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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 31 1900, Page 4

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaTackle it store. Thwe will a Delegate convention of the of lows held in City of do Moines on wednesday August 1, 1900, at 11 o clock a. M., for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for each of the following offices Secretary of state auditor of state treasurer of state attorney general judge of the supreme court Railroad commissioner two electors at Large one elector for each congressional District. Fiord county ii entitled to m in the there will a Delegate convention of the republicans of Floyd county Iowa in the court House in Charles City Iowa on the 1st Day of june 1900, it the hour of 2 o clock p. M., for the purpose of selecting delegates to the next Judi Cial convention of the 12th judicial District of Iowa to select Delegate to the next congressional convention of the 4tn congressional District of Iowa and to select delegates to Tho next Sute convention of lows. Also to select a new county Central committee. Union and Scott townships will entitled to the same representation As at the lust convention. Of Albert James reams has gone to lies Horatio Merrick was a Greene visitor last thursday. Mrs James Zeran returns j from Bock Ford thursday. Mra. 0 l. Crowell visited relatives at Rockford Over sunday. Archie reams has moved into Bis Bouse near the Railroad. Mrs. De. Browne and son of Greene visiting relatives at this place. Mrs. Clara Holcomb and Eon Jay Are visiting relatives in South Dakota. A. Fri Zoleand Frank Varnak of visited with or. Engstler a Lami v last week. Mr9. Mary Campbell will Dane her school in the Henry Gates. District to Morrow. Frank k. Nise is borne from the state University to spend Bis summer Vaca Tion. Haynee and John Al Itchell transacted business at Sheffield the Firat of the week. Or. Daniel Stener after a two weeks with relatives returned to Bis Home at Sao City last thursday de Crowell and or. Ken Engineer of Rockford transacted business at this place the tint of the week. Mrs. Guy Lawrence of Cedar rapids Cane up to attend the decoration Day and to visit with relatives. Mrs. Strnot and son of Waterloo Are relatives at this place mrs. Strut a a Niece of mrs. A. C. Fiseo Kracoe. I. And mrs. W. To. Walker of Cedar rapids visited mrs. Walkers or. And mrs. Crowell the tint of the week. Photographer House of Rockford. Will at Clay s gallery every Friday. Call and see samples of Bis work on that Day. 40tf mra. Cora Hayea and children of Waterloo Are visiting relatives at this my. Hayes a a Niece of a s. Vorum miss Eva Harrison returned from dus Nelly Minnesota tuesday were Baa been visiting with her brother Ray one of the periodical drunks we indulged in a Large number last Satur Day tight we want to say a a word of waning to of those Partite that they Haw outraged the Good nature of is urls of this Community to such an that More Bearance ceases to a tet Ward that if these a Phi and Dis some of the ill fed Umo Neivus behind i maty jail for thirty a asst Aceie we Only thing t thaw Katy Tow Law abiding people Chas. Watkins of Rockford was on our streets last thursday. H. H. Fairall of Iowa City visited Rev. Howe last sat Nadav. Mrs. Emery of Rock Falls is visiting relatives at this place. R. E. Winchell is working his grading gang Down below sell Rock. Miss Imogen Deail of Koc fore is the guest of miss Mamie Mills. The memorial exercises at the m. E. Church last sunday were Well attended. Poll Shultz has been assisting in the Semi annual settlement with the county officers at Charles City this m. D. Fill has purchased a restaurant at Nora Springs. He moved his family to that place last tuesday. Earl and Guy Walster of Charles City came Over to this place yesterday to attend the memorial exercises. Curence Levengood went to water Loo tuesday were has engaged to play with the Knapp orchestra. Notwithstanding the Cloudy weather last monday the of the Sun was watched Many of out people. I Rosenkrans attended the funeral directors association at Waterloo last week. They added sixty one new Mem Bers to the association. Memorial Day was duly observed our people yesterday. Both cemeteries were visited and appropriate exercises held. The speaking at the opera Bouse waa full of patriotism and Well merited Eulogy for the fallen and living heroes who so freely gave their lives Aad health that this country might preserved to future generations. The contest Over the judge help in Mason City Baa been settled the election of Smith delegates to the county convention. Judge Smith carried Oduj no Iuliu Pilj. Old or. Crack Days will carry the fight into the Rossl districts. It worm better for Clark if abide the de Misiou of his Home people. Clark is show ing a spirit of unfairness that should a bar to Bis preferment for judge even if is could carry the majority of the Cerro Gordo county convention. Just received a car Load of Fine carriages including surveys Phe toes Spring wagons Road open and tops. As you know we buy nearly everything in our line in car loads direct from the manufacturer which places us in a position to interest you and do you Good. If you Are a prospective purchaser give us a Chance to demonstrate above facts. 37 Fred Gates lab. Co. The insincerity of the democratic outcry against trusts was never More clearly demonstrated than when the members of that party on the judiciary committee of the souse voted solidly against a Resolution proposed the republicans of the committee recommending an amendment to the Constitution giving Congress full Power Over All corporations. The truth in that the democrats oppose anything and everything which they can persuade themselves that the republicans favor. As Long As the republicans Tike no action they declare that party favors the trusts and As soon As the republicans try to regulate thaw the demo Crata turn about and declare that the old party is trying to destroy state rights. Possibly it is Only a coincidence but it is Worth nothing that the eruptions of ves Avias ceased when the populist began and have Sot recommenced at Jet. 4.q. Of the crot or Taft tit to pm said for it. 1 her Wrath and j a. It Aiso a Tulsa Mesa for area Kab who Baa a Crest a Unver from a scour Famma Tonsa. Wye Chambart Tav Fata Balm is Tow Only Rowdy mat Affa Tda it want. Mies m m a web Naptali t h. Tami another on the Firat and turd tuesday of May and june Home Essra will on tale at Tate of a single f Are it us for the Roand trip to the various Paru of the country. For Raus limits it Story Etc., Call on Norest aurnt or Adt few. G. Farmer . P. T. A. By. The me Hodut general Eon Ferrace at its session in Yea Lerda Toek a Radical departure from one of the distinctive features of methodism. It was decided a majority vote to abolish the itinerant plan of locating the minis us of the Church. In the con Ference a in most deliberative bodies the majority rules but it can with perfect safety predicted that that announcement of its a Ion will heard Ait pangs of regret to of methodist Homes. Since the foundations of the Church were Laid Jonn Wesley years Aud years ago the itinerant ministry plan has been in Vogue. It was a part of methodism when methodism was transplanted upon Ank Rivao soil. The itinerant methodist preacher of Pioneer 4ayi helped give to the earlier chapters of this country s history a picturesque a romantic and an inspiring tinae. Mounted upon his trusty horse he travelled up and Down the Hills and through the valleys of the East braving the storms lording High riven often losing his Way in the Forest but with determination pressing of till he had reached his destination. The coming of the itinerant preacher wan a glad event in the Early methodist Homes. It was the signal for the com ing together of the inhabitants of a sparsely settled Community in. Order i that the old but Ever new Story of the gospel might heard. Jno one who has Ever read the life of Bishop Simp son himself an itinerant preacher of the methodist Church will Ever forget the thrilling narrative of those Early Days. The methodist Church while Ever a conservative body is nevertheless a progressive one and in Ita action taken yesterday at the general conference a majority of Ita representatives undoubtedly eel that they have taken a step Forward. It is to hoped that they have. But it is Bat natural that Many people should wont to View with sadness departures from the old paths hallowed precious memories of the pain and pleasure with which they once were Iowa capital May 24 the american girl s Hartlage when the american girl defers her Choice of a husband until she has bad a reasonable Opportunity to see something of Mankind Ami had a Chance to com pare the Good with the bad she is pretty Apt to strike a Good average Tor her writes Edward Bok in the May ladies Home journal. As a Rule she is a pretty Good judge of men. When she gives her judgment time to assist her to a Wise conclusion the Point is to get her to wait it must said to her credit that she is waiting longer than she did formerly. It is not so Many years ago that a girl was considered of a Marriageable age when she became sixteen or seventeen Jears old. If she married then or shortly after Ward it was not such an unusual thing Twenty five years ago girls generally married at Nineteen while to Day the average is closer to Twenty three. The marriage of a girl in her teens causes actual Surprise in these Days. Out of a list of one thousand marriages recently compiled just one half the brides were Between Twenty two and Twenty five two Hundred were Weeo Twenty eve and thirty. Still there were three Hundred under Twenty Yean of age. And nearly All these Young girls married men under boys in other words. And this is the fatal part of a girl s marriage at too Early to age. Instead of choosing a Man for her Hus band she is very Apt to choose a boy it w a tvs abet week Moats a as4 keat Ecky As to whether Ibe Forster will Able to become Ai Pio Lifie in sea ton As the latter itself to a creating Golemon. Who would have thought that a Soldier with the military reputation of col. Bryan would try to 6eht this Campaign with last Campaign s Burnt out powder a calf in Pennsylvania has been Boru with two tails. In this it it like Popo crat Lic Iet. Ii abort lived in which it also follows prototype. This Boer War bids fair to revolutionize the British people. It has shown them to Brave and Bullhead de and emotional we kill knew that they were the second and they have always told us that the were the first but nobody thought they were last w. S. Miser Millheim pa., saved Ibe he fill giving her one Core War Jan Wkho who or Ito. Old fashioned Best. Many people who arc constantly try ing to concoct new and tempting dishes overstep the Mark. People who eat Large quantities of the various preserved foods arc not always the strongest the old fashioned Moil of roasted or boiled beef served up with its own juices with two Plain vegetables and a pud Ding was far store whole Waw than the eight Evarie diaper which is served now Adays. Few people Kaow the True flavor of Pou Toresor Rice. La ibis country sea Loo often Salt Aad Pepper Oaly. People in the Kas Era count especially the turns. Make us Lightal slews and coat Ina Ion i Fokine them slowly enough to draw out ice flavor extracts sad prepared sad site Forar Radush Mij take ikes. Use Isle but. Is in thai the president s insistence that jus Tice Beall done in cubs h just what the country would expect from William Mckinley. I ure and honest Aad straightforward in All his dealings it was obvious from the very first that he would permit no guilty wan to escape 03 matter How Strong a aright hive on some of the under strap pers of the administration. Will someone kindly Point out a War which has failed to in its train More or less corruption wrong doing to situation in Cuba is bad enough goodness knows but is is Only one of the inevitable consequences of War. it in t half As bad As it would have been had a lot of tammany satraps been sent Down there As they would have been had Bryan been in Power. Of course Germany is shocked the Brage that she is thinking of violating the Monroe doctrine. After a while when she gets Good and ready the United states May take its turn at being shocked at Germany s behaviour. Every time the emperor enters a Deni Al he sends fresh orders to his Navy Yards and Armor factories. Hettie Green was recently induced to talk to a writer for the june ladies Homo journal of her business methods that have won her sixty millions of dollars or More. The secret of her Success is Worth knowing "1 Don t Lieve in speculation As a she says and i Don t speculate As much As peo ple think. When offered so Miry shares of Stock at so much i buy one share and then Send out to see it will bring. 11 it s a Good Advance i buy the rest. If not i Don t. This was my plan when i used to Deal in horses i would get a Day s option on a horse and see what it would bring before buy ing it. I attribute my Success chiefly to the Rale of always buying when every one wants to sell and Selling when every one wants to buy. There s a Price on everything i have. When that Price is offered sell. I never buy anything just to hold on to it. Not much and i try to a steer Slear of Wall Street any one who has t a whole Fortune to Back his deals had better do the same. I do everything with All my mind. If there is a lawsuit on band i go Ioto every detail of it with my lawyer. It s the same with everything minute cough cure when she was dying from coup. It is the Only harmless remedy gives immediate quickly cures coughs Oolf. Bronchitis Gippo asthma and Oil Ili Rost Aud log troubles. A. J. Asper co. Original notice. To Lieo Jinmin f. Kent mrs. Sarah nor ton and the unknown claimants of the South West Quarter of Sec Liou 19, in township North Range 16 West of the 5th 1. M., in Floyd county. Iowa defendants you and each of you Are hereby Noti fied bal there a cos cd ule la. The office of the clerk of the District ourt of Floyd county state of Iowa the Peti Tion of William. Fiddick the plaintiff com toe that in the owner in fee of the Southwest Quarter of Section 19, township 94, North Range 16 West of the 5th p. Ai. In Floyd county state of Iowa. That he has sought Deli gently to As certain the respective places of residence and a Idrees of said unknown defendants and has been unable to learn the place of residence and address of such unknown defendants. That the interest of said unknown claimants in and to said premises is based wholly upon an alleged of said note above dese ubed and alleging that said note was the property of said Harriet o. Kent at time of her death subject to disposed of her will. That a certain mortgage Mude Charlotte 0. Kent to Harriet c. Kent upon the South 61.35 acres of Maicl premises dated March 26, 1886, to secure the payment of f due april 1, 1900, and recorded in the office of the recorder of said Floyd county Iowa on the 31 Day of March Book of land mortgages on Page 78, has been fully satisfied and that the debt secured of said mortgage was and is part of the residuary estate left Harriett c Kent deceased and quenched to the maker of said note and mortgage and that the provisions of said last will of said decedent Uniti debt was and is wholly satisfied. That the apparent Lien created said mortgage a Cloud upon plaintiff s title to said premises affecting the Market value there to plaintiff s prejudice and Pray ice that said mortgage declared not a upon said premises and tent it cancelled of record and for other and Curtbert equitable Relief. Now unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second Driy of the next september term of said District court of Floyd county Iowa to held in the City of Charles City in said county commencing on the tenth Day of september a. D. 1900, default will entered against you att judg ment and decree rendered thereon a prayed in said petition. Hab Tess attorney for Rhin Tiff. The foregoing notice is hereby approved me and it in hereby ordered that it in published in the Marble Koch a newspaper published in the Tow i of Marble Rock in Floyd county Iowa once each week for six consecutive weeks. 396 c. H. Kelley judge. The beet Jongh remedy on Earth a cold in one Day it taken in time. 25 and 50 Speed log speedling. As is its custom the Burlington Northern Kai Wiy has arranged Fot reduced rates to a Large number of important places for the coming summer among which we men Tion the following met prominent. Forth Manchester id. An Nual meeting German Baptist 29-june Sioux Falls 3. D. National gathering supreme and lodges of the ancient order of United workmen Jane 9-20. Phi Ladelphia a. National convention june 19. Charleston s. R. Annual meet ing of the National educational As july 7-1b. Yoyos people s Union of cowrie a july 12 15. Cute a no. Ill encamp ment g. A. R August 27-Scpt. 1. Do Trott Bien Nul con Clave knights of pythias . "7 sep. 1. "5t Paul. Lion National Republican of j the United july 17-19 simmer tourist will he on Sale 15, to in different of i he in Antof it Porton inti Iron obtained of ticket or writing in i lie for Dewitt s Little Early Kiser am the 6oest pills lever j. Moore More Good towns the b., c. R x. R y. Is rapidly Mak ing headway on their new line from Worthington to Hardwick Mian. This line when completed will about 35 Miles Long and will open the richest part i f the country in southwestern Minne Sota. The Hoe in now Complete to read ing and will soon open to Wilmont. Both of these towns Are in a Fine part of Ibe country and merchants and proves Sion Tel men can Tiac a Rood opening. Hitu Liuo. H. Sioux Falls s. Dak. Those wishing to locate at Maple Hill. Or Luzon on our new line from Arm Strong to Estherville should add rets or Dows at Armstrong is., for such information As they desire. Jno. G. Fai Imer. A. G. P. T. A. Cedar rapids a. It is with a Good Deal of pleasure and satisfaction that i recommend cd number lain s Colic cholera add diarrhoea Rem says druggist a w. Sawtelle of Hartford Conn. A lady customer see ing the remedy exposed for Sale on my show Case said to me i realy believe that the Medicine saved my the past summer while at the and she came so Over its merits that i at once made up my a ipod to recommend it in the future. Recently a gentle Man came into my store to overcome Fri i Colic pains that he Sank at once to the floor. I gave him a does of this remedy which helped him. I repeated the dose and in fifteen minutes he left my store Small ugly informing me that Felt its Well As suld a. J. Asper co. To cure a cold in one take Warner s White wine of tars rup the Best cough remedy on Earth. 25 and 50 cents. Speedling speedling. I had stomach trouble Twenty years Ami gave up Hope of being cured till i begun to use Knyjol dyspepsia cure. It has Lone me so much Good i Call it the Savior of my writes w. R. Wilkin son Albany teen. It digests what you eat. A. 3. Asper co. Lengthening Days give evidence of approaching Spring time when ambitious business men surrounded a bread Competition in the Over crowded older looking new and better business advantages. The Burlington Cedar rapids Northern railway is extending its lines into the the Best portions of Northwestern Iowa and southwestern Minnesota. This coun try is noted for its Rich soil social educational and religious advantages. Jour towns were located last fall and have made remarkable growth already seve ral new towns will located during the Spring and Early summer if you desire to a Pioneer in a Good new town in a Well settled Rich country which has Long been in need of a Railroad address Thos. H. Brown Sioux Falls s. Duk. Town Eite agent new lines. Liver Sod Bowel troubles. A. J. Asper co. What is Shiloh a grand old remedy for cough colds and consumption used through the world for half a Century has cured innumerable a bps of incipient consumption and received in advanced stages. If Yon Are not satisfied with the results we refund your Money. Price 25 cts. And speedling co after suffering from severe dyspepsia Over twelve years and using Many reme Dies without permanent Good 1 finally took Kokol dyspepsia cure. It did one so much Good i recommend it to every writes a e. Walking clerk and recorder to. It digests what you eat. A. J. Asper co. The easiest and most effective method of purifying the mood and invigorating the system is to take Dewitt s Little Early risers the famous Little pills for cleansing the liver and bowels. A. J. Asper co. Many a Lover Han turned with disgust from an otherwise lovable girl with an offensive breath. Earl s Clover Root Tea purifies the breath its Solipo on the bowels Etc., a3 nothing else will. Sold for years on absolute Guai Antes. Price 25 cts. And 0 cts. Speedling co. Suffering from piles for fifteen was cured using two boxes of de Witt s Witch Hazel writes w. J. Baxter North Brook. N. C. It heels everything. Beware of counterfeits. A. J. Asper co. May cares Are for Bui to remedy equals a Bibb s Avine of Tak strip for this Ter Rible and fatal if taken in time it will cure a Case in 24 hours and for the co sikh that follows la Grippe it fails to one Relief Price 2-v and soc. Speedling As speedling. On Eveaj bottle of Shiloh s cure is this guarantee All we ask of you is to Ute two thirds of the contents of this bottle faithfully then if you Cue say you Are not benefited return the bottle to your druggist sol he May refund the Price Price 25 cts., 5o cts., and speedling co. Unfortunate people Are they who while suffering irom kid Ney diseases Are prejudiced against All advert item remedies. They should know that Poley s kidney cure is not a quack remedy but an honest guaranteed medi Cine for kidney and bladder troubles 50o. And bottle. A. J. Asper co. There is one thing quite certain. President. Mckinley n administration is not swayed new York s bubonic journalism. In Juniol Shupi i was in bad shape and suffered a great Duful with or kidneys. I waa re Quested to try Poley s kidney cure i did so and in four Days i was Able to go to work again now i entirely Well. Charles Replogle at water o. A. J. Asper cd. Of if Emir Jim so. Jno 0. To. P Conur rapids hardware and harness at prices to suit All paints bicycles stoves stj4el ranges tinware sewing Mac Funes silverware cutlery whips fishing tackle Valise. Paint brushes trunks Etc. Oils Etc. You Are cordially invited to Call Aud examine goods before going Joseph Wiloth wholesale prices to users our general catalogue quotes them. Send 150 to partly postage or express age and Well Send you one. It has Noo pages illustrations and quotes prices on nearly a tins that you cat Aad use and Wear. We constantly carry m Stock a articles quoted

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