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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1886, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 14, 1886, Marble Rock, IowaO s w . In 1vl1ce t. i in u ill Micu Lviv j. To i i i states Lor 3 on t of j Onk doll a11 j discount allow i to l a. Anil . S free. Orik i la s v vol. 12. Malt Lile Bock Floyd county Iowa. Of Toboh 14, Pood Salak to a spiral wanted. Garble Rock n x x miss Clara Struj has got to Mia on a visit. White Mountain 10 let i there will services Ai the local i ii or a have. In to 00 Cunis. Fux seed 75 to of. 50 to outs to wins. Titus Why seed. Cornn cents. Bg.-. 1h in its per dozen is cents per Inch. Sej k. We Lii t s Otic in another c. H. Bikes has sold tie Hez Ber farm to Jacob 1 Ubl or. A Furd a Jiuji ii at 71 o clock. Kock Robn oct. To Natl House the largest hotel in the City j Cai Wirht Tiro in some unknown Numier at 4 o clock Thia was Lanu a i wa.tter3.tion. Cranberries at 10 socks s it tit of i Ever. I to the around. A sight was x. I Ulm sox. J biotin a at the Tiuliu of Mculty a Gaynei and or Newvit j was experience i in Block Inanda at Clarksville 1 adjoins hot 1 week. K g. Frank. Grower has moved into or. J 1j. Of Koevi Ord expects is the time to but your St u Llull. 1 up Ane area reasons Home at tin hotel tur . Summer mined con is much con4 put Hui Btij Vita Eon-1-.t than Kilili the a camry rebuilt. Curtus Koobir o Blair House. He is no it the Irv Aljurn on at i ceiling at the usual hour con erty i fur Greene is Beinu-1 half past two. All arc invited. U Neyr Pittori Rev. W. D. Lee wins and children from Vicareo. He be a rented by a Large 9 moved into tlic1 am Ood Iii As Are visiting rest Ives audience. Sunday school immediately Jin this Vicinity. After Moquim . 11. Fri. Ella Lamb returned Home u u from Scott the Follon Nii from the new York Star Hou Iii i hit co-t.-, to i to take such As is for Sale. The arc Good and you can haul k Home Lute not run out of Coal in a Hirard n a air t. Baiey St. Louis Arkansas j Dowers i. Or. And my. William Calendar of Over irom Switt m in i a Tville low., Are visiting relatives in township Hist week his visit Here syp Toul of can Vail Sec ii ova As to Hulk thu 1 Texas the new through line from Union a cuts St. Ouis and to Airo i this lilt Minir. T to of Hirisi. J even amid Caius Thompson Halstead has returned a i in r to null i rom Colorado trip. K i. M. Hutches is doing some business john1 Chicago this week. In in on Lowd into the Vail Lviv. La Ard of the deity Jack Kin s Ujj tuome reside oct. Cru air. Of the and i to Phalti and wife have Liua Jonesboro 1 Ine Bluff. Man. Of Amdon Arkansas cite Little Hack Mcneil m Ign ii i and All Points in Mijie Bia s. Llo in. Siren run au5ti.i, it l by Tuen honesty to " Pennsylvania. Mrs of lows City is visit or. Crown. Itt vested doomed jul a hurry la . Or. Bro Ivy and or. 5iilo-r and of in relatives in this Vii Unity. Or. Train s daughter has returned to Minaeff Polis Minnesota. Bucklin bus purchased the 3iiflcr of 500 3 North of town. Found waiter at the it j. U. Shepardson has Parcha eed. Flu re he Init Jlius Filiai farm South of town. The my 1 us Vii Djiji i it . J Tecc Klokk a auxt v j Best Salve in the world Lor a uhf lir ukes i Tetter chapped chilblains corns and All skin eruptions. And i cures piles or no any re a Iii. J de. It i to perfect Ihl action or Money Rel undid. Price Lin cents per bos i of by up u ully i n j x Iii t i t ,.i.full Ltd or to lot nest South of the i. I. 1 i i i in i Tiru i Friend Cibit of in is fur a Continua Tion of their Liberal j your. Truly. w. Foil Iii b. A. Y. Dough j Vresida ii. Jan i i a at t i a lasting and f a Texas and . Limit to i i and 01 . Mcdonald of new Hampton is visiting with Hia brother of this puce. Try in cents Worth of White Moun Tain soap Asir in will be con Miniie 3 it is the Besy i of will find t sri " s 10 15. F. Dowers Isaac Hal Atcas and i Etc Halstead and their Izui Ilick will soon to to Colorado. Miss Alice i Piersol commenced ing school in the Stone school House list monday. Miss Mamie Ivill teach the Kin Ney Choli in Bcott towns Iii tins win Al Diltz Kis Tbs eur Fusic manage j try. Lis at Tlell real aientol1 hutches i Sou s Lay and once More. K. 11. Is a rustler Straw department. Ljubo the a sours i s per Pou his me Throux Hout the Dis Cline Pepper has Gono to Minne Apo a to Winter with relatives in that Prol. has something to in regard to the crowded condition arc Weli attended and that the for the Republican it is assuming pct nominal proper of Bis depart Mont. W a a Cuite for djs Large onion Cut out the Hubartt fill it under stand that Franklin s i Ortli Scitern band will play in with Sulphur roast it until Juite eol t then oat the juice in the City sometime in november. Oil and wife returned from Logan , list 1 Uliey Irvil make their future Home in Marble Kouk parties knowing themselves indebted t j me must Call and Settle at once As i need the Money 9 k. P. . Son of Jamo and Delia Barr died age. T wont ii and 5 funeral services conducted by writer. T an Eastern veterinary surgeon save the seed of die Sun loner is the rom by Ever discovered for the Cody c ire of founder in horses. Immediately on discovering that a horse l i Mei Liimol Rollic put about n pint of whole Henry the Republican non Aimee for county supervisor in town last thursday. Or. Kuhut Edt Tii inks the Outlook excellent and entertains no doubt about his election. Many forget that the hair ind Scalp tick a Fucai Issig. A Tensive of acer s Louir vigor has proven it in the Best agent for the hair that it Revelt and removes Dandruff Cook lie Sculp Tho Huit to renewed or. Birney and win u left 1 or clip Cairo Hist monday the doctor will attend i j Winter and in the will return 10 j Law was a candidate and i can stay at Home and Jet her that year for county clerk and As Call and Sec our Coal. Segment pm Iccil at while for i Huril to the shall keep a whip Simc. Lucr who was eau Lidit Gool Stock of hand wild will 00 Plouse i and y make satisfactory arrangements with of vol us a have you Call at any time and you out or j i. M. R not cipro i Marble Hock and his practice. The Iowa Ritari Icv commission tuts perfect euro. It i i to i decided tint. And i Winch event Mil Tiik place on Sjotun Lasij t n i i ___________________1 Haiie Pitt or or. J. To. J Chr w of Novi a Gli Ouon Jennie Kex v Ici Inie uus Juc Vui Iii a n Nuh a incl iffy he of Joira a c of d j Kitinos Julia Buckhan Pharr Meife. The ii pfc of uie suite brother Iwick i am for mayor by Vii May Hall in it i mid Jamoa Ilu Yos was fur Kou Istir or. Lead a tight in the for tic nomination ind a lieu lie received ii the inst sment Cost him while that of or Nuzio United to Only i arcs spent double the amount paid to jus As the Burden of the on Jinjiu but he was Defeated. In the year that j. Tilden the can Date for president Ali arc was u Union of the factions. Smili Ely jr., nominated for Honry a. Gutu Leion for county cleric und her nerd Keilly for sheriff. Or. To Reilly paid an assessment of for the nomination while Guzi Blotch and Kly Panl about Cue Quarter of that . Til Dun b canvass in this Civ was not As As some people would imagine but it is contrib Union to Trio Campaign fund amounted to Lipport of Marble Rock Public 1 a Druary depart heat. To. Unrolled go neither absent nor tardy Gertie Angel in rec Durl Atid Claude a Inchcl Lillic Angel Willie Lei Croc Job Clark Andrew ii head Al Trio Teunis Jui sheriff s Sale of n. Tire on a .1 county Fetiu rot Piej. J have for lit aug of mrs. Smith red Clark. For and complaint j Yyi Inre .1 on every bottle of . It never Iii Ector inv win each i 5u cent a j Asper co o cd to in Iho Ait the Folio wins Ducj cried of Jenl to Xora Levlon a Niy Tii Jami ?.ii i Csc option in to Iii h t. Blythe fur and Cosia. With a. P. Issue. K. Iowa. Guni Cortes Duc ire is Amin or coals Nii l Wool socks. N Jiff uni l Chi Ijac a suits i i no f working shirts. 1 t to is harness Rufi t Rock feat. Kon Grain facts As new fur cent n piece. I. 31. Huici ies sox the Aureola Malta Aro expected to to read for by Dinoss sometime next week. Or. Mcdonald is putting in the very butt. Machinery to be found in die Market. The ladies of the 31. E. Ali urea will girl a for her. Vai. It Iro Friday evening october to rect the late. Another inc of 3iillincrj, notions fancy yarns and ladies under Wear etc., etc., at pm. The race Between Jerrill and Merrill last Friday at Nashua re in an Cacy Victory for the latter Jill i Subj cd tops in a Naif Aniie dash. A Huijoe inon poly and a fraud. 1 Are via Imp their Niccols mrs Mary Wanner i am tiie of Mitzi Sisters at j i Liis or. Wobu although a Peculiar in Ayer s Sarappa .lb.tml, of for Rii Laii h f Waln the blood Iroku All corruptions and to by most Knitli Waller. Love rett upon pinkies and thereby roots out of the Furlund it invigorates the whole system and j t i to i k a i i makes one joans again. I Ghl Roja u to earlier. Ituen mediate Deardu enc. , 4" neither nor tardy 24 Walter Clark a r wiil is to certify Liat the i hereto fire existing be i the it Pii Vivican last thursday Willii sour. Fred 1 by on Uve Iii a Sra ii fue Cejp. Us a Mie Lark tween drs. C. J. and 0. U. Mini k .mire1. And i Hijii Iler is dissolved and their Book a i Ili Blun Littler Iran Kair Avor want of room. Or. A. I couut3 divided each party to Eui meet ins i Siviia Loir d Trio Hon. A. I Lertie 1 to ii Orr , Denend Sudie , i Lioom it is our aim to make bed Rock on the Best Iii Snelle vein Coal. M. Hlf Tores celeb hated the Best stove in Ali Market jus Leo lived by loan soft the Prairie the new Oleo Margarine Law docs into effect Novom in accounts m 1115 own name. It i v. Juvet Why v Fuller to audience. 3ir. Lucy Mininan l Fuller was by prolonged a i miss Haven teacher. Or. To lilith be indignantly denies this had subsided tic grammar and Stihl department the assertion that he is unable to read 6jwliker, in an speech reviewed Jin rolled til. An expert j acts of i levident Cleveland and neither absent nor Urdy is sufficiently posted in the King Iblis Lan Page to answer c Inch gently and to the Point. Vav Illard Ruo Klon township Are re Jii rated to meet in Cau us in Ilo Menkran s Ila i on saturday in the Anglia i j hoofed by candid fuels that i oniniunieatioti3 i de Horatic party has failed to Ful a k j. 1 Orre t Mclroy Haily i fill the Many pro mics made to the j Blanche Asper people two years ago. J ii Large Andi. Maule heeler Askley. I entice was in pain Paliy tin speaker i d in applet plainly Indi i a Lime Arthur Merrill c Alray i Assoc evening october
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