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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 31 1900, Page 6

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H. B. Nibs son. Mabble Bock. Amer calf horses for War. Market created for the estimated number of horses in the world is of which 80.000. 000 Are in Russia in the United states in the Argentina be Public and in Austria Hun Fary. It is to the last country and heretofore horse buyers in times of War Hare gone for the reason that hungarian horses Hare been believed to make the Best mounts Lor cr.vahv-. Russian horses Are not to be Pur chased except with the permission of the government and the Argentine is too Remote As a Rule. Cow the demand for horses for military use is Beinor supplied to an increasing extent from the United states the Yogi Sun. Very recently agents of the British. Government began to Purchase horse s in Texas. By the last enumeration there were horses in the and the Sale of several thousand of them to the British government at prices rans Png from to a head the average value of a horse in the United states is now about s37 Marks feature of the development of a new item of american Trade. It is not in respect to horses Only that the United states offer a Large Raar tet to the governments of other countries for there Are now in this country 2.000.000 mules Allgus aunt i iliac been Pui phased for War service by the British government in South Africa. The armies of european countries Are con stantly increasing in size and with this increase comes the need for More i oses. Roughly speaking there Are 1.000.000 horses required for military service on a War footing in All coun tries. Or one horse in 60. The require ments of the russian army Are 300.000, France and Germany 200.000 each and of England and the United states each. Horses and mules bought in the United states have been seen in actual warfare to possess the very qualities needed. The horses have Speed endurance strength and the mules endurance and strength with out Speed. Women s occult Powers. The lower it apprehend disaster. In discussing the sixth sense 1 in animals the London daily yews announces that among the other domes tic animals woman possesses this to a marked degree. In evidence of which there is the instance of the residing in the hotel at Ara Alfi the Day before the landslip who re fused to another Nicht. Lemme Coqui steer that the Earth was moving. Similarly Domestic animals manifested symptoms of unrest and apprehension before the Peri oils pm the quake in 1897 in the Riviera and it is commonly noticed that previous to earthquakes generally and before great storms dogs cows the approaching Dis Aster. Why Domestic animals including women have this prescience is almost entirely wanting in beasts and men. Is explained by the statement that the former have less to think about than the latter so Are More attentive to their Cense impressions. Men and wild beasts labor under the absorbing necessity 01 providing food for them and protecting thorns eyes against enemies while the Domestic animals Are spared All this. Diamonds made at Home. A that every Wom lib May be her own jeweler. How very Nice it will be when every woman can make her own diamonds and not be obliged to save out of the Market Money to buy them or tease Ker indulgent father or husband to boy them for her. The Blissful Era of Diamond making at Home is promised us by a French chemist named Irois Aan says the new York commercial advertiser. He has had diamonds that were indistinguishable from those made by nature. Sugar and electricity were the ingredients he employed. Enormous Hunt a nil Terrp tronc Are brought to Bear upon the sugar and Presto one has As Many Dia monds As one wishes. The chemist does not hold out encouragement of an immediate fall in the Price of jewels As result of his discovery but he thinks it possible now that the Wells or Cruci Bles in which the diamonds of Brazil were formed will be discovered. Till Row these diamonds have Only been found in alluvial deposits but some where. There is a. Gigantic Stock of brilliants and if we can possess our souls in patience Long enough every woman May boast her Tiara and Riviere. Exported. It is slated the Sultan has author Ted to be sent to the Paris Exposi Tion if pure blooded arabian horses from Turkey in Asia and the director of tue Imperial stables has been per charged with the Choice of h arses and their care while in Phi care. This will be sensational news to horsemen for it is the first time the exportation into Europe i temporarily of these horses at Torind the arabian which europeans be pones Bettag a Mere wine laurels to Lotf the Blue and the Gray spread wreaths where our heroes rest let the sons of Mortn Echo Back from the South for the love that is truest and best1 twin wreaths for the tombs of our Grant and our Lee. One Anthem for jargon and Ilea de. And the Flag above you is the Banner for people in name and in deed clasp hands o or the Graves where our Laureles ones Lianas o or the Gray and the Blue to Day Are Brothers a. 1 bound by a tie that the years shall but serve to re new by the Side of the Northman who peace fully sleeps where tropical doors Are shed a. Son of the South his in Mann worship Flag o or the two heroes spread. Weave tokens of love Tor the heroes in Bine weave wreaths for the heroes in Gray clasp brotherly hands o or the Graves that Are the love that is ours to Day a Trinity Given to bless to glorious records to keep and a kinship that a grievance shall sever renewed where the Brave Are asleep spread Flowers to Day o or the Blue and the g wreaths where our he roes rest let the sons of the North Echo Bacic from the South for the love that is truest and Best twine w deaths for the tombs of our a ii oui Lee one us Mil Lor your lather and mine o the Flag you adore is the Banner for Rne and its folds our dead Brothersen twine. E. , in Chicago times Herald. Writing to what Fot to say As Short As you let s and Jack printed rather crookedly but clearly Johs Doyle wounded at Bull run died at 42 Charles Street do you remember when he Jack asked glad to rest awhile but delighted with his Progress. I was t born Jack but can t we say his Loving grandchildren have have fixed this to his Friem Why said Jack admiringly. That s real Tomb Stony that s Good enough for the Monny ment. Let s and Jack sat with Pencil poised then slowly and laboriously Polly s Bright eyes watching eagerly e e e s the Flag. Polly Ain t it. A Lovely grandpa la be dec rated splendid my Rose Bush has two roses and three you Ain t Goin to pick the did t grandpa die for our country did t we live till Mother died on his this is writ by Polly and Jack Kerr in memory of grandpa of Jack it s just Lovely got and Polly sweetly solemn stepped to the old Bureau and opened her most precious Possession an old Box which held her Peculiar treasures. Ilene s Lour of Mother s she said solemnly. I be saved pm but they la be just the thing to fas ten Dovin the than bids of to hardly from excitement. Bright and Early they were about stopping a moment to gaze rapturously on the and to water the precious Rosebush which any Florist would have admired so perfect were the buds and roses. Then Jack started out to Black boots and attend to one or two furnaces while Tolly washed dishes and tidied rooms for three different a Hillies. Receiving five cents from each. At noon they were ready to Start the roses care fully wrapped within the Headstone lest the Sun Wilt them the Flag s carried by Polly. It was a Long Long walk to Ever greens but the children s rent was due in two Days and they dared not spend Money on car fare. On they trudged the thought of the Honor to be done to grandpa keeping Polly s tired feet going. But before they had accomplished a Quarter of the Dis Tance Jack caught sight of a great sex decorating Kan spa s grave. Pension i think a Vitole Bushel of buds would t be too Jack was glad Polly did not know about the ten cent Flag he could have got he had thought five cents enough to spare out of their scanty earnings when making the Purchase but after hat speech he Felt Small. What if he were but a Boot Lack earning a most precarious living and Polly making Only an Odd dime now and then by scrubbing a floor or tending children for the neighbors Jack wished head done More for Hia Soldier Grandfather but a thought struck him. Of Polly i la Tell you what til for yes you know it la be years be fore we a or grandpa for we must get an Eddi cation first and though the Flag la show it s a sol Dier s grave i think folks ought to know More. Well i be Learned to print Teal Clear and i la print a real Nice head Stone and Well fix it Down on the grave and f Olks la see it for that Day that s splendid you do it and i la get supper Jack rushed out for stiff Brown paper and Ink and the kind shopkeeper who knew the children learning a that he intended to do gave him two sheets of Manilla paper and Sho red him How to use the grease thereby saving the. Boy from innumerable spatters of Ink. Jack purchased the ten cent Flag on the spot and re turned with his prize. We can eat dry bread he said As his sister looked doubtfully at the Flag that s my planning1 to write a was one another to do it. We can t say for it s a Oln to be staked Down How would Yon Pollyr my Caya Polly s teacher it Yoa re press cart coming up the Hill. Hold on there s a fellow 1 know. Hell take us first class or. Called can you us a and the Good natured express Man Drew up for the children. Going to evergreens Why i m Tak ing a Basket of plants take you right along 1 and so much earlier than they expected Jack and Polly had dec rated the old Soldier s grave. The paper was carefully pinned Down with the Long wire hairpins Polly kissing each one before she used often had used them to fasten up the Long Brown hair of which the Chil Dren so proud the flags Vivere placed at the foot the roses at the head and the children stood we1 sat s fied with the results. Now let s go and see sense of the other said Jack and then Well come Back so they wan dered from place to place. It was the poorest part of poorest cemetery yet there were some handsome gravestones and Many carefully kept plots. The children much enjoyed see ing the flow ers but agreed that our grave was the Best of All. The soldiers have covered every bit of the said a tall girl in a Dis appointed tone. I like them to re member grandpa is Noth ing for us to do and we have so Many i have a said aunt Mary who always had delightful ideas if anyone needed cheering. Let s drive Over to evergreens there May be some Graves there that we can Deco rate it is what dear grandpa would wish. You remember he often said we officers get the glory but the Pri Vates did the that s a splendid plan Well Start at it Wae a my drive Taro Agic miser hate at Rwy Tot May her to to their of Charity. Coon As entered evergreens each watched for Tome Soldier s grave. Of aunty there s one i see Flag two of them John John Stop what a queer thing what is and Mary Knelt by the children s aunty. Aunty the said the impulsive girl her eyes overflowing. Of if i could Only find Polly and Jack aunt Mary came with lilies and Heliotrope hyacinths and geraniums not have one other beside the Lovely ones the children had Laid there. Smilax was carefully wreathed about the and then Mary Rose Only half satisfied. Forty two Charles think we might Call there Xot to Day dear we Ere too already. We must hurry i m afraid we be lost the to there s the big is just near there. I always know our grave by that. But i Don t remember any other grave that was dec rated. Jack could say no More and Polly Etc Linig sight of the Wreath of flow Era and Smilax Frame at the same moment the children Knelt speech less with amazement. Do you think it was asked Polly in an Awe struck voice. Said Jack sturdily it was this Headstone that did it Pollyl somebody read that was the proudest moment of Jack s life. Polly nodded her head acquiescent by still too Awe struck for words. And by next year we must have a real but the do it said the boy with a new Confidence in his Powers. Isow let s take a few of these Home to re member the Day they took a bit of Heliotrope a hyacinth and Spray of Smilax and walked with no sense of weariness so exalted were they by what they had found Back to the rooms which had been grandpa s and mothers one of which they had managed to keep by toil almost incredible in such Mere children. The next Day seemed Dull and prosy to Polly As Days do to All of us after unwonted excitement. The Little girl had just settled Down to study her lessons for the night school Jack and she attended when there came a Knock at the door. Polly opened it and was confronted by two ladies one tall and slim the other fat and As Polly told Jack. There Are our exclaimed May who had Given her aunt no rest till she took her to 42 Charles Street so you must be Polly yes a said Polly much sur prised. This was the first of. Many visits May made to the neat Little room. The general s granddaughter be friended the old Soldier s grandchildren and. With her help and counsel Jack and Polly have a real head Stone Harris in n. Y. Independent. A nation s ride a nation s Fame a nation s Battle glory Aye these have held an honoured name in Lyric song and Story but More than each and More than All a Light with heavenly splendor the tributes o or her dead that fall their requiem Low and tender. A nation s wealth a nation s Power her place Monir the nations Aye these May win her for an hour a waiting world s Oblations. But Fadeless and forever fair the record god is keeping of love that lays its tribute where her Soldier sons Are sleeping. Mitchell in Good housekeeping. Lessesi2vg Kajaks. Cartes medic Fri co. Dis. Brent Good president of the Cartel Medicine company yesterday a Telegram from Bis lawyers in Chi Cago informing him that a final in Junction with costs had been granted against the Chicago Label and Box company. This company makes a Spe Fialty of manufacturing labels boxes etc., for druggists. The Carter com Pany has been following them through the courts for two years on the com plaint that the Label company was making simulations of the labels of Carter s Little liver pills. They have now obtained a final injunction with costs and the costs Are very Large As Lue ease Lias but ii Sugiu sued to a Mas Ter in chancery for a final accounting. The Carter Medicine company has been the first and Only one to prosecute printers or engravers who Hava pared such labels and wrappers. It Marks a new departure in infringement cases and their Victory is one of great importance to the whole proprietary and also of interest to retail y. Press May lots of Robert Frank the Well known artist is a self made Man and not until he become self supporting did he have a Chance to pursue the regular studies which most peo ple have in , says the Philadelphia Post. When be began drawing for a living he was so excellent that he had no difficulty in securing orders. One Day he delivered some sketches to employer who said by the by Frank i want a picture drawn in a great hurry. It is a novel thing a boxing a Wohl answered the artist i will have it ready to Morrow for you know what a Kangaroo is of Frank must have been thinking of an Ostrich because he answered with a complacent smile a gewiss heh. It is along tall thing Mit lots and it sudars Bias been his nickname Ever since. Give the children a Drin la called Grain of. It is a delicious appetizing nourishing food drink to take the place of Coffee. Sold by All grocers and liked by All who have used it because when properly prepared it tastes like the finest Coffee hut is free from All its injurious properties. Grain of aids digestion and strengthens the nerves. It is not stimulant but a health builder and children As Well As adults can drink it with great Benefit. Costs about i As much As Coffee. 15 and 25c. A different declaration. She is very proud of the fact teat she has an ancestor who was one of the signers of the declaration of that s nothing to be proud of. There s a divorce in our family bulletin. On Beautiful May Murn Lues. On Beautiful May mornings i often watch and wait there lilies of the Valley grow beside Garden Gate for when the White Sowers open in frag Rance Ana in Grace a Lovely Garland i shall make for my sol flier s resting place. Alien i Lay the Wreath upon his grave on decoration Day i shall dream of the Bright May morning when the soldiers marched away when to All they de so dearly they said a sad Good by and think How grand a. Thing it was for their native Zarfl to die f. Butts in youth s companion. Binder twine at Low if you want a special inside Price on Binder twine either sisal Standard or Cut this notice out and mail it to Sears Roe co. Binder twine Chi Cago stating about How much twine you will require and How soon you will want it and they will save you Money by quoting you a Price that will either secure your order or compel the party who supplies you to sell to you at a lower Price than he otherwise would. The Golden Rule 1m Texas. When men learn to do unto others As they would have others do unto them horse Trad ing will have become one of the lost Galveston news. Do tear feet ache and Burnt shake into your shoes Allen s foot ease 1 Fol Fultn Nof tiflis i buses i eel Jias. Cures corns itching swollen hot callous smarting sore and sweating feet. A druggists and shoe stores sell it 25c. Sample seat free. Address Ahen s. Olmsted la Hay x. Y. There was a Mich idea girl Whf while hypnotized borrowed two. If Drill kindly Send tie name school that turned the a favor on anxious news. F Jet to coning option. Kemp s Balsam will Stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to Day and get a Sample bottle free. Large bottles 25 Kaiui 50 cents. Go at once delays Are dangerous. Some men seem to think because self preservation is the first Law of nature that it is necessary to keep themselves constantly soaked in daily news if you feel that von must occasionally yield to the temptation to Tell a lie Tell one so big that no one will believe Globe. R to care a cold in one Day take laxative Bromo quinine tablets. All it fails to cure 25c. Barber got it mixed. A Little band of comrades year by year bring the red White and Blue to Plant with care upon those Graves each year their ranks grow few. E. Averill. The idea of memorial Day originated g the women of Maryland rho put on the Graves of both fed eral and Confederate Long before the surrender of Appomattox. The women of other states soon began follow ing the custom. The a fat the Best memorial of oar is a reincarnation of their tar a Nice reamed new expression is a u u be news. I. 1 j1ct Stop chewing the rag or you u get hut in your Niall goods Are alike to few a dyes As they color All fibres at one boiling. Boldly. I see doctor that Yon charge me 100 Marbs for visits and 60 Marks for medicines. That is too much for me. Bui we can arrange it this Way. I will pay you for the medicines and return your Julie Gende Braetter. St. Makes Vou think i ought to let you in. Applicant my life need to clean House four times a year and 1 always had to stay a the House while she did Syracuse Herald. Loved me Beiter than the Latron that s nothing. Being a Soldier he is presumed to care nothing for Kansas City Independent. Guest "te4 your wife has a magnificent voice it ought to he Hespect do Yon know you never heard Het guest "3fo but i have heard her talk. I live in the Flat across the sync use Herald. An imitative dog. Bixby e dog is a great imitator. He can stand on his Hind Yegsan Ddnna from a i suppose he has often seen his master do that. Land Plain dealer. The editor uras Good natured. He condescended to read the manuscript. Kot half he said finally but Don t Yon think Rou be carried this joke a bit too Well the humorist replied just about the limit i should say. This is tie fourteenth floor i believe and the elevator in t record. What a Libei this newspaper says my new play was terribly missed especially in the last in t it True " True of course not. The last act came on there was t a soul in the Olis news. Elder sister you been looks Dowd Fadly to the Only Tom him if h Little joke lie. The Muser hit tit met it Hli self. Henry Lamm an attorney of Sedalia Tolof a Story at the reception to the Missouri bar association rec Emir which caused a laugh says the Kansas City Star. Or. Lamp was called on to make an Impromptu speech he said this is taking an unfair advantage of me. I have a paper in my pocket Nurica i am to read at the meeting to Morrow. It s a very dry paper and it take me an Nour to a Ead it. If 1 am Given tue encouragement i will read it Row. That would be one on you would t it and that reminds me. I in to Baa recently 4iid there they have a new joke. A Ina asks you have j of heard the Story about the to no dirty your esp Suslu 10 answer Jno. Aim Luiei Hie Iii Ciu says that s one on you a dutch Barber who Lead been sold of this joke concluded to try it on next customer who came into his shop. As getting ready to shave the next caller he asked him Haf Jcj hard Dot Story about dirty answered the customer. Veil Dos one you got on the debilitating drains and discharges which weaken so Many women Are caused by Ca Tarrh of the distinctly feminine organs. The sufferer May Call her trouble Luchor Rhea or weakness or female disease or some other name but the real trouble a Catarrh of the female organs and nothing else. Peru a radically and permanently cures this and All other forms of Catarrh. It is a positive specific for female troubles caused by Catarrh of the delicate lining of the organs Peculiar to women. It a ways cures if used persistently. It is prompt and certain. Lia Bastone is the original and Only durable Wall coating entirely different from All Kal Tomines ready for use in or fourteen Beautiful atties naturally prefer a1s Basting Lor Walla and Ceil Ings because it is pure clean durable. Put up in dry pow dered form in five Pound p Ages with full directions. Kal Solnes Are cheap temporary preparations Mada from we lunar chalks clays eic., Ana stuck Oft Walls with de Cavins animal glue. Alabas Itne is not a Kal Wornica. Of the dealer says a can sell you the thing As Al Bastine or something just As is either not posted or is try ing to deceive you. In in offering Someth Tob Jie has bought cheap and tries to sell on Al Bastine s de mands a May not realize damage you will Sutler Foy Kal Romlne on your Walla. In style dealers Waltl not buy a. Lawsuit. Dealers risk one by Selling and Consumers by us Luff infringement. Ala Bastone co. Own right to make Trail coat ing to met with cold water. He Interior of every Church and school Shoula be coated Only with pure Dur Able aija Bastise it Safe guards health. Hundreds of tons used yearly for this work. K Btty no Alabas Tinb customers should avoid get Ting cheap Lialos Manss under different Walnes. Insist on having our goods a packages and properly labelled. I visa Nib of Wall pacer la Jated by Alabas Tinb. Can. Be used on plaster ceilings Brick or can Vas. A child can Brush it it does not rub or scale stab1jshed in favor. Shojii All ask paint dealer or druggist for tint card. Write us Tor interesting Book let free. Alaba Stimbo co grand rapids Mich. V. Brain a the food drink. Coffee injures growing children even when it is weakened. Grain of gives them brighter eyes firmer flesh quicker intelligence and happier dispositions. They can drink All they want of the More the better and it tastes like Coffee. All is. J5t Battle of Manila a state or atm torn

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