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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 7 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 7, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaElm vol. 23 no. 9. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa oct. 7, 1s97. Terms a year we think prices 1 we invite you to Call and see our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to Call your attention to the fact that none of the above stoves Are Back numbers old fashioned direct draft stoves but All Are closely fitted and carefully mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Nickle of any stove in the Market we have done away wit i the Long handled Fife shovel. We ought to be judges of stoves As we hate handled til the leading stoves in the Market and Are thoroughly acquainted with their merits and As we Bare had the world to select from we think we have Jet what our customers want. Call and see us before Jou buy. W. L. Nelson. J the mad Rush of the leaders of the i late Popoe Raey for a new Issue to take the place of the exploded Silver theory has resulted in the nomination of Henry George for mayor of greater new York by a Large element of the demo cratic party of that City. Or. George As is Well known is the chief apostle of the single tas idea and his nomination by a Large element of the party in that City strengthens the belief which has been growing for months that the leaders of that party would adopt the single Tai theory to take the place of a. R. A. . Sta. Stone Lodge no. 251. In or communication or before attend. Sonbert Hugget. It. M. S. H. Sec. I o. U. F. Hock Lodge to. 362, meets thursday j of Erk week. If store cordially i imbed. Emht Dawsie v g. H. Roii Siuss set. Lodge. No. Sib meet tuesday evening t each week. Visiting Brethren invited. W. B. Vorhes. C. C. A. K. Of b. B. I. L. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in Ench month in add fellow Hull. L. W. Hose Krahs pres. R. J. Anklet Bee. Sec. M. V. Of a. Marble Bock so. 4488. Lle Gular Inlet Mccond fourth saturday of each a out at Hall. Visiting Seig Bora in Good Itu Ilner Art cordially invited to attend. A. U. Mreibe v. C. H. In Juzix clerk. To b c. Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st and u tiny eds each month at 2 o clock y. M. K. A. Stewart prep. Kite. Christina Asper o. A. R. Marble Etc 306, meets fret sated so etch month. C. T. Anklet com. W. B. Club tree adj. W c t u every thursday. Tel in president. Vii a. V. Mehbub Secretary. There is something of h contrast Between conditions under the Mckinley administration and those under the Cleveland administration. It is but a Short time since 1 resident Cleveland was Selling Bonds to bring Gold into the Treasury while now the Mckinley administration is actually rejecting offers of Gold which come to it from various parts of the country the Iron and steel Industry is universally recognized As a faithful Baron Eter of Trade and tha activity in that line is telling the Story of present business conditions. Rolling Mills steel plants and furnaces generally Are actually rushed with orders and what is of great significance is the fact that the enormous demand is perfectly legitimate and without the slightest tinge of speculation. Railroads manufacturers and builders Are All Busy and i when they Are Busy there is a demand for Iron and steel. The Discar Neil free Silver last year. Proposition of drug clips. Presetting sundays at 11 a m. And p. M. Epi Rorth league meeting at to Nett meeting taraday w. W. Hobt Isom pastor. Chi sch preaching sunday at 11 i. M. M. Christian a nearer meets 8-.so p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Etc j. Will Waltis. Pastor. Fuse sundays at . A m. Prayer meeting tuesday evening c. K. , pastor. every 1st Sands in each Intel m. And p. M. Sunday school t sunday at 10 a m. Services Beta. In the Boase. H. I Jurt Pistor. City Umari. F. E. Kites recorder h b Rosenkrans Tiei Durer j Martin Street come Timoner George Smith Myhal Villard Kinny c Darla not a. H. H. Weber k Hugget r. J. Ackley. Union Towo Phlp school Board president e. P. Walter. Beret War. H b Xii tru Iuit. John omes direct oks i sick Stodt t bin Rickman e p Walster t Law Lumu 4 Egbert 11 Andrew Gates. 6 a Madison Bine 7 John Gates 8 James Pucher 9 Miles Clikeman 10 j. T. Maxson Reott town help off Cen. Schermerhorm s. Sours heed Nehis blare town Crowell a passor joke Garber w Witter Miles Marsh and Lic Meier. Scott town help school Hoard. President be. To. Barber. Secretary. George Baldwin tre Wrner d Merrick Duke cobs 1 5 f. F. Witter. S e w 6 e c 8 7 j Cunningham 8 jew Jeffrey 9 John Loewe. C. Sherwin. J. F. Clyde. Twat monday in january lit ii my 2nd monday is september. 2nd of Stcin can run nil lip shall in , j. C. Merrill next info let h cow los City Hock Rockford Fondd Siles in d in Serif Arthur county of com. Arker Cutak of the a Matt w. D Lindaman cirt m. Larr Witart Perrin c. M. John a a f. A. Ozlene Fri c. W. Knickerbocker unless Ali Sirinan Jones and senator Gorman can make it appear that the mails of the United states should not be open to Defeated presidential Candi dates they will be unsuccessful in their efforts to suppress Jar Bryan. 1 hey have him out of new York and dozen him out of Maryland and Ohio hut he is now firing at those targets at Long Range by United states mail and by some mysterious process managing to get the letters in print and his name before the Public despite the efforts of the leaders of his party to Cage him. What a marked contrast exists be tween conditions of the United states to Day and those of the corresponding period of preside no Cleveland s last term. Four years ago with a Low Tariff staring the manufacturers of the coun try into the face business was going to everlasting smash Banks breaking railroads going into the hands of receivers factories closing and working men thrown out of employment by the hundreds of thousands now hundreds of thousands of working Oien Are finding additional employment railroads Are ordering thousands of new cars to meet the demand upon them for transportation of manufactures merchandise and Grain the Banks report larger deposits and larger clearings than in Many years and instead of silent factories there Are Clouds of smoke and the hum of Bush wheels everywhere. Russia s exports of Grain according to the latest advices have amounted to Only about 65 per cent this year of those of 150g, the total of All kinds of Grain amounting 10 148 000, 00 Bush Els during the first eight months of the present year when there is added to this fact the extreme shortage in the crops of this year it is apparent that Russia will do Little if any exporting top tent writs Johy assistant Secretary Spaulding of the Treasury department at Washington was interviewed on the subject of pos Tal savings Bank the other Day by a Chicago record correspondent. He said to do not think the government ought to go into the banking business in Competition with private parties but the postal savings Bank need not do this As i understand the purpose of the advocates or this system it is to accommodate certain Small depositors who could hot in most cases reach Banks and who dissipate their Small earnings under present conditions. If this system reaches such people it will prove a great Benefit to them. Postal savings Banks open a Way. For insignificant deposits to accumulate and be come of appreciable value to the depositors. In this Way Buoh Banks Are an incentive Tor Economy and induce Thrift. Self respect accompanies the Possession of a Little Money and Euch a system therefore tends to better citizenship. It also tends to place considerable Money by the disposal of the government which otherwise would be lost both to the government and the citizen. It seems to me that the plan ought to be worked out to great advantage to everybody concerned something to depend James Jones of the drag firm of Jones 4 son Cowden 111., in of King s new discovery says that in Winter his wife was attacked with j Lagrippe and her Case grew 50 serious physicians at Cowden and Puna could do nothing for her. It seemed to develop into Hasty consumption. Having or. Kios s new discovery to the store and Selling lots of it he took a bottle Home and to the Surprise of j All she began to get better from the first dose and half dozen Dollar bottles cored her sound and Well. Or. King s new discovery for consumption j coughs and colds is guaranteed to do Rood work. Try it. Free trial Bolta Al a. J. Drug to Vidich India Australia and 4rscn tinn will contribute Little if anything thus leaving the untied Stales thu Erie source of Supply of those sections which have to outside their own territory or Grain. This accounts for the Price of wheat and sustains the claim of the republicans in the last fall Campaign that the prices of wheat depend upon Supply and demand and Are not controlled by or related to the use of Silver. It looks As though the democratic party in Ohio would have a half dozen wings and factions before the Ohio Campaign is Over. A Large and very intelligent element of the party refused i to endorse the Silver platform and candidate and has made its own plat form and nomination. The populists who cooperated with the democrats last year have also made their own plat form and nomination now it appears that that element of the democratic party which adopted the free Silver Plank of the Chicago utterance As us platform is again dividing. The latest reports from Ohio indicate that John r. Mclean who entered the senatorial fight As a Silver Man has advised the abandonment of the Silver Issue and that is a re pins about an equal division of that Section of the democracy which originally supported the free mover Pii Iford adopted at Columbus in july. It thus appears that the once solid democracy of Ohio is now being rent in to at least four different Fra exception of a Short trip to Ohio he latter part of this month he will prob ably not leave Washington again until the Long session of Congress which meets in december adjourns. The president is enthusiastic not Only Over the personal reception Given him in but Over the evidences of Prosperity he saw everywhere he went. He found the same state of affairs in new England that he found in the Middle rejoicing Over present Prosperity and the Prospect of greater Prosperity to a Otic. If Ever any president had cause to rejoice Over the condition of the coun try surely president Mckinley is the Man and what adds to his pleasure is the knowledge that he can consistently say i told you this week s Cabinet meeting was a sort of Happy family affair All had something to say froth personal knowl Edge of the great wave of Prosperity that is sweeping Over the ing Che banners pay off mortgages and to Purchase luxuries for themselves and families which they were compelled to do with out during the years of democratic control and giving work where there has been no work to both skilled Anil unskilled labor. The people who have suffered know where to place the credit for their improved condition and they will be certain not to make anymore disastrous experiments by voting the Republican party out of Power. Lie publican times i 1 a synonymous with Good times for a Long time to coma in this country Ader sex senator Clair Man of the monetary commission announced the three standing committees on metallic currency on demand obligations of the government and on banking the commission took a recess until october 11, to order to allow the committees to consider suggestions which have been made and to arrange a systematic program. Leu Yuers 01 the commission Are emphatic in dealing invention to do More than suggest to Congress changes that they May believe would be by Leficia l. Official news received by the depart ment of state from Hawaii this week was very different f Roa what was is peeled by the sensation mongers who had been circulating stories of the danger of the immediate overthrow of the Dole government by the japanese in Hawaii. Minister Sewall informed Secretary Sheiman that the immigration dispute Between Japan and Hawaii was in a fair Way to be amicably settled without even the trouble of arbitration. Hou Bejamin Butterworth added new brilliance to the enviable record he is making As commissioner of patents when he decided to Dis bar from prac Tice before the United states Patent office John u lid Eburn guilty by indisputable evidence of hav ing deceived and defrauded numerous inventors who had been deluded by glittering promises together with lottery and other disreputable methods into becoming their clients. Wedderburn co., by of a lavish expenditure of Money obtained by questionable methods were Able to bring much in fluence to Bear upon maj. Butterworth out. He ignored the influence and decided the Case of the evidence taken at the exhaustive heating before the Patent office which was conclusive postmaster general Grary has been re do you know that it has taken time and work to produce shows Worth your buy ing at prices fair for you to pay think it Over. Think this Over that descriptions Are cheaper than materials. Be sure the shoes you buy Are As Good As you re made to believe they Are. Leo. W. Gates. J .1 ii requested to Cut the nations tents and there is no telling How. F Wedderburn go s paper on Many More exp Lomons mar occur be k k the fraud list and to deny it the Privily Tore election. I Ece of second class mail people who first assistant postmaster general require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True remedy in electric bitters this Medicine does not stimulate and contains no who has just returned from iks Home in Indiana tells the following to the conditions he found there whiskey nor other intoxicant but acts j " when l was in Indiana in february As a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly j i met a Farmer who was in great Dis on the too each and bowels adding j lie was an old Friend Vith Uejo strength and giving tone to the organs j acres of As land As Caa be bund thereby aiding nature in the Perfor-1 anywhere. It was mortgaged for Mance of the functions. Electric bitters an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Price fifty cents per bottle at a. J. Asper

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