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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 31 1900, Page 7

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaChapter i. Something unusual was going on Headquarters and the men in 4he nearest regimental Camps regular and Volunteer were lined up along sentry posts and silently eagerly Waich Uig and waiting. For a week Rumor had been Rife that orders for a were coming and the Brig Ades hailed it Delight. Fora month shivering at night in dripping drench ing fogs Drifting in from the Pacific or drilling for hours each Day on the Bleak slopes of the Presidio Heights they had Pray ice for something to break the Monotony of the routine. They were envious of the comrades who had shipped to Manila Emulous of those who had stormed Santiago and Ould have with unreason ing enthusiasm any mandate that bore Promise of Cicroe setae or the afternoon was raw and Chilly the wind blew Salt and Strong from the sea and the Mist rolled in thick and Fleecy hiding1 from View the familiar landmarks of the neighbourhood and forcing a display of lamplight in the Row of Gaudy saloons across the Street that bounded the Camp ground the setting Sun though that in visible luminary was still an hour High and afternoon Drill Only Over. Company after company in their Campaign hats and flannel shirts in worn Blue trousers and Brown Canvas leggings the men had come swinging in from the Broad driveways of the Beautiful Park to the South and As they passed the tents of the commanding general even though they kept their Heads erect and noses to the front their wary glanced quickly at the unusual array of saddled horses of carriages and Concord wagons halted along the Curbstone and noted the number of officers grouped about the Gate. Ponchos and overcoat capes were much in evidence on every Side Ai the men broke ranks scattered to their tents Stow away their dripping arms and s belts and then came streaming out to stare a rebuked at Headquarters. It still Early in the War Days and among the volunteers and indeed among regiments of the regulars whose were sprinkled with College men u u1uc1 sub or months earlier Nith certain subaltern the military line of demarcation was a dead letter when the boys were out sight and hearing of their seniors and so it happened that when a Young officer came hurrying Down the path Way that led from the tents of the Gen eral to those of the Field officers of the tenth California he was hailed by More than one group of regulars along whose he passed and As a Rule the query look the terse soldierly form of what s up the lieutenant nodded affably to Sev eral of his Fellows of the football Field a Cut his hand crept out from underneath the shrouding Cape Palm Down Sig caution. Some answered in tones just loud enough. To be heard by those nearest him. Seen Ike old Man anywhere the general wants and never halting Forre the youngster hurried of. He was a Bright cheery Brave eyed lad of 20 who six months earlier was through the sciences at the great University on the Heights beyond glorious Bay never dreaming of Battle than that in which his diet eleven grappled with the striped team of a rival College. All on a Sud to the amaze of the elders of the 4freat Republic the tenets and traditions of the past were thrown to the and the Hermit nation leaped to figure out where be gets the fan dollars a week he Para pretty Back Yards. In fliers in eed me he out no attractive spot or Tutu ii inc heal even if a country Garden is denied us it is possible to obtain much pleas ure with what we possess and it is surprising that the Back Yards of City houses Are the forlorn neglected places that they generally Are at Best being Only a Square grass plot utilized for drying clothes and a narrow Border planted with a few straggling perennials. If there Are children in the family sometimes Northe attempts Aie made at a Flower bed. As the majority of people who own town houses Seldom leave the City before the Middle of Junet returning by the Middle of septem Ber and As the head and bread Winner of the family practically stays All summer in town it is a wonder that these Back Yards Are not generally made Beautiful by a Little care and attention especially As the dining room windows Are Apt to Overlook the enclosure. Infrequently there is either a Small porch or Balcony. Where it would be pleasant to sit if the Outlook were attractive. Where two houses of the same Cali Ber Back up against each other in Dajac tent streets the space left open is an elongated Square 23 feet wide. This might if properly utilized con Tain much Beauty and sweetness. If the clothes posts Are a necessity they could despite the laundress prob Able objection be arranged so As to leave the Center space free. If is an even Brick Wall the task of Ren Dering it Beautiful is an easy one. Generally however ugly Board stalls form the boundaries but. It is pos sible to get Over this difficulty with the Aid of the wire netting which is used for Chicken Yards and which could be quickly covered with annuals and what is More Satis Fae an attractive Back Yard. Try perennials which Are of slower growth but which could be planted at the same time. If there Are children in the fam ily an Arbor is a source of great pleas ure As a playhouse and might form the Center of the Wall. This also could be constructed of the wire net Ting if supported by a wooden Frame and should have n Small table in the Center surrounded by a wooden Bench. A pretty and effective group ing for either Side of the summer House would be sunflowers Holly Hocks lilacs and As the autumn and Spring should chiefly be consid ered chrysanthemums and the brilliantly flowering shrubs that Bloom in the Early Spring. It is possible to enjoy the Lovely procession of bulbs in a town Yard Garden. The crocuses hyacinths daffodils anal tulips nil cot tip to maturity before the exodus to the country while in the Garden will be Gay in geraniums and later summer Flowers Sintil Frost. The accompanying sketch shows a dimple plan for beautifying the regu lation enclosure. In which it will be seen the clothes poles Are not forgot ten. It is to be hoped however that Biddy will be limited As to their use and that the lines will not remain stretched for More than two Days of to no1 a Totaita in o v. A .ljii.1.1 s. Font Good to learn. Learn to laugh. A Good laugh is better than Medicine. Learn How to Tell a Story. A Well told Story is As Welcome As a Sun beam in a sick room. Learn to keep your own troubles to yourself. The world is too Busy to care for Jour ills and sorrows. Learn to Stop croaking. If you can not see any Good in this world keep the bad to yourself. Learn to attend strictly to your own business. Very important Point. Learn to hide your aches and pains tinder a pleasant smile. To one cares whether you have the earache head Eclie or rheumatism. Learn to Greet your friends with a smile. They carry too Many frowns in their own hearts to be bothered with any of world. He wan troll thankful. The of a beloved wife in Venango county va., was touch singly referred to by the bereaved widower who in his local paper inserted the following card of thanks to his Friendly neighbors i wish to express m most Heartfelt thanks 10 the min ister choir neighbors Mars and of the various orders. All those who so kindly assisted in the the Knees and of my first mrs. Palmer pleased. The Paris Nita Uutola Elv mrs. Potter Palmer of the general commission to the exposition it Paris is the Only woman among Coli missioners whom the different countries of the world have sent prance. Her position therefore is one of exceptional interest and attracts much attention. She was one of the of in trip oppt tip Cere monies at the Salles Des fetes. After the ceremonies she repaired to american Paulion in time to see presi Dent Loubet pass on the River. To the press representative who asked her for her impressions mrs. Palmer said of course this is Charm ing. We All knew it would be so 1m f Mes. Potter Palmer. Paris. The Way the different sections of the exhibition thread their Way through bits of real Paris on both Side of the Seine is one of the most Charm ing features but what appeals to and gratified me most is the undoubted fact that Chicago has set the Pace for Paris the Mother of exhibitions. The whole system has been revolutionized by our world s fair and France has realized that she must plan hers in future on similar lines to attract world s interest. This she has done. The old palais d industries which hitherto was considered adept Date has been torn Down and splendid buildings have been erected similar in effect to ours. Paris has utilized the water effect As we did and has expended Money on space in a manner hitherto undreamed of. But Beautiful As it All is i do not consider that they equal us. There is certainly no View comparing with court of Honor. In another w a has France imitated us namely the Way in which women Are now recognized. For the first Tima in France a woman is on. The commis Sion. And women will Oil All industries in which women Are directly or indirectly interested. This is a great step in Advance. Numerous women s congresses will be held begin Ning in june. The chairman on the women s con Gieras Here has just appointed mrs. Charles Henrotin of Chicago the Dele Gate at Large for America to secure the participation of the american beautifying the hand. Simple that will in Cream its by mine try appearance and strength. To increase the strength symmetry and incidentally the Beauty of the hand demote ten minutes before you go to bed to muscle bending and stretch ing. Extend both arms at right to the body the backs 6f the turned upward. In this position the hand is to be Bent upward downward and sideways. With fingers first to Gether and then extended and without moving the Arm Bend the hands up Ward from the wrist As fax As possible urea Back to the original position then downward As far As possible for that sideways movement Bend alternately toward the thumb Side and the Little Finger Side. Continue this swinging of the hands upward downward and Side ways for some minutes. Hand rotation next follows. In the arms Are held As for the bending and stretching exercises. With even and constant movement the hand per forms All the previous motions that is from the bending position upward into ice bearing position sideways Down Ward sideways in the opposite direction and so on first the fingers Are held together and then extended. Finger bending and stretching Cornea next. With arms extended the Are slowly but vigorously Bent enough to form a fist and Are then again open forcibly. For Finger spreading hold the tips of the fingers apart with arms extended As before and perfectly straight. After the spread the extended fingers Are brought together again or Are tightly clenched this hitter action increasing the effect of the exercise. Both the Muscles of the hand and of the forearm Are exercised by these and after due time if there is not a notice Able gain in suppleness of wrist con tour of Arm and Shap Liness of the had there is of y one reason for it Jou Are looking for results a Little too y. Sun. Women Poth scary shop with women clerks Are not Only becoming common in Russia. But they Are said to be specially a voted by and the Public. To make cookies crust. A Tablespoon of vinegar added to tin regular recipe for cookies will them Crisp and the children enjoy tvs

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