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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa1 i 23 no. I5. Marble Kook Floyd county. Iowa. Nov. 18, 1897. Terms a year we think prices we invite you to Call and see Towner received a majority All the votes cast is Lisa by declared elected to the office the Sot i our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to the office county treasurer there Neie three id fifteen 2 re w. L. Nelson. Year. To Call your attention to the fact that none the above stoves Are Back numbers or old Belv my ninety nine vvte.-. H p Ion eel direct draft stoves but All Are closely fitted Ana Careiul-1 received majority by mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Nickle jail the votes is hereby declared any stove in the Market we have clone Tway m Ith the to the Offlee co tre i surer we cast which cd urls handled fire Al. We to be judges Tovo a it term Jwo commencing michael9 revived on two. Hare handled All the leading stoves in the Market and Are thoroughly acquainted with their merits and As we have Iliad the world to select from we think we have just what our a Slomers want. Call and see us before you buy aforesaid for the unexpired term ending 1st, 1899. For the office Consuele pleas j or 3rcre tots shop 1c 511 there were eighty two 82, rotes cast which t. A. Oliver received cig la two. 82, votes t. A. Baring received All the rotes Cist it hereby declared elected to the office aforesaid Lor the unexpired term ending Jan. 1st, 1899. For the office Justice the Ludd township to fill vacancy there were four Hundred thirty one 1st, january 1 Joo. For the office sheriff to fill vacancy there were two thousand one Hun dred Twenty four 2124 votes 102, votes Ernest b. Alcott received ninety 97, Morrison received one Hundred fifteen. 115, votes. G. W. Brundige received one Hundred seventeen 117, John a. A. M. Stone Lodge so. 251. Itrat tier communication on or before Moon. Vlot Lii Brothers in to attend. Robbert w. Ii. J. A bit ii Sec. Proceedings the Board supervisors. November session 1897. I o. O. F. Virble Itoch Lodge in meals Ali insula Joe Iuta Imi Tod. Etiopi v x u. , Sec. . Jet lir . No meet eve Miu each Brethren muted. W k c 0 a . J. u. I a Silny m ecu in jul Rullon shall. K. I. Anklet Liec. Sue. M. Al Vyrble Hock Camp no hair Nln Nul Tui fourth i Tutulu each Mouth at old Kellogg Vitting in Good Tania Art Cunt Iulla muted to attend. 11 v c ii Click in. K c. Board met in supervisors room in court House Al Charles Cly nov Sih 18u7, at 12 o clock 51. Members present chairman line supervisors 1 men ill Chichester pippin i w d Linda Ian county auditor. Board proceeded As county Board canvassers to open Lel urns and canvass the Vole county Iowa at the generl election held on the second Day november 1s97, As follows for the Osice governor there were three thousand five Hundred eighty one which John Parker received two j Morrison and q. having received the highest and next highest number votes Are hereby declared elected to the office aforesaid for the unexpired term ending Jan 1st, 1899. For the office Constable Budd township to fill Rackocy. There were i three Hundred 315. Rotes Cist j which h. B Clay received ninety seven 97, vote Patterson received one Hundred eighteen 118. Votes James Patterson having received the highest number rotes u hereby declared elected to the office aforesaid for the unexpired term ending Jan. 1st, 1899. I thousand one Hundred seventeen i 2117 votes b. received seven 7 vote John i a racer i having received a majority All j the votes cast is hereby declared elected j to the office sheriff to fill vacancy j for the term expire or Janusy isl. For the filiac sheriff for the Lull term there were cast three thousand 301g Voles cast nets at the hoi in file Imd fitly one Ach Mouth at. O clock o. In. I i 1 no. It Tki Siuty e . Christina Asi ii Bee. I. A. K. Marble Rock Post. To. 308, drat Sut Idaj c. T. Acyl y Coin. Tcath Moath. To. B. Ciuhthi.i., or c t u every t to i Els 1 re Tdel. Mks. A. 31. Alt Knur Secretary. Church my hop St it 11 a in and t 80 a m. Hepworth l Easue Raee Tius at . Praser Kiu Tiu Tours Msj o Cains Iton Indcox i . Cut Titan Proa Cliine Sunun Ai in m . Christian la Denver meets at sip m. Prayer Lune Day my ,1. Will i 11 . Tad 7.311 m. I Rajer meeting evening c. U Kin pastor. Preaching every 1st sunday in eau Iio nth 11 a. M. And p. M. Budny Eui ool v err Sun Luy at 10 n Ini ii school House. schools there were three Voles East which Leslie 31. Thousand five Hundred Twenty received one Iliou sind nine Hundred Jas is cast which Martin i 1971 votes e White received two thousand a Utility three j received one thou and Lour Hundred 20s3 vote.-, l i. Sunder Sci received i fitly one Charles a j one thousand four a undid forty five in ceded Nineteen 19 votes u45 votes j i Minn Havior received lie largest cumhur votes 13 hereby declared elected to the office super indent school for the term commencing Jan 1st, to Jan 1st, 1900 for the office shop suor Liere Weie three four Hundred seven 34s7 Voles s Chichester received two Trio Island four Tolu Votrie Murray i Tobery received one thousand four Hundred Twenty three it 23 Voles r s having received Liisi i St Nui Libei Ufuti s is elected to the office Supor Tsor Fri the Teim three be irs five Hundred which a John Parker received two thousand one Hundred four 2104 votes b. F. Durkee Rece Ved one thousand four Hundred twelve votes John Fark or having re j for the office Justice the peace Cei Ved the largest number votes Lor i Scott township to Gil vacancy there the office sheriff Lor the Lull term i were one Hundred Twenty three 123, hereby declared elected to office votes cast which s Hanchett received 71, votes j. W. Jeffrey received filch two 52, 5. Hanchett having received the highest number votes hereby Lor he Lenn coun Encino to january 1st, 1 Juo for the Oftie county 1111 iry 1st, superin so vices hold in the ii. , pastor. Or. Lle Corder treasurer. Street commissioner City Lauern. 1. E , ii b Kojen Krans j Martin so ii councilmen a c . Alster h. Weber k Lionet e. I. Colon Sci tool Gourd president e. P. Wulster rec Rita j h b Kies Tea Sufar John disc toys Nickstadt Harry e p Leinman Egbert d Madison Blue 7 John Gates. I James i Arllier j Miles Olike Umu. 10 .1.t 11 a Iliew Gates. Scott town help John schermerhorn. . Sout George Reed Bike town de Rowell Gar Jer w w Witler. A Lief Mars i in Scott township school Hoard. Fret Dent e. To. Worber. Tit Reury. George n Baldwin Chance t Memck Dikel Una 1 Joun Bishop o fitter. E is on her b e u up minding. 3 Matsund 7 j Cunningham 4 John 8 j Jeffrey 9 John Losee. John us Birgett received Twenty five vnie.-, Samuel help received one bundled Fique Llo votes. For the office lieutenant Gover nor there were three thousand five Hundred Twenty Joo votes cast which j. C. Milli Iuan received one thousand nine Hundred ninety nine Voles . Plus Urier received one thousand three Hundred ninth four 1 it 1 _ n uit.3. Or for the office senator the 44th District there were three thousand four Hundred eighty Lour 34s4 votes j cast which Woi b Ferrin deceived two thousand fifty four 2054 votes. S m. Jim Tehell received one thousand j Lour Hundred and thirty 1430 Voles Board sep Rvl Sor i Mains , Shultz pippin ii s. Chichester . Merrill meet Ned 1st received inc highest number votes is he Rev declared elected to the office j Uslice he peace St. Charles township Lor the unexpired term ending Jan. Isifc99. For the office Juji ice the peace i flood township to fill vacancy. Tor the office representative j there Werp Foo Lwen the both list not there were West la a Jeanie t thousand five Hundred six Owoc cast which Wai. B. Towner one Hundred seventy in Jannay . June and september 2nd monday in Moo thousand nine Hundred i received event six c. C u v u i g. Voles. L. Balt la having re Fil y five 19oo votes b b Emht Celic he number Fly received one thousand five Hundred shy one 1551 votes. B Lioi Eby declared elected to the sheriff an Fullor trja5s7i.r. the recorder. County Beers. I household Gons ancient to May be greek believed that the senates were dared elected to the office aforesaid Tor the unexpired term ending Jan. Lit. 1s99. For the office Constable Scott township to fill vacancy there were two bundred forty five 245, votes cast which e e Dill received seventy to votes Clyde Crowell received 71 seventy one votes Emery Riddle received tidy two 52 votes Albert Gates received fifty two 52 votes Clyde a Rowlland e. E. Dill having the highest and next highest number votes Are declared elected to the office aforesaid for the unexpired term ending Jan. 1st, 1899. For the office Justice the Niles township to fill vacancy there were too Hundred seventy six 176, votes cast which w. H. Freebury seventy nine 79 notes. David Staebler received ninety seven 07 vote David Staebler having received the Hij rhe to number votes is hereby declared elected to the office Formi or the unexpired term ending Jan 1st, 1399. For the office Constable for Niles township to fill vacancy there were three Hundred forty nine 349 voits cast which Gustav Miller rec Ltd is veiny four 74 votes Fred Hobard received seventy five 75 votes and Herman regal received one Hundred votes Herman regal and bred Hobard having received the highest and next highest numbers votes Are declared elected o Tho office aforesaid for the unexpired term ending Jan 1s99. The jury lists re turned by the seve ral election boards were completed and declared the jury lists for the ensuing year. The Board having completed canvass the election return the proper certificates the Vole for Stati officers were duly signed and lha auditor authorized to Issue certificate election to the several county herein declared elected. On motion the i offi Cio Board county canvassers adjourned sine die. Signed l. Lane. Chairman. R s clinic to steel Tim pippin Phil Sii ult j. C. Merrill attest w. D. Lix Damas auditor. On motion he Board adjourned ill 0 o clock to Morrow the slav a m . Board met 9 o clock members minutes yesterday read and on motion they were approved. Permanent school Keport. Nov. 1st, 1s97 s to the lion. Board office Floyd county herewith submit the following report relative to the Perrot flour flour. We wish to Call attention to our Brand Clear Oil flour which we Are Selling at a very close margin. We guarantee that no Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Ket we also sell fresh Graham com mean and buckwheat flour. Call and see us. Geo. W. Gates. Best and most economical heating stove o on Earth is the round Oak. For Sale by Joe Wiloth. V. a tool . 1 it .1. W i Worth something to know that the very the who to the welfare nent school fund Tice sept. 1st, w. N i Best Medicine for off Torini the tired j Narf ,.f the i Only they Iny St to the 3 i out nervous sys Teai 10 a healthy vigor Wero As household sods in As county Coroner Floc i Klec Rio bitters. This inca Cine the Sinovoi today. Alio Ircne j purely vegetable acts by giving tone to kind s new disc very for Ker the nerve centres in the stomach gently j com Impton. Com is. C lds and for All j stimulates the liver and and j affections o Throat and lungs i aids these organs in throwing off Iro j jts invaluable it hi.-, been tried Lor i to Ticco the p Davis i purities in the blood. Electric bitters a a Century and 15 Umaran i improves the aids . To j 10 Oure or Money a. Noj and is pronounced by those who have j should be without this Nood j Wal h. Wanted an tried it As the very Best blood purifier it is pliant 10 take aim a i tool on hand at last report in re port s Dick to 50 Mcnabney to had at this Date. 46 at it mortgage notes on had. 00 am t for which co. Indebted to state 46 the Loans g. 8. Dick and Jos Mcnabney Are paid in full and the mortgages have been satisfied by respectfully submitted w. D. Linda Mas co. Auditor. Auditor s report fees collected. Nov. 1st, 1s97. To the Bun Board supervisors Floyd co herewith submit my report fees collected since sept. 1st, the Date my last report to this Date in the sum 2b. submitted. W. D. , auditor. Continued on last Page. H d. Mussman do Alt in live Stock. Marble Rock Iowa. Highest Market prices paid. Get my prices on hours and cattle before you Illinois Central . New announcements wanted an in the pc tent and nerve tonic. Try it. Sold Coti for their or 81 00 per bottle Al a. J to ,0 take Ana a for 50c i and sure remedy for Voun old tool total s Ding store. Asper j t ree trial bottles at Asper co s j Roade and sub size 6uc and 00. Melted 40000 worn out do you come to the close Theda thoroughly exhausted does this continue Day , possibly week after week perhaps you Are Cren too exhausted to sleep. Then some thing is wrong. All these things indicate that you Are from nervous exhaustion. Your nerves need feeding and blood enriching. Scott s emulsion go win Oft who hypo phosphates Lime and soda contains just the remedies to meet these wants. The cod Tyrer Oil Gem the needed strength enriches the Wood feeds the nerves and the by Gire them tone and jrjt9f. Be sure you fat Shotts a Suwon. Ai in got Yak . Scott it bowmen a Mhz new York. Ca Lif 0 r Nia new Orleans. Pullman Buffet Sleeper every nod night from cd Intro next id with the Southern Sunset for los angles end san Francisco. Pullman tourist Sleeper every wednesday through with out Chi age from Chicago to san tickets and full information concern ing All the above can the Cen Trail route and a. Ii. Than l pas8.agr.chic-.-o i i Percheron stallion St. Charles. Description. A St Iron Gray tried july sired by Bataille no j he by revoke no. Be by Deuce n u. 1s4g. He by French Monarch no 734. Dame no 36 21, she by no. 11230. He by i my to. 404, he by deceive no. Be by Coco no. 712. We hereby certify that the above Pedigree it True and Correct. . u St. Birlea will the Faasoo at farm two Novi Marble Rock terms for single i per Iran with usual 40 Dinky Orrl

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