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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 19 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 19, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 15. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa nov. 19, terms a year bargains to close Der of Stock we have in Stock a limited Quantity of John Foster go s Fine shoes and to close them out quickly we have Cut the Price Way below manufacturers Cost. The entire line of and shoes at this Sale Only boots we almost give away. To bet a Jtj we t v6 Al Al a in a societies. Governor Drake has issued a formal a. V. A. M. A v m. Corner Stone Lodge no. 351. Regular communication on or before Tau Moon. Brothers in goodst Widing to attend. Kobb tart Hugget. I m. S. Ii i if Sec. I. O. O. F. Mirble Hock Lodge so 36i. Meels thursday the ulna of Eark week. Cordially invited. Ii. Set. Lodge no. 2111, meets tuesday evening reach week. Visiting Brethren invited. H. It say c. C. K. O r. B. I. L. Of h. 51cetj the 3rd tuesday ii gut in each Mon Lii in add Fellows Hall. L. It Ito Send .a.ns, 1 res. It j. Anklet Liec. Sec. To. K. C. Weeti at the Home of Stewart the 1ft and so thursday of each month at z o Louk p. In. Lbs. K. A. St avast pres. Ans. Pm Vittina Asrari u. A. K. Marble Kock Post o. 308, meets of Lect sni Utlay com. V. B. Coat the adj. In c t u every thursday. My. Tile president. My a. 5t. Mimiac Secretary. Clr Arcirios. At 11 a m. Ami 7-30 p m. Epworth league meeting at prayer meeting thursday a vexing. W. Kob Sjon pastor. Colbi Strax fre Chiue in Flay at 11 i 11 and a m. Christian ende Titer meets at 6-30 p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday nine. . . Pastor. Fake sundays at . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at Baptist. Preaching Eiery 1st sunday in month 11 a. M. And p. In. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. Union school House. M. Services held in tue to. , pastor. City officers. Joseph Wiloth recorder ii b Lionie Naruns treasurer. Jew Martin Street commissioner Jesmore marshal Stroud c dailanc1., win Fletcher ii Rozenk teds a h Meier Chas r Sluggett Union toting hip school Hoard president oco to Russell. Ii b ies treasurer. John directors 1 Nick Standt Harry Packman 8 be p Walstr. 4 Lew Inman. 5 Egbert Davis. 6 Madison Blue 7 Lola Gates 8 Jame 1 Archer Al ceo w 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Rhi Shultz. Scott tour Phlp Ofil cers. Harsh g Baldwin. Volney Beers Coy Jailey v Lii Nuey. W Itter and or. Better. Scott to a Nihls school Hoard. President John Bishop Secretary. George Baldwin treasurer Chines b Memck 1 John Bis cop Brace Ward. A e w Garter 0 e c Spaulding 9 Chas i ver j can Ninghsin 4 John Ahart. B Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Judicial. To. Jinru John c. Shern in. Terms of court -1th monday in january 1st monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Call for the meeting of on january 19, 1s97. The legislature in his Call be Speaks of the necessity for the rebuild ing of the int Itule for the feeble minded at Glenwood which was burned Down last summer. The object of the session however is the codification of the Laws of the state. It would be a great loss to the state to have the work already done on the code lost. Senator Butler late populist nation Al chairman in his paper editorially serves notice in behalf of the people s Vort. T i i Eves of the nation on that if he desires to head the Delorta forces of the people s party in the fish it he must do so under some other mine than the de clares the name has b come a reproach and stench among the people and will not be supported any More now nor hereafter in the Campaign just closed the people s party joined Lorees with the democrats and the democrats flayed the people false we Are done with them now and forever also any Man who seeks to Lead Tho Peop e hereafter under any stand and that May Bear the name or have the Smirch the word Democrat on of the Deu Iund for restoration of the american in the Ocean carry ing Trade is Ahkii Ovit unanimous. All Iii we should conduct this Industry ourselves and so it too is an interest entitled to Protection. When men find themselves out o work says the american economist or with reduced that comforts of life have to be sacrificed when they stand in daily fear of being thrown on Charity As a result of the legislation of a political party they Are not Apt to Vole for the candidates of that party however Many years they May have voted for them in the past. The Hap Pui uss i lieu Idun Hibib aim due Ulii Siuri of their Homes Are More to them than conservative Protection. We already hear says the american economist a great Deal on the subject of conservative Protection the free traders particularly being solicitous that the next Tariff Bill of the Republican part must be what does this mean in our opinion the a Mckinley Tariff of 1890 was extremely conservative of american interests far More so than any other before or since. That is just what All i rinds of Protection require and demand. When the Mckinley Tariff became a Law there was not 1 per cent More Protection Given to any single Industry of the Eoa try than was warranted by economic conditions As they existed at that time to protect american industries and labor. In Many respects economic conditions have changed since 1s90. For instance the wages of american labor have been reduced. U e want them restored to the rate of 1s j2, not lowered to the party allegiance and they vote for the rules of Europe. We want to see our party whose Success Means employment Good wages and Prosperity. It is this fret that rolled up such a big majority for the party of Protection and pros Pelity. Fyr the first time in the history of the United states a woman will be a member of the electoral College for a president of the United states. This woman is mrs. Sarah Maloy of Che Gene Wyoming. She was requested to run on the Republican ticket and accepted after some hesitation. Indeed the Honor was thrust upon her. When mrs. Malloy was nominated her bus band frowned and she told him she would do exactly As he bade her or. Malloy invade some inquiries and found that his wife would not be called upon to to Campaign work Gnu so her his Ner Mission. Woman suffrage has received a tremendous blow in California. Noted for Ita gallantry and Mills prosperous not bankrupt. We want to stimulate the Industry of the manufacturer not the Deli sciatic Industry of the sheriff. We want to take our own goods for our own con sumption not to buy them abroad. We want to employ american labor not foreign Tabor. We want to circulate wages Here not in Europe. This is our idea of Protection that will be conservative of american interests. The Republican Congress can be safely instructed with the duty of pass a conservative Tariff will protect protects the the Treasury wage earner. Inc that while it specific rates of duty will lend much to do this but the specific rates must be aide High enough. Since 1890, Many new economic conditions have con fronted us. The Competition of tiie Orient has to be met. India alone employs hands working on her Collon spindles. Japan and China Are also Active in the manufacturing Cotton Fields. Among the first to feel the need of Protection Conser Dwoinen of the country looked to Tho Golden state to Star the new Ora of native their interests be the Board of logins Lane. Chair Man Phillip san Ltd Timothy pippin h. S. Chichi Ler j. C. Merrill Charlet City Ali role Rock stockford been Len Meetins monday in january. And r and and monday in and county officers. Auditor to Reurer. Clerk of the Courti. Recorder superintendent Surveyor Cosett attorney Coroner a engr Ila Ford m. Carr 11. Merriman w. H. Ailis j Frank c. W. Knickerbocker female suffrage. The question was submitted it the election on tue8 Day and this Broad minded Golden state the offer of lame held out by the women suffragists. For the amendment providing for Universal suffrage in the state Voes were cast. This urge number of ballots was a sign of Success but it was crushed annihilated snowed under by votes against it. Two lives saved. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City ill., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no Hope for her but two of or. King s new discovery cured her and she says it saved her life. I Thos. Washington letter. 1 i i j. 0. A 1 v i v j. 1 t. T to i 1 1 l ply cheap want Good cloth l l i Washington is of 1890. J whet ii the republicans will de Wilc j to to put the Dinghy emergency Tariff Bill Wlinich was passed by the j House at the last session of Congress. Through the Senate at the comin is j of trashy Clotho they do not want Sim Sion or will wait tic Congress meets and then pass a general Tariff Bill is a question vet to be decided and circumstances will probably j the decision if the republicans Are to j control the sen be alter the 4th of March the chances would be Ajr inst the passim of the Uin Alev Bill at the r n j coming session As that Bill i Only in j tended to be in effect two years from the Date it becomes a Law ind while i ing at Low prices. Our Good clothing and Low prices Are sure to please. N is an excellent emergency measure and would serve the purpose for which it was the Revenue of the government up to its expend it is not what most would desire As a permanent Law. Ii the republicans me not to control the men s Black frieze Ulster extra v Luric Cunt High Coli 1, Lap scums trimming Tine Senate after the 4th of match it is probable that the Dingley Bill will be i pushed As whatever else there May be done it is absolutely necessary that the Revenue of the country be one of the certainties of the near future is that no Bonds will be issued by the Mckinley administration the opposition Are doing More worry ins Over tin probable make up of presi Dent Mckinley s Cabinet than the re publicans Are. Republicans know that major Memley s wide experience in t ingress and his extensive Ance with members of the party in All sections of the country make it Well nigh impossible Lor him to make any mistakes in selecting his Cabinet consequently they Are perfectly satisfied with the Outlook and there is no doubt that with the that Fine Kersey overcoats wide Elvet collars perfect they will be equally Well satisfied the Cabinet when it is announced party has so Many available men american Cotton manufacturers despite the fact that they were fairly Well protected by tie Gorman Tariff. We merely cite this instance for the purpose of directing the thought of protectionists to what constitutes conservative Protection a Tariff that major Mckinley s greatest difficulty will be to decide which of them he shall Honor with Cabinet portfolios men u us Viii Mui Tel Xijiu me week say that he has As yet Given the Matte no serious consideration. There is plenty of time to decide upon the personnel of his administration Lieut. Gov. Worst of North Dakota who i also president of the agricultural College at Fargo was in Washington this week to attend the meeting of he National association of Ameri can agricultural colleges and Experiment stations. He says the Republican majority in his state was about above expectations speaking of tie meeting of the Legisla Ture in january nest to elect a Suc Cessor to senator harsh rough. Or worst said that the senator s re Elco Titi would be antagonized although no other avowed candidate is yet in the yield and that he would not attempt to aay whether or. Hansbrough would succeed himself but was absolutely cer Tain that the Man elected to the Senate will be a Republican. The Absurdity of the gossip alleging that a Gold Democrat would be invited to become a member of president elect Mckinley s Cabinet has become soap Parent that it has been the gos sippers have conc Down to the com Mon sense and probable basis of saying that several Gold democrats of prone w a Ivcic Audi air o j r malic positions under the coming r publican that will be All right and no in publican will raise any objections to the bestowing of such honors in payment for the work and fitting All coat. 8.50 10.00 Duck Coats in Black and to extra Fine Kersey dress overcoats in Bine Ami j5.00 toys overcoats Cap. Coats Ami ,s2.oo 3-50 a line line Xcvi suits latest styles nil Wool and very 7.50 10.00 12.00 remember we sell mittens cheaper than any firm in the county. One Price clothing House. O of their knowledge that behind it was a possible army of of the Best a gating men the world Ever saw it is far better to have obtained it recognition through the peaceable Chan Nels of diplomacy than to the Cannon s Routh. The 5th Maryland nation Al has the Honor of the first organization to apply for and secure quarters in Washington for the of president Mukin Lej. They will be Juar tried in the oily Hall. Senator of the popu list National Cost Willce continues to nag the democrats by Means of news paper interviews he either thinks or pretends to think int the populist.-, will absorb All the Silver democrats Belore another National Campaign is opened in his latest interview he jays the Deru of raise party is i ing or Todd than it will be at the opening of the next Cam and that the people s party will continue to grow bigger every while pfc does t say so there is no doubt that he regards himself As the biggest populist in the whole puddle. Weak men made vigorous railway. Fails to protect even by one per cent totes of the Gold democrats but a place is not conservative it is not a question of percentages. It is a ques Tion of Protection. And Protection to be Protection must be conservative of the Best interests of american labor and industries. People St san Francisco suffered dreadful cold approaching town help Foll clip. Of the f. P Wulster. S ii Conj Isles Chsrles t Rei k e Florida from a consumption tried without result every thing else then bought one bottle of King s new discovery and in two eks was cured he is naturally thankful. It is such results of which these Are is thai prove the wonderful Efficacy of this Medicine in coughs colds free trial bottles after co s sizes 50c and

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