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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 12 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 12, 1896, Marble Rock, Iowa22 no. 14. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa nov. Terms a bargains to close Der of Stock we have in Stock a limited Quantity of John Foster go s Fine shoes and to close them out quickly we have Cut the Price Way below manufacturers Cost. The entire line of 84.50 and shoes at this Sale Only boots we almost give away. Geo. W. Gates. Neigh Borin eur tenant was Here visiting j ing planter and his 1 reptiles Liis Only attendant was an j Sarn it honest English Sailor lad about sixteen and the Aemon of the great of these two against All warning went roaming around that forests without a guide. In chorus. Tho ruined City the found a Rich Harvest and killed a magnificent Black j guar but an adventure with a Snake ended his sport one Day he and the boy were societies. A f. A. M. A k. A a. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular Wurn Erduy on or before full Moon. I Ritang Brothers in goods Tundag to attend. Libbert Ilu get. W. M. S. Ii Davis Bee. I o. O. F. Hock Lodge 3b3. Meets thursday of Earli week. Cordially invited. .11 or it u. A. 11. K. Or a Beelar Lodge so. 2111, meets Tiiu Sdiey ecu Iii 1 f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. 11. K.vm3ay c. C. Walt Davis k. Of r. Be. I. L. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth m cd Fellon shall. L. A. , res. K. J. Ackley Kec. Sec. Meets at the borne of mrs. Stewart the 1st and a thursday of each month at 2 o clock p. M. Clits. A a Stiwalt 1 res. Lbs. Chi Tisa Aspek. T. Marble Hock Post to o. 30s, meets first staid etch month. C. T. com. W. B. Cili Billie allot. C t i meet Ever thursday. Tiger sits a. M. Webb Ian Secretary. According to the latest reports the republicans Cam a United states sen Ator in new York Indiana Kentucky and Wisconsin. This will retire three of the strongest democrats in the sen ate namely Hill Vorhees and Silas governor Drake advocates the insurance of All stack building5. Must differ from the governor on this Point. The insurance Money that would have to he paid annually will much More than indemnity the state for any she May sustain fire. Loss Gustav Erickson of Sioux City went to the Penitentiary to please his wife. He was alleged to have married in Omaha several years ago to have deserted his Wile alter a time and coming to Sioux City to have remarried with out having previously secured a divorce Iron is o. 1. He entered a plea of guilty to the charge of bigamy and was sentenced to nine months imprison Calm ratios. Our country s voters was not Only an in j do sement of the Republican and its policy As expressed its plat orm j of and candidates but a stinging rebuke Lor the men sought 10 into Power appealing to the worst ele ments in human nature proposing Lothi g. Tell do hot Wollt _ j ply cheap they want Good cloth at Low prices. Under one of die Long archways of the j to repeal the moral Law to tarnish and Temple and. Looking through the doorway of one of the dark Chambers saw something yellow in the far Corner without a moments thought he entered and gave the a Punolia with his Cane. A tremendous his. That fairly Shook the Walls wus followed an As Scult swill As the leap of a Tiger and to o garble the Constitution of our which has served the country through every crisis and to replace old glory with the red Fli of anarchy. It was a rebuke which should serve to prevent such men As Altgeld the anarchist Tillman the socialist blackguard. Webs j i i the revolutionist find Bryan the Inex clothing and Low prices Are sure to please. The nun found himself seized a huge Peri need theorist Ever again succeed Dari Snake the most Essie and ing in dominating a National Conven of our Constrictor i left shoulder was crushed in the brute s Teeth and Quick As Flash a Coil was around his body and he Felt the steel like compression. But the grit of the boy saved his master s life he had a heavy Sharp Wood knife and a struck the reptile two heavy blows just Back of the head the most vulnerable pert of its body because the thinnest. Its Backbone was divided the Coil relaxed but the powerful Tail lashed out breaking the boy s leg it was two hours before they were found and brought up in a cart. The lieutenant s left shoulder was crushed beyond surgery and the was useless. Both master and boy recovered alter a spell of fever i saw the Snake a hideous object Black and yellow and fifteen feet Long such a brute would crush a horse. Gunning one Day near the Wasli River in the Interior of the Island 1 watched a nut uber of wild bogs coming to the water to drink. Suddenly the head of a Snake Rose above the grass and a hos squealed. A Reython had seized a till grown one easily three feet High at the shoulder and thrown two coils around the body. Under the Tion of nov politic it Norfy f a notice to the wot id that the am ii can people can always counted upon to oppose dishonesty matter How enticing a garb it May present itself in. Republicans do not forget to give ample credit to tins men. Who their Superb management of the Campaign enabled them to win such a great Triumph. Or. Hanna a new than in National politics Lut one who watched the Able manner in which he handled the National committee work would Noc have supposed it had it not been known. True or Hanna had an Able corps of advisors among them such successful and Veteran managers As senator Quay but it was because he j had the proper Conception of the task before him that he surrounded himself with Able advisers instead of Boot licks and cuckoos. Representatives Bab cock of and Apsley of mass As chairman and vice chairman respectively of the Republican congressional Campaign committee added new laurels to those won them in 18d4, in the same positions both As adroit managers and As accurate forecasters of results in neither of which they have Ever been excelled chairman Babcock men s Black frieze urge coat v High Collar Lap line trimming Fine Kersey overcoats wide Pei act fitting All Wool coat. Extra Fine Kersey dress overcoats in Imie and Black 15.00 boys overcoats c a coat and Ulster s2.oo o 8.50 10.00 Duck Coats in Black and Brou n. To 2.25 a Fine line Kew suits latest styles All Avo and very Dressy. 7.50 10.00 12.00 remember we sell mittens cheaper than any firm in the county. 1. One in up t4 methodist Freak Nieser Sandaj s at 11 . And . Ept tort a Engue lit prayer meeting tar Day likening. W. Pastor j Christian club cd preaching sunday at 11 11. M. Christian Endeavor meets p. M. Prayer meeting Aing. To. Wat. Wai.tek-. Pastor. Free sum Las at 11 . P. M. Young Peoples meet Iii at 6.30. Punjer meeting tuesday evening j. P. Ali wac pastor. Ment. "1 was really never married to tremendous pressure the hog seemed to More than one he remarked lengthen and when the Snake uncoiled sums up the results of the Campaign As As he followed the sheriff from the i saw Only a strip of meat nothing court room but my wife was deter mined to Send me to prison and i d do anything to please Battist preaching every 1st sunday in Yacu m. sunday school every sunday at 10 a. Union school House. Services held in the u. Grast pastor. City officers. Etc order treasurer. Street commissioner Mars bal Joseph Wilot i h Rosenkrans 3 w Martin c. F. Jes Raore Willard Stroud c Dunum vim Rietchel ii Bote Krans a 11 Meier Chas u Eber r Sluggett Ell rejoice Over the defeat of the free Silver forces and think the verdict overwhelming but had Indiana Ken Tucky. Maryland California Wyoming and the Dakotas All of which could have been changed a few thousand votes gone for Ryan the result would not have been so gratify i log. This plainly shows that the Campaign of education must pushed the friends of sound Money during the Neit four years in order to insure the defeat of Reo coinage of Silver in the next presidential election the Cam distinguishable but the head. I shot the Snake. It was twelve feet Long and Over seven inches through and Jet its coils had crushed the Bones of he prey like chips. There is no doubt that hidden away in vast swamps of the Interior Are Many of enormous a ize. Parties have been made up to Hunt them but the drives them Back. Valarious climate Good sense and Patriot ism of the american people have once More been displayed in a great crisis the like of which has not been known since the election of Abraham Lincoln in if Cru. I believe that this great Victory Over the pop Listic ideas of Iree Silver and Gat Money the socialistic vagaries proclaimed such men As Sovereign and Debs and the anarchistic in the museum it leaning of Altgeld and his followers Batavia is the skin of a Serpent that will now for a Long period to come and i Hope forever eliminated from poli Trust been fifty feet when living. Such a brute would kill a Man As easily As it would a Rabbit. Free your address to E. Hucklen co Chicago and get a free Sample bos of or kind s life l Illo a trial Nill convince Madison Bine John Gates Pircher cow Russell Union Towi Phlp school in president go w Russell. Sec Reify. U sics treasurer. John Gates direct oks 1 Staudt. R Harry Packman t s a p Walster s 4 Yewl Naan a 5 Egbert Davis. 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Fhi Shultz. _ Scott town chop Oril cers. Les r x constables Volney Beers Leoy j Niley town t Xic Hokon. Stench Kinney w Witter Anu Jar. Beaver. Scott township school Board. President John Bishop Secretary. George Baldwin treasurer Charies d Lerrick directors Brace Ward. 1 John Bishop z e w gather j Chas l Ker. -4 John Ahart. A c spa Nieling. Viiu Iii Liam j w Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Judicial. John c. Benvin. Terms of court -4th monday in january. 1st monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Hoard of is Lucius chairman Phillip Shuruz Timothy pippin r. S. Chichester j. C. Merrill meetings monday Charles City Marble pain of 1900 most commence when you of their merits. These p los Are Mckinley is inaugurated. The serpents of Java. A correspondent of the illustrated family newspaper relates the follow in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick fee Aiache for malaria and liver troubles they have proved invaluable they Are guaranteed to perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to purely vegetable. Tics in this heresies utterly unworthy to entertained in the minds of patriotic people. So thoroughly the Chicago plat orm been repudiated and denounced Byj True americans that no party can have the effrontery to place it in whole or in part before the people for their endorsement or Cleveland declines to express any opinion of the Flection of Mckinley and Lobart for publication but his regarding the venomous snakes in they do not we akan but j Lee hangs May read Between the lines to Bivins tone to stomach and bowels i of his thanksgiving Day proclamation greatly invigorate the system Lle Gular j issued Pince inc result of the election Java the Inho sugar railway suffering in silence. Women Are the real heroes of the world. Thousands on thousands of them endure the dragging torture of the ills Peculiar to womankind in the silence of Home. They suffer on and on weeks months years. The Story of weakness and torture is to Ritter in the drawn features in the Sallow skin in the list less eyes in the lines of care and worry on the face. Inborn modesty seals their lips. They prefer pain to humiliation. Has made them believe the Only Hope of Relief lies in the exposure of Examina Tion and local treatment take ten cases of female weakness and in nine of them local treatment is unnecessary there is no reason modest sensitive women should sub Mit to it. Estate in Java comprises Over acres about one third of which is Cane. This is one of the most densely wooded parts of Java and the Bush is like a Wall impervious even to Cany wild animals but snakes flourish and there Are no less than ten varieties that Are deadly poisonous. Eight of the coolies employed on this estate have died inside of four months from Snake bites the Chain Viper is most dreaded As it will not get out of one s Way and when trodden on the barefooted natives strikes fatally. Twelve tiles away is the ruined City n january april june ind september and 2nd monday in november. D of chorus a wilderness of temples built of Stone Cut in designs As Fine As lace Woik. On the North tide of these avenues Are county auditor George s Hanford Tremorel. Cash m. Tan clerk of the courts a. H. Jerri Man Ii. . A Surv Tyhof f. Lurk More snakes than can attorney. else on the Island. Buildings Are Ion arched passages and Here wild animals resort to get out of the intolerable beat. Leading from hundreds of Small Chambers having no in these a found township of he peace e p Walter. Sit Davis Charles t hex k k Winchelt clerk a c tin Row a Civ and it is not surprising that the Eastern nations look upon englishmen As Luna lies they do so Many Foolhardy things j i from no Appart motives save to risk i their lires. Two metre ago in log Hub six Cenis per oos. Cola a. O Asper co druggists Washington letter. Washington nov. 6, 1s90. King Bells blow the horns let the glad tidings told Bryan wears his Crown of and is under his Cross of Gold. The greatest National Victory in the history of the Republican party was that won this week when Mckinley was known the Wasli Ogton Star the leading Independent paper of the National capital thus editorially Speaks of the election the country is a thousand per cent stronger today than it was in its own eyes and in the eyes of All the world. A serious crisis has been passed and passed triumphantly. Popular government has Nuver been so thoroughly vindicated the people Are the source of the Groat Wineo Cardul is a vegetable wine. It exerts a wonder fully Healing strengthening and sooth ing influence Over the organs of woman kind. It invigorates a Timur it ithe whole it is almost infallible in curing the Peculiar weaknesses irregularities and painful derangement of woman. Year after year in the privacy of Home away from the eyes of every body it effects cures. Were of of Arici la sold for 81.00 m bottle. In Metti in a Lett. Bottles usually care Tiu n Orst a trea newspaper for a cent a d u. paper. Full Telegraph i o reports Crisp editorial. Try tiie Des Loines . Lotf and Hob it received the largest popu i and toot a and they will enjoy or vote Ever cast for a presidential now a Prosperity which follow so ticket a tremendous Republican a i Jority of the next House was elected j the control of a sufficient number of state Legislatures which will elect sen j signal a step toward the restoration of Confidence and Good will among men. All free those who have used or. Kind s actors for the term beginning March 4, j new discovery know ins value and 1s9t, was secured to make it reason ably sure that the Senate will have a those we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised drus Sist and aet a trial Bot Republican majority after that Date j tee. Your name and address thus putting the legislative and exec j to h k. Bucklen co., Chicago and Tive branches of the Ovorn aint under j get a Sample of or. King s new life control of republicans which will en-1 pills free As Well As a copy of guide Able the administration of president to health and household instructor Mckinley to give the country the Relief free. All of which is guaranteed to it needs enacting Laws in Accord do you Good and Cost you nothing a. With the policy of the Republican party j. Asper go s druse store. Tetter eczema and All Simiti skin troubles arc cured flip use of dewitts Witch Hazel solve. It soothes at once and restores the tissue to their natural condition and never fails to cure a. J. Asper co. Piles. Low Kates South and on j nov. 3rd find 17ih, her. And 15th, the b., c. I x. Liy. Vail sell round tickets no rate Oce fare plus 3 too to i Large number of Points in Southern and Western states. Tickets Good 21 jays. Cull on h., c h it n. Agents for full or address j. Moutox of. I. . A. Cedar a Lapine Iowa. The Iowa state convention of the Epworth it Cedar rapids nou 12 to to tbeb., c. R. I n. By. Will si-11 tickets from Points in Iowa at rate of one ind one third for the round trip on certificate plan. Certificates will honoured three after the close of the convention. On 15. C. I x agents for further ictus caution or ulness j. Al onion g p t a nov. 12. Cedar cupids Iowa thous cd of people Are looking l Ali Fon Sutt irl. They want to know where logo and raise Timil incl How to travel die imply and comfortably. For full in formation regarding questions address Cirii Foruria Bureau of information Box Cedar rapids la dec 31 the to Best route ind most service to Cali Liuia you hit nuer a o the b., c k x . Thro i re their tourist cur excursions. tit Erduy during tie Winter season a Pullman tourist Sleeper will attached to b., c. R. X. Train to. 2 Shiuh leaves Marble Rock this will run through to los Angeles and san Francisco via Kansas Chi it. Orth Texas Elpaso and the Southern Pacific ry., the Ideal Winter route insuring Ity against delays Froid. Storms and Snow blockades. The rate per berth to Angeles or san of Incisco is Only so 00 and the to Brut has every Comfort Imd accorn inflation d the regular Pullman. For descriptive pamphlet giving full in f a nation regarding these excursions Call on 15., c. R. X. Agents or ail dress the undersigned. Dec. 31 .1. Morton p. A. Joser Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware harness repair eng a specially. Jfe meet a honorable Competition

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