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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 5, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaVol itt no. Makb1.e Kock Floyd co Sty. Iowa october 5, s1.50a Yeau Arble Rock weekly.1 bid not bust the Bank at Monte but he is giving High prices hard knocks. Were never sold so cheap in Charles City As we Are Selling them now. We invite our friends from the Shell Rock Valley to Call at our store on the Corner we cannot sell at Cost but we can sell As cheap As any Man in Iowa. Bar gains every Day. De. N. Waterbury Charles cite Iowa. We Are still carrying a. Very Large line of Minnesota mixed faints we White Lead pure Oil and brushes we Are Selling lamps window shades and Wall paper at reduced rates. It will pay Yon to Call and so us. Goto Fob a full and Complete line now on hand at prices that defy Competition. Highest Market prices paid for eggs give us a Call and be convinced that we mean business. Ill it per v we Chi nor been d anger ruts Jud in Wii Hiu Andrew lib Kiili. A. Lias it to own j of the Ittis k uly id a to i. Thursday Moni ins by of local oats10 i ends 0to -7 hogs to to oct. The Lui of Sale was Wel George Lyon went to Chicago Teeter Day morning. J the Lute Sale last saturday amount j h to Over thenry Davis and spent sunday it Kue Kford with relatives i j 01 mrs. Lilder returned to at to Stock Falls Lasi saturday i Euer Brush and e. Baile r be with de. Cab Over j. O Lieut. I h Ideal m s. K. F. I Uke visible Clark s family at sunday. J or. And mrs. A. C. Reec Kryns live j returned from their visit to Illinois Aud j the world s air. J the sugar famine is Over and All our merchants Are again supplied with tie different grades. John feel and wife returned from j their Nebraska visit last saturday. They j report a pleasant trip. J Karl s Clover Root the great Wood a Sinois aug it id in first of tin1 week. Sikl 1 from Foj Ija ois visit. Hutches of morning Bun Rock visitor last Sui Utay. To or. Nod sri Teube 131vj, h girl of Avi Fht. U. X. If vat tag with her r hiring Kluj Ritj Mutt Tibia ire a or. a. Wits rec Viliy lung red to hitter Lowus Bip. Tutt returned from his visit to tie 6 pair and the in Sven part of to trip lick its to Rill be i the us. Natl Sih of this i not improve tie if Al Lyle Vav Tali us v Al Thini a co. For the Walnut and a Jaiml their ibis Miro Yud fir mini his six.-. Is i Fili. Cion to Lull Mirror. John Stewart Triune for n visit daughter us Sli Erelt old last so blur to when Slio or Rived at Nora june Juad the two hours late prevented her link if cock Tulius on City so she return a horse u. Shop urls Faaiui wife resumed i . J from last . I i i rfcs Tivice or Gertie Fram it visits Insi miss Lilly it drum in. Of m table Kwh lust Louis fair t exp031tio ill lows with Nativi John Ficini Tikili Iwuh a int of by Rah of to Cru. F Ion. John the i to sir a Waco Itu Dirk any in Myrup Hock. I Fil t p Ruurt i us in in into time Wittst Friday info Nettl us Flint mud viol Niue u Kipilii Ruji Eicle pc j visit in a Vajk Afu re to Milf air n Ilnyo in Xura Wili 1 t to her Hijino ill Calico ruin i l Ulo pm Uteri of will h Little curly guru Ulm for Tous Mill tie is Finach bowls prevents Nul . A. J. Astr a co. Mrs. Moi risk Waid. Filar flu Pidd a n a Jurn k Wili Frenn its Lii i in in is. L. I Rait of of fur t i m s i Vul met i 21 will Huil return it thirty t . Will car i for St. Flims tickers u it Turi but ii nut a 1 for of Callun or nyl oui Nuy or Cit. Bro Model grocery Bulf Lyl f nit. I us titter Sivba fre Annew and clea1 to v. Miod in Ike Cotapo Lowlon cures Coc u. Sold by Asper co. Tina Willil it a inc evening Traic. Oia. Are. A Ibert nil mrs. Or. Aud mrs. Ii. K. m Are started for thu War a fair at. Tie worm d fair last i Chicago Insi Inte mls to Houseberg of Charloa Unity received the democratic Nomi Gatlif n or sen Zitur at new Hampton list i be in Aad Northern lows l k. F. Wright is at do Morium in full take a m Lugii ice in More Hia re 1 of the or. I writ Flat Auu re fold w1j el1 Roaey a trom the Withful. Brown left monday for tiie society of the christain the annual coff create at May Uokota Tail a ii Ulah Fri w Liufu Lin mrs. Tum Ilkiv oct. 10 work mrs. Thuro will be no services not done lhelri.su.1 a the Al. Ehurd Bumma. Toe i i you of foil business a Gurciu Linw Superta-1 a you Ineita a incr us i Iii u do Ufa by the Scarcity of Green feed. The ladies of the Baptist Church will have a sociable evening of october Lith in Gid Ackley s new barn. Prosperous year und a majority of his Membra Voled for hid return the ensuing year. Are. C. T. Ackley Mil her son Ile too Aud or. Atud mrs. Churlou Morrison everybody Home and have a Guj time stand for the us fair it last Aud eat Ohio Ken pie. After spending Sonive time a special train composed of c. E. I at the or. Mrs. Morrison nil of. Railway top ill it this place last fail by. Williams and Lett Jarl manager were by gods the officials. Return to their Home in Kansas. C. T. Ackley joined tha party at c go Sun Lay in Truing last. Or. The Long looked for rain made its a 1 fleeced drawer cordially a Vitta. Lilton Wells the Chru Triin minis Ter will preach at the Christian a lurch saturday evening two also gents Nii n downpour up Ino Lher Eurih and put Ber in proper Cunil Tiou for the i Plimell the in plot f Uio Rodig and comes highly recur Mendt d As a pulpit orator. Ays Luy i it Oliy Best fur a i liver of trouble it excels. Tip cd. By Asper cd. Sank an a barn 200. I. L Linn was b6t a. H. Walster sve must Lisit to Lite i All Linda of pipe for tank connections. Full Iii of Oil Well owing Loop Nurmi i umps i of pc Cudse Hilj Ohli for first Trinu we Are sup i have All Kisir 300 Honey just mini vol. Snik Kcal drink Ali a. I Irve warm Scals Day in the i in. It Fries is undoubtedly an Honor-1 Forn Jerly or Noble of Fin or. Tri. We do not Joey i Carney Law an apron Lair. Everybody j but we do assert Puu the Best of come and but Chiu Keu and buy a new apron the standing army of Hawaii supports had Burden of til this magnificence nets upon Juan 64 privates had minor of ulcers. The standing army of Hawaii should nit Dawn. It must be a. Quiet Little wedding occurred in Aureola last monday evening at the Home of the Bride. The parties to the contract were or. T. Imus and lira. Sarah and the ceremony which Alliy Don to you drink tiie out mocha nil java.5c a us is thu finest in the Hind. Obj to Iii con Vince you. New Librae i f oni on sch Csinsi yellow Al 1-Ji cents a can Jiro i and f50 Rai hot. Luw Ivy invt in i a very Tine it Adiv in Jjon l Imus v at an j no and Utulo Bruli at , Illola e Coll Lillif i Cilli Supply Hority. Luimit lir. Niibu opus lilo Day Luth j Jou ill Givi to Leith a trial latent Scott township Tor Buner View Stu. The pros Fin. a . You an. Codfish and that or. Jeffries was Une of Tho prepared to take a part. My Tell we inv Tell full Wildle 1 who had a inter Eta by order of lieu Utiss committs of lev v e Floyd county Farmer s Allonce. in Lulu fish any a. , St of. 1 am now prepared to do business. A Joseph Wiloth heavy and shelf hardware harness1 a specially. We meet Alt Clovi a 15v. A c6 j. I. Shafer i Kun Miktuk of All work Wiiri Antcil. Action. Reck Wagon Carriage give me i cull a Iii i will guarantee made two hearts beat As one we per formed by Rev. A. C. Brush. All the Ulk a thu world will not con Vince you so quickly As trial of Dew itt s Hazel Salve for Ken kit and in charge and we Are further informed by the same authority that or. Lii shops bras nol presented to the to Ubu Tion by ui3 Friend or. I Fortes. Sume very honorable men do borne very queer things in Liro. Trig buy a machine until you Haw seen ver tical feed will lie it to the Iowa Campaign of be Ful j of f to nations this fall. However the political a nation of thu Maui size to a in mud pm icon Fine Pri Morni oif by i Inythe cd ump. Chicago Dav hates lower Tolian half Faro for Chicago Day it the world s fair of oct. Kab. The Burlin Joii. Cedar Lapide i Sanford wards Porter Burlington Collar Ruidi a Kort Librn Sleeper which is run Between Chicago and choked to White senator r. Bolter of Harrison Cobb j Northern k y will sell us curation tickets j to Wiio in a letter to cd Birmac Scott from All on Liui a to Cli Cago. Of the populist Central committee he sources that he has bolted die demo cratic ticket and will support Joseph for lug a few Mia Hub before they Gote Roor. Tofor has a democratic reached Waverly Evini psf. A inf Henry Henkin a Fanner of Salt Lake into a it week and had Bair Cut and a share for which the greedy Barber charged him til Henkin bad the Bur Ber arrested of r charges and Justice Ira Pond r Tine on the culprit. Leader in the Iowa general Assembly for the list 1c years. Tally oae for Joseph. One i urse i Stroud drink was ctr in Ingy ilium rated in n police at Dubuque recently. A Man hid ing for months and after spending ail the Money lie had up Neil Wiuli Lur Mare then he Ebva his boy s coat for a drink and tittes even less Tiati fur the round trip. Tickets Are on Sale pm older Goth 7th, and 8th, Snow to return on or before october 16th, for time of to wins and other i cull on or be Naff of this company or o. T. To r. A. Sweet Cal Bagu la tic. A Jersey 1 of itt w Only o a Puii Iid. The finest new full i of Iii cheese in town Joe i Pound. You l for rut us you need toilet i Iii Siivo a Tine line. The two lending binds of flow we have Kansas Winter wheat and of Osby a co. Gold a Wall. Is on remember us on jars Jelly tumblers Stone jars justs crocks j the cily i rest tues to one he had taken him into j All acre Pic std with j depot and commenced to War ebb. I Bell Al Sgutt and would i the Brawk and o Briw j Tav swbely t the Ophir on feign red him. He Aii oat rods of City . S Tor us to her be to in f Jive of Iii i Eliut of full Hso. I of Raj a Iii inv Joi Pitt with it Hill t Iii trs for the had new open House ins the of and is to i a 10i shop in connection. Job work and o a i re Amiga specially. A work warranted. Fan temp a birr Tronrud and in Meg revolve from Hia hawd int to Mph he i Curti Crisai. Thu i Himton bout Tot 9 my Tutti. The Trammo a in i to 011kb try will Muse out by Fui t 5 for Rife of or halts. Our gown is will
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