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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 31 1900, Page 8

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaB., r. N. R y to ratty the route. And Arrivi Fejt Tiwe old at Marble Roek in effect 4. Is99. Going n Orth. O. B u. Far a Juicer to 3 it p. Freight no 43 p m. No p . Going 8outk. To. B p u no 4 a i. P. A m. Freight no. A freight no. A ii daily except sunday. Stops on signal. Paa Engere will carried on Zreigat trains Only when provided with tickets. E. W. Kino. Agent j. W. Brown attorney at Law Charles City Iowa. All Law business promptly attended to. Collections promptly made on reason Able terms Loans of farms at lowest rate of interest Don t fooled the Market is Benz flooded of Rocky Fountain tha. To protest thu Ilic we Call Especial attention Mark printed u l t Emon 1 hit pin unite. For nil drug Gucu. Kodol dyspepsia cure digests what you eat. It artificially digests the food and aids nature in strengthening and reconstructing the exhausted digestive or Gans. it and tonic. No other preparation cab approach it in efficiency. It in stantly relieves and permanently cures Jfe Persia indigestion heartburn flatulence sour stomach nausea and All other Reault Sof imperfect digestion. Price we. And it. Large size contains times Snail sine. Book All about dyspepsia mulled tree c. C. Dewitt a co., patents designs Trade harks and copyrights obtained mince As to in inventive age to obtain patents of Trout no fee till Patent is letters confidential. Address free new shoe shop d. Prop. I have permanently located in Marble Rock and solicit your Patron age. Prices reasonable and work guaranteed o us to Date. Announcements Illinois Central r. R. Something new new first class the Chicago Omaha Dew tracts recently built from Tara to. In doubt Colon with the Central ? through Western from Chicago 1 Hronik Kail sen ice t a tit l Chicago Omaha a a italia 8-Lia. a fact Leto to Tibule train making principal Row with new equipment Enron ghost Brittig of Buffet Library smoking pc car full i sleeping car free reclining chair car dining or. It. Chicago i it. Express. 10 30 p m. I p m 1 a Omaha a Chicago .1 4 it 00a.m. A Tutti doing More or included m lit equipment in a car Between Erronte. Wiks Beker s excursions a it rata Iti South on the line of the ill to Ontl fat Yazoo a Niter Buti Maywill twice month feb april on Date which i and will ask to too Uon nne per i to to Aag Clec id Codac train Witt daily the Petite cot. Oatten Pace to Mana Exsaw Sloan. The c. R. A. N. By. Will Start an Fez Curavoo from the Northeast and Northern Purl of Lown to the a Brittian Endeavor convention in London eng land and to the Puna exposition. Many men Profete Vional Xieo teachers and those who to visit their fatherland will gift Day Avail them solve of ibis Opportunity. That teachers in our Sci tools and colleges m ily the advantage of this rare educational privilege arrangements Bare teen made with the Tine Dominion had alien Imine of Steamer. The selects 1 cd " Eye who contemplate Foog should address him at once at Independence Iowa for particulars. So. G. Farmer a. G. P. At. A. Cedar rapids Iowa. Woman o travel for Large House salary monthly and expenses with increase1 position permanent enclose self addressed stamped envelope. Mama Olk 330 Buxton bldg Chicago. Tab 1 6mo w c Nixt. Geo n Nijst. Nixt bros., Greene la. Sash door factory. Prompt attention Given to mail orders. Manufacturers and dealers in Sash doors blocks screens casings Etoi in Sash stairs mouldings cables porches Odd work Dunlap Racks tanks sink cupboards. Or. Of. R. Greene office open All the week. Teen j of traded without pain. All War War ranted. County Farmers Mutual insurance company risks la Force number of members insures property of All kinds against loss or damage file or Light oing. Is the Only that gives insurance at actual Cost losses promptly and fairly adjusted and paid. For nine years has Cost Lees than Oki other companies charge. Or insurance apply to the company director of your township. 3. P. president v. P. Cots Secretary. Charles City Iowa the capital City commercial cock rec the capital City school of Short Haiti pe8 Molnes. Iwo. The greatest Sebola of is to country. Thu beat Board Tery Rama Saame. Our Tada Atti m care Good Post Tona. Anytime. Mad for cat aloft to keha9 a Chaulet. Deits and Oracle Marki of burned and All Pak Cut Hiim Ness conducted for moderate attn. Own Orrice is Orpo Aitt pm Echt of net and we can secure Patent in less ump than Tofte Remote from t Uhm ton Send Model drawing or photo., with in Scop i to of. We Al so if of not free of duo re. Our fee not due till Patent Suec fed. A of mane in the . And far Aga tyabuin1 free. Adj tis . A cwt Mcc. Let a give you valuable regain inc your trip. Vve pm 7011 food Verrlon Yoa Riffat Thor Gfa Froais All i Tarvin ton any of at pail if Hamud Sfarti mar r.a3a it i it. Waht Chic Goese Good it 6ar41ca cell arc Vrlik their own when teachers or principals of the Chicago schools misuse the English idiom twist up grammatical construction and slide into bad colloquial isms it is simply a lapse into Chi says the Chicago Tribune. The District superintendents of schools come to this opinion a few Days ago at their to Bidet meeting after the had considered the charges of school trustees that the teacher1 do not under Leach it correctly. We Treier faults there might in the school English the Suir tend ends decided to the result of local dialect Ashen a teacher says that aint or it splits her infinities uses adjectives adverbs should used ends a sentence with a preposition asks where something is places modifying clauses out of order forgets the conjugation of her or does Iino of the other things of which trustees complain it is Sim ply a lapse into local dialect according to the superintendents. Such usages Are permissible in Chi and lapses into dialect do not constitute offences which would make Lindley Murray keep. According to the Supei Intendente. It was decided that the charges of the trustees had been overdrawn and vere not based upon a sufficient investigation spelling is not taught in the Pri May grades from text said superintendent Sabin but it is in the elementary grades. Hen the teachers use bad in Giixh lapse Inlo Chicago dialect in they were brought up. They Are nearly All Chi Cago sowing with artillery. How the of Athol Barren from a Clit or sterility. In the grounds of the Duke of Athol and near Blair Castle England stands a Bigi Rocky crag it looked grim and Bare in the midst of Beauty and its owner thought Bon much prettier it would look if Only Trees shrubs etc., could planted in its nooks and crannies. It As considered impossible for anyone to scale its Steep and Dang erotic acc ties and no other Sis thought of to get seed Soimi. One Day says the York press Alexander Nasmyth. Father of the celebrated Engineer paid a visit to the Duke s grounds. The crag1 Mas pointed out to him and lie Wai told of the desire of the Duke regard ing it. After some thought he conceived How it could accomplished. In pass ing the Castle he noticed two old can non he got a few Small tin canisters made to fit the bore of the Cannon and filled them Vith a variety of tree Shrub Nanri prof seels the were loaded m the usual n a and fired at the rocks from All the Little canisters on striking the Rock burst scattering the in All directions Many seeds were lost but Many More fell into the fudges or cracks where t fire n Little Moss or Earth these soon showed signs of life and in a Feriv Jears Graceful Trees and pretty climb ing plants All sown were growing and flourishing in nearly every recess of the formerly Bare Gray crag clothing it with verdant Beauty. The Toucan at Roost. And Amon left performance of the Bird when fre Parlac for sleep. The Toucan was an amiable and at first a silent Bird. He lived in a. Very Large Cage chiefly on fruit and dubbed constantly says Cornhill. But the curious and amusing thing was to see him Roost and he began quite Early while other Birds were still awake. The first thin Wasto Caref ully cock up for it was a slow and cautious proceeding his absurd Little Cut of a Tail which was Only about three or four inches Long. This must in some Way have affected his balance for he Neier moved on the Perch after the Tail had been Laid carefully Back. Then later in the evening he gentle turned the huge unwieldy Bill around1 degrees., until it too Vias Laid along his Back and burled in feathers in the usual birr fashion. By the who i have always wondered How and Tihy the myth arose that Birds sleep with 1heir Heads under heir mugs a moment s thought or observation show that it is quite impossible a feat for a Bird As for a human being however the Toucan s sleep ing arrangements resulted in producing an Oral mass of feathers supported on one leg. Looking As unlike a Bird As u is possible to imagine. Then he was ruthlessly awakened a sudden poke or noise which i Grieve to state was often in my absence need less to i heard that he invariably tumbled Down in a sprawling Heap. Being unable to adjust the balance required the ponderous Bill All in a moment. Here is a letter recently in Washin Irton a Western member of Congress to very honorable or. Kind sir and esteemed Friend i Hare the seed. They came this morning and suit Aery Well specially the cabbage which grows Well in this soil p was Send me loads of fertiliser and new barter mine is broke m it Ain t no Good and if you could tend a Man for a couple of Days i would obliged. With Tula help i know the will Tira Al rite i will tend bom to it the pamment. Tow of item Urt we Hare imported t70.000.oou Worth free Tom heal of to april 30. Thin m ing ten of the last year. The Illinois republicans have ruined a Large Batch of expectations holding a harmonious Conven Tion and placing an excellent ticket in the Field. The indications that this is to a record breaking tear for democratic disappoint rent Birmingham 19 shipping three trim loads of pig Iron per to Orleans where it is loaded on vessels for the foreign Trade this in a measure accounts for the expansion sentiment in Alabama the Only regret in this connection found in the fuel the output of the Birmingham furnaces is carried abroad in foreign Bottoms during the first four months o this Weir railway earnings for the whole country were 15 8 per cent larger ban in the corresponding months Olic the sane months of lb9s there was an increase of 15 per cent Over the earnings of ic97. In the increase 4 5 per cent Over 1s9e business has kept on steadily improving Ever since president Mckoley was inaugurated. Republicans Are willing that the United states govern sent should con tribute to the up building of an Ameri can merchant Marine so that the ships employed in doing our import and Export carrying away built Ameri cans in Home shipyards. Democrats on the other had favor the Purchase of ships built abroad aliens chiefly the English. Senator Hale of Maine a declared that the Armor plate makers of the country have deliberately car Speed to defraud the country. Co smering that they have furnished Armor to Russia at a ton it would really seem that they could afford to sell to the United state for less than their present minimum figure and the country will certainly approve the building of a government Armor Plant rather than permit itself to Arthur robbed. Kentucky has quieted Down but Montana is keeping its end up tight along. One fare rate. A Rale of Xinji i a it Tor the round trip lodes Homes has been named the c r n. By Irsai All Sta Lions in Iowa account prohibition convention june 12-13 tickets on Sak Tine 11-12 Good to return until and including june 14 h. Gall on c. R. I n agents for tickets g Farmer a. G. P. T. A b., j. R Cedar rapids la. Take a vacation. Special is Cursio s to Colorado and Utah on june 20, july 9, 17 and August 1. On above dates round trip excursion tickets limited Lor return to out 31st will Gold to Denver Colorado Springs Pueblo. Salt Lake City and Ogden Al the Low rate of a single fare pins Call on any agent of the b., c N. By. For tickets and full information or address Jno g Farmer a. G. P. c n. By Cedar rapids la. New Day train to Chicago b., c. R. N. By. Con mencing monday april 30lb, the Burlington Cedar rapids Northern a Ailsy will have a new Day train to Chicago leaving Marble Rock at a. M., arriving at Chicago 4-4-5 p. In. Daily except sundays. This train will Bave parlor car of the latest Petern from West Liberty to Chicago and chairs May reserved at 75c each. At Rock Tsend dining car will attached serving h 50o dinner which is As Fine As any that can obtained anywhere. Tom in the Best Day Light train from Tom pwt of the country and w especially convenient for ladies travelling alone. Courteous employee will Bave charge of bwe and will especially look after ibis of patronage. This Tram connects at Rock Island with trains or arriving there at p. M., where connection it made with lines to the emt and South at Chicago thie train makes can Section in the same depot with Lake shorn win at 5.30 p. for Cleveland Buffalo new York and Boetto. Aleo connect with pen thayl Vul limited 1 Tang canal Street depot at p. For pm tatar Washington and new York. It connects Warto evening trams Vin All lines u the and Booth. Please Beagio Miod that this Trio in Chicago m Van Baren Street Stallw located Rit Fht id the heart of the City on eke led Loop Mak ing it Partible for Page Ermeri who take tote to fed to mob part of toe rtt town in for in Ratee and f Impi match Call or write the e. W. Kim m. Carbiener fashionable Barber and hair Dresser. Your patronage give me a trial. Shop on Bradford Street. Agent for Waterloo laundry. I Elf Linh Rou and Wuu raw if Jollu dipl 10 Ca office at residence Marble Bock Iowa. Prescriptions compounded at office. Cd physician and office at it u Llulu reside ure in the Gates Block. Calls Day or night promptly attended to. Prescriptions Sotupo Rhoded at the office. S. W. Mcnich d. D. A successor 10 i. Brorson Marble Bock Iowa. Office open All week wednesdays. In reasonable cases Teeth extracted without All work guaranteed o. Weber City i eat Market All kinds of meat in its guaranteed Hajj rest Price paid Lor bides tallow Marble Rock Bank j. Shepardson lians acis a general banking business receive deposits buy approved paper. Buy and sell Exchange. Pm nerve calmness and peaceful slum 5jthan druggists Price Solo and guaranteed for Sale a. J. Asper co. They banish pain and prolong life. T no matter what the matter is one will do you Good and you can get ten for five cents. I my Lullu Lull my i i 1 1 m it Olimi t

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