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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - October 18, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaF i ill Fco ints in Northwest we w55t. Is Sluti i. Traverse of Oft none and Charity for Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa of Mohjeh t list out offered by any a Iri n per Row that sock Ilii c prepared i Speed comf9rt and safety at ctucao.1 it nates Counce Ruth All a Ris at t ciry is n to Weir Iamurr re it Sive hum. In Ai s Cal l t c 20 room atom you will boy by this roam ask writ for is runs to or rec Al and for m 10 Ell or Vii Northc and i n you tickets _ i. D. To Schenck s adjustable and in third in new a else Pardon. Co Al o o 0 adjustable st6ve repairs sold by Mil us atm Leht Mist adj Mukhi in blk Csc Marble Rock 3 cd g g 9 j. B Shepa Edson i j we acc Eive approved buy and sell Exchange and do us general ii Sepsel Money p. A. Roziene an estate of Lauw City to nuo opiates Loans on improved Itil sell foreign sul ticket to and from All s Prius it Ai Points in Kurop. At Tea at a sch title m f b to. Iho. R. Of Wilke uhf a dealer torpid bowels disordered liver and malaria. I vim Tiu so s i Iraj to tree to Krohg it of in Linaun Tsutae j trunks satchels Etc m mum of a he j Lver. A Luis. To h Ike it i. And lie Anat to w the on the Brommie Novenk Tom Oiree x tub Clear i i Nam or i Iligir Raof Ana an a Parmat to Malama. Run Taai Uka a new Ken but Rorri Typha with him to of Okli a4 Lull Are the we. Dam Lay Good. Bev us out of. Str of from la Mour. Jul i we i Bauml i fed a new Tutt Shairyl in Minto Xiv my in Raj few took. Mii Mim gut m j. F. Shoen Uker dentist will be at tic be Elar Honse the 1st of each Tonth remain tag of Fisk. Also the Tith Days and will do cheaper than hta Ever been done in Marble Koch. Best Teeth Only per set All work warranted ten ludwi5. A s. Dentist. Of fico is i06t Block Teeth Coltri retd without pain by Rockford office Honn Frob 9 to t2 of Tow 1 to 5 f. Pality of flagging and cutting stouts Rottet id t w. Nti Ife rates. To prompt paying men Security. I offer and Vitta Ufeo is terms. I am ays Ablo to set Tho for of Vidd Tuc title to Security is Anil is inti eau us us Viu. Be Rulias upon. F. A. Gbo a Hubbard Barber i hair Dresser pc Cine attention paid the and s Blair dressing. Of Post the Post office Martic Rock. Bounty mural carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Call on or address . Ackley Marble Rock or j. A schermerhorn Scott n. Mass dim Juk sewing machines Marbe Rock a. For Safe us Davit tits to Prond Ai Pom Wajcs. Bro s Eia Reja m All it Felt the extreme Beauty Acu of the and the to ant were font cried to go punctually la Virtta Tot the manner when they had found out that subject matter was not for them. In tha Lei turf Rorm he abstained from All or fan int Aad pleased with Trio play of Toui Linic Erudia Isoo in a Stylo of or let la tin pulpit for be was Taen a Clerx Nan be made to Abo his auditor for of the chair and till with an Iala Atic snip Lleita m manner he Reibs to Hia quaint and affluent fancy. Loci Wai exhibited All Rich Ike o a rhetoric which we have never Seon Rifa Lod in this country. Wonderful Gnu win Worth Ngaue which were Only Pic Tara and Cavend no Tew or valid to aboard of in in wit in satire in splendid allusion in quotation in Pov Ibie to forget in daring imagery. Id parable and even in a sort of defy in Experiment of Bis own wit and kill in giving an oracular weight to hebrew a crts. Fesa which to Man could better 0ucb was his Aeu co Mauj Anil Security Othu manner. All his speech was music and with Euch variety and invention that the ear we sever tired. Specially Beautiful were his poetic quotations. Delig Hviid in quoting Milton Ani with such Sweet modulation that be teemed to give As much Beauty As to borrowed and whatever he has quoted will be remembered by any who heard him with inseparable association with his voice and Zenia. He had nothing in common with vulgarity and infirmity speaking walking sitting was As much aloof and uncommon As a Star. The smallest Anc Cilotte of Bis behaviour or conversation was eagerly caught and repeated Anil every Young scholar could Recita Brilliant state aces from sermons with mimicry Good or bad of Bis voice. This Fri thence went much farther for be who was Beard with such throbbing hearts and sparkling eyes in the lighted and crowded churches did not Tot go Bis bearers when the Church was dismissed but the Bright of that eloquent form followed the boy Home to his Bra chamber Aud not a sentence exercises not a declamation attempted in the Chapel but Showell Tho omnipresence of his Genius to Youthful Heads. This made every youth his de fender and the boys filled Timeir Reni uhf with Takuo hints Mir Eva that the Ora Tor bad a heart this was a Triumph of rhetoric. It was not the intellectual or moral principles which he bad to teach. It was not thoughts. When Massachusetts was fall of ills Fame it we not contended that be had thrown any truths into circulation. But his Power Lay in the magic of it in the graces of Rozaner in a new perception of grecian Beauty to which he had opened on eyes. There we that finish about this person which is about Wooth and which Dhoti Aguisan every i Talent last Are More or less matured in every debt of of completeness according to tin time bestowed on them but Worts of Genii in to their Flint us slight Cost form arc s in wholes. In every Public discourse there waa Noth ing left for the Iii Levoce of hta Bear no Marks of Law hours and anxious. Unfinished ind it but go Deoa of bad breathed Oft work a last Fra Graney and Waldo pm trim in october Atlantic. A Orang null i training the memory. The outcry against nun nog Wen general and deserved. The luf Feit following a Plethoria illustrate a common mental dyspepsia. The Quan Tity rather than the Quality of attain ment is too often the meter of Progress. The school studies Are All Best mastered when they Are pursued not a ends but As mean of mental discipline. All troth ii in Harmony so the Forest pro Cess of acquiring truth Accord with Laws of Muntal growth. It b the Leacher s duty not so much to impart knowledge As to show his pupils Bow to get it then the Joy of conscious Power and Progress quickens Tho Mem Ory and All the faculties. Efficiency Power of using the faculties and resources of the Tho test of advancement the the alter 3 sticce.45 is shown not to much by what Telli Lis a nulls. As by what they Are by bit instruction enabled to Tell him. The process of cram retains genuine co pledge while the Tow method Rand an its Ever at command. Still cram has a moral taint font for ostentation and so chaotic prom to but giving he of it is doing Vio Lence to tin Kol to its Low of tenth and of growth Fey the Nutriment St and it tic though Bor Orvand Interi Virence do not bold a proportion to we j u-1 a cuban has their forms. Faculties Cotnua surety Dorti Iam but Tea perceptive Powers and memory Are acute. Children Urton spelling and in Gide no better than and up it tit Perwo tiros Tubich mately give Fuller play to memory Ami reflective Powers. Lambs i number should now the broadest Field for the 41 Are Littel for Tow tusks Naira by it Tucci Sivu period of life. Carn to if of Tift efforts and dec Rush Iii to of Tho child. So him that lib pig Rosa even without a Book or is mar Cloua. Thou Fth it two years of lie end but t few words act six he bits a butter com Mand of in Connor Jii Liott Lihsa a anti Dettt of a Tiu Truiti Ariy acquires after ten study of Ibal Tiit Law of memory shows that into Guarre. In form of trading be Mug and Erkid should be Ile Anvi Uincent of Young children. Tic curly a Aster of one s native facilitates All other Juluin Teot while poverty of language is a hindrance and discouragement. Just Here Tho highest Tad and didactic fort 7. Jive Ukrop in journal of education. Glea Irarra All 1 1 i ail ins Wpm to with to sumps of so that. Hev be Romot be Opic who would not hire looked the with the Sinai 011 bought them merely by Cau to Ihen were the govern Ici Orv or. Gold worthy , Colora a n form i having sent to jail Lor Nea Luigj p 1-3 n Bat his neighbors or news id Loo. Tiie ook 08k, Bui Timeus a Tukio Kab _ b m Likely to make papist Sippari a fluent babble with Mait Csc. Cram a Multi Piying Weare a War better out twi wot lil to Isaac pirate flippant to toe any method which pupils with an of a new town in Colorado has been christened Wagon wheel. Mrs. Land try holds mortgages on property in new York to tue amount of wildcats arc said by the Farmers to be so numerous in the Berkshire Hills of Western As to Render the keeping of sheep impossible. Leading citizens of Keokuk , intend to remove the remains of co Kolc the Indian Mutaf to Point near that Unity and erect a suitable Mona Niento to his memory. Germany hag a Temperance revival sufi As was never known in that coun try before. It is led by count Moltke and Many eminent men Are among its Foremost workers. Maine Farmers Bavo been caught at it they raised bears in droves in order to secure the state Bounty of their this a infant Imus by which will not to protected. In emulation of the Confederate Bonds claimants a u about u Prency government for the repay Brent of francs which one of his ancestors Lomed to Louis Xiv. There is an old lady named drown living to Ilin Toa whom hair or and she in now cutting her third Avi of Teeth. For several Yuan she has had her second eyesight and can see to do Fine work a Well it anybody. A Jirl thinks Tho and of Sci Tias Are the Best commentaries on the management of their fairs. Look at the she says for the fastest ironing hone v50 for the next fasten 525 j for beat team of work horse t3 Best toil of bread 90cents." the victim1? of were a Signor and Signora Bou Uvita who left property Worth to which there is no Huir. Their relatives in order to determine the Succes have petitioned to have their bodes disinterred that by an eat donation of the external injuries it May be ascertained who died first a fellow working in a Maine factory where Young women Are employed con trived practical joke for the enter Taing emf his admirers. He killed a adder and left it among Tome that Ere to be aborted by Yonng women. Him Stevens uncovered the reptile with her hands. The Shock made her inane and the physicians Sav that Aho vill probably die and in any Avent will maniac for life. Our country that t is difficult 10 Distin Gulih men in cur Tain sections by the regular four Point of Northern son them Eastern and Western in we have sow. Therefore. Now England men Eastern men Southern men South Western men. Southeastern men. Northern men Northwestern tue id Olwig Mca. Paris Figaro report Mir Kate lol Tiol Preo Ocita on part of Young Ranee. Baby la four years it ays. A mom ing or ago donned Iii first trousers an.4 entered the Volt Afa hut Parr Orion is to the and Pat a bad nud. Jul such cramming series gardens were. Instead of trundling a hoop a paper and began perusing its columns with an important air. Are Yuu revling Nix it asked a companion infant. Am Reading above political 1 my Minera of the South have Little instrument with which they whistle to each other it Mode of Copper Flat and hollow an Inch and a halt wide and with a kind of scroll at the end farthest from Pretum attempt to brag a Fott mum Laika. And them b for of occupy the of memory a exit Morr oot Al on dorm faculties of mind. Especially i to Lity to. Enl Are. The of memory Pirfo Roeii by in Ibcal Ite Lialo discipline to tech myth Odd cite Benny. And Ara Little the texts of the acrobat they serve for the bowled systems of nine Bio a species w Van Tutaj discard tin a Jacial re lations which Sqq Rasta and lbs them Irli Victel Tow time awl thong applied to tiie of ideas worm a tort Beur both in and discipline. A frat memory for facts Aad b not a a two intellectual Power. By Proem wan Clay have of his Toogie s nod be a fawned Del Trier. Bat web Ott fwc4 Daw by pram thu jct a with Jed Rembt. On the other in Uhwat u an mum it nowt he. It Pieve. By at each Tad at us a Roll almost any kind a Rill Eai to parodic of away. In san francises a Mao Almetor which k Owaru and and by a products an a a Vorko Ababio had or m at the to Xii whim Are in pm Oral the Wils. Pow Tord an sold on the re Ciftci to Rush America Mexico us Sandwich. Aads. China and Japan. The overthrow Alfonso be Holly Cor of Tork trim a it in Wick unless to who Feller or amuse him tin tin Cudiam Itury tiie thu Iii. Who vhf the in Tan. Or a file Polyi list toil be Enjoli awl pal pcs Gbidi Are Kem id Tot tace of he Onwu and the Initta the font Pafait of Lii at country a. Places poor to a awl too in Peanut to Bave i Camba win a bar Xiaoe. To Piotr a of stat of a to Imbuido. Of dog id nah. W. Tiff limit. V there fan be Orsin tin Nicolyn Coly i stun of i Man the Ift by tie a Iii. 5ir As on Tho Dusty a u him hut were per Juriw to consult Bis i Jer Raver a l in Iii wife wishes Auto the manner of Bis j Taki Joff. Is Iliad applied Lor divorce j lie groped in Ilai Katicas Muro of of Ami cruelly Ami i bereft of of Nibi Idun or her private nmn itty. I to tiie . Denied us pleasures it Bare. Only Iru wiil not Nasont to the it Ile Pondant on t. But a Lirui i Supply those senses of which lie any whose worthy still recent to duct taken in Virginia i to cily in a that Trio Law Rich to i i tend not to this picture. Burn Holas in his in a Cook auspicious morn to limit Bro Ixia u mus thirty cent per bottle. To pays fifty who Nian unc Turo and sell stuff at to dirty per bottle probably make Twenty lifer s awl in Juii Ann noun till Khiu Tuioi. Mitt in Ifni by in wan in Cuil i it us Tow i i i Iii i. it Niento Anil Itera. It Tolu vital v new Kaiui Blooml at Oli de.sjklil1 win. Will ii Tair Trini. In s of Jim m Eiju Rimini str Ujj Liili hot Rel. Tuv Iii inc of hit a v u must the big profit on the Pingio bottle that tempts Nicu Aad u Omen into the business of retailing to the indians. The chinese Are in making this cheap big Juit e. Starting with a Iovu Dantion of Rice Brandy Liev concoct a by garage that causes the eyes of the Rod to Roll in their sock eur Aad orca lifter Ott his heat to stand erect Birmingham club an. Known As the Sig la City has had a growth not less remarkable than that of solve of Trivus. In it Ivas u Village of s.500 inhabitants. In that year it was Marly depopulated by a choler i Epi Dezaio. An Era of rail Road building set in in the state Aud Tho intersection of two lines Thuro brought firming Laufs population up to in 1s30. A census Jurt completed gives the City in 1s8s, Wahabi Tim value of property has increased in Turco years from to 000. Tho growth of tie town is dire to the development of Tho Iron mines in the Vicinity. Tho Jur Suva Vith which Tho Market has Buon flooded Proui Isu to be the dressmaker s ruin says a Philadelphia Drca sneaker. Our Art bos hitherto Ceu directed to the lilting of Basque or Waist and the of the try Tipery close the Waist the 5crsey does away with nil this. Any woman Cau buy i Jersey to lit her. Thoy Are cheap. She can Wear it with any skirt and the is the makers1 occupation is temporarily gone. Itu Jar the Market has been hooded i says and As a result the dress tank ers have bad the dullest Ever known. Just imagine an elastic warm close lilting garment of the for men Nav with and coat Aad with All Wiio Maku Liichi Auu the thin at a in Public schools. Science in the. Broad Sui Isu of Tho a taif is but in its tech Nice i it or Tutic Anil literary All descriptions while Iri Tantic Alij Bra pure is Netty Renil Ither Abs met Sci enss Are but so Many some one or Trio pc of a thu worker in science must of Famili Tir. Thus live twi of its a nylons with the Vicic ticks hit is with the know Lilje o Tho Iii Persu of the Ivy rail As i part of the Mii Eric and it our bal ii Anil Nii tuls w a part of Tho worm. All thu Kelv Zacc of the per sent Aje the loom the Tania engine the the the Teie Chwae. The t of Curie to Xor Are to the of nature n leu Heeil in thu first instance by those from sheer love of Bavo Itu Cleil its wonders and foil my oat its careless of the hooting is tub and lieu in ours of Tho cult Ruil in the instances applied by to inventor Fri it . Who for last a have As nil won Tho up Pusc of millions and filled their Pocuc vow with unto lil sold. It is Mere Ijuin a Linja upon wort ii to say that discover ies in science ire due to Chance. A Hundred nit i ignorant of minerals May a Mountain of cinnabar without a i cum of in Valire but the flyer Pretic in Tuiner who decs it though May be for gom knows the Raluy if the Aier Cyrial Ore. In a scum the Chance. I went May Loo k and but one Hod. Of itch be who Looka for one thing flails Mother. But in All cos the nut vivant spirit and the a usury to to a mtt4 Drc sent Oiher Wim like Pearl of Crest Price is t Crown away u useless pc ble. Of science has not been Linin Toliu Vlist cry Over Neil Powers outside of knowledge what Lim of to nature of our boil ice of the of the org Fca in we Iii Ute. Mind resides of tie Ali sub act us no cases Welch up on with us has advanced greatly Ami the Only reason that Sach by by Lect Condi Tion ti7e Htwa race to a extent thu it has ii to be fou it in the fact that the application Eft has to be by the individual lil Jelf. And education Given to the Uidl tidal taught Hlava to take of in inanimate Wachino of Manof Ectore thu of that won remit of the Imp evolution of apes to Calls which contains Alt fat he Tarn him of if. It for Laek acc Isary knowledge in Ofik i that find the a a priv of Roa Kiwi ready to ii Unith Aulia Titis a Ollil Ai tic Sii Rinc of mammon. Science once properly us zit . Oliseck Couit be a sow of the Fonia which seem society. Wealth with Tow Fonh Iua it it 3oaeii Tor. So Tiit not tire two Stone Kiili Vidani Are a the in. A fun Tanjut from infancy the cart Tilljr Turt Atinis i to cd will in us Luroy fallow a sin and. That an outraged Brijl in ways it Cage an my Vav Souc to its taught with the Horne per with which Doc Truw of awl the Devil and to cheat the it Vil an for by with Hemline hand to Ope eyes Art j fill with sight those urls. There be or not the. Mast remember of a. That no Savio there now to heal such afflictions but in time to Dot drug store May select from Bis in t it. It Usu cell prepared by or. J. C. Ii c.-. I Mill Lowatti jul Usu Ediin new St Csc of spectacles and thus be pro pared 0 avoid the miseries of poor i Tim cos. Gold Silver Nicol and it reasonable figures your Choice from tic finest and largest Stock of spectacles in Northwest lows. Conic and prepare Aye even restore Jour it Litif sight by timely provision Tho ugly a j. Asper. Piles 1 Ilca arc frequently Sens of weight in the Mucic 1km lower part of the Rob Donion v the patient to suppose he Lias sonic of fiction of the kidneys of neighbouring at times symptoms of indigestion a present As flatulence Uncan Rinosa of stomach Etc. A moisture like perspiration prud icing a very particularly at night alter by tin g Warui in bed is a very common a t tend and is canal external and itch ing piles yield at once to Tho application of or. Sasanko s pile Kama by. A Hui. Sets directly upon the part at acc cd in the tutors allaying the intense itching a it to Anent cure where All have failed do not delay until tie Drain on the system produces permanent Price 50 cents ask your druggist Jur it and you can not obtain it of him we will Send it prepaid on receipt ofor Leo. Address the or. It Junnio Medicine co., Tiqua Ohio sold by Asper 4 c e. In drugs medic advice to mothers ars Job disturbed at and Bro Ken of your rest by a sick Clit la suffer a Gand crying Vith pain of tip Teeth i if no Send at once and get a Del tie of a Isarow s Serui for oni Liivik Timi Uto. Its value a . It will relieve Ibe poor Little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers there is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery diarrhoea regulates the stomach and bowels cares Colic softens the Fiat inflammation and gives tone Aid Energy to the whole a totem. s so Ontso a twp for Diu Ike a thu is pleas int to the taste and u the of one the oldest and Best be info physicians and nurses in the United states and a Tor Sale by til in Nguu throughout the world. Price Ceuta bottle. Wall Pai Kii. All Liay. Fur Browne porn nil. By to. And examine Luy Tock Anil prices you will ii it Limu to Tho Joseph Wil Tii in harness. Liipa Hartm soil. Him in fact i Van us rally in a ii avness shop. All in rec Warmou in Marble Rock Northen railway Hirl to lit Neosia and web Ili t ii on trial 3 Loutis or 20 gents the bad o Tribune urn fun none Oruo my Bow r put or a Cunil in to. A con Plutt emar nine five Rma oar and of Tun. Ton my Tram on a Portman to temp of a i ctn inc to tic Mick if unit in Mejt warm ice Pomroy Odler is for of fit Rcv get Miflin prowl mry thous i Milnw who in not it 4, mtr Maunt War to order paper of Fork Forono Umon of tank roam 5 i Ilia will equally Kne Pumo. Try the Symth. Natl for hic Fly t Wiff St. L.nni-. Null in ant in of fur Iii Nivin of i a Tevuk new Mctyr Ami in a it in Jet Lar Hitu All in Kummn 1 trip a Pullum jars it. Paul. To Atli. Cynic a. Kirk Utill to Al to a we guru. Witul to t via Litu Jii id he hey . Maine line min ruts. Met uitime i vision Kec . It 1 of Lille. Ift f i will i we lie Ian tvs Hhd of Ciha pin in to ibis twin in the maps Tirrie i Miffert f to Kim ? tie United a Kiliati . 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