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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 25, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 16. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa nov. 25, 1897. Terms a year imitation imitation what Ittis i now. They Are trying to get store imitate our ers but they cannot do it. For Tutt a Tot is not made thit will do the work of the German Heater. Go pro where in us and tit with your Foet under the store and the user How Ihry to heat the floor so hot bold the fire so ions with no the will Tell you the store does it All. You do not to in Sinur to stand ind watch it first to open the to keep fire from going out and then to Thui to keep from petting your room on Uri. We will you All this trouble and at Lea it one third of tour Luel by Selling you a genuine downward dra t biting flue German heat a. W. L. Nelson. A. F. A. U. . Lodge no. Ssi. Tan Lar Wadt Ieada on or before Vit tug Bolhen in cordially Init Tun Kobbert Haggst. W. It. I. A Sac. I. O. O. F. Lodge to. 888, meets thur Dij Wood. Lilton cordially or ital. Camuy Bitsios x g. H. In. of no meets Oneida a even in f Vii blog Brethren inured. W. . C. 4. Rufi Miami k. Of. St. 1. I of ii. Mwau tic ird night to mob month in pm fallow Hill. L. W. Hoaas Niki Prei. T. 3. Etc. Sec. K. W. Of a. Vutla Camp so. 44bs. Regular meet Aazaad and fourth saturday of each month at Oft fallow fall. Lilt thu Elg Boru in Good Attar Long Art car Dlallo ii tilted to attend. A. 11 Mizin v. C. H. , Clark. B. E. To name of mrs. Siewart Ike 1st and u Kandar each month at 2 o Clont . Pm. K. A. Stitak Prei. Hub. Aarin Sec. U. A. K Varkett Paat so. So Ratsa Tumidaj c. T. Aykut com. W. B. Adj. W c t u Witiw. Freely enl. Via. 1. M. Secretary. At the Bishop s. A lurches. Ii a t m a at. Up Wottke Teague meeting at the Jia Daj Aten Fig. . Hoi Button Caccam sunday at 11 a Christian endeared meet atom m. Prajer meet de wednesday ave j. Will pastor. Sundays at it a. In. Ami p. M. Prayer meeting Ere tug c. H. Calkins pastor. Sunday in each to p. M. Sunday a Nool i at 10 a. M. Sentei held in Muar. L Ltd Uff cart. F. Of. Latee h b Boud know j w Martin Twat Lgeorge Smith Kankalo will Dkl Kinaj h c a. , h. Tab fat chm Weler b Hugget b. J. Ackley. Colon Towi Ulp Sthool e. F. Walatt. My tit. U b , dibectoe5 1 Hack suit 8 most lion b 7 John Gatet x f 8 Prehar t Inman t Ilea Cli Kergaad 4 10 . Kaiton ii Aadrew Gatea. Town Alp Scheub Ieroni 3. Soan ellia Blase Twa Crowell aaa Haiir Jakc Barbet w Witter Millet Xanh and in. _ Tov Pablp school to w. Harbir n Baldwin try Aithar Charlei e Morrick diekctor8 1 i f. F. . I b 7 j Cunil Tirum t Juja Futej i John Lotee. Foot tight or h. Aldington Tho Bishop into Madis ii from Twenty third Stres to with that Calm dignified stride almost half a traced be cultivated by so Many Church As a mail with an by rr.npciencs1. To walked with head up in the air and Beer Siwl by that he was Well satisfied with himself Good Roa Puu for in Niec Sii. With his prow Pitons living and his Frt income Waii Ujco greater your after year to Fay nothing of work the Many poor he instructed every Sun Day in the inns tries of the narrow path. The b shop s sermons were remark Siblo for their Elow Kcf Iid he had i Hin self in the thanksgiving ser that the result of Hig preaching was practically seen in the of the weekly collections and he non to Crim Phiiip of the thai iks Dikiy there for it with thu reflection of work Well Fique that the Pond Bishop was on his War now to u quit t. Comfortable Little family dinner. With pleasure he thought of How excellent Tho Uijun would be for his chef recently imported from f Aris. Was no s could rate one by any urans there Fike. I of Frost in to i Iii. With the of n Snow fall to Foro Tho Bishop Manl Unitarily hastened his Pace a Little As he Felt the coolness of the atmosphere it almost 7 o clock and past Twilight. Tho Corner of East Twenty leaning carelessly against the railing in front of or. Pirkl burst s Church was a tall Well built Young Man. Apparently fashionably dressed. He probably not More than 25 or 2fi. As the Bishop passed where he was standing he spoke to the divine and the latter halted though the Young Man was an utter stranger to him. Afine Cool said Tho idler crossing quickly to the Bishop s Side. A Little too Cool for responded the Bishop a glance of inquiry was directed at Tho other. The Young Man smiled. A said he suavely. I for got to introduce myself. You must Par Don my rudeness. I heard Yon preach this morning Bishop and seeing you passing now i thought Yon would not take it amiss if i ventured to Tell Yon How impressed i was with your ser Mon. The Bishop would have Mado some acknowledgement of the compliment hut Tho speaker did not give him time. He continued hurriedly this is my very first visit to new York. 1 Only arrived last night and expect to return to my Home in Chicago in a very few Days. Yon do not know c. Sfa Caffio. To. F. Clyde. It onday in Jun it it la May. Tad monday in september. I of a Rairamo Conlen City twill saw Ltd Harble Rock Lawray of Fla Rock fat t. We Axmar Rudd c. Mantle Betta a lit. Monday in Jannatt. And monday in Swartf Jim tuft tit. Capita it i w. D Lindawati cab m. Law Willart Petriu c. H. Johnton w. H ainu f. A. Of Batik line Femer c. W. Knickerbocker i a Tim of tit e r vivid str 3ii Camar Tala Cattoi t in k k wanted a Hebe is it How delighted 1 was at the Good for tune which Ltd me to your Church to Day. I am stopping at the Faith Avo nne across the Square. Here is my in the dim Street Light the read Herbert k. Edwards. Chicago. i am delighted to meet Yon Ray said the Bishop with cordiality i hit vanity Gnu cited in no Small my Dunira i by the flattering allusion to his Sermon. Will you in Kew York very 1 of. Was Edwards reply Only a few Days my business Here for j my visit is a one will not de Tain me Long and with but a limited i Hare no desire to a train. Indeed i pm sorry that 1 not delay my trip a Day longer. Thanksgiving Day away from Home is always Dull in Tho extreme. One misses the family dinner Asho spoke Tho Young Man in search of a Cigar carelessly threw open his Topcoat and the Bishop could see that he was faultlessly arrayed in evening dress. Thought Tho reverend gentle Man evidently a Well to do Young and he added aloud a responsive chord in his heart being touched at i the mention of the word i is one noes Leei roue in away irom one s own people on a Day like. This. Are you dining with friends even Ifo such answered Edwards quickly i Dine at the hotel. I la Havo Turkey of course and All that sort of thing but it will not seem the Samo old thanksgiving dinner to which i Havo been then he added earnestly Bishop if i did not feel that Yon would refuse me i would ask Yon to come and Dine with me this we can do much better than broke in the Bishop warmly. I would be pleased if you would come and Dine Frith us. We Are having but a Small family dinner and you would been tirely Welcome to share Edwards Surprise at this unexpected kindness must have been very apparent for the Bishop hastened to add his face beaming with Good will now i will listen to no objections for Yon can have none in reason. My Home is Only a Short distance up Madi Avenue and i see you Are quite pre pared to go still smiling with Good nature the worthy Bishop started up Tho Street Fol Lowed by Tho Man from Chicago pro testing but in truth rather feebly. On the Way the chicagoan explained to the reverend gentleman that his business in if new York was in connection with a Deal on change and that if the Bishop cared to speculate he might in a Day or two be Able to give him a valuable tip Whereat the Good Bishop chuckled inwardly for Here wag surely a splendid Chance to add to his finances. Thanking Edwards he hinted plainly that i Tako advantage of his offer and the broker for such he seemed to be expressed the pleasure it would afford him to be of any use to the Blihor. Tho thanksgiving dinner passed off Edwards proving himself a conversationalist. Just four people participated besides the Bishop and Edwards. These were Tho wife daughter and son of the Bishop and a brother a Well to do banker. The daughter about 22 years old was a tall slender Willowy girl fair of complexion with Clear Bine eyes and the traitor was assiduous in his attentions to her during the evening. The son was a Young Princeton Man and naturally the conversation at dinner turned a great Deal on football and on the Day s game. Edwards seemed thoroughly up in the game disc nursing with great fluency on various celebrities of Western Fame. His acquaintanceship with various Chicago clergymen All personal friends of Tho Bishop served to Advance him in the latter Good and taken All in All he made a very favourable impression on the whole fam ily. His easy Carriage his Graceful deportment and Well chosen language proved beyond a doubt that he was a j thorough gentleman and the Bishop congratulated himself More and More for having met him. Shortly after the party adjourned to do Ito two tej Zieker team log in to Edwards relict announced Liu intention of going Home and promptly Baid Good night. After an evening pleas Antly passed by All during which Tho visitor Only added to the Good Sioui lie had created earlier Edwards hinted that he was about to Leate. Wait a moment said the Bishop. The other Day i bought a painting which i was informed was u genuine Raphael. If you should happen to know anything about Art air. Edwards i would very much like to Havo you step into the Library and examine it Edwards. To Tell you the truth paint ing has always been one of my hobbies excusing themselves the Bishop and Iii guest crossed the Hall and found themselves in a Small but cozy Little i room in which were shelves Laden with i theological works a Largo writing desk a Small Safe and a couple of chairs. Edwards took in Tho situation with a Glauce and an observer would have seen a quiet Smilo of satisfaction on his handsome face. An Odd thing he did but something that Tho Bishop was too preoccupied to notice was to noiselessly turn Tho key in the door. This is the said the Bishop proudly. Tell to just exactly what you think of the chicagoan examined it with the air of an expert. You need have no said he at length after an apparently minute sur vey. It is a Raphael All right and 1 congratulate you on its the Bishop gave a Little sigh of Relief. Thank said he. I was afraid i might have been duped though i am Seldom Caugh t napping. us return one moment asked Edwards briskly. I wish you would sit Down As i have a somewhat lengthy communication to make to you. Why from the Bishop affably. Is it in reference to the in reference to a repeated the other. Bishop you have treated me with so much kindness since we first met that i am induced to put the Confidence in Yon which i would perhaps give to nobody else in the the Bishop smiled at Tho Young Man . Yon he went on. The subject is a delicate one not to be treated lightly. When i left Chicago three Days ago i Hod to leave in somewhat of a hurry and was forced to Start at hardly a moment s notice i had but Little time to pack and forgot a number of things that a gentleman always should have with him. Among others was my watch. A a business Man i am in constant need of a timepiece. I Seo you Are wearing one Bishop. Might i ask you to loan it to me merely to loan it to me for a couple of thundered the Bishop aghast. Of i ask you merely Man to Man. I rely on your goodness of heart As exhibited All evening not to refuse this the Bishop sat glaring in Miaw. Chair. He Mado no movement. His Chubby round face was apoplectic with rage. I come said Edwards Chang ing his Tenno. I have no time to waste discussing the the sight of the butt of a revolver half drawn from Edwards trousers pocket acted like an electric Shock of Tho Bishop. In a Canent Tho richly jewelled watch was on the floor at the i feet of the Man from Chicago. J that s said to. Now 1 my dear Bishop that Gold Cross around your neck. I will keep it As a souvenir flour flour wish to Call attention to our Brand of Clear Oil flour which we Are Sollino at a o very close margin. We guarantee that no Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Ket. We also sell fresh Graham. Corn meal and buckwheat flour. Call and see us. Geo. W. Gates. Best and most economical heating stove on Earth is the round Oak. For a c v Ioe continued Edwards pocket ing the Cross have you Auy about you i confess i came to Naglit ridiculously Short of change Tho Bishop glowered at him in impotent but Edwards preserved Trilb it Over i to time we meet no m i. Or be for i Lime a chloroformed handkerchief did the and soon Tho old Bishop a is slip Ink soundly on the Fluor of his Edwards Drew a Long Bruit i a. He into the Hall he i Lur in the drawing Tui my he fumbled at Ide combination. His imperturbable four Bills and a couple of dollars in Silver were the result of a search through tha Bishop s clothes. Said Tho guest of the even ing. That All you Nave the Bishop nodded said Edwards with Gravity i fear i will have to ask Yon to Opi a the Safe. I am certain you have banked today s collection yet. a announced it at nearly syn j a tidy the Bishop attempted to r -Po-u.1 the Money belongs Cluni not to a. That my be. But i m borrowing it from the the North i id i r by on your of h to n it to the Church yourself in cae i t to. Time is flying a Pablo to Fevand up thy Elberg Imru crawled Kiwi u and Knees and fumbled at Tho Tion. His hands Shook so Eliut he to Ouid hardly Oyen it virile the . Reich or in hand stood Fujah Linn onco opened it was the work of a moment to Transfer the packages of to the capacious pockets of the vim Tor who politely assisted the Bishop Back to his armchair. Said Edwards i think i am perfectly satisfied. You have behaved beautifully dear Bishop and 1 am do lighted to find that i was perfectly right in relying non your goodness of heart. I have Only two More things to say. That your Sermon this morning was excellent and your dinner this evening s. To that Deal who. We .11 once concluded All Safe. Of o. Re Locking the Library door lie put ill 1 1 eve in hi.-, pocket and walked boldly into the drawing room. "ladit-.-, said he i will bid you night now with Many Thanh Tor your kind hospitality. By the . Thu not wish to be for at least an hour. To is Buty in Rin Library studying some information i have just Given him in Ricard to incr Etc Audi i Tii Autv tvs Woc Stiim Ilapit Hito Bilaal ajl i Wirg to to cure or r c. C c. Arc mire a Lav a s. Soc. T. Irce. And

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