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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 11 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - October 11, 1883, Marble Rock, Iowa1 c a o o a Iii Tut ii i. A a they iwo t-3 Elci in. My la l it re mfr Ead i now i fwd new in Bow Tal Jim it hair Dye. To of tit urea cd Snow. A. .7 a us tit Ysuff or a of Ilist Oti. V m of twit to pfc. Ludwig Seu Eliud. Do s dentist. Office is Tost office Bloch Teutli extracted without pain by the trunks satchels j. F. Shoemaker dentist will be at the Beelar House the 1st of each month remaining on week. Also the 16th remaining four lays and will do work cheaper than has Ever been due in Marble Rock. Beat Teeth Only j10.0u per set. All work warranted . Roo Fokd Hoir fron 9 to 12 a. A. And from 1 to 5 n. My Rock u Bow inf Tutti to Sasmor bridge.8uildin6, _ cutting to kinds. Voi notes address. T a. Boow Kocick v cd o o cd o o w o 09 1 of in for 9 a to a i porn Wynn to o Day that cod Raou mar Rusl id you. Wipper Aoler he d i d tin in Cuc cheapest funny of a. Loan real estate chalks pity. Iowa. Negotiates Loans ii improved Jit lowest nonce. To prompt paying Nen Ith c . 1 offer Novanta a sons terms. I am always Able to set the Darj for consummation of video title to Security is perfect Auvil Cain All to a Clad Upun. F. A. Rozine. Vinyl Al Geo m. Hubbard barter hair Dresser special attention paid let ies and hair dressing. Opposite he i Ost office. Marble oct. Iowa county Mutl Al carrying Over 000 risks at this Date. Call on or address . Ackley Marble Rock or j. B. Schermerhorn Scott. Mass sewing machines Marbe Rock a. Keeps for no flew Hotte new Nora win ii Ocy in be seen it Bro i store. Slipper. To Tea Mhz j of l Siut. Dim Al Ujj Ong i Day. Tort taxi to Ca Raj with n your Din a t time we round what of Whit of the Faisant Terr in who Ransde Meh Rucoi arcs e Libr of it if to kor is in in of Tea Pirvu onion bal and Al an Brumat wet Kboudi Tho steam Lolff bowl of ass Turly such by Jet Mcmo Rizii Vun till be Intond i tout and and inc t i dwt Alpaca r it wan in a bitter wiri3 Stomi on the Dei Olau table lands of the Forn Vian amies that i first saw a ludicrously ungainly pop up from behind a Rook at the stumbling feet of my mule sent sons Loose stones rolling Down a precipice. The brute Sun eyed Rue for an instant Thon Shook his Hairr read gave i Lon 3 snort Imp a m she. Tua Erin of of lonely pass tire to my ears a singular noise As if an army of barefooted men Nas flying Down the Mountain. T had started a Herd of grazing and their sentry had warned them of my approach. The noise was to beating of their cartilage a tided feet of the Rocky ground. As i Rode on i saw sock s time to time grubbing Tho sparse from the Rock sprinkled Levels and the Steep , which arc rach a pet Ali in fact no of. The heart of he amies. There was always one big Ellow perched of a Rock or at some Ither Point of Vantage and snort he whole Herd would Stu and. Ate to flight. Often i see the sentry without seeing his comrades far bore me on some Spain Ted Pinnacle of Stone with his big soft Eves fixed on me ready to give the St Guti u soon n he Cocci Dorod my proximity dangerous. It was a Singu a sensation the meeting with this Ilert brute the ouly living thin but by self and mule and an occasional Condor among these desolate Mono Alna whose peaks pierced Tho sky in a Ine of Savage Teeth like a huge saw. That evening on a Rock strewn plateau without a Bush and almost without a Blade of grass around it i halted at a dreary Stone built House with a Root Nide of bundles of Straw held Down with Plataka Aud Stout saplings. Sottus and skeletons of homed cattle and other animals were scattered All around. Couple of my Bull s horns apparently cemented a the masonry for Omi mental purposes. As i Drew rein a terrific snorting and scramblin Broks out in u Piddock fenced with Stout jolts behind the House. This was an Alpaca farm. The Alpaca which Many people con a Vith the Llsms though very close y Allied to it in form and Charteris pcs is the Gold mine of the indians of the Andes especially those of pern Bolivia and Chili it is an Oxtra Otto Inry animal in More senses to fun one. To appearance with in full coat of Viool is Atiar Melr ridiculous. It arge As a big sheep with a neck like a Small Giraffe a Mere bundle of hair carried Arotine on Furar legs terminated with feet resembling those of an Ostrich. Its legs Ore powerful Aud inappropriately Graceful in comparison with he body they support and the feet in which they terminate. If the Alpaca is absurdly ugly with to hair on it is a positive burlesque after it has been full sheared. It is sheared like a sheep Only its head is Eft covered. It is sometime sheared once a year yielding a six to eight Inch fleece but the More provident Alpaca Fanon Only Shear once in two or three fears when they Wool from fifteen o thirty inches Long. The Wool is found ranging in color from White through Juraj yellow and Brown to the animal looks Black How Leeco undo an on. And Mala with the Dart of Moon in it Stern whisk it Roami at Large. The fleece u my Fine in texture Metal in in a arc when clean and the litre in far stronger than any sheep s Wool which i know. Alpaca allowed to Gran at random Only being Rondea in to sheared. It can be Onmi stint i when an Vii Alpaca Separ ated from its Dock will lie and of pure Aad grief. Young Aijo Elj in need in an d Libecc but u familiar diet and As Dojk they Ait wife alike their cousins tint Flat teas. We ilex Are All of . The Alpaca never Ami Kii Tumis wild Tab Ftp and u sew to know am not fear the Franr and his Bah Lance wih Staib Acde it Ace to which at Alpaca will produce valuable Wool done of the i Aram seem to know of Hon it cases to Worth shearing and it. Alpaca Farmer leads a Lifs Little text tar than that of the brute he i Ives on. Home is itself. He Only Ryusei boat 13 eating and sleeping. He scarcely to try run he vice of oneness. A Chance traveler inc never to Ifni Frum year s end to s but the Prisi. Eos Morry an Indian like who strays up now and then from Iii Home a the regions to collect Money and he train of Park animals. Most m the trading is half runner. The visit of lire trader a a Occa Sion. Then the old Iron Scaks arc brought out Anil Harg on the Boll s Botn at the sad he year s Larry a Down from soft of the How were it Hay been Loreu. U a Piiru Ota fact that tax Alpaca Farmer Wii let a trader Alf other Tea. He to afraid of being ceased. But he the trader Wei feb the Wool with Sis Otra ire Ilii Aad 1 fancy Tkv u with my owl my portion of the Troea us Hajji sea aim a fib the Wool and weave u Imo Ela Aikem awl at Elmota mar Are Agapij Wei a us woot to traders who of cent to the coast. The Region of the Alpaca is the continent a tace Iii Rhia m Iheson Lerela Are always a hic cold Antl Tia air ii to Ibin Titan but Loeis brought up to Tooti tie of consumption. The land produces Only line hard bullets and big or m quinine th4k oar be eat after the Bittern been oat of them. The houses Are built u regular fortresses Only Hare couple of Small holes for vomit latin. And the sic och at Aizhu risen the doors Are com d. Aud the Pilj reek of Wytol per Vada and mingles with thin of in cubed is abominable. The Alpaca Farmer u a creature of each ignorant and super Guions. But be is a lured fellow us u nonet july a Christian. life u a miserable one but he alone is lit Ted to Lite it. It is As impossible for a Zulu of to tits Coati cuu oin or a Ecru Pau to exist to c is. As h has been Fondl to acclimatize a .1 in in my Irum 1-tim.t Stu 1 Ali Tirol in most to in coir Niue cry and lies a Amin Lyo. To i flip. M i tucpri4 enticed i m i in it h presid sir in do lift Luck of the Hud we about the will stir an Alp Tea fro ice up to rage in taif Wanton of Ona of his sheep. Travellers Souc times make fret with their Rovoll res among Tho flocks and m or Ders note occurred in consequence. In very Case Tho murderer was an Alpaca tar mar who thus avenged himself for the injury done hta property. Unlike Tho Llama the Alpaca cannot x used m bearer of burdens. U its Only Coo Cushion to Man when t permits him to deprive it of its fleets the Llama produces a fleece also but t is co Arcco and Lew Beautiful than the besides being Gic Ferent a tax. Ure. Of late years Alu aft Wool has Jgr Oduber nod with Hal of the , but this is the work of the traders. The at mrp practice of our acute modern business Honvo not infected the simple Decisco of to Lioun tons. As Citi haution is rap Day even the it will Noi by Safo to calculate too on the Alpaca Farmer in accent of he tricks of alar to twi Bull n the american Agri cultic facts about Borg him the commits Louera of in a. Sunu work of att Gnu making. Recent or Wood state that Tho Tnolue of the of sorghum is Tano ulv oct mated. Many pronounce it equal to Oats and train for the purpose of stuck food nerf Ali Etc that its value goes fur toward defray my the Cost of cultivating the crop. Ono Raiser boils the seed Aad utes that when prepared this and de to hogs it is found that do hitter upon the Ertme Quantity of to be from Twenty to thirty Bush cos Par acre and Ita is stated in one 14 Calitr to be 75 cents per Bushel. Other by products do not Swan to be utilized ill ouch it is stated in one Section that the first skimmings found to make Good fertilizers and that Tom last Are Rich in sugar and Good in cases where Wood alone 3s lied it i found it usually to mpg one half Cord per tech Doc Hundred Gal ods of Simp manufacture in. Soft Coal a also used at Tho of boor one thousand pounds to each Doc Lund Rod Gallons . In addition to Giese article to to sri fuel Thuro arc bund Ninny cases whore the is used As auxiliary to one or the other and one Case is reported where g used Lono for running an Ordinary Era Monitor. The Price of Coal is not riven and that for when Pur to tries from Jil to per Cord. There is one report of the return it Tho land of the Nazca of the bagasse but the result is not stated. An Esti mate of the profit of raising an Aero of has been furnished Aud this profit based Apo an estimated product Ion of ton tons per acre is placed at per acre. The average Price realized for syrup the neglect to whether Board is or is not included in he average wages paid whether not to value of the owner s time or i at of the of team have Nen calculated whether the fuel Usu Al in from the farm by been mean nerd and a coated for with con make it difficult to compute in an intelligent manner profit of the Mande Cebrer. Of producing an acre of sorghum u stated at com jo.25 in the i old and Deli crud Tow from s10 to t ii. The Cost of in Oltorf of aft r Cane n nope to. Is pj4cutl it Frum to ctn Tapor gallon. Ine imling or lots to Lite Caen. At per ton he Cost of production by a Large at it including 4 Canu Pur Dillon fur 3rrcliag officer of cd outer pretty baskets out of Thia is Lew harmless j on sent than tent performed by the the latter an ugly path try Auti do sir action throw Iii a flourishing town. Firm tar j tits to go forty in Lay a us Fitl a contrast Ai a to eur in a taif from 1 Ullan 1, and in of vomit on to t Cir in 5 of years ind for pm nod if Lnch As . Was pop in fat of Ai hum of in Afy. N Bills or Coin value that world run now almost a Najj of a Fetich. Dollar a it it overt for of orly ilium pc viral Flics for ers in by caulk 1m" no the round v Fum me the Nih a or Nio Riis them did the the my Recei Thuu d be the Rule in h to add to we Huud forty Yiirs statement of lion1 to live or Bow to live now. It is Enos sri to the Usu act earner of his Broad by labor to Enow of t be Alee i and Lack of opportunities o his Preu comor. A glance oter the comic Tina of forty 3 ears ago and present condition coi Iriate any unprejudiced mid that an improve ment Baa Boon Renado in the condition of workers and that Ilo worker of of to Day Geu n better return for his labor than he did forty Yoars Azo. And this statement applies As to Tho unskilled worker a to Tho adept me chanic. Only that Tho advantage now As Ever before holds with the intelligent Ull ii Viperi Eleod to Chadic. Tho plact for Tirad of Tara the manner of life of Tho country people of Japan is exceedingly simple. Certainly clothing does not Cost them much. Scores of children no playing in the Street who As far As clothes Aro concerned Hare not made a particle of Progress since their hot the youngsters arc Happy and Cool. They might be cooler if Sonio of the dirt were soaked olt them would you 1 pc to Ive there tired Mother who after your boys Aro put to bed. Are sitting in the lamp Light Tuci uling for Tho do7isuth time the worn oat trousers of your Young us Tsa mending to no As to whether the children can clothes to sunday Tran script. It Tram. A night in a wac turn Trina but disc Rood by r. Al Sterenson full sick our igbo. Night hich i shall not readily forget. The amps did not to Oil Ench made a aint Sulu due in its own neighbourhood. Us Tho shadows wore to to Thor in hollow Box of the car. Sleep Cra Iny in Uneuy Noti tucs Lere two chums tint upon Bucks like Folk there a Man Pratt line on the floor with Jais Apon his Arm there another half Tea tvs with his head nud Shri tilders on rho Bench. Tic most pit Saive were continually Aud roughly shaken by fhe movement of train others a tried or Strep out to out their arms like Philynn it was surprising Aow Many and morn Hurt d in to Cir sleep and i passed tit and fro the pros Tutol and Cang it now a snore now a now n half formed word it me a Meas jrs1 o the of Ruil in that Anro Atinsk vehicle. Although it was Hill. I win obliged to open my win Low for Tatj of Tho air Joon became i tolerable to Ono who Vas awake and Rusiti the full sep ply of Ife. In a Slitti Serinis i the Black o Hanii Sloot by no wearied in into our they for isre Nero longed for it More than to and yet when Day came it was to Shine upon the broken and unsightly Quarter of the world. Milo up a i Milf and not tree n Bird or a or scr. Only Down the cog. Sterile the Tran shot looting and awoke the renting Echo. That train was the one piece of life in All the . Land it to one it or the one spectacle fit to be in Luu of Muti nature. And i think How he Railroad he been pushed Fth Nwa turd wild Ness haunt Savage . Una now wih m a cig int Nicoiu at Kinlic to tic Golden u lie fat St Hora of co tune Toni. Roar it of Inmom Nln foil and lint and death spread a Spand a Jedi Itsy to a we but Wayside in Riv Fri How Niheu uncouth places led Chiofo pirate worked Idle by hide with Border ind broken men Frota end uni. ? t in n a sctt dialect to Fath Jamb Ildon Hijar murdering like Iro hoi Low the Illume Nerikar airy Ioni of i America Ward itt this Iho Seres to a Fth Meiji cab Chariot Fow Ami Teton. On to Reid Ewtou that All thy Apical turmoil who Elwirt clod by Een Termi re if Irwick coals inc with i Rumor term a Fortune i sub req rent f nit to u of me i own. If this railway were the one of t in m life As if it brought toothed into one to nil the Emu of the won 1 All tic Btij Recife of of Clyl ran a lot i to to he 1 to nist i can Rel an-1 Tii a for a in Iarj work i. To Onn nuo. F i to if it b so Bat we require Wanai own Thia Picc the full of t or aqo5t of peach probably to keep la id you Ever or to j an old Man him tic the 1 re did ii Tsa of a a t Init rom Vikt Job to _ it oct 1 asked How Ilij few to arc Over be Tiow it ili4 cute Meto it r and tort old Anat ionke4 Orer the Lan a scat v How look look ook the so rows of bar Timeus there can be drawn no More Melon Eola picture of human misery than Thi Prusen n j by the Blind an i used Timeus As on the Dusty in str the Soo rening not of i ski ii Sun he groped in do knows More Drei Ilian Plu tonian wild bereft of sight it Joy denied its pleasures a cared child i mans dependent on i h fickle fancies of youth to Supply those san pcs of which lie deprived. A there any whose tue Dot. To tl.i.-, picture. Auspicious Uuiorn brought a Savior by Lien is hand to eyes and fill with sight orbs. Whether there be or not the must remember All. No Savior in there now to heal such afflictions but by applying in time to Doc Asper drug store May set act from his inline new Stock of spectacles and thus be pre pared to avoid the miseries of poor bar Timeus. Gold Silver Nicol and steel cased at reasonable figures we Olter your Choice from the finest and largest Stock of spectacles in Northwest Iowa. Conic and prepare Aje even restore your failing sight by timely provision through a j. Asper. Piles files Are proceeded by a sense of weight in the Back Lions and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose he has some affection of the kidneys or neighbouring organs at time of Indi Gaglion a present a flatulence uneasiness of too each Etc. A a crypt ration pred icing a very itching particularly at night after gifting warm in bed is a very common a t a Dot. Internal external and itch ing files yield m once to the application of or. Bonenko a Pilot Emody which acts directly upon the parts affected absorbing the tutors allaying the intense it Biog and effecting a it Nisi kit Core where All hire filled do not delay until Tho disability but try it and be Price 50 Yenta. Ask your dry Gist fur it and when you Caa not obtain it of him we will Send it prepaid on receipt of Price. Address the or. Bosa Oku Medicine co., Piqua Ohio sold by Asper c o. Advice to mothers. I Are you disturbed at night Tro Ken of your rest by s sick Chili sufi no and crying Tith pain of cd Lizur Tseih if so Send at once and got a Boi tic of mrs. Wins slow soot Ihm St Kcf Fob children j Etui no value it will relieve the poor Little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers there is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery regulates the to Goinach and Bonds cures wind Colic softens the Gums reduces inflammation Aud gives tone and to the whole s soothing strip Fob children to Truiso in pleasant to tic taste and is the prescription of one the oldest and Best female physicians and nurses in the in itch states is Lor Sale by All Torongo Rutlt Tho Price 25 thu bottle. On trial 3 months Tor 20 cents the it Tribune in the Rajar Una and wet of tit bowl. To it tic. In to i Rood pomp of a comp the and w a feul imral Jev Nul an fury a Tad a to of it3 of wow Modi radar us to Wool Ufi Flurer of the ind ten Wonov Alai it in Plata a All can Cort of a subscription toy Clubb of thai period the vow be to fat a Derera 12 for so cents find Sci Porry is made for Thyl of ingred i Provoo to Fly Tii Oue and to Flo not a convenient my to order this offer in for on0 Mem not aides of tour nem Bori Selth k j try the a r one Vort i. Tub Tribue oomph by Garfield of u Lute to on it want think i quite u Yetla a ltl5, sure Throat. M. , 1.1.1 Euti 0 pm Topial uhf fical. I Nofe Barf Navall Soiu i lir m use. U Hoim at in Hir Rhom Tor ors it a Iii Clu jul vie plug Haugli c Low Pic. to try 5oaw of Ive a Ian or us wbicb.a-. The a outta Uoc Ramt Ozial Lelm Taa Oul temporary relict and Fin Kxinia Zuni i an out the we of be adj Lak. Anil effective treat count aim i is i Trotta exin Rin Firic unknown and we Ilicin from tin fit at that . Ortii c so in till with Bacomo Tacij or Ayek i Chick a puck Iii. Ami of Tennu hotly or Anta u h Inett ital pre Partio i. Of n Power an 1 n a4 clap As its careful or Ceparu a Mil a Loir Tuuu. I Iii Claas. In in. .1 in their blast acc. Trio to it re inh n Century he proven its Alou Lut .cruiiiu-in.ni, ill Pul Muary not Atreail to of air. Prepared b or. J. C. Ayer in co., fact lot cd Cable. Lowell mass. Up Vba i in medic m Wall caper is i fully compound cd us All Houri if the Oak is for or Browno Pinili icily at toned and it Iii inc Stock and Natl ill find them to be Tiu bust and the Chen get. 1 Joseph Wiloth ukr Lull in harness collars l Ulics my i whips o l. To in in Fnu nil in u harness shop. All Wrork w Irv Antul. Marble Rock Burlington Pedrr Northern railway Tawdi actin t. No i c slate of in in ing wan tin. A Imp 1 a t it in no or and cud Mittun Wii i. On i. E a i South East Nii l West for my j a tits Sut. To. To my j a. In Phiip. M. X for re i tin h r i u h m Sorrl lady with Pili an sir fun far it Vin his kick .1 it at f Aio Phrot fun . C i t pm co bli4 via to the ouch mate Lixe Linnrll Itoi Iowa. To air vat hmm f Sci Fly in nun j in r town 10 a i am him. It will w of mtg ten a maps time for lit at it. D i r. Oti a t subs Kii a for the we boxy Globe Zonio Crit to 10 Nuj Yak. Daily per your. Al Zug Isebia we cry. Ice 3 w per you w Yeu Wili r i w. Us
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