chine san stay at 11 a n aid7-30p m. Christian endester meets at Rio p m prayer meet no wed Neady of cd. J. Will Walters. 3 Astor. . Ait m Prajer meeting tue duty evening c. R culkins pastor. every 3 t sunday in each ,ul3.m. A. Sudsy school baptil1 month it t try sunday at 10 a. Union school Home. Services held in the u. Pastor. City off Ceri. Beconder f. E cites ii b manual Cen Acilien a c Diu Lafal a. H Walster h. Weber r Hugget k. J. Ackley. Union town Alp school do pret Dent k. P. Walster. Secretary. He Jiuei tre Aanner. Gates directob3 Wickstandt 5 a Madison Blue Harry Jackmsn 7 ,1ohn Oates. Up Walster 8 James Par her Lew Inman 9 Miles Clikeman. Kurter Datia 10 . Maison 11 Andrew Gates. Scott Towo Alp John other morhorn s. Sours con Kublai Georgre Reed kills de Crowell Jake Garber t. W w Witter Miles Manh to m township a Booi of evident e. W. Garber. Secretary. Gronro n Baldwin. Tre Hurer Chanci i Mcrritt directors 1 Jrsn Burtop 5 . Witter. T e w Garber i dec Spain Diug 8 mat 7 j in Ninkham 4 8 in Jeffrey 9 John Loire. Judicial. C. Sherwin. V. Clyde. Titi of court-4th monday in january. 3st Lun Flay in May monday in . Milday in november Marble Rock Rockford of Loci of chairman Charles City Fuci Llop Shultz Timothy pippin s. 8. Chic Beiter 3. C. Merrill Niles acct flu 1st monday in january. April. Jant september monday in set Ember. County sheriff v tremor or Jerk of the -l.vc. Parker t , m. Illard Perrin Attoy Gar Reyor Coroner c. H. Johnson a f. A. Roziene Frant i Ingenfelter c. In. Knickerbocker Republican ticket. State Lieut. Gov. Supreme judge. R. R. Commissioner superintendent dist. J. C. Millikin j. M. Waterman c l Davidson i. G. Barrett w. B. Perrin a couple of Mon Iii the fret traders looked complacently at the Large sport actions of manufactures under the Wilson Law were Onty exulting by to the falling Oft of these a importations under the new Law it seems however that they were wrong As usual. The first month of the operations of the Dinghy Law showed a larger exportation of manufactured articles than for any corresponding month of years so much for their statements hat the enactment of a. Protective Revenue Law would Cut off out of Virniel county. Representative treasurer sheriff superintendent Coroner Surveyor supervisor w. 13. Towne e. F. Valster j. W. Parker j. I. Martin Cook f. B. Roziene r. S uht Chester Charles a. Dan editor of the new York Sun died at Bis Home in new York on sunday october 17th. A Cross in straight ticket. The Circle votes the in order to vote a mixed ticket you must Mark the squares in front of every candidate you wish to Vole for. The s county gave Mckinley in the neighbourhood of plurality. If the Republican voters will turn out to the polls do their duty tins magnificent plurality May be maintained this Lall. The statement of Gomp Rouer cues of the United states Treasury in regard to the business improvement through out the country is very encouraging. He states that the improvement has come rapidly permeates All lines of Industry. It began with the agricultural class the Farmers have Large crops Are sett no prices for them. The cattle raisers Are benefited by a substantial Rise in the Price of cattle the same is True with the sheep raisers. This improvement in agricultural earning has bad its effect on the railroads by increasing their earnings it has put Money circulation ens Ltd people to pay off their debts has thereby benefited the merchants. Congressman Tot Updegraff re fused to make speeches for the state committee. The free in Iorito of l Posto Flke appointments have been so objectionable to his be dare not face an Republican electors had writing on the that audience of he Toui sees the Why do messes. Brjan owe it Al. Continue to stand alar off Dis uss in Low to they not know that the Day of election it. Coming that they have Many stumps in Ohio from which they must yet speak to fulfil their pledges the Farmers of Olio Are burning to hear of the beauties of free Silver they Al so want to ask or. Bryan about that a cent wheat in Case Mckinley were elected. It will be remembered that or a Ryan went through Ohio last fall Aid some things about wheat other things somehow or other it Piaf cd t. Tuines out just that Way the Farmers Are anxious about it. Washington letter. Oct. Prot deut Mckinley has found Lime this week to make quite a Batch of appointments including a number which had been Hung up by factional fights among republicans besides listening to a statement from both sides of the re publican controversy in Virginia hearing what some new York republicans had to say in defence of their opposing the regular Republican ticket if Ever any member of the u. S. Supreme court was entitled o retire with Honor Justice Stephen j. Field is. Lie has served longer than any other Man Ever did has for eleven years past been eligible to retirement by reason of his having passed the age tha Bank of England is becoming at the outflow of Gold from its coffers to this country a id various j measures Are being attempted to Stop it. But it still continues to come. The Philadelphia Kecur that the Dingley Law comes thundering Down the line in the second month of its operation with a deficit of three a half million dollars. What a noise there must have been in the second month of the Law when the deficit thirteen a half Mil in this City Vicinity is Niven a special invitation to visit the cooking exhibit to be Given in our store next week by the representatives of the Majestic company of their great do you know i hat it has taken time work to produce shoes Worth your buy ing at prices fair Tor you think it Over. To think this Over that descriptions arc cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you j Kin of a Marl v Oil la believe they Are. Leo. W. Gates. In bad Faith but its meaning is pile As Plain. Representatives of the civil service league were heard by attorney Gene ral Mckenna the Legal status of Deputy marshals collectors under the civil service Law rules their Lully determined that the interests of the u. S. Demand peace in Cuba if Spain fails to bring it about he will do it hims if. National i Wei of Illinois Wab in Washington this week had a talk with the a resident. Or. Object being to convince the attorney i piwc3 Las been the Ohio general that a should not approve an i add ays that while the Cau Paian is somewhat quieter than opinion written by assistant attorney general Boyd taking the ground that marshals collectors have the Light to dismiss deputies ill their places without asking the civil service cum Mission for an eligible list. Attorney general Taylor of Ken steel i the leaders of the opposition party Are overjoyed at the slight fall in wheat lately. They Are expectantly watching quotations in the Hope that something will Conduce to a further depreciation of its value so that they can say we told you so to the farm ers. The fact that an ounce of never a year ago was equal in value to a Bushel of wheat but bus Only half a Bushel has knocked the wind out of their specious arguments. Our democratic friends make a great noise about Republican Ostrava Gance at Des Loines but they Are silent As the grave about the two terms of gov. Boies administration which were the Moat extravagant in the history of the state. The howl about state printing robbery is simply farcical when it is understood that out of 000 Worth of printing less than Worth came under the extravagant charges unearthed by the investigating committee appointed by a Republican legislature this has been corrected in the new code so that it cannot occur again. Majestic the prudent housewife is. Interested always in the economies of the household whatever tends to Les sen labor the Majestic the greatest invention of our time has a new Era to the women of America. We will introduce this great Range in Marble Rock in Hilwit in our store ill make it with i cooking Republican prospects in that. State Are Bright. Or the present situations he said the democrats Are Otilit into i f two factor.? mutually Embritt Cecii. Mil Bent of Llic other tin j populist voted 01 , 10 a Man Yeai have a ticket of tic no in. do not propose to "i1.c tiie free Silver democratic a , Bat in a Tuin Lor sle Gratice to Bryan Kyj i i on Lair Loi the to support the popu list candidate this Jess or , himself who has been imported into Kentucky to Aid party is making no inroads on the populist vote. My belief is that the republicans will carry the state. Bryan sin will be he attn Good hard but it will col put the Gold democrats in a position to con i Irol of the state they can never win Over the adherents of the Chicago plat form fur these Mon rather than p-mr0 under the domination of Carlisle wat 1 Terson. Bucknor will Tumble Over each other in a Rush to populism Tho nature of reply Mads by lie now Spanish ministry to the Tion of pet Sidcot Mekin Lcy that Tho War in Cuba be brought to n speedy close caused no Surprise it i about Bat it was expected o i some he has known he has t a doubt of tic Success of the republicans on both the state legislative tickets the return of chairman Liana to the Senate his opinion is in line j with All the advices received from us hits president other Bio republicans in Washington. Iflv.nu- the Unjali j. loading druse gift of , it hew i lie on y that cured Iny it is the bit seller t have j. I of Simhoni Fri of or. Kinds now ii Stanon i All Ilia i3 claimed Lor i u sic Vyr a a pure c ire for consume Tiu i con was Coila i cannot Sny enough for its merits or. King s new discovery for ,.nd colds if not an Experiment it has been tried for a Quarter of a Century today Stanck at the head. It never disappoints trial boules at a j Asper to s drug store. The business men of the country Aie electric the fleshes in ters is a Medicine suited for any season i a Tate where the come but perhaps More generally when the languid exhausted prevails when the liver is torpid mento keep its hands off Uhitil the now tin Missry has had a chances to put it new policy i i effect in Cuba i the sex profusion of Ibe belief that peace i i l soon result. President Mckin Lov i i r maj believe As do Many i the answer 1-5 nothing Mere i than an attempt to gun tune. But ii will be compelled by the Dio o Eric usage of nations to accept the answer Lor what ii purports to j to give the new minis by a reason Mac limit seventy years. While no official amount of time to try its policy be1 Ore announcement has been made none again passing it on the a Hoot of an immediate peace in Cuba. Hut i Recti uie Majestic by Isnit delicious Coffee free to All. Everyone Call bring a a fiend. Special reduction during Sale. Remember dates. October 25th to 3ist. Jos. Wiloth agent. Nomination is is looked for before the needed to the front in the fall Campaign made Tho ii3prc 5 on a general Amons i to Keelins j the remarkable of the Busi Public men that attorney general me my informed As to what j Ness forces of the country against the Kenna will succeed Justice Field. J trying to carry Cut the to t. 1 Campaign of year showed bit if lord Salis Brj s is not polu Yas one of the various. Was nourish in. That s the whole secret in a. We can Core no disease we can keep tip the patient s strength. there s Only one Way to do him. But if the system refuses food then use 3cott s emulsion of Cowf Var or with hypo phosphates. It goes straight to the blood. Stops the rekindles the vital fire makes new flesh so renders a hopeful fight possible against any disease. Especially is this so in Bron Chial troubles in. The Relief cure of which Scott s emulsion has won its reputation. Book about it free. Scott s emulsion is no mysterious mixture. It is palatable Noa of Muscat ing infinitely preferable to the Pia Ift of. The genuine has our Trade Miric on Salmon coloured Cut the genuine. For Sale at 50 cts. Aad by All druggists. Scott new Medicine has often averted Long business men were Folly alive to the that of an elephant Secretary ser that lie has Consul out Chester White up perhaps fatal Medicine will bilious fevers. More surely no death blow which was Beinor aimed at note concerning the change of i Era co to return to Nul the i them by Brya nites their pres mind on the part of the British gov Allan tie Ileto liter of for i i ire a lot of c to Coly Brul White Hiiop for flu a m c who can the Illeth g freeing from the malarial Poison. No j in digestion constipation i they Are determined to no conference will him a Kipte yield to electric bitters. 50c. j acll7e efforts to campaigns As Long hour the quite As Plain _ per bottle at a. J. Asper co s j there is any vitality left in the free j spoken As the one sent several months Lllan look to tie rest of the Worl a j drug store. J j a a i Rcd i like Hull Vins pain. But he is none the of some Shap pm activity in certain states attests Ern cent. About taking part in tha serve the conduct of the new j fully on the ii lab i i me Kinley does t wish to take any s up i in ipod a co had i Toniee to ii i in of ii c not led by k. Of Rock Ford

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