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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - October 18, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaI published by go. H. Hic tags. Emu la i f my 1 a i Olu Iii 1w. On.? nth of spins makes a Square Issue it. At Levi ii Ratts. Jhaj Jear if paid in Advance. If not paid until the in iffy car. A guru. A a rat with malice toward hone and Charity for All terms jl50 per annul in Advance a. La vial a glues Hal in Typo in Mukk la. Mails. Summer arrangement. I Xvi f i a v to . A. F. A. Al cot railway. Trunks Mic i Imiin-.-. And J.J a s Kim will wll on Lime. A. Lii. Ray Wil to i train i to. 31 x Lay n. I. I. In. Cd irk it Kkt it Tel n r in a . Maianu . Of Rii j i lame Iii Oil. Whip Bloop. I Lashio. A . And , c. V. Pink be i i i daily the indications predict a j youths suit. That t am of Casil Hii i Init. A tin dirty of v v i 1m i. U. C. To. If bin in Llali oort Illila i Vitrit w. 0. T. . Kry s h urch services. All kinds. Furk in Vrowl or Iron to airy or Ilu Iio j 1 i Iii Ali i a tit. In a a. Mow a Arnow s killer Tor at t 1 pan of mans har Nef and a or terms at the residence a. Miles Luok. tin Linn is by . Dirty is Juii halt Thoro id always a inc i Nee the i i r. A. A. W. Al l i Liiv. Sib o g. I Wash Burn. Clark and 1 i. Mid of Flat Over e. B. Hat est throw hour 4 d u ii Fri i u4i j in i i Uil in 1 1 j r. M. A. I 1 7-J.J a i Rii Tirri t w 1 l i i kit. He i rum h l a or s. Fir i a 3-1 v. f to i 5 w i. A. If i Cha f pianos. Pianos Asb Iii l work i Lvin tic i the 1.-Kkat amok a 01 i i in i i i w. H. Johnson j Spuccia j in Rollel Liun of a 111 of s i i Helm own visit these 1 Soiu Iii All lie i due roast Lii in r. I 1 All mrs it in inn w it ii with death in War Fri Flam in i of .1 to at the j. I. E. I i in. All Kab Iii w v. In a. In 11 m i s a i s r i Liuell ill and it stamp for Eiliv Pihir. In Jure i ing j k i1. U r. .1. i. V. so Iuo in nil .u-.-Mil. 11 ii 1 j 1" Conn a i. V. A. 171 i Riar vim a. W l.ll-in.--. I ii Hallett i i Turc l. N four 1 1. In Cru Ruiu the Infin . Wall was Elveu in of tic in a Jmc Liisu Ali Reilly 1 do Miaw Iii a. Mallm c s. I at a. 5 Civ. Kiuly pair. It Liutik ill is Luiu Ever Flics ukr Krans a s the lion e. A. Rose her of the i Liis fief Neuire at. Tin store. Tin pm Iii of Lump int year that of any town no Vii m cellar and Stuj vill do you k. A. Co. J. W. Uhf Law Oil . 1v.1 s m. . Ii. in a. I. A. Of r a .1. Lak i j ii it r 0 h z n a a film Wutzl tur j i Lin in i. Ii. S. Irm 1-Ucibi Dii ii Ina i t ii. F. 1. I. X. I mr.-. I a i unum i Iii Luot Fiodi fully of gift Tui Lulf Tuny Lio is Rumuly for v. Alvr us of Lia boots. Shoes Caps. groceries 01 All 1 mittens u a Lull Lii Teui fall i and heft till mittens. A Stock of j hone Anil k whips. . Ii Fui Mark Down. A us , blinds mid a half one Dollar. stove Aud Deal s Sanctum. I u Iii yes in this line. Til. Aid out for live Guys Lite Law big. If thin avoid it a act it Itil master a mi4 so Preed in your thy Art will be Mai Mil Tiv 4 i upon Invin Troik is dollars was i Shiply a from or it i a u written t Lull of life u Liis Point last or. Cornish of by Veje . Sigild t or Tiu Little sum of Liui Ureil i sum. Tim Nobby i ii Uges. Together with a full line of every Hiing to be found in a first class h. Given e. Ilay j8, a nolo by this. Al Duilcy to Tho Subj smack All Persona Aru hereby a until Sirij note. Matthew Hiu Hins. Lar n a Kwh co a i v at Marble Rock a Liceri my Liall Kiichi Coustant Tyrun i ail Liana i it Coal and soft in Diioli to will sell at Bohon Monke it c o. To those who indebted to i i Wilt i in vim Bavo h a.1 Ziy Gnoj and fi.i1 which you a at a Harvest. That visit fiasco my nine i Alvos a favor this your Atten Tion 1 or i do not want u earn to. Won ulcers who i fur his bread the world a an finished. In this history of the pan we my that Large prof Lemiun of those who have shone us Stan in Tho literary world or Learned the paths of knowledge or those who Hare Tori Tho benefactors of their Raee. Have been toilers reared in poverty and obliged la work a live physical strength. Muscles arc by pure blood enables a mind to Cove with clearness and aet wit i Fores. The student Tuua u.1 Ini Over his books All Day has no this advantage. , Dirk Erie l by Puro by Rel Elustus hid Ali ought throws a Shadow Over the him. To possess it sound must Hare a sound body. Marble or. a of i Catharine Learland with of thin Plain. I in fits Ritis butt wild san Iet i ii an Irh Ohk Goodie leu in my tics will fee , i a Eger Bow Ltd go s Star j of i Iii oilily Luik la i cutlery Yankee notions etc., by iii1-. Is Siml buttons. Tufa ail l always Etc to by ii in will Lii Vij Impf ii Sriro our Salem. parlor 0 r g a n v. Like our Seoul i now fairly at we co to All upon tin in Gertsl manifested by parents and Caeli trs in the stood work. The pupils Are in and the residence of Bride s parents near Marble Koek sunday. October uth. By old or John a. Raines of or an Drew Gates and miss Smith. The Oliai Uptou will for Sale by t. K. Allen. Eds avs. We Jmel Uli Tom first of a eries i school Eod thu Grain dealers Mariie risk Jiva. To. H of. To Tiit of i Marble Rook Iowa. I 1 of Usi Reesal i i. F Fitu i i . D tit i Umyn rail my Nule Uki u _ i. 1 i a. Chicago i Ortli Westcom Marc paid for All kinds a. -1 11 fir and she tier. Cliv crawl ii Nuri no. 1. latest improvements b. Anil s t i i in ii Piik mind. Imah the new nil Shi Tilc pipe Organ Quality Lisin 27 ik27 want t v i if. Having Proni ised to pub Lis lied week Aii Essiy to pc selected Lor i Iurii. All Maud an Eiju Al Lut they t Lions will Esen ised in the Tion. Takimi into in Zsidi ration Tiee and prior work. Will be seen miss Jennie Moore wins the Laurel this a new and Nobby Stout of just. Received at k. A. Itose Krans co s. A stranger Oal cd at hoi. Liar or s this tired hungry and very thirst a. Find Uci being a generous sort took Hin in. Him a new suit of clbtlie3 and left orders with wife to feed Bini acid put Hui la at Mew water. Week. An . Wind Atoru of lust week worked considerable damage in the Western part of the county or. airy Flag the unfortunates. A i his Large Stock a born tip it it. Lakrit j i Anil nil in m Nii a i German drug store Beautiful piece of furniture. An it sold Over one h undid Wurth Fri Nisum Cook ing shirt w1 in smiles re to in count of Nurt can Liuigi Iliin . Don t i ill. Hardware line Anli compelled to to Imp fir it. I _ i i i i l0 w is t k i Pmj s 1. of a Man Al o t .1. I r a Feen proprietor. C. M. Dustin cd 1 to. I Art i us i. Vav i 1 i the Valley film Lional Wii hold Man just of j a Lull a Mew of cattle and hogs and killing one and quite a number of wine. Hoar of other damage to Sueki and l be ii. Cd i Anil bgwl3y co., to Fla Al j a of i a if. W. To. I. Meat Market s. P. A i id Job Are notice Bow a boy s hair to dry when he has away and in it be painful to a boy with a Mother constantly in fear that he will Bro t i Nice in Tia the drowned. Thelma and he swears he wont but he lies like a Litlie Iru oper. Jive us Iii in air and not get his hair wet but j is he is ready to oat a big him. Ail inv he Swirs i writ of Irenr we Trust j and Nheu he crawls in at the Back win j that All to i in Oluera Tiomi. d afar his by a Ahin it Eon Nev Ted with the hid in the folos of Drew. the a if he. Should be Cain ii Ito How big it to be Lesii i Lor such he is. It iia if Huttt Mai a nigh hat up a cuts. Oveci Ision bit How he Sigil in when he tells of in. It s girl Tooi again. The Jow Tuii we am net nil twi Klodor. Ton s id Tif he Ojue Tion Anit Tsing at min pail each Ete int octo a Mali if him. T i. Jariot and Peculiar hrs us i Well Akwiwu now Mel Ody of the Olith. Re Terenta Iho sift Jin. With All their Sui with if they the of u Iii not a poor Singer in tar an an Clear a bulb an i Arket report Crery May relied on. Solicits bin id. Alu Rar 15 mks r. Sub Rykas fitted 14 a Nice for i i or cold v of f. Crew. Son. And Fruh tin in their on work or will make it in their to attend a in wot Winter hat Saud i fir rho Belinc him he 1 our s per a. She we caught a Glimps of the Good tured Orjin that Uvea thread Tho Nance Imp Chw . Wallace last Ami when we Axon what had happened to make him Young Ami few form trouble Hov i uni of Wal never take and thiner the first. ,.i i i i v and if a rid us Ilia. In had just taken himself a partner Jor Kef. A he Sam role. Charles pity under of col. K. B. drama the Union f on at the court Home wit j a half or Jirau. Riah the Little folks Iii he Joy. Mrs Duncan county superintend prof. Of re. A of a Minifield it in Dif and wednesday evening. Honc St to Whis l Iraq Runny cd at a. K. V. K. Y it Muff will take part in the play. He with a kled with the second awl Thirl of next the Nashua and i huh a band ,19 the for a Kitts Arsho the. It to i of of Well to
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