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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 8, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 9. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa oct. 8. Terms a year rubber goods i Are believers in sound Money have i great Confidence in his ability to do so they estimate that he will have a Iua now is a of Ood time to Purchase rubbers. to while the i Bryan advocates Are not making claims an investment in this line May save Vou fibres. From the e atm r i i r a doctor s Bill and a spell of sickness. That they their Candi we have the rubbers and Are anxious to sell them to you. The prices Are right. Shoe5, we make a specially of. Our Stock is of excellent Quality and our prices defy Competition. A s3.50 shoe for examine our Stock before buying else where it will save you Money. Geo. W. Gates. They talk it does not have much con5dence in Date s strength and they Are Only hop ing that they will squeeze through. If they had Uny sort of Faith that Bryan would carry the state you would hear them claiming it by a big majority their to do so is one of he Best evidences of weakness the to Pocrass uie jubilantly telling each other that William k. Hearst and John Bris Iii Walker have prom ised their National committee enough Money to make a vigorous Campaign during the last two weeks of Thia month and that John ii. Mclean has promised to take entire charge of and to 1 it so with Silver. Lar Mii d it Otto ii egg As a contribution to financial and co comic thought the following utter Ance of air. Bryan Wade in Kentucky is Tho most yet offered even la if any Man in this Community would offer to buy All the eggs produced at 25 cents a dozen nid was Able to Nikko Good the offer nobody would sell eggs for less no mutter what Tho Cost of production whether 1 cent or 5 cants a dozen. So with Silver. Free coinage would establish the inure it Price of Sil re at f 1.20, and nobody would sell it for it cent Why limit the Price of egg to 25 j cants and of Silver to ijsl.29? if the Rea j soiling is sound the Price in each Caso might easily be doubled Aud the Conse quent Benefit to Tho human correspondingly increased. And Why Stop with eggs and Silver Why not Mark Tho Price of everything you wish to to double or treble what is asked for it and keep on paying that Price to All it there that s All you have to it there. Ohedy would sell it for a cent stirs Bryan so Long As you held i of cow .m.ii. And the Man loot All the expenses of the Campaign is Forth such thought As this is a candidate for Tho per Sidwick of i i Ihu Elk sing senator Foraker at Chicago. 9 the questions of this year Are largely non political f f they Are business questions and being business ques a Titus party lines Are being largely disregarded. There i j is an unsatisfactory business situation. The panic of v 1893, in modified form is still continuing. Or. Bryan i tells us these hard times were caused by the crime of is73 claim that they were caused by the crime of 1892 that it was not Tho demoralization of f Silver but the of our markets not i closing the mints but closing the Mills. That the act of 1878 was not the cause of our trouble is shown by f years of unexampled Prosperity that Fol f Lowed. No country Ever prospered As did from f 1873 to 1895. As proof that it was the election of f 1892 Ami that which followed in the administration of f our government that has brought paralysis and Dis Tress upon us we have the experience of the past As Well As the existing facts of the present. Like results have always followed free Trade or Tariff for Revenue Only legislation. Whenever we have had Protection we have had Prosperity and whenever we have had free Trade we have had adversity. Knowing the cause f we know the remedy. It is the return of the Republican party to Power a restoration of the protective Tariff policy a Remau duration of reciprocity the maintenance of a sound currency and All under the guidance and leadership of William Mckinley. In Olno and that he intends to con r duct such a fight As to Somi have the i republicans frightened about Ohio. I republicans Haven t the slightest objection to this Trio of wealthy publish ers putting some of their surplus Money Down the Popo cratic Rambole but they when told about Ohio scheme. It reminds them of a similar scheme As to new York which the to Pocrass have now entirely Given up. Some of the to Pocrass would like 10 charge senator Butler chairman of the populist National committee with trea son in connection with the Tom wat son business but they do not dare do it at this stage of the Campaign. But Ler has got More political sense than any of the populists who have yet obtained National have Dis played. He keeps the populists gues sing As to whether he is Wlsh Tom Watson in his continued demands for the dropping of Sewall or whether Watson is acting against his wishes and advice. It is said that he Abo keeps Watson guessing. It. Will not years of Tho nineteenth Century t Washington letter. Washington oct. 2, Good news continues to flow into Republican Headquarters. Conspicuous among the Many cheering reports of the week was that brought by representative Hainer of Nebraska concerning the situation in that state. He said i Don t want to make any extreme statement but i know that i am was among those who voted against the appropriation to Send the ship across the Waters on its Mission of will find in spite of the confusing state ments made about the result in Nebraska that in the final round up Nebraska will be a Republican state still representative Leighty of Indiana says "1 know of no reason Why those who voted with us in 1894 will not do so now and i believe we will get conservative in saving that Mckinley sound Money democratic votes in the will get the electoral vote of my state and representative Eddy of there has been a decided of mum., says of Lis i Zirkl Thia Dis first state Pride entered very largely in j to jct a improving each Day. The to the problem but the Nebraska peo ple Are not rep diatoms and can always be relied upon for their loyalty to the welfare of the country. We shall not have a Walkover for Nebraska has be come something of a Battle Field in this Campaign. Every store window in the cities has a lithograph of either me Kinley or Bryan but five out of every sir business men even in a Lincoln Are for sound Money. The farming classes All right de Pite the fact that they suffered under a great prostration of business and three successive crop failures. Under such provocation not states would be True to conserva Tive lines. We have net forgotten How one crop failure caused famine in Russia in 1891, and How the people of Nebraska got together and 6t de out a ship Load of provisions to relieve the distress in that Rich agricultural country nor has it been forgotten that when Congress was Askco to pay for of crafts and populists have become alarmed and have sent their Ablest speakers of this Man Butler since he proved himself dictator of the populist nation Al convention to see him play a Scusa tonal part a the closing Days of the Campaign. But whatever he does or does not do it May be set Down As certain that it will be in the interest of his own ambition. Or. Spent twelve minutes in Washington without making a speech but he was asleep in a car. Riot Hilj in it for wage killers. Or. Bryan has claimed that the free coinage of Silver would Benefit Tho working people. How they would secure anything from the free coinage of Silver he does not say perhaps because to docs not know. It is certainly a deep mystery. In 110 Way that the. Probable con so of events can to forecaster can any advantage for the working people be reasonably shown. Everything that a Man buys for con sumption in the household would to raised in Price. Would wages be in creased in proportion it is not probable that they would for years if Ever. As Yoou As it became apparent that the free coinage of Silver would be undertaken prices would be advanced but wages would remain stationary until employ ers could ascertain How they would to affected. With the heavy losses thai Many concerns would to compelled to tweet through Tho payment of outstand ing accounts and notes in depreciated dollars it is very probable that the Workingman would have to wait a Long Timo for Bis wages to be raised. In the interval he would have ample Opportunity to realize the stupendous Folly of the United states coining Silver Dol Lars at Tho ratio of 10 to 1 and debasing its Money Tho Lifeblood of Commerce. All Wool All Cotton and half and half at very reasonable prices some heavy some Light and a big Assort ment to choose from. Winter shirts jackets and overalls just what you will want when Corn husking begins also husking gloves and pins. Everything in the line of cloth 4 ing and genes furnishing goods at very Low prices. Say old said be officer you have been hanging around Here on this Corner grinning Long enough. More Silver Lias sounder Money and what Are you trying to a i lower interest than Ever before in the de monetization of Silver. Silver was not de monetized by a con j piracy dior clandestinely neither have the results been As they Are claimed by the free Silver men. Silver was de monetized by great Britain 100 years ago because it fluctuated because two yardsticks of unequal length or two bushels of changing quantify is a Absurdity an obstacle to business and Commerce. All the civilized nations have tried time same Experiment with the double Standard have found it a delusion and a Prue Aud have come to the single Gold Standard As a better thing. The civilized world is now using Mash replied the honest old Farmer. I got into a political argument with some smart Young Fel Low Here on the Corner More n an hour and bet him he could t Gat ago Hundred dollars in Gold for a Hundred Dollar Greenback lie s Rushin around Jit Huntin for that there said the policeman. Who furnished the me journal of Mankind. The attempt to return to the double is reactionary illogical and and will not succeed. Revolutions go Forward not Madison ind courier. Two lives saved. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City 111., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no Hope for her but to Tot it of or. Not discovery cured her and she says it saved her life. Or Thos. The of the Constitution. Or. John Piske in his critical 1 prior in american describe the widespread distress caused by the Chean Money in circulation just rhe 1u Volution said the worst of Linau civil device is that it not Only impoverishes people but be Luigi do s their brains by creating a false show of Prosperity. La such a crisis the poorest people those who earn their bread by the sweat of their brews and have no margin of acim , suffer the . Jilom1 ail men it i the Labouring values Florida from St san dreadful Francisco suffered cold approaching into the District in an Endeavor to stay consumption tried without result every the tide which is turning our Way these Are Lair specimens of the reports from congressional districts. The Republican congressional com Mittee is sending out the following extract from president Grant s first inaugural address to protect the National Honor every Dollar of govern ment indebtedness should be paid in cold unless otherwise expressly provided for. Lei it be understood that no repudiate or of one Farthing of cur Public debt Wili be trusted in a Public place and it will go far towards strengthening a credit that should be the Best in the or. C m. Woodbury a prominent business Man of Kentucky who is now 5n Washington said of that state my judgment is that Mckiney will carry tit William j. Kentucky. At and rate be men who must do for Ray the doll iritis. Why the value of the production of eggs in the Fri item states is twice As Large thins else then bought one bottle of or. Kind s new discovery and in two. Weeks was cured he is body Clarias that eggs should be Waue a thankful. It is such results of which j tcnl3cr for it cats these Are samples that prove inc won j Kerful Efficacy of this Medicine in people who coughs and colds. Free trial bottles require Medicine to regulate the bowels at a j. Asper co s drug store. And kidneys will find the True remedy regular sizes Doc and Jin electric bitters this Medicine j does nut stimulate and contains no "0 to to ate. Whiskey nor other intoxicant but acts do Youst Handon the Silver As a alterative. It acts mildly question Mike sixteen to wan is Renoi platform. Is it Well me Ladoyt Rocic if you and the Long whiskered Cranks Vin i m thinking that by next Winter Ivr body s platform will be nothing to ate journal. The Farmers complain because they cannot find markets for All their products. How Ronld the doubling of prices under free Silver enable the working men of the cities and factory town to buy More than they de now on the stomach and bowels strength and Givins tone to the organs thereby aiding nature in the performance of the functions. Electric bitter is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Price fifty cents per bottle at a. J. Asper k co s. Drug store. Wanted an i thine to Patent protect your ideas they a bring you wealth. John compound liquid sulpher. Dissolved Flowers of sulpher. Natures greatest Gert decide its action being rapid and effective. A few drops or at most a Lew ounces will permanently cure the most stubborn cases of blood and skin disorder. Cured diphtheria in a few hours canker sore Mouth in ten minutes Catarrh Short course of treatment granulated Eye lids Lour to Sis Days sore Throat once gargling rheumatism Short coarse of treatment Erysipelas two or three applications and so on through the Long list of blood and skin disease acne itch ringworm pimples. Salt Rheum herpes hives Tetter Dandruff falling hair and All Scalp diseases open sores tutors ulcerated and itching piles. This is not a cure All but a guaranteed remedy for above diseases which arc caused by parasites and impure condition of the blood. Full directions with each bottle. Or. H. F. Thompson Godell Iowa says i applied compound liquid ? Zilph in in Jove no cases of Pip Hena which were becoming formidable one application entirely removed the Mem Brane and my patients were discharged Tho following Day i consider com Pound liquid Sulphur Superior to any other remedy for the successful treat ment of mrs. S. G. Bunco. Belmond Iowa says i had suffered with rheumatism in my right Arm for Throe years and during that time tried almost every known remedy but got to applications of compound liquid Sulphur has entirely cured com Pound liquid Sulphur is for Sale by a. J. Asper co. Constipation and bilious Ness cured. Thomas k. Clark 44 Franklin Street. Watlins n. Y., says when i feel bilious or constipated i take or. David Kennedy s favorite remedy and it cures me at in scr Fula Salt Rheum and Erysipelas it never fails. For Sale by 0. A. Weaver druggist Marble Rock Iowa. 00 a bottle. The Cedar Rapi-1 i route High Grade playing cards Are Foi Sale by All agents of the a c r n r y at the following prices 15 Centa per pack two packs 50 per dozen. Order direct from agents Ora end Stamps or Money order to the undersigned and cards will be sent or express paid. J. Comox a i to t dec 31 Cedar rapids Iowa. Compound liquid is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the age and in the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices no Farmer can afford to be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera cure. Nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a j. Asper read our free Booklet on Mic Robic a Joseph Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware har Tsz repairing a specially. We meet All honorable Competition

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