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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1886, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1886, Marble Rock, Iowa13 week the kill to it Ciruli . Lie l i us us m 11 to uti i i of one i writ Dino at allowed 10 t a Jot ski Pilc cup to. In Allied a dress Hood salaried in to Vii Al i Loff try general agents want i Iff i ail 4 Rte rtt top to vol. 12. Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa noye31ker is 1330. S Staple and fancy a w Maeble Rock weekly decided commence to sell my entire Large Stock of dry Good notions Cloas shawls under flannels gloves mittens hats Caps carpets Oil cloths boots and shoes and All rubber goods without Reserve it closing prices. Srok is a Early All new Ilesi Cible goods. 3 need to inks Jirm comfortable for Winter. Is a f to continue until All Are sold. Terms Cash on b. P. Cheney Charles City. Us. office tin new St. L a lading and Fra Grint pc run be i note if an Sccott. Ous a i o i if. Shiloh i will re ivc we Opiol and Orchitis. Ill us for liver complaint you have i i in Ted a guarantee on every Ith to. Bull vitalize. It never City Little to cure. A a i injector free with each bottle of Shioli Carrh Uon Iedy i Nai 30 a. J. to a to. Visnu. .1. Ilehr ill Jyh c v tire Nuftul Tuitui a Ronio i Hesion v in r astern and store Central Texas. The j a Hen Nee Jin Liber Lull Mich tinier a con is. Kens fays Orr coals Woolen Cotton find m mrs Seiw gloves hint Mit fits Mil. Fens Lints Tipa. Rein lib Leiis suits no dress Artel work suit a jackets in Mcl Iorizi. Frnakie Ohio july 1-th, she Cane to this Katie with her in her shool Lite was spent in Fayette she became a resident of Marble lock in Ibby. On her Sevcu Nib birthday i she married to k a. She Otei uber Lind Al though much of a Home keeper her ability As a Tutsi i in brought Hei be fore the people and her Wilh ail that is and ennobling nude Lor her Tunny Maruf Fri ids. The been inc a Christian in from that Titiye her i e in Christ s e he i was a member of the c. 1. Of. C. To Tail i of her work in the course was done with the conscientious exactness that marked every detail of her life. She f. Her children the richest legacy n m. Craft acc is Reshmi Tel those thus bereft can Tuuifo to completion. A Haft in let school 35 to Ranii flax seed 70 in , w to jots by Oats 19 to -21 be nth. Timothy seed . Corn to 2j a Lotfi. Go 15. K 4gs, 13 cents per Down Creati -0 cents per Inch. to Usu it have some . Forget it. Temco will be held in the m. K a Huron wit St tar a rening. Tim baud of Hope will next midday to the m. K. Church. Cone in Aud Settle up your a coals. 11. C. Belle will teach the Winter Tern of school in the Vadd Fulord District. Natlia Towel cd has gone to Ohio on a two or three months task to old us it is flu Jiru things sex presi Dent Arthur. To the Vort not. Is died it Hii r u 5 a coct. Tint Iii trn mrs j. u in Cedar Krauk Horn is Viii tide and relatives Iti la Pitois mrs or. Waller 1ms returned lick Wisconsin trip. From i by of a Christian Ralph Wager Job Jewell Uay its Job Jon Allen i Dora and Henry Schoppe life Pray pm Sam sours jr., has la Oscil into the i 8il Dakota advocate. Lura was Unco Wallace souk. L. C. Hawn has beco under tha physicians care the past week or two. Laugh Kamsay has been at work for or. Waller at Plymouth the past week. Mrs height shoe returned from her trip to Missouri. Kansas and Nebraska. Miss Emma her sister mrs. Last tuesday. A Robtson accompanied Long to i url Casburg i Corgi sold to Huguen Oaks eight hogs Tho average weight of which was 1u9 pounds. Comrade s. S. Boon of place Baa been appointed 00 tic staff of commander in Fairchild a. A. K. Boru in Marble Hock. Lura the year old daughter of int. And mrs. Gates died yesterday of malarial firer. Had see sued at regular of Marble j Hock Tieru will Utah election to office a or the ensuing year. All comrades should be of hand. Order of commander. Fred Larch off the Cook Lig Lulu indisposed for a couple of weeks i5 ote St e p Walster s hardware store but the fever nothing serious until monday evening. The funeral will Oiler us tic House at 2 o clock to Morrow the burial place 60 font Uorn Baa to it Tulua ing Forest Gilill cemetery. Little Lura a Sud. Court re and Angl cd in no. On november Isth. The Twenty ears of Corn that won the prize weighed Orer 20 pounds. Is a Dight winsome Aud the parents Are bowed Down with grief or their loss. All the Aslaug Euleut that Cau come from a sympathetic Cote i Unity has been tendered the family and the Community Senius fully to ext cud its the receipt of the usual prospectus Annj us of this Tho Best of All lady or. And mrs House have icon Neil to their Home in Kansas. Mrs. Gaol son Mother of accompanied cwt it has Dpi aused All it competitors in securing Lor the literary corps two such stars As miss Rosc Beth Cleveland our 1 resident s sin and the Best known of All fashion writers Jean june article. Cont Scace in the Jai imry no Tebei let old wine god Chi s seems 10 grow i Tiei Wilh age and we Hope our lady in will show their appreciation of Canior prise by bending their Only of Jim yearly fur our old am Noh. 1 1 John of Auielo for the deceased Hab Eue Uleu u them. All ladies desiring to have dress making done will find it profitable to Call on Mas. Hehiy Tsiboe Marble Kock la. The ladies of the m. E. Church will give an egg social Friday evening november Aith 1ssg, to be held in the Church. Supper will be served in the old new England style promptly from to nine o clock. We Trust that everybody will feel interested and come out and help in Tho Good work. To the As How i Hau not dts Orocu your for the past four weeks would appear und the suits of 11. Love Vij. The As i no pc upon Jour curiae a i of a Nijiu wraith ind Ine Ileith of Louie i sni Iii ii. A Loti should be and not heard. But with drawn Cirri in Mizov re seeing a i am a women 1 cannot keep mvt.5 and a life title to the still. Three weeks ago last lots in Marble Kock and Alicr Lier morning we arrived in Princeton a. J Vujih property will to her and after a very warm Rece non from i f he of our friends our party left in the meter j was a Nie Stop for All enl Noen for it. Mariah Over whose Ellills r we could View the Muddy old grand Tho Radii they Mcc Iii of the w c liver rivalling if possible the t il.1 Mudd surface. Three Miles East of this place lies the farm of our Uncle or. J. Webb who visited Marble lock i four weeks Tizoc and through doming one of the fir ours got Ting for the of Llo acres of Laid in Butler county. Milling wheat for which 1 will pay Foo to 70 cents per Bushel delivered at the Mill 14 Jotis Mcdunnell. Corgo w was Oie of the late Petit jurors during the session of the District court Aud managed to avoid hitting on a single Casu during he two week s Atte Iunce. If climbing find our Cit think of it the Council of the town of Marble Kock will Ulii in regular session to Morrow u hat Beroun of tic ordinance Iron Crnin tics .111 1 Cuit Literl election in the town of ride i Icv tin election 1 be ii Ltd into Hiil i a Iii de to to Ilu Tii 4 fair b i jew to u i c jus i c the in Trici i ourt of i Atli a co Albu United Lur one week Oil Ai Louill of i ,-i.uoe us to Kudzu k did Aii orm a am Stert it a in her Harper of the m. K. Church at Jock Larj us a Call butter daily for the oust in Oualls u. C. Koj sox. And Una found a usim Sivc. I tit i now is the time to buy your Winter Supply of Coal. The following Are a reasons summer mined Coal is much better than thru mined in Winter As there is no Rush for Coal m summer. You will find your Coal in Large pieces and no dust or dirt it is new free from j slate and Stone. You can take such Ceai As w Pound of faulted you wish and Are not forced on account of cola to take such As is for Sale. The roads judge Suddick pc haul it Home an i t3 pay a Fine of 5-iou and closed to Tot out of Coa in a As Lias of Case. Try and buy your Kusky 01 i Early and see How pleasant it is to think Blun itch storms come that my bin is Hill of and i can stay at Home and let her Call and Sec our Coal. We shall Kudd Icik tins morning Seu Teu eed to Gcorge Stager to Flou Fine and costs and ordered the building of Leo. Larnhart where the Olf Euce was com unit cd closed Lor one year and fixture to be and sold by the sheriff. It looks As though the prohibition shall mean prohibition also in this District. Supervisors in Guion township elected for the ensuing Terui. Hist. O. Heroes dist. No. Stoudt dist. No. Hilliman dist. No. Wagnor no. K. Shaffer dist. No. Ficher no. Ii. Cd Lindor. We ate informed that our of Friend George w. Liars test has taken unto a Rife we also that by Tho death of his wife s lather which occurred about a month after their marriage tier fell heir to about 400 acres of California real estate. We extend to George and his wife the Well Vii sea of a Tauy old friends id this Vicin Ity Anil Altof their a the us their relative. The in the Bellows murder Case to party and evil Lull tie Bod Micro re tiie did truce up the it it in the Trust an Medicine give it a Larul Filieau a ii aug Iii the exercises Scro interesting 6 motive. These me Tiunis arc i l i in of. He us Nijer Arr it at the for Bina whose i oar social gathering and pro-11.to.i.ted. And threaten in the live enjoy this Joncy. To my ital i of m when taken not t Paradise. Property ii on the do sound Temperance principles Ito elm., and very Many Good and Blo my Dua of the Are leaving in Borders for Iowa j a severe Snow storm set id tuesday and sunny when j Forenoon and continued until wednes j be we wok the for Kansas City and i morning. All Day wednesday it i also the Santa fee for Central , 3nowcd and rained. Tuesday the we found silting Ani oust Ono of j Pas Woger trains were delayed four to eau Boa. T iia oar rat Boura Auu Raj to by Ruu with two visit to Kansas we must say to were in Sites. Altos Clair old Winter made happily disappointed in Many aspects. Crops arc Lair Corn considered very Good and Sells at -5 cents per Bushel. new and Lively towns Are Spring Ini up the new lines of Railroad and look very prosperous. Of when Yeu travel from Topeka to South Ern and Western and not eoe enough Timber to Cook dinner with on i a hoi summer Day and then think at the winds howling Over Plain Cut a jut we pay Farewell Kansas and give to the big Entrance in a bold manner. Miller will sell at unction at the Miler 1 Aruj Miles Curth of Marble Jock on saturday i Tomber i -2dih at 10 o clock a. A j Busick of Corn 1 three year old i Man Mare. Is head of St cry two and m i four years old. 17 Milch bows 6 two j up where the deed was Coqui Itice he threatened to take his own life and told the marshal it ii wife was not sent for he would end in i teen Minuter. His t knife was take from him his handkerchief it thorough search failing to disclose a weapon of any kind to Wae left alone a the lock up. The marshal Back aider Abuit Twenty min of id lie to in Nide in to i third which he l torn in strips to acini plus his Pur pose. One end i to Tiff bars across tie window and the when diam red ears old hollers. 4 car Ings 1 Vitta inc a dead. An in evening before we justic held c Auti Lul rolling pair ii of Nebraska Oldenburg will kill at Public we which have Here and there a knot of Tion at his far u 6 Utilee oui West Timber and Beautiful of j Marble Kock on tuesday november _ water and on a who Thoj in if age s cows. 15 stoats. i Chan and 15 Tow of Bay Flo chickens pc. J tout Tif asm to Hij death Tornton thru. A wort . Is fwd fat Hida ao4 of few m Eide Rock Fine working Cliitis Woolen Overall Iris or in Hie clothing line calf diff it Cash i v f i it. Oore r cd Iowa. Burn Bull in i i Rex us Bead of Shufu Jid almost the floor the marshal broke the inn ii Monel i r. Tunney who Kier a careful to Amiga of proof danced the testimony of at Romolu of Tho the Little cite of Omaha who growth in very rapid. At its hut ecu it but claimed i. Macy of the Streeta Are very Tine far Abib a tweet of which by brother it. J. Willum reside h Side red very toilet in length Aad for five Meta. We acted Here Lart Friday to vexing Jat a time to a Fine Brick Structure just reaching , by file. Gam u Jet iwo the people. Lie pm Cher la a miming kick awl it if crowded to overflowing every night. Wedge Tiit Tea if oar party huh if fat mr4 c b. Ii. Tort pc tact by to r in the i Terv of Lloyd county if. K Husser c. Lierz s itr.ihuu.1, o. H lion adage 1 j. Leno it u 11. Uny Ory o Linda nun ,1. K. Waller t. C 1 Ferwn. J. Tri a f. T. 1-Wilt, a. J. U Oldbury. Vrh j lock u. A. K will Harild m open at the map list cfilirc1 on fit inlay evening Ijar is i when the following j r i Nimnie be out. Artillery in tile w. Land. S. Boone. Christian and sanitary commissions t. Acyl cd. W. Boon. S. Thompson. Pc caution or Buckton. I Rand army of tie Goodmiller. Also plenty of music. All Are Cor invited to attend and have Good True free of West. By command of c t. A Klov. Cioni milk i at Jutin Nice car of buckwheat flour just arrived at i. M. Urmia p Ranee will ate doctor s and a of unfit a trial will j jul of it is to actively by All att dealers a Tho Hud. A cig 75 urge two tort. Examine our and trouble to show we Are always pleased to see you. Ausiva Bent Salve in Wuu Ivi cd of or clipped hands and .11 skit of Aptos pm Telf Corej piles Raj to u in Gamb Mcd to Girt my act we Titti. To Nam did. Pine 2a per Tot. Pumps kinds carried in Stock and sold at Bottom prices. E. P. Wulster. J
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