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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Oct 1 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - October 1, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 8. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa oct. K terms a Yeak rubber goods now is a Trood time to Purchase rubbers. O i an investment in this line May save you a doctor s Bill and a spell of sickness. We have the rubbers and Are anxious to sell them to you. The prices Are right. Shoes we make a specially of. Our Stock is of excellent Quality and our prices defy Competition. A shoe for examine our Stock before buying else where it will save you Money. Geo. W. Gates. Big Park is to favor of the United Sites trying the Experiment of free coinage Bat docs not advise the father land to take the initiative. The old Man would like to see the Experiment tried by America and if it proved a Good thing Germany would easily follow but it a failure and disaster follows in the Wake of ire coinage his beloved native Lind would escape the woes of the Experiment and profit by our downfall. Bis Park has lost none of his cd Union Rockford fire. Fire broke out in jars Dwight Johnson s barn at Rockford last saturday night. Thompaon s Beirne add new buggy Dick Wyatt a printing press Aud horse and buggy All of which were in the barn at the time were de . E. Slythe of Mason City will speak at the opera Bouse in Marble Rock of Friday 2. The bolting democrats of new York declare in their platform that they support the Champion of he publican prohibitory Protection nominated at St Xiouris of what is Protection prohibitory it his never prohibited All imports because a protective Tariff never fails to bring in Revenue sufficient Tor the of the govern ment. A protective Tariff makes the foreign producer pay a Price for entering the american Market. It gives american producers who pay Ameri can wages a fair Chance in Competition with foreign producers who pay the lower wages of Loreign countries. There however thing which a protective Tariff does prohibit. It pro Hibits lower wages and poverty Lor american workmen it prohibits the git ing of our markets to foreigners it prohibits the shutting Down of Ameri can factories and the loss of work to american earners is this the prohibitory policy to which the new York Kree traders what his past party affiliation who docs not know that Titis country has enjoyed throughout its history the highest and largest Prosperity when we were living under an american protective Tariff system. Not Only do we want a protective policy in the United want sound Money. When labor is paid it Mast insist upon being paid in dollars Worth 100 cents every Day and j everywhere labor loses More by depreciated currency than any other part of our population. The men who have Money keep their fingers upon the financial pulse. They know what is the Best Money and they know what is the poor Money and they always pay out the poorest that will pass cur rent and the history of Mankind is that when we have poor Money that poor Money lodges in the hands of the poor men of the country and when the crash comes they suffer the Washington letter. Washington sept. 2o, the Popo cratic National committee this week formally abandoned the fight for Bryan in the East and Middle states by abolishing the Washington Branch of its Headquarters. Other reasons Are Given but everybody in Washington knows the real reason to be that chairman junes has been con All free. Have used or. King s new discover know ins value and Truwe we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised draw Gist and get a trial bottle. I we. Send your name and address to h e Bucklen co., Chicago and it a Sample of or King s new life pills free As Well As a copy of guide to health and household instructor. Free. Allol which is guaranteed to do Yon Good and Cost you nothing a j. Taper go s store. Major Mckinley in speaking to a Piu Afek delegation Oaid in pan what we want in this country whether we be democrats or Republic voiced that Bryan has no show to carry a single state in the East and that the Cost of maintaining the Washington Branch of his Headquarters was just so much Money thrown away. It was originally intended that the work done at the Washington Branch of Popo cratic Headquarters should be almost entirely of a literary nature and Clark Howell of the Atlanta Constitution was placed in charge of the Bureau which was to teach Eastern voters the beauties of free Silver and the Chicago platform with representative Richard son of As his chief assistant. Or. Howell has found things so warm in Georgia that he has been Able to give very Little time to the Bureau and Richardson came near having a fight with Butler the chairman of the popu while he was m Washington this week lie said of West Virginia i have no ears of the state its electoral vote will be cast Lor a Mckinley by at least to majority. Lain not indulging in , and my is Iriate 5- conservative. The fact is hit the Sil ver cause is losing Force daily apart irom its by the democratic party Irce Silver alone coulis i t Harry Over three states in this Union the Western people Are not nearly so crazy Over this Silver delusion us Jito Tern people imagine All the fools do not re Side West of the Allegheny mountains and that fact will be very apparent the to c is counted of the general result senator Elkins said the electoral of Indiana j Illinois Iowa Wisconsin and Michigan Are surely in Minne Sota Kansas. Nebraska California and i May add Kentucky there is also a Chance of the Battle is won without them Mcl Vinley will have a majority of at least 50 in the electoral Sena or Elkins will in addition to stumping his own state make some speeches in Ohio Indiana and Illinois. Or Lawrence Gardner Secretary of the democratic congressional commit tee admits that he has drawn several checks for amounts in the neighbor Hood of each to the order of general Secretary treasurer Hayes of the knights of labor but says they were in payment for printing done Lor the committee. He denies Knowles us of drafts paid to other officials of the k. Of l in the Middle Western states but it is positively asserted that such drafts have pissed through Washington Banks and it is certain that the men the Money on them did not any printing Lor the democratic com Mittee. Nething but amusement was caused among republicans in Washington by senator Hill s Clumsy attempt u catch the votes of both Gold democrats and to Pocrass Lor his candidate for governor a Luik. Luul i. Ulu us Gnu that new York u bound to to Republican this year he was ouly after retain ing his hold on the party machine in his state. The to Pocrass arc calling Hill such pet names As renegade Etc. The avidity with which the Popo crafts Are making use of bismark s let Ter to gov. Culbertson of How hard up they Are for the letter is a very poor argument at Best As bismark merely says he sees objection to the adoption of the free coinage of Silver by the people of this country if they should find it compatible with their but it be comes really worthies when it is remembered that it was bismark who de monetized Silver in Germany and Pul that country on a Gold Basia of course he has no objection to our going on a mover basis but he wishes Germany to remain on a Gold Babis. Free Jour aim Reaa to h. E. Fiu Oklen co., Chicano. And who is to blame trip tree Silver Wolf Saj that tin sound Money Imi uti is inti irbing business. The Wolf in the fable blamed the ulu u Foi still lug up . Imi him stimuli and making the water Muddy. Said the Lamb water runs from you toward me. I could not have disturbed your drinking of the Wolf rejoined if Yon did not your and to Straightway dined on Young Mutton. The Sih Erito wolves who Are howling calamity and threatening to overthrow ouf sound financial system pretend to find an excuse for their 10 to 1 schemes in the condition of business. Because Loans Are being called in and capital is timidly waiting the. Result of the elections advocates of free Coin age say in the words of their pies Den Titi candidate you Aie interfering with All unfavourable indications in Trade and Industry they loudly ascribe to the Gold Standard and the manufacturers who Are forced to limit their output by rear on of rhe refusal of merchants to buy while there is so much Imp Erra Inry about prices Are accused of being Goldings who be pm poorly Mak ing hard times. It should be for ail intelligent voters to Sec Lui Ough the hypocrisy of the Silverize. Claims. Nothing can be More certain than that instead of being due to the Gold Standard any financial san Nency which May now exist is Al most entirely caused by the agitation for a debased currency. With a Large number of office seeking politicians go ing up and Down the country shouting for cheap dollars and promising to Cut the measure of values in if they gain control of the government How can business be Good a tight Money Market simply Means that the owners of capital Are no willing to make Loans. Docs any reasonable Man expect that the threat of enabling borrowers to pay their debts a 50 cent dollars is going to encourage investors to part with their capital on the contrary is it not self evident that the clamor for a debt repudiation Poliey is the real source of business depression us Long As there remains any doubt As to the future financial basis of on great Industrial and mercantile operations to Long will there be a sixty and fear in the commercial world. Distrust will continue to Breed failures capital will be Ecru co and interest High debts will be hard to collect and investors will hesitate to engage in productive industries. This condition of affairs can Only be remedied i a so far As our Money Standard is concerned by an emphatic declaration at Iho oils free Sil ver Ami All Ouier cheap Money fallacies. Commerce needs a stable stand Ard. List committee and was transferred to Chicago. This left the Bureau in charge of a Young Mao whose sole political experience consists of having succeeded in getting himself sent As one of six delegates from the District of Columbia to the Chicago convention and now the Bureau in just As the whole combination will be on the 3rd of november. This leaves the populist Headquarters in a rather Peculiar portion senator Builer is Here but thute will be nobody representing the Popo cratic National committee in Washington for him to Confer with As senator Faulkner of the democratic congressional committee which of coarse retains its Washington head quarters has do connection with the Popo cratic National committee and nothing to do with the management of get a free Sample bos of or new life fills a trial will convince Vidu of their merits. These pills Are easy in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick Flea lathe fur malaria and i liver troubles they have proved invaluable they Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable they do not weaken their action but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25 cents per Box. Sold by a. J. Asper co druggists. My n a Tariff policy that will seen to the Federal Treasury ample any thing but the congressional Eam reve Aoe to ran the government and i pain. Protect american labor and american senator Elkins of w. A. Enjoys Ibe Competition of i the ton of cinc one of thai a wiper we of other lands there thaw def and most careful political j this and Tenzi t care not i in the country. For that i Ewe it i ram hit Pimon we eagerly i ought even if it Werc True that free Corraspe at 10 to 1 would raise the Price of Sil that Benefit the great majority of tiie people not one person in a thou Saud owns a Silver to inti or has Silver Bullion for which he a Fanti a higher Price. But everybody nuts to buy Silver in the form of manufactured of use or ornament and therefore a fonts it to be As cheap As possible a scheme for making Glass Ware or Boldware dearer would not receive much f Ator from the Consumers of those goods. Is it Likely that the Consumers of Silver manufactures Are anxious to pay More for them Vici c Nikki Date a Tolbrt slip its Ilij old is the Ali St 3ivil-Tirc of Aluis. Ill his i Carer accepting the Republican nomination for Vir a president Hou. Gar ret a. To Barf said the Money Standard of a great nation should be As fixed Aud permanent As the nation itself to secure and retain tote Best should be the Lesire of right minded citizen. Resting on stable foundations continuous and unvarying certainty of value should he its distinguish ing characteristic. The experience of All history confirms the truth that every Coin made under any jaw Howsoever that Coin May be stamped will finally command in the markets of the world the exact value of the materials which compose it. The Dollar of our country whether of Gold or Silver should be of the full value of 100 cents and by so much As any Dollar is Worth less than this in the Market by precisely that sum will some one be defrauded. The necessity of a certain and fixed Money value Between nations As Well As India duals has grown our the inter change of commodities the Trado and business relationships a Biclie have Arisen among the Peoples of the world with the enlargements of Jiu Mau wants and the broadening of iranian interests. This necessity has made Gold the final Standard of All enlightened nations. If we Are. To continue to hold our place among the great commercial nations we must cease juggling wit i this question and make our honesty of Pur pose Clear to the world. No room should be left for As to to meaning of the language used in the Bonds of the government not yet matured. It should not to possible for any party or individual to raise a question us to the purpose of the country to pay All its obligations in the Best form of Money recognized by the commercial nation which is worthy of credit or Confidence can afford to say explicitly on in the following prices 15 cents per Nek packs per dozen. Order direct from agents or Send Stamps Money order to the undersigned and cards will to sent postage or express j. Awol Tox 0 1 a t a dec 31 eclat a cupids compound liquid is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa t Farmers Thornf Fhle tested in the Vorst cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the age my in the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market Lor the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With i a enormous Corn crop and present prices Larmor can afford to be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera sure. Nut Only the beat but cheap est remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Lor each hog. For Sale by a read our rec Booklet on Jii Robic a easts. Joseph Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware earner repair eng a specially. We meet All honorable Competition

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