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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - November 1, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaThe Ftp a test of 4 toe Nix Square. O to Geo. H. Of per year if paid 8-j.ito, paid Montit the Erio Fyer. Volume 3l with malice towed hone and Charity for ail terms per annul in Advance Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa november number 13. Fails. Summer arrangement. Us Rock Ewh Lut. Solh us Tutek f. U. Tammu us Tiff of Obj Tuff l hoi Eto 8u so 111 m n is n to 1 10 Cobl Ohto 140 my p. Tunrer rein irk Brundr cent 155 113 1 31 91 ii 11 w ill t 46 to a Rio 5 is 444 4.ub in to b plows Laile or retired on Short notice. All of i and and do All kinds of work from the i pay the highest Price fur country i Duce and sell Kiy at the at the to be greatly dial Vanaed with a in. That the of Texas have Hen a restly annoyed by these mexican readers there is no room to but flaw Farije from political barter that is i such familiarity and threatens to carried in within its Halla. Rovery Cor Ridor Lias i of Toile sort or other. Lunch stands supplied Earh uniting i living profit wive me Call i fruit rounds loaded with with fresh cakes. Iii a Ami Uther tempt j doubt but that they have been sum ing ill the Way of cookery for yourself. Lamp a full line of dry goods with a Vatu to e work Doua will me and i do the ii shop Marble Rwy. Al 1 of 230 Wiki Fnlund Rumul let or. M. At of Cuhrt in m w a furn Irth. to Bike mar pal of if top try rteidllj1 at hit huh who in or our who j run win Butir Ebule Lime to Money at the pow Efti Yuoi in it fade Etc try Tud rip tit at pay other it write a Muff to Irr Tom Ovitt Antt. Adt Rem h h. a. Akk As at Bartu Koa. Willi j. W. Harlard our Stock Marl 1 o of a Quincy St n nil in Kunski to b v in mix i p Junction. Charles City. F it of Tkv in Tinl Kun 1 Vith the eat Lub i Temh at Cul Nuti be car atm to will i i at of Fly it. I f. R. A. In Tifin. A Uhny. With Chen in. Hoyc Nuntz a t a trifle Kiil Rrvel. Not w to x for pumtttth.1 we so Reg with a Imus by for i Council Bluff . Titti j y. la y jul u ii he at Minim Voth Diri of Ioa b. K. A. N. Ait tuft of. At w ii Igloo and 1 enter kit Lii i within ital Tvr j. S. Trigg. Jacob Baier. Pm Lam. Clicks calf. I Secru kit fac who for Kij. Blow Xelha. L c Nonty. Reiri 4 co Grain dealers paid i at i. Paul i Xart firm i Kun Ahvay Towin m Luke nil e. F. Manager. C. J. Ives. Ii ii l to to tvs boots shoes hats Caps. chose Giffis i fall kinds. Choc very of i in Perlor i Quality and latest pattern. Cutlery . Yankee notions Etc., All of which we offer to the Public at the lowest living profits. Murto Rock Imra. Viita air Laws curiosity a stands where Vuai can Oli Triin any of stationery pilfer weights mid so in. Une Young urn a e us photographs of boot8, and everything pertain Jug to dry goods. A. Ike Ikimis he to to 1 in Hab Man titter in Klein Wililiam. And american clocks jewelry Silver and visit cd Imus .4 i a. U. U he Der Iutin Ball. Main Street in blk All tin past my preset unreal Luyun of the country and see tit air own of Ephim Tiomi and for ale Tilliey pass Uli the prote Tationa evently Auu oyed to warrant us in going to War May be Well the War feeling is confined to adventurers politicians and Stock gamblers. This country is in no condition to go to War with any people. We need peat years of Peak that we May re Cruit on exhausted the Alibi us which were born of on rent conflict and get Down into Good Woric order As a government. Our taxes Are already onerous and we Are Joat on the part four civil service Reform where there is a Prospect of Ere that the corrupt old system of office-1 waking thai less so. A War with Wiki big and Ftp fico jetting to be done away with there or Dune in Tuat uru oaths same us Way fid lit of he Sik. No ical St to be As much and done in Many omit 1-1 lie Ninny con tint has been Nis life arc i i a forc i tic gravest and ii his. Haves in Russ is followed by the ladies of fas Uin lilo Sor Fety. Many of Atun att i known . Would Ruu Iain in rather than spend time Money and attention un-1 Leo or any other Power will de stroy the Pomaib titty of accomplishing a n la Netious of our tales. A the must of constant agitation the rights of the Are apparent to oar legislators and there is a Good Prospect of Justice being done them. A War at this Tiiu would draw at Tantia from the of Yinpo Rusit matters and we should Drift Back in the old ruts and capital and thieves would again Triumph Over right Aud Justice. Nothing u to be gained by War with Mexico. We ddn t want the Truhls of attempting Citi ult of the Border f u Jun a a full line of Eon stantly on hand consisting of on i cil lie protected in some Mau mrs. Hayw still wears in Public the j invoking the evils of an open i Saint Plain Black silk in which pubic first saw j the Day of Iier Hus Jani s Secretary Kvartin Vitu Kis wife and nine children Are comfy Rucoly settled on k Street where they will probably give morals chairs cribs flue Winter. As i and every this four nil a f rut claw store Cady made Ocona Brays on hand. Tiaw. Adj the great Festino House breaking Case has gone tip in a puff of wind. Mrs. Wallace say she has been tampered with to Jaisi the alleged affidavit made by the mayor holds that a Tan Hak a right to break into a House if it s adultery he is after or rather no one but the housekeeper s wife Haft any the Vian lives Cit door. When Neitli to complain. So Burdman or give Large receptions or enter j failed but. A he is As Fertile in re Tain meets both Hooks brought in i f scorpion s nest u of Distant Secretary of the Treasury Mac mrs. 14lh Street and f i we May look for a new do Mettre and to by Means of a in Mil which connects them. Chicago sir Ali Western highest Market Price lines. For All kinds Ove Nowac Emtin tar re nil in tent . 27 27 civil styles of kid and in Tenn gloves. Hand kerchiefs ties id Dion and children Hii fiery thread. Buttons hoop and will la open Witt to and the Centre j Tim an1 the Satchel. I of much att Tai Sun. I tie wife of and. Of Missin-1 dealer boots gloves mittens ---__., leather a Fany leather i lne of House i la Siering hair Oil. Whip i and Pla the part hotter for him. J lushes. Orr comes of brushes. J sent in Jonon the i Otist wiil we up it new wife whom he be the finest Silver mine be Ever Diwan evil. Are in Ile Waud i it in frivolous wrangling. It n High and halts. Will be fur the rest of the season. Some Tat period from head Tokee As looting Lite the Bandit for the rest of her draw i. E., the loner Tuttie is one Iasi of and set in Hoa Jcj do a Good Urigh the Deli entry and silk dresses Are kept h Ter full Supply if celebrated Oik leather. Wort at Tutu Sla warranted h of k. Fees proper Tutor. To Murray . Be if a Emow Merabie placed a meat re Fri where i meat Are kept Cool neat in the at a the few a achy we it we a my far that waa any h film. On us Kph Crimy in breath Consec Tioney. Mrs. S. P. Mifty. I _ a open i j mint any time i let Uteri. Into Zwir big tie j n m any Kinin we tmwjm4. Mai 1iw my wit needs of the country Are in mag and that it is in no temper to be tried with. If there u uyt Hinc to be done at the extra session let the Aem hers show Suffi went decency to do it and then go How. While every int try in the c Lantry is Banff Erin and while tic people Art crushed Earth with taxes to pay interest to those who Are living on their like s Lii Ood. Then sound Uku i Evite in us chamber of death. Pal your Worl. A Bowness kind of a Way. And save year rep uti iwas Wall i lit feeling of your . Israr. Russia Haa got to work at last and the Tori the beginning of about the he Baa the ramans the Thyl report desire to at this time that it favors the Rei Kvuei Silver and recon Nixb Ita r n Ali Iuka Ita Jav Jiuu in to Ita Demonet ution in her May t scandinavian Axin trip and the states and refer to the fact that Tho Cou tried which have adopted the f Standard have Beta in u severe brn Mnew Depreo Ioa and in ukr . Diet Horta. Masy Penu Are Kijja Oradat of ease of thu Diana a and Means at hand in Hon whom whereby child can be Chi portable and the Weast held Check until the doctor arrives. Jyh in ease u a tue Braie that Afden to Throat and air a adages is formed t. The solidifying of the exudation a out by the Giulta Watina of the part therefore Thi beat Way to chec. And cure this disease is to tit the circulation and Eon Trul the heart action which can be Dow by patting the child into a warm hath the wrapping up warmly in flannel Flavin to Theair awl he Kate of drachma i Wolf de in two Osmom of water and to spoonful every ten Aii Wrob Antil the doctor arrives who will then w to. The Mircu Utkin. This Laner b us k met in controlling Tho disease u it in of All Stecew in medical Tasat Brant a it removes the cause and tin Elict u bound to succumb. Josi Puzie b. Nix., m. D. Colonl Etmo criminals. The project of it Erin in a is again Broughs Forward intone of seemed a Good one to is. If n proper Lon Ilij would be Nentl if we not already posses it Aad the criminals of the Puoh Apon a under such awards would re Xiet their Ettic reasonably improbable it would Settle some vexed from our Rucj by the i u4er thac. And to tews of their dormant manhood of of them would be Anak Ewd Der us my re up edibility and a Man who an Der oar won go to in Ter ruin would w a to mum Rethy weal Tumi Het of society and would be to return. Another very vexed a Estious would be Gat tit of and that is the i Natter of Competition Between con dirt arid Nohrr Lahore the subject a wort i the serious attention the Eoo try. Johnston a Fok Ftp Bakk very appropriately the press of the Western part of the state nuke Public the of their oms titania for Tho of John v. As speaker of the Home in the next Foncet ably. The Blu fun pm peril Haa presented and the mine a has endorse a a very Strong plea for the a chem of the saudi inure thus . Their to we Are sure very Grutly Thron front the state. Its huh in , As the Gnu Tutt when it cordially approve i the up Ivonin Ilion of or. Stone by the Hen Wien. Of Mills has been Iii. Reu Nion that Bis re election to tin , would inevitably be h. Ulc vation to the Thair. A abundant for in fiction. By virtue sheer Terii ind Peri Evee in the Senate and Titu it. Wih be by the of any of he hone when Thirl Tilv Hall in Jannary twi Jav i Only the Etc tinn because of the f it. Tint in . H tier be bed an up faint Utia Didente have . Or. 11. Wjt Alwil of he a very Mirror it . Now w a to afire limit it Wuu be we to be Curtly the Nunn when a Flancul i Lump Alicw Tan if. For it i Taftt Speaks. Sarh a air h be we Itic inf Anaver. As the Teim Bumm of the is i w the jj.-rj., us t in who in behalf the granting of in Tia
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