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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 8 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - November 8, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaThe Mirtle Hock weekly. Rates of per jew. If pah a i if not paid until Ewd year. Volume 3. Marmite Floyd Iowa november number 14. Fails. I summer arrangement. Maciw Long for Ike Lett or Mart in ving of Tiili u4 Burli Ctm Cedar rapids North j am railway. New Wagon and qty Vlf Imp Teaf of Al my a fms the full of Kitic. Of rtt icim an Lavite . . U., q passenger trajx8 1 0. 0. P. It a Muir iu1i every he line la w. . L Fuit it. Each Way except so Day on i. Err. 1. X m. Of. P. A p. A of. R. A w. Sort a huge 108 i. W. To. I h 8 in cordially inv it a us civil. R 4 it of a Buirlia Evi by Sabbath Murd Jug ss7 4 a in Chrtt. 4 id Cdr Mim jt6 or Kov no Ptim. Ufa Bratli i f. A. 1 k two i 7 48 u. 1. U Asci Bitko. Wasiqi Utun utter. Has been a week Day and it night Hare been a month according appear avow so acid Aid settled Down work the Aid tight if and of fat Al has All been Thos there a so telling what Bant b the ..lilv. Auk pc Koch r. Clark Ami Nurt How Ortr tote . Pacific Pill Smitn a Heriot acc work the it tit in Riith. F w per Kvaltin Jotter Twu Yin itt by my hot froth a Tim Over , Tom Whak Oluic in the or ukr Pafe Noti Talp. We Wobu unti Iii tit a at the time Nuaert Yvaniuk be Isrie twill Turl Iii dlr majr Dut r 1 . U Cit Rioth Tiivi in Irv Tiu bbl Unerv. I Ifft . Aili liw Niter. H. N no Huu i that try i fur Peoria . Nim i i Datri Wpm Likiu Jiju. Nor Tinct a a r it. Fur Ifcic Nix St. Look j. W. Darland on Slock consists of Cocks groceries. Dried Glast Ware crockery Wood widow Ware we u of the Iju Estloa of the but whatever of opposition we Randall s taking Possession of that off ice we priv Tai he Nobud Aid very a Italy Ami peaceably for or. Kandau took the chair upon a speedy and an Contra Dicter election somewhat the disgust however of the thousands who i pay the Tot country throned the a Allerico having come for proud i Mil at the the purpose us the the lowest living profit. Jive me a Call and Sec for yourself. I Alo keep a full line of dry goods clothing api everything Perta Nigto dry goods. L Bose Nuutt Myfelt Al 1 a Harmon Iii klan with thai Stim and american some. Ai Icart ii for . Bli ii Maliel l Friml ail in lint i Piti pm ii in or Yoni Maul and Kanniii. thai he will i tuft it fur and l a xvii .iv.ctii.ii. To rect. Our ii. A x f. I1. J i1. It. 4 a. Al us rtt. With Charles City. J. S. Trigg. F skiis try Fajr want . A dty4 Ai c Cdr Dmitr Fofi Tifrit Kin of k a x . Wort l nitty find i with a Iii Nul hint with Imi j at Vint ii with 1 Seifi Iii Inu of it. N. I k y for Traer. At jaw Stalku. With Al limn it turf Ihli a of la Nantt. my Albi i at a Fth Milwaukee Tsi. I aug boots shoes. Hats Caps and Chocs Rees pattern cutlery Jiru Finys i1rsoriptii.li on 1. . Varic pm if. . Xjiut1tt7re a full line of Firx Lukk con stantly on hand consist Long of a bureaus Capitol in Wiatr pretested a gala appear anti very like Liat we saw Dur ing those Ilyati when the of the electoral was going on save uti thu floor of the House inure a trivial and Friendly terms be egued u sex old friends greeting and new mean Bei 9 being introduced and Wilco Iuey Many receiving Piquet and Flower baskets and All appearing and Well Content. As i have raid the galleries and corridors Scro crowded with spectators a promiscuous tract oblige containing rep Renwu Tavui of All Agest a Mph ii Ono Anond Itin in life. Cd pics arrayed in Dilka ii und fact lung and coloured Mumk a Auto be Jaid u c i. I Wmk feet it Mhz sir not my flu Nesli y found c. Mali if Lish Niento. 27 27 Call m on at thu it Nur if cum Ami rtt. I rom k. 7. Dealer in boots shoes gloves i twins Franks. Satchels leather Whang leather. Hair. A Wium Oil. Whip awl Cash fam paid for Ili Ilcyn int styles of kid and hand . Ties. Fyk Arf and child runs and i and a fall of a elevated Patten. In St. Kock Iowa. Of of and be intr in 8. P. Murray at All Hare at a considerable a Peme feb Xii a meat re Fri try err where Pmj Are kept and reel. Confectionery. Us. A. P. Xvi it. Bin inv wrest any Lane made of the Bent Tannil lather. Re 3 a of Marble Reck Iowa. W. T. Hat.t., late of Sycamore 4h., being per took thu Nora Lite the Public that aay Tkv Ili Taai fail ii. Aidha hat my of hit Lity m u hit. Clad men in their beaters my braid Clollis and Iusti in their rugs and flirt fur we Are Nejiu Lilian a fault if okie Tuny so express it and All ii inv enter our Beautiful Cap Itol or any of tin note sent build Ings fact when tar they Are open any which they All Are during tit s tinle ii weft after one fairly int4 the Capitol for there Are several separate into Euc a Iii of my a thu att Niay be. The smallest of All is j us Tec Ribe it oar own better Iii Svitil than the oth faults and ? if in any degree that Luuru Jildo Ciuha Iund Ulm carpet j Happing. R Ami Jet stir which such great Awn Tea pearls a purple do not Al Togetti l i Onieh such great sae Raea . And sep anted from pm railings of work on either lives of our be Rule do not Alto Getlir this a Diplo Unatie gallery into Shieh none must do tit the Fri s family or the Cabi net ministers or one or another of theory s. Nest i this in Fine Side is what m As the visitors reserved for visitors with or acquaint i inces of congressmen. Then there is a gallery for we arc any sort of men Aid boys my set m Long u they mate no disturb acc. Another still admits ladies and attending gentle men. Just oct the speaker s desk is a Ruall i Tlsty Fri ahead with Chain and desks which is for reporters Only and correspondents Are admitted Here Only by a card bearing the speaker s is Gunc. The is the Satot the Senate the vie Piuri Dent s aim Tom reporter s cards be bag aces try. I in pow the again Hoiness of the session will begin with this last and in a where let with one spirit and Tox a voice lift up and thanksgiving w Fijoj for manifold goodness our lands Manifest cure fur the nation. Now therefore 1, Unterford b. Lusta of the United do appoint thursday the Twenty ninth of november a Day of National iving Iund i eat neat Olvra from secular cares and people of the unite meet on that in Tumir respective places of worship there pet Thanki and Praise almighty god Tor i a mercies Anil devoutly beseech their Coniti nuance. N Wrt Aew i Ham her Emte set my band the Seal of the United states be maxed. Dds at tire City of Waahid Itan Etc. B. Hath. 8. R. V. Association. The Asao elation a matted order at 6 p. By tin Pren cwt or. H. The. Held n Thun Day adj Friday speaker null Phil Zielphia in Pri the a Crew there u Auto lion the length of the Eiton Kos ice. Many Auto Etc a Short beet while Hwi appear Tivit Titi it the Holiday. Basdall Vij he Hull cot Harry Natter and it a growing Nippa Sliwi thai be vervet by favors a aes Swa Loag dewy out a meet the regular na4er cd me with the it Condaya ree Asb. Or. Omm Cwb that in is not ambit won for 1889 pm Twy Boa that with Hii Awal Lar a Ming he h easy Nua neat of Ihm High later a 1884. Lie a pwn Tilk Lect of i mid Iii in yet. A wow n in Crick Asper and Hamie Naon in a pm liable manager after which the president Intro died . T. 1. Cham editor and proprietor of the Summit who delivered his Twute entitled school . Inseal for Der awl the. Evening show 8atubmr omit pm ealm Oiler at o tick with the foil Wing of by the choir. Select radiwg.8atiiil.-Iii a Nan Ackley. Gag tue w. H. Blood. P. Obe. Method of la Temh u. Timea. My in Ami my i Enck. A facial Hytian. Am i Kwh Type fett Aad 5cufcr ii tettion. To i pm Tarn in. We hive n the in in Mae. of can being Bow m Der Robert of just font Pisa est. Mid prof. A. Hmmack. Rueford Santary. Decided Iwu awl Pete Wal trill by hut nay in no led Mia in Akeley lumber of Brj needy Little poem than b love for ail the by Ubbie from Well the charcoal by Jennie Moore Well received. Those Eire set Fob owed by a Short address by Robert on modern after which Foo Wing question was diseased should the school Board adopt rules enforce attendance upon our Public Attreed by Knickerbocker Hitchcock and Goodmiller. Denied by gentle a and Kel. Decia Ioa was for the afire native. The disc ask was i Euvma by a Doet. Mutru intal by Ruthk Aulcy d pc dam Moore. Upon motion the piety Nedjo Orraj meet Radii. December 15. 1s77. H. 1 res Flent. Gbo. H. Nichols Secretary. Cultivat8 family of Otto i Emu my Cir no no Titian that run vat Rii m fainter in toe Aluvn with his Olar full with Mercry preparation Maju fur Winter with pm per of fun of Comfort and rest three months of and Oom eat three of Home and family three ninth ii solid of ant. Make your houses comfortable. Do not huddle together in u Little braid a hot stove with every i View few untied Down. Do not live in this pay toned then when one of town pit piece in the paper commencing with the Rug it he pleased Providence remove from of Llave air and plenty of warmth. Your sleep. To not dog them their bed a tin of with Ibert a Prinea in a famine not filled with lore where the Man where chit. Lent their or where parents Jis like the child re. Kiery Lutefa Boniv is a had Meta Earth. There b no Why amen a add nut a Kinu an 1 there it Omli Iii Evelti two of the nit Auke Dou or Aai. Cra Hwd Aad a Jat look upon min Iii Wii it it my Agate enl whoever Feon for Hap Queaa of a Naff m Batter the at plows in i i. Pm Mai of Coda. Let a Faraon do All you can attn tire. Col. Robust n thirty Awn two Foremost among a Luigi he fam-1 w Tel or him tiie .1 m by the be Public a years aft there Acety the a i path and j Al Mont of r Ink Wii a it will of Babiy r i week Divide Yakou in half Boha Lac a instr in i Earl my i i u. Artmire ii Betir . Senator North we r. We m Start hit a thru t., Kakkak a the Statt. Id ago at the
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