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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 15 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 10. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa oct. Tee3is a yeah wont to Burlington last of carrying these states Aud is doubtless Day in order to be present on demo Intel did to cover up the scheme of the i Era in Day of the Iowa Senn Centennial j Silver Barons to Abu upon Uryan and now is a g Ood time to Purchase rubbers Una linear make his Appeal to the lowest passions i to trying to retain the Silver majority rubber goods an investment in this line May save your Fth Umlor tunic j a Tiee was a Disappio the caucus in the Senate for the purpose of a doctor s Bill and a spell of we have the rubbers wild. Ire sell them to vote the Are Iii appointment to tie j venting Tariff legislation in confidently predict cd Congress by adding. A free coinage a crowd of to people. Amendment in the Senate to any Tariff l c Tets on a railroads during Bill passed by the House. It is notice the Day were less Thau about Able that their alleged Confidence has pie gathered at the Union depot not caused any Popo trat to cover any to Welcome or. Bryan to the City. The 1 of the Mckinley Money that is still i Parade Uli us proceeded the speech being offered it inn Odds a Quisma id inure less than three Hundred Reiriz Dicuns Are satisfied with he s we make a specially of. Our Stock is in i j 1 prompt la at 11 o Elock j Iep i demonstration. Ilion Aud certain of Mckinle k or Uryan in and Are working and will continue r i. I. 1 Lii tired the t and was received work to make it a lid. 1 wave of excellent Quality and our prices defy Competition. A s3.50 shoe for examine our Stock before buying else where it will save you Money. Geo. W. Gates societies. A. V. A. M. A k. A a. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular Radii cuday on before full Moon. Vul if Brothers in goods tiding cordially invited to attend. Robburt Limpet. . S. Ii Davis Sec. I. O. Of f. Marble Hock Lodge so. Must thursday evenly of eur week. Visitors cordon Fly invited. A. H. A Leveil x. U. It. See. 1beelary of Joe , meals tuesday of Ciui. F each week. Visiting Brethren i suited. K. . C. Walt Davis k. Of r. Pc. J. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tuesday Nii lit in each Mouth in add Fellows Hall. L. W. Koses Koav 1 res. . Anklet Hec. Sec. C. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and id thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. In. Liis. K. A. , i res. Mus. Cubist xxx Asper Bee o. A. R. no. W. Meets pal niday each Umuiwi. C. T. com. W. B. Adj. C 1 u it Els Cthery thursday. , bras Ideal. Kilts a. M. , Secretary. Farmers a nut cheap Tilney. The of free the Vest mid South Ilon t hike Nuy Stock ill Bryan s Occi Isrual assertion to Mac to Cut Nils to Tjit Tho Kiln Utica of Liis policy would put tip tin. Price of Silver to 91.29. Int led they would lose nil i Itri Jet in twin Aifiti Tiou if they sup Poser thief the Silver Dollar under free Wiss to he Worth us much As the Geld Dollar is the real Scute in Clits cd people arc a Loarl is Kilt Hen. An extrusive Vickii Iii of Grump on ivy., w i. The other div Why lie a n for i Jap so lick a null this imly i or i in , Inu i a our u h comr chios. Methodist at 11 7-30 a m. Epworth meeting it prayer meeting thursday Uvea Ittig. W. Pastor. As Church preaching sunday it 11 a. M. In. Christinn Kedji incr at p. M. 1 Tayer Iii Munir wednesday eve j. Pastor. Fine Baptist. React Iii sundays it 11 . And . Yonsik 1 Peoples meeting at fruvet1 meet Tii tuesday . Pastor. Preaching every it sunday in each month 11 a. In. Ami p. M. Sunday school m. Services held in the ii Grant pastor. Every sunday at 10 a. Union school House. City Oft cers. Recorder treasurer. Street commissioner Manhal. Joseph Wiloth 11 b Liose Krans j Martin c. F. Jesmore Willard St Soufl c Darla Urt we i Lutcher ii is a ii Pleier Clito i Bor i Huggitt Union Toni ulip school Hoard president Geo w Amsell. Secretary. Ii b treasurer. John Gates Dike toys 1 Nick Szmidt 2 Harry Packman 8 e p Walster 4 Lew Innmon. 5 Egbert Davis. I Blue 7 John Gates. S James Parchur Geo it Linssen 10 Sain Shaffer 11 Phi Shultz. Scott town Lii Ohl cars Justice Miles Marsh i Baldwin. Town t w Nicholin. Steuer w Ami or Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop. Secretary. Corse x Baldwin treasurer Chanes i Merrick. 1 John Bishop 5 Bruce Ward. 2 k Garner i k c Spuul Dinar. 3 Chas i Ker 7 .1 4 John s , 0 John . thu 1 -.11 the Gnu or Frt to i i c n a Vul halt it co to Mil f in it will thu Pincu of Inu 1 ill i Liru it Ujj for u Cruts a Thini in events u it nsr.s-7 Lii or More Phi in ii that is top motive to the result of the d i citation. The question i Lii Iii buy Lutu tie question tiie Aiu Eri Cai people believe that honesty is the Best policy. With scattered shouts and applause from or. Bryan s rce Oid Short us it , tie ii Dimenco. We expected to see a i Lias been Lull of Tor grand upon Liis Entrance i instance lie never a speech of but was disappointed there were Evi any now that lie docs not charge do titty too Many republicans in is i the l old Standard with Beins some in re audience to make the ovation one of i Spon sible for the lowering of prices yet 11tmiienuiout put Tui Ipp Vuic in Tio to fumbled More the picket to an the i very different idea of the cause of lower Elurs re o a army. Or. La Ryan j prices or at less lie s id ii had. Lie commenced Speerli by quoting Iron used the Lul Lowins language in a All All and Hali and half at prices some some Light and a big Assort ment to choose irom. The speeches of Blaine Mclvin lev Wade on the floor of the House Harrison. He presented no arguments i More than four years ago you must Why the free coinage of Silver should attribute it to tie inventive Sentous be established. Fly mated that the j has multiplied a Housand times of present Dollar was too Good that it j in Many instances tie strength bought too much that it was a balloon j single aim and enables us to do today Dollar and was constantly rising ,an3 with one Man what fifty men could not appreciating making it harder for the poor Man to get hold o. Lie wanted die Dollar made More plenty he wanted Quantity As Well As qualify. was a Campaign of the heart i your sympathies Are with the poor and poverty stricken you will vote with us if your sympathies Are with this Money Lender the banker the land Holder and the capitalist you will vote for Mckisi Ley. His speech throughout an Appeal to the passions of his hearers it was framed with a deliberate attempt to arouse the poor against the Rich class against class. He made no attempt to answer the objections of his opponents in flip Trio nov do fifty years ago. That is what has brought prices in this country and everywhere since the Popper ass were foolish enough in View of s very pronounced anti Silver official record to try to use the letter written by in reply to one Froais gov. Gulbertson of Texas a a Campaign argument in Isu or of the free coinage of Silver attention has been drawn to the writings of the German advocates of mover and a Wiki diff recce is found in the arguments they Advance and those put Forth by Bryan and his followers. Or. Bryan tells his hearers every time he makes a speech about the real Benefit the that the accumulation of wealth was a i cheaper Dollar would bring to the wage tic inns Ioner to . Yon you u about Tho o r soldiers. Well Ziy friends the crisis which is approaching Tho question before the country now peels to the old Soldier As As it Ricl in 1801. I in not afraid any Man who risked his life in his nation s behalf is going to to influenced by the Argiri abuts Bluit Are addressed to the sol Diers now by the Etc. Or. Bryan at Milwaukee sept. 5. Not one word in answer to the ques Tion whether Tho purchasing Power of Tho monthly pension payments to 000 pensioners be reduced by the free coinage of 1g to 1 Silver dollars. Not to word As to the effect upon pen Sion payments hereafter of the is Terziu Atyinn of the "200 cent Dollar because it is Worth too much and buys too much. To do not assume that Veteran sol Diers Are thinking of nothing Bat pin Sious bet they should compel or. Bryan to say frankly what would to the effect of free coinage non the pensioner s Dollar. Make answer the question Ona y or the other. An object la inn in Silver. There is an american Fri Lvov Dollar there Are two mexican dollars Bire is More Silver in each of them Thuu in the american Dollar. I bought Isoiah of j them for that. What i the the sole reason is that cur Dollar i. A h re it nil Rinji Sicre. Marked or fold. Another Coin. That is a Pritee. I paid for . It car Ries a Little less Silver the Ameri can Silver Dollar Franco and the de states Are by to Gold Rorn tries. Korp in Timon Send i Nillionis of Silver Maxi o and a Bini and not got menace to society and endangered the liberties our people. It discouraged in Mcalily for the moment the poor Man accumulates a competence he becomes an enemy to society and is an object to be detested and to be looked Down up on by his More unfortunate neighbors these Are Laiti Tuite int fences to be drawn from it is a pc Taele to be deplored to see tie representative of a Onee , stand just what you will want when Corn husking begins also husking gloves and pins. Everything in the line of cloth ing and gent s furnishing goods o at very Low prices. Earner while the Ablest of the g Erman bimetal isms Norgaa that a cheapening of i the Money would bring about an immediate raise in the Price of everything i except human labor. Prof. Wagner j says arc the thing that Rease most ail classes i have fixed who and under tiie increase in tiie Price of ind Lerr fays incomes employees suffer especially before the american people appealing j Aries will increase neither it to Huir passions for an election to the presidency. The tendency of his spree and once Sal in Genera nor in proportion to part rotation Pii uner to Sion of the occurrence has been by tie Glassnor Kors who been Wurn a Lien Sellers Mckee a in Fao Tuitt try Cpl Iii Tae Lien Fil Hurvan the de Tariff was to or 3 the i -1of. You is is anarchistic in the cd Reeme. Spies j language in the German ind his cooled rates made no Stroni or j Mirbach. Une of the Ilver the workers com mice Lurne l appeals to the Pas Sims of their followers i Dors. He snug in an of the Bryan arid sad the this one of t re i to or. Which culminated it the Haymarket riots than Bryan Nofs in election we can now understand Why it is that the citizens of every City Munich Nacir Zuluet it is jail All articles of food and necessities of life Iro Roll cars hat arc you Public beggars replied or. . Will increase at once in Price upon the. And so is everybody else that asks Lur offi Ilour while will be in where a Ryan Lias a poke to have taken creased but Sbily gentlemen pc Ial Pariss and renewed their efforts i that is exactly Wim we want surely in trying to counteract the dangerous that a not who Iii wanted by the doctrine preached by this candidate of of the United i Tate j the new democracy. Patriotic people j the Ohio Nho fume to i cured. Mis. X. K everywhere should discount Nance such j have not Boro. Bridge. N u i. I. A protective Tariff that will Benefit the i girl right doctrine Ami work to Bury it Boncato that re red Republican care in i 1 i a of ballots on Hie Ord Day Tillat state and a a Flynn Jon Man has november next. she v of split s disease. I no Benefit irom them of Hills was told her was in the last p. A. Burr John c. Shorn in. Terms of court -4th monday in january. 1st monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board of supervisors. Lucius Lane chairman. Charles City Phillip Shultz Marble Kock Timothy pippin Rockford b. S. Chi Besler Rudd j. C. Merrill ills a Gula aia Telny in Jam Arv april. June and september and 2nd monday in november. County office. Auditor treasurer clerk of the recorder superintendent Surveyor Moiety attorney Coroner Georges Ila Ford Cash m. T an a. Ii. Merriman a , f. A. Jio Zinc rank 1-Ingcnfelder Lar of i Lif coi i p Silver in Cir 0v the 6t-Ito join Lincoln neb the Al ago Wincier writes Irmini a follow alter deposited in a local with i Rwjr h 3 if it1 j instructions to bet it 01.000 j Dasaw 1 tint. Rime. Ohio m r. F h i a c Tsirles m. Wilkins. Of Warren Ohio. I e i the girl comes to be a. Look out. If she starts out in vigorous womanly health then it is pretty Safe to say she will to a healthy attractive Beautiful the beginning of womanhood is the real crisis in a woman s life. Nearly always is Vrr Ong then in the distinctly feminine organs. Slaybe it in t very time to Stop disease is Wheir it starts. Eluee s other medicines Lor seemed now visiting to very cough in our j state is Safe for t to republicans by two Jet Hildien we tried or Kinu. New j Oil in my town we 1 hoj was then used and she 1 and w Jorj Doi and at the end of two Days t i i know o but entirely left them not be without it he ealier. Experience prove.-, Itiat it cures where one n publican we will As our i convert i to the i incr Irir Ocra s Tivio i Iorito r Doin her bold work she Declerc a Kavurt e Mem Odd restored her to health and All kidney urinary roubles Rhunia and . Are cured by dilation. The Silver Stam Hirst country All other remedies Rote or can keep no Gold. That is the example i elevens state not of Overy nation today. Goltl All loaves j this Medicine a trial As it is the free coinage country. Gold and Sil j and dial Bot Ilos Are free at ver both circus into in Tho Gold Standard a. J a per it cos Druid store. Inner or my Kimey. Coals to is on or 5, tour i for Ile by 0. A. Marble Luick. Iowa. Al 00 a to lie. And the will m a pc Eli by senator Lodge. It May do As muck for or. Fred Miller of Irving 111. Writes that lie had a severe Kinney trouble for Many years with severe pains in his Back and also mat his bladder was affected. He tried Many so called kidney cures but without any Good re sult. About a year ago he using electric bitters and found Relief at Cnoc electric bitters is especially adapted to sizes Ioc. And Washington letter. O us wanted i party they have supported so Lonu and so Waill fully. Byan is absolutely Dis bukis co., attorneys vta3hiugton. I j for their prize offer. I unwed in Ohio who daily will bring girls safely through the crisis a surf. Taken at the first indication of weak Ness u never it regulates the is direct upon the feminine organs that above All others ought to be Strong and Well. Start girl right. Don t expose her to to a tatic is and tortures of drawing , weakness bearing Down pains nervous prostration and the debilitating drains so common to women. 3iceli-ce s Wiki of Cardani. Is a Home treatment. It docs away entirely with abhorrent local sold t a dec talc by digit oct. 7, Uryan a the of the Popiera s to tuck i Turcus robbers and a of up their sudden Assumption of Confidence in Bryan s election with figures showing the dub till states in which their canvass was making any Sains k proof enough if proo markers who appeared before the Lac Usu ways and Means committee of which he was a member to ask that i their occupation should not be destroyed were needed l e Wilson Tariff Bill then being f tie Pence k p sit Davis Charles t . R e Winchell Bowin in and j 11 cure of All and liver troubles j o ten gives almost inst that their latest Bluff to the concocted Public beg ars prob not one trial will prove oar statement. Price Only 50c Jor Large bottle. At a. J j. Asper co. Store category with those they were j a Makin a few weeks ago about the in this tune be travelling c Wou around of Lutri aka Krix crcas3 of Silver sentiment n new land and new York and their certainty country asking the Public beggars to v let for bin the following vcr-1 shelf hardware Barnes a specially. Vie meet All. Honorable Competition

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