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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - November 11, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 14. Marble Rook Floyd county Iowa nov. 11, 159 terms a year Secretary Wilson expresses it As his. Opinion in annual report that every the methods duties of the department of Agri culture so that he we think prices we invite you to Call and Sec our syphon Oak our front flue Oak Gar land also our German Heater. We wish to Call your attention to the fact that none of the an intelligent report upon ii i i i i i Tural conditions of the above stoves Are Back numbers or old fashioned direct draft Toves. But All Are closely fitted and carefully mounted neatly finished with the highest priced Nickle of when called ing in the results to show that there Ecsi Vul i us Alle Giance of the voters to the National principles of the Republican party nor to his administration which Brous Rhi about the causes disappointing upon by the department make j results were in every Case Well known any stove in the Market vie have done away with the Long handled fire shovel. We ought to lie judges of have handled All the leading stoves in the Market and Are thoroughly acquainted with their tents and As we have had the world to select from we think we have just what our customers want. Call and see us before buy. W. L. Nelson. The As country to which lie is accredited. The Secretary claims that he has great difficulty m obtaining specific and technical info in Tome they might have been avoided looking at the whole business Rota a purely National Point of View the re publicans came out of the elections with a gain of one senator and with Uia Tion from most when information is wanted department for the Benefit a. F. A. M. A f. Aka. V. Corner Stone Lofte no. 251. i or before 5, a Dit ii Sec. It stud. Hobbert hug i. 0. F. Mirble Hock , 3tk. Meet thursday it Enir of Eirk week. Vim Ore cordially invited. i. In 21 a meets tuesday Eteuini f tick week. Vii Lulu Brethren Luried. K. 0. C. A. Komi Munc k. Of r. B. I. L. Of ii. Tar 3rd tue Idar us Htiu Louth in l. , 1 res. Anklet acc. Sec. M. W. Of a. so. W.3. Keynto neet fourth saturday of Neh Nouth at Odd Fellows Llull. A ii tag in Good Arr cordially invited to attend. A. Ii. C. clerk. W. B c. U tie borne of Stet firt the 1st and ii third dlr of month i o clock o. M. Nub. K. A 3tewaht, i Al. Ski. Cab Pitisi Airek Sec. U7a.lt. Poit to. 308, meets first Satu ids Minot. C. T. Ackley com. It. B. Cju Itei adj. Pc v i v Mcinti every thursday. 31ns. , i is student. My. A. M. Mvr.ium-, Secretary. Church pics. Allt so Pepworth league meeting at meeting thursday ick Stan flt Fickman e p Wilster Lew Infin 11 Andrew outlet. Madison Blue John James Purcher Lilc ii Nemati. . Matron Toiann lip Ott Lucern. Scher merlion b heed Ellis Buscc fro Well furher w Witter Miles Lack Muiir. Scott town help school Sec tiry. George Baldwin charter d Merrick directok3 John Burtop 5 f. F. Witter. I w Garber Mil swirl to a rom Ahart s b join e c Span Ding. J j w Jeffrey pc Uncial. C. Shevnin. .i.i1 Chile. Court -4ih monday in Mnary 2nd 3iocday in september and of Sopor Tipon. Chi run Charles City Marhi Rock Timmy of Lefiu lock food k. 1. Ski Chester Kudd i. C. Merrill Iles 1ft monday in Tannery april. And 2nd monday in the Ljuko Egeit trial Tai payers Cost Chicago agriculturists of this country. Ail for counties he says have their re agriculture Here to of the experiments i conducted by this government and the prominent agriculturists throughout the United states. We he says Are foreign consulates j experience that should be very valuable in future campaigns it is True that the victories in Ohio and in Mary by of the the present Atves of gain the Benefit land was won by margins but such dangerously Small has been Hue of Many of the greatest political victories Ever won on the whole the party came out very Well Lor in Oft year and the first in a new administration at that. Mclean and his Gani made a bitter fight against Mark Hanna but the buckeyes gave their Junior senator five majority in the legislature to insure his re election. What was the matter with Charles City Republican at the late election we were repeatedly assured by them that their Arch enemy u. F. Wright would t come within gunshot of carry ing the City but this Assurance the election Board gave him a majority Over or. Towner. Far behind the nations of this important matter. Europe Csiklai Ait v i Viau one re commendation in his annual report that there Are some unscrupulous agents i w lube esp Cialli pleasing to organized judge Spurier of the District court of Polk county gives it As his opinion that the late election was an one because the state Board allowed the Middle of the Road pops to go on the ticket contrary to his ruling. Some of the Best lawyers in the state pay that the Juige is off his base and a Little sour because the supreme court took a hand in the and prevented the judge from saying what tickets should go on the official ballot. When completed the Sale of the Union pacts Railroad will have paid Back to the government principal and interest at j per cent this invest ment was made about 30 years ago and How Many investments of that length of time could have panned out better when the National advantages resulting from the construction of this Road Are considered the investment on the part of the United states would not have been a bad one if not no part of the principal or interest ind been repaid. It is probable however that the democrats will continue to talk of the steal that has been perpetrated. Going about the Sute representing that they arc Selling Trees grown by the Iowa horticultural society. In Orler to Stop this misrepresentation presi Dent Van Houton has issued a circular in which he says the Sta e Lorti cultuta1 Soji Uty has no Nursery sends out no agents and is not interested in i the growing of Trees or plants except in to far As it May be Able to a the people of Iowa by adv inc and other Wise. All parties who represent that they Are agents o this society do so without authority. I do not believe that any nurseryman of this state Lias authorized his agents to make such statements but it is believed some unscrupulous agents have taken advantage of such statements to effect without the knowledge or consent of the nurseryman they represent or labor. That is that the pay of csacs in army bands he increased sufficiently to their having to seek private engagements in lion with private bands the carried ten out of the eleven congressional districts in Iowa at the late election. The major in the several districts were As follows Hrat District second District. Third District fourth District fifth District sixth District seventh District eighth District Isi nth District tenth District. Eleventh District total plurality. Shave. 4.86b 3.494 54o 4081 4.177 30.4s White 00 i claim to represent. Leslie weekly com pct order to earn enough to keep themselves and their families. The Law prescribing the number of musicians in army bands and their pay is forty years old and Gen. Alger thinks it needs amendment to bring it up to Date. Kex Secretary of Siale Foster who has represented Trio u s. In All Seal negotiations Hith foreign sundries is naturally very Heppy Over Tho out come of the conference Between repro seut Alivs of this country Russia and on in t he Japan which has been going Washington for several weeks. Result of the conference is a treaty be tween the Powers named for the sus flour flour. C wish to Call tuition to our Clear Oil hour which we Are Selling o Brand of at a very close margin. We guarantee that no o o Superior hour was Ever placed in this mar Ket. We also sell fresh Graham Corn meal and buckwheat flour. Call and see us. Leo. W. Gates. Rawness the prejudice and the anger of that partisanship which once made political opponents bitter personal docs one of the most dramatic scenes in the history of the Senate was the close of Cuy s Farewell when he and Calhoun those political estrangement had made them intense enemies stood lace to face. Suddenly both clasped hands and the reconciliation set the crowded chamber wild with hysterics tears and frantic applause it has happened several times that an outgoing president refused to remain to Welcome his Suc Cessor. Our history is full of the Duel in politics of animosities that place barriers Between friends. Bui. Nowadays we do things differently. We abuse the Fellows on the other ticket do not hesitate to Call them thieves and knaves liars and other Choice epithets in party organs and on the hustings but when we meet them in private life we Are pension of Pelagic sealing in Bering sea and the North Pacific Ocean As we Stow older j creat Battain took no part in this i i i r i. 10 . Ion of those who Are familiar with the matter that her subjects will have to respect the treaty whether a similar Cne be negotiated Between her and the United or Nof. The agent sent Here to represent 3reat Britain in a pealing conference with the u 8 has unofficially expressed himself As Tavor ing an agreement by Orilar to that embodied in the treaty. Inasmuch As or. Foster s enemies had predicted that nothing whatever would be accomplished he by the sealing conference there is ample reason Lor his feeling Happy. It is difficult to find a Republican in from the president Down who is not More or less disgusted by the result of the election in new York City although that result was precisely what everybody who did not will fully deceive themselves knew it was bouncy to be Frith the Republican the. Best and economical heating stove o on Earth is the round Oak. For Sale by j Joe Wiltil pretty at divided up Between Tho regular re pub to use their first names and invite then this 5ol Wyck the newly elected mayor of greater new will have the appointment of subordinate officers with a pay Roll of he has Given it out plainly that none bit democrats need apply which is a cordially to our hospitality. This is not quite so heroic As the o d method but it is decidedly More comfortable and it docs not disturb the Public or Der or decrease the general population. It is the Way in every state or As we arc improving we May yet be Able to reach a Point of Courtesy that will tone Down the extravagances which under present seem essential to every political fight. Frei of charge to Cut this out and take it to your drug Gist and a Sample bottle free or. Lican candidate and the Republican who allowed himself to be made a candidate by the Rule or ruin republicans who had failed to succeed in their efforts to control the regular parly organization and what added to their disgust was the knowledge that the vote of Tracy and Low combined would have Defeated Tii Romany. Said one Republican there is no valid can be Sacii a state of the republicans of jew York ought to see to it that the name of every Man who aided in placing lev in the Field and in keeping him there after it a deserves to be. It is doubtful whether alarm is Tay j Lor Ivhon was u s. Minister to Spain i 1 i under the Cleveland administration and j who remained there until about three j months ago realized what a bad break i j both in taste and diplomacy he Inama when he wrote a signed Nuga ?.ine article on Spain mid tuba con Taining opinions which he Shoul i not have publicly sex pics cd Leoncer Rii n country to which lie had so pm entry been minister sir. Taj Lor is not wealthy and when the enterprising Toni Riznic editor offered i i a. Big Price for such an article he probably allowed the Price to Blind him to Mussman dealer in live Stock. Marble Rock Iowa. Jinhe t Market prices paid. Get my prices on hogs and cattle before ton i it 3 it Nois Bents known that general Tracy was per eur discovery Lor consume i Tion coughs an.1 colds they do not wll hns to j01" Llam in Reid ring. In ask you to buy before trying. This order that a mutually agreed upon commendable act in the new mayor j show you the great merits of Compromise candidate should succeed this policy will insure tammany s grip j truly wonderful remedy and show you Tilon both is placed upon a list of on the City for Many years to come what. Ca be accomplished by the regu-1 those t Bufi i or size bottle this is no Experiment i p cml serve Reform within the party j be dl9asterous 0 he Propri by the Republican ii there is the proper thing but when extended they not know Many of it would i Are the Best who aae sheriff. Conny or cars. i Lurker a nah clerk at the Willard Perrin la Conler c. I. Johnson Gir Sejor f. A. Roziene i cow to Atto Tacy Coroner c. So to keep the opposite party in invariably cure. Control of the minor offices h becomes physicians arc now it in mean by which in office aristocracy the practice with great results relying on it in most severe cases it republicans in Washington not More pleaded with the they would i have been with the election of Low. In or tammany than and Are is guaranteed. Trial bottles free the a Are cot is pressing Ili Mesches in is created which is repugnant to America people. If the mayor of j a. S Asper co s drus j Public to laces. There is very Little greater new York will exhibit As Good j regular size 50 cents and it was the intention of the his other men who manipulated Low s Nomina Wash Eton letter. Of Lown snap off Ceis. Of the Fence k p s ii t , k e Trio Bell wanted an other duties As he hat in the matter of a j pointing nos new York will have a com-1 children that Are not very robust need a. Warming building and fat forming to be used for or three months in the they May not suffer from cold. Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil with hypo hos Whites of Lime and soda supplies exactly what they want. They will thrive grow Strong a Well Tat announcements Ili Forn via 1tew Orleans. Al Iii Siut Seiei to every tuesday to in night Tram c ii i Iii the Southern i Icilinc s set Tor los and i s to for a o. I lil Lunari tourist sle Ftp j or Ever. To though with i out mix go from Chicago to san ind ii conc to Iii

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