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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 31 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - May 31, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaChicago North Western old _ jew. Boca Manitoba. Central Imd Civ Fursiw. Wyom my. It a. I ".o. Montina Kerala. The a Rich islands a Ini All principal Polack to . Wili take some Tor far Tuoc trip a l parts of the West. Korth and t j to general Jiff Ncoma of Nta sell tickets he in j a d hts Ghat. Are Rrt i Fred to pay the highest Market of will end it " to into Roi to she them a Call he be c cohere. -0 9 of All kinds for Sale at reasonable also will repair old Jik warranted. H Stroud. Joseph Merrill l to with i Atn a or i Mac pc for. The i Kofl is Joseph w Fig co., 4, wi8hawaka, Imo. Mahbub Rock Shepardson too 1 we deposits i buy approved paper bit and sell sex j change and do a j general j3tjsi1vess. S but and sell foreign Exchange and Ell tickets to Andt Roui All 1 Points in -i-.Uit. To. N. Mass sewing machines Marbe Rock la. I keeps for Sale the known no cliques Veff Duvis Neir Home 1 dinner in the us Inyl St. Johns of i i ices duly Cotapo elision. Machines it ecu at Uro s store. Sewing machine of r. Of Wilke dealer trunks satchels dentist. Of skirt. Post office Teutu Wiiri irked with Nui pain i tue use of nitrous of tic . 02 f o b a cd o in o o a i a 02 a cheapest Money f. A. Roziene loan real estate broker Charles City Tcha. Negotiates Loans on improved farms at lowest obtainable Bates. Prompt paying men with Choice Security. I offer advantageous terms. 1 am always Noble to set Hie any for consummation video Tuc title to Security is and such engagements Cuti at All Titues relied upon. F. A. . Geo m. Hubbard Fuji doable Barber hair Dresser special attention to ladies1 Abii Ducov 11 air driving the Fost office. Marole Bock. Rock Piip Hort Froin d to 12 a. And from j to 5 p. M. J. F. Shoemyer dentist will be Ai tie Etc or in ii the of Inch month Remai Nim one Milf. Is the 16th remaining foor i Days hid will do work Ilia i i a. I Var Lione in Marble Kock. Zerti Only i per Al. -4h j work warranted ten is Sitf several Makeeta. Chicago. Ilia sell Xii we july maj. June jul5tax Ruve. Joiy july. Rows the her mar. Jute july i quiet May Jutie Market Fimi. We note i fancy Beavy Export steers. Choice Tat Good do. 57ws901 me ilium Mara fair to medium steers Market firm. Sales Rancil from for Lingl t Pae Tup heavy and from fair u Choice no Wotli lots. Steady and firm. We note Cointo Faiks Cre Merj at a Vilc Onlin air to Rood do. 10 Csc Pood to fancy Dairy at c.il7c comment to fair do. I else ladle Packel a inc packing mock at 6% Orease be woke higher so. 2 May 1sik june Stuj jl2 i Al led West spot Tarket quiet a mlle . In so. 2 item Winter sus. no. S Milert oat8.-lli5her in. Dull at urd a act a Ullin meats Sun Taco i Duji Clear tides Milwaukee. Higher May 81.11 june 1.12 july no. 5, Hillier at 5c.vc Tor so. 2. Firm s White higher Ibec for higher at far Iio. 3. At a Fly. Teady at a pork higher ?lq.75. Salt meats lit sio.10, m 30, Bacon Tenily at 11.23. 11.50. Feher s11.13. Lliel a packing fc.sow7.ki by itches to beat i easy 7.33, _ . Quiet we storm surest in do. Eitra eiivsd.00 family ,55.12 w6.25. Western Liliet in. 3 Winter cd sput Phil stay. 1.903k Jiulie i . pm higher slide in spot and May Western m Hue. Allied do Isuji Xuc. Uglier 70 Yostos. Still Ohio and Pennsylvania extras add Dewees Strasse combing Ileaine 42wa48c unwashed do., Wile California wools pull Tel wools i Butth of trek a to Whf few. Of Nom. Or Tiliti pc Peri in Amish certain easy Loukx 3trcwo, cheap. Tin t w. The Brooklyn a Kiihne. The eighth Viander of the eighth in Point of time but first in Point of on thursday dedicated to the use of the people. Amid the booming of Cannon the shrill a his remt of n Rani Mil and the ply uitts of Gre i 01 Ciu Ionia the Tiro Oklyn Bride formally presented to the cities of new York and Brooklyn. The president of of edited states and the officers of his Cabinet tie governor of the state of new Tork and staff. Senators and representatives from Many states and territories and the mayors of both cities were approx Ine witnesses of the ceremony. The Citter about the occurrence of the Bridge opening of Queen Victoria s birthday is Only of Hasiuk now the great ceremony is Over but it is simply fair to remember that while the Bridge trustees had not Houghton honouring her Britannic majesty in the selection of the Day they unconsciously enlisted the clerk of the w either on their tide of it to feature of the Celebration attracted More of popular interest and Atten Tion than the Parade of the military contingent made up of the National guard and attachments states regular forces representing tie army and Navy. The 7th regiment National guard state of sew York colonel Emmons Clark commanding detailed As the Mil itary escort for the occasion assembled at the armory in full uniform. A guard of Twenty three were detailed to but Rel on either Side of the president s Carriage. The command marched Down Park and tilth avenues to the fifth Avenue hotel the resident s quart an where it was drawn up. The sidewalks along the route were lined with people. On Madison Square it was estimated that ten thousand peo ple were gathered. Its total length is feet and the 85 feet. The length of the River a feet 0 inches and of each land Span 930 feet. The length of the Brooklyn approach is of item and of the sew York approach feet 8 in Ches. There Are four cables made of wire each 151 inches in diameter the four contain my Miles of wire and weighing 3.5881 tons. The walks for pedestrians can accommodate persons an hour the driveway vehicles an hour the car track 800 cars or passengers an hour. Been tire Cost of the monstrous Structure been a paper Steamboat is being built at sew 1 Oak Tor Pitto Borg parties. The Catholic Church at mount cd Mel Iowa burned sunday involving a loss of i a messenger for the United states foment in it Fiveland. Ohio j was Roi bed of sup posed to contain about it has been determined by the workers at the Bay Viveir rolling Mills to strike on june 1 unless the employers accede to their demands. Hathew Arbuckle the Cornet player died at his Home in Brooklyn new Tork wednesday of pneumonia Agram years. There were fifty two thousand child Ren in line wednesday on the occasion of the annual Parade of sunday school scholars of Brooklyn few Vorac. I ten Hundred and sixty Steerage Pas sengers arrived at Boston wednesday from Ireland most of them being assisted emigrants. The Market buildings and a Lane action of the business portion of the Village of Uxbridge out., was burned saturday. Loss . A. D. German of Albany Jfe work tas Given s250.0w to endow ship of natural theology in Williams College As a memorial to deceased two Hundred of Stipd at new York Friday the provisions of the net the importation of spurious and teas. Frank Adatto. Of Dorwyn. Illinois. Tin i ill a foot in the Sam Cerf the Ontott Railroad company. Warded by c. I nit wort at . The rimmed Coll Etkes for the Pope crts wide he Wikta of York afe owed Wijit j huh turd. Immense throngs passed Between Kew York and Brooklyn sunday Over the new suspension Bridge the Struc Ture so crowded that Progress was extremely laborious and slow. The lockout of Shoemakers at Cincin Nati bus been ended by arbitration hav .Uit muted two weeks during which time men were Idle. 1. , the Luvin Cilea so. Was see in Brooklyn wednesday by several reporters. But a Turrou the advice of his counsel he refused to speak of the causes that have him to Lake up in1 residence in the United states. Several Vilice holders in Dakota have been indicted for attempting to corruptly influence the action of the Capi Tal commission m the selection of a new location a much As Hii Mug been offered for one Oie. An enthusiastic reception was Given Sto Euail Jackson s old regiment of Virginia volunteers at Xii Wiira Falls. Tuesday where they Are Hij guests of the i Iii is Ever i we regiment at their annual reunion. Two indians much the worse for fire Lay Down on a track near Point St. Mince Michigan with. Pass Jik Tram annihilated the entire ii tic. A train on the Chicago Kock is filid mid Pacific fell a Brimire across the do River i Fth Miles weal of Joliet the tired in unlit. The conductor i Bikeman and Passen Ger were seriously injured the Twenty fifth anniversary of the formation of the United presbyterian Church inns celebrated in the second Church at allege my cite Pentis Lva Nia saturday. About persons were present. Saturday was the birthday of colonel Washington a. To Ohlaug who completes his forty sixth year. It is under stood that had the trustees known this fact the East Kivor Bridge opening would have been delayed until that . A pitched Battle took place sunday Between . and Insh in Cherry Street new York. Maria Morena was probably fatally injured and Dooney Jarris Only slightly. Many of the com Batau were injured. Sticks stones stil Letos and revolvers were freely used. A Drunken 1 a beater at 1 in Birg Pennsylvania met with a horrible Fate sunday the object of his cowardly spite turning upon him Imd Dunn a red hot Bayonet his breast the weapon having been used us a stove poker. The county elections in Virginia of thursday How a decided falling off in the strength of the readjusted or Ita hone party its candidates having been Defeated in several counties where such a result was not even hoped for by the democrats. A boiler explosion Friday wrecked the Steamer Pilot at Lakeville califor Nia upon which were to cuty Tive per sons of whom eight were killed and seven dangerously Hurt while ten Are missing and have undoubtedly perished. It is probable the Irish land leagues of Canada will form themselves into an association upon the Model of the Irish National league of America recently the husband of Mucho a daughter. A household of six persons of Patter son sew Jersey were taken ill wednesday a Ith symptoms of poisoning and two of thin have since died. The theory advanced is that one of had been despondent and threatened suicide put Poison in the food that a might have company on his journey into the unknown. The Captain and first mate of the american Steamer trople which car ried a Force of Haytian revolutionists from to Mir goans in have been convicted in the United states court at Philadelphia of violating the neutrality Ihus. Pending the motion for a new trial the m m have been locked up. The chilian minister at Washington has advices that the treaty of peace be tween his eminent and Peru has been is titled. General Iglesias who represented Peru in the negotiations is supported by about five sixth of the country. The exaction from the conquered government include the cession for ten years of territories of Paca and Anca. The Baptist National convention flt. Saratoga settled the Bible society h Edness in by Tho adoption of a Resolution by a vote of iv7 to that the Morel Ftp Bible work be done through the Usu ii of Boston and the Bible work in Fie United. States through the publication society of Philadelphia and requesting the for eign Bible society to retire from the held. General Hart l. Stewart who died in Chicago wednesday in the Eightieth Vear of his Aye hits been prominent in that City for nearly half a Century hav ing gone there in previous to that time he had held a jul Delcul position in Michigan and was commissioned a brigadier general of Michigan militia in the blackly no War. Lie w As Vuk St Lam Ter of Chicago in 1849, during president Folk s administration. Nothing official has yet been Learned of general Crook s movements since he the Sierra Madre mountains in Pursuit of the renegade about n month ago an j in army circles there is a disposition to discredit the state ment that a Battle was fought about the 17th just.Uit. Those Best qualified to form an opinion arc confident that the general Lull not permit his com Mand to become a prey to the count no of the Savages. Information that has the appearance of bus reached the mexi can consulate that a desperate Battle was fought last week near Guaca Ujiie Between general Crook s command and the fugitive a aclies. The scouts were first caught in an Ambuscade and Sev eral Are said to have been killed. The entire Pom mind then advanced and engaged the Lio Stiles of whom thirty Wera killed the remainder taking to flight with the troops in Pursuit. The striking miners in county Illinois continue to prevent the working or the mines on the Vandalia a inroad exerting moral suasion to effect that result. The strikers ate suspected of a recent attempt to wreck a Coal train by burning a trestle. The Railroad company offers n Reward of for the detection of the offenders. In Madison county the strikers Are less the affiliation of ail Irish societies of the Dominion. H is proposed to build an Extension of tie Chicago and great Southern Railroad from Brasil Indiana to Chi Cago to Amir the Road a competitor of the Louisville Albany and Chi Cago 1 be fur the Trade of the Indiana Coal Region. Detectives at Troy. Wetr York claim to have discovered a plot to Blovir up a tenement House inhabited by the families of non Union men employed the malleable Iron works to the number of about sixty persons. Suspicion attaches to the Union men who recently .Uit Ted the works. The general Council of the reformed episcopal Church in session at Balti More has declined the offer of Edward Martin of Chicago to donate a tract of land in the suburbs of Chicago for a denominational Seminary because of inability to comply with the conditions of the proposed gift. A concealed Case of Small Vox in a Cincinnati music school is Likely to re sult in spreading the disease the dead body of the victim a Young woman having been shipped to Hob son. Illi Nois where it was embalmed and exposed to Public View before the truth became known. At Jerseyville Illinois tuesday Wai Dunsdon shot and killed Nellie Dodson a divorced woman with whom he had been on intimate terms and then made two ineffectual attempts to end his own life after which he surrendered himself to the sheriff. Jealousy is supposed to have been the cause of the tragedy. The fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the first Catholic Church in Chicago was celebrated at St. Mary s Church sunday All the other churches of that Isitt m the City closing m or Der to give their priests and congregations an Opportunity to participate w or witness the Celebration. Kerr the absconding Bank clerk from Chicago recently arrested in Peru is being taken around the Cape on Board the United states Steamer Essex to avoid the complications that would arise from thease Neof Anet tradition treaty with Columbia should to be taken across the isthmus. The question of instrumental music in churches was the Issue of the elec Tion of Moderator of the United presbyterian scotch general Assembly at Pittsburg. The party favouring the utilization of machinery in the sen ices of the Church Cai Neil the Day electing their candidate b .1 Utu of in j to 7w the Kentucky Republican convention nominated for governor. T. Z. Morrow i of Pulaski county for lieutenant gov Emor. General Speed s. Fry. Of Boyle county. Who killed general Zollicoffer of the rebel army at the Battle of Mill Springs and for attorney general Garrigues of Logan county. Saturday the Hock Island and peo rift Chicago Hock Island and Pacific and j Chicago. Yuri Inton qum a Kail j ways announced a rate of fifty cents to Kansas City Atcuson. Council Jiu Ilse and several other Ponts from 1 Eoria. 1 he Wabash which lately met Cut of so to Points is expected to come Down to this rate or lower. There was an animated dispute on saturday in the state convention of the woman s Christian Temperance Union of Michigan at Adrian upon tie ques Tion of the association to the doctrine of women suffrage. Those who hold that the suffrage question is foreign to the Mission of the Union car ried the Day. The superintendent of Abbey mines m Lias sworn out warrants for Trio of Twenty eight strike a miners who Conrd or Iii time fated Fie workmen a to on t last week. The is provides for the punishment fan n of uses by h a tvs and Lenus of Sou men t. John Sitty Taiyi Dak by in a Verity two. At Sun Lav the inv if Supply non in i is a j wot in out his Usu die saw out m n Ataw mall saw of had Frost la Sci j. Z s is and resort has been had in one Case at least to intimidation of the Iliou Iii of miners. Fire last thursday night destroyed Louis r. Pluck s malt House and Pear son s planing till at the Corner of canal and lumber streets Chicago. The loss on the malt House was 000 and the Plang till at Pond do Lac wis tie wait Branch flour Mill was destroyed the loss being j1s.ouo and the insurance . Car Ter s Woolen factory at Thetford Cen tre Vermont was burned loss 000. The verdict in a slander .Uit at Cincinnati hinged in a curious Way upon a question of parentage. A Young lady who w As a foundling Twenty two years Kkt. Became possessed of the belief that she was Tho daughter of or. And mrs. Clement l. English and claims to have had confirmation of this belief from mrs. English. Or. English denounced the Young woman As a blackmailer whereupon she brought .Uit against him Forslander. The jury awarded her damages. One of the principal subjects that will come before the general Assembly of the United presbyterian Church which met wednesday at Pittsburg Pennsylvania in its Twenty fifth Annu Al convention will be the question of adhering to the action of the last Gen eral Assembly in repealing the Law against instrumental music in churches of the denomination. The probability is the majority in Favoron repeal will be larger than it was a year ago. The latest development in the grub stake social War at Denver which sprung out of the refusal of tie wife of Bush Oue of Tabor s partners to Exchange Calls with the new mrs. Tabor. Is the .Uit of built Tabor to re cover damages for malicious prosecution and for alleged sen ices one item of being for services in securing Tabor s election to the United states Senate obtaining a divorce from his wife and bringing about the marriage with the present sirs. Tabor. The amalgamated association of Iron and steel workers will demand that the prices for puddling Iron be advanced in the Ohio District on june 1 to per ton and As the employers represent that they Cannota Foid to pay the present rates a strike is apparently inevitable. One of the largest steel manufacturing concerns at Pitts Burg hat is end the amalgamated association s scale Tor the ear beginning 1 tint All Tho Oiler steel manufacturers will do the same. Taif Kentucky he publican convention met wednesday at Lexington. Walter Evans the Nelv appointed commissioner of internal Revenue was chosen permanent chairman. The platform declares in favor of a Tariff for Revenue Only urges the need of increased f schools and a compulsory education expresses sympathy the peo ple of Ireland in their efforts to obtain Independence advocates the abolition of nil taxes on Tho production or Manu facture of tobacco condemns the democratic administration of state affairs commends president Arthur s policy. And endorses the selection of or. Evans advice to mothers. Are you disturbed Ai and Bro Ken of your rest by a sick Chili utter ing and or Jinx with pain of Cuttier Teeth ii so Send at once Anil set a Bot tie of Soo Tuich Strep Kok 1 . Its value is liable it will relieve the poor Little Sui Forer anime mutely. Depend upon it Moliere. There is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery diarrhoea. Rhe stomach and Bon Elb. Wind Colin softens the Trulius reduces and Griea Tuupo und to the whole system. Ills. Soo inra syrup for children teet1uxg is plea ats to Ilie an is the of one the oldest Best physicians and nurses in Ali United states and is for Sale by in Dunn sits throughout the world 1 Ricc cents a Bot lie. Iii in. My it limn i n 1 r Sal. Notice of the appointment of administrator state of Iowa Floyd county notice is hereby Given that the Tir. Has Becu duly appointed and qualified As of the estate of w b. Yorker late of flood county deceased. All persons indebted to said estate Are requested to mate immediate putt Cut and Thote having claims a trains the game will present them duly to the for la Owanee. I. M. Slut clips. Dated april 27, 1s83. That coca can be to quickly cured by Shiloh s cure. We guarantee it. Will Init gut uni dyspepsia and liver complaint Slu Luli s Vitalizer is guaranteed to onre you. Slie less it obits made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh s c Urcia the remedy Lor you. Cat Barb cd had health and breath secured by Shiloh s Catarrh Rem Edy Price scents nasal injector free. A. J. Asi Ett it co lit . I u scrolui., i All so Romulous Kry Ullh Lus. Kose or St. I . Tuter. Hum uni Heiju. Soul in Hail. a ores i he Letla and Irrett our Ltd i jul Mulki. Aft Clious of tie u.n-, Loui Tallon Ami Geu Cral lit Bilitz. By us Anil it i Usta out urn Mil corrupt in u contaminate mom Umi Miille tic vital Luuri Tiuliu Prini Iutin a Lull Atli. Ami Luv Lili ii u Ami whole astern n u Luti re Ieuv can Winch to u no Piiru of blow m dial War will pal aim. It fair trial. It a we 10 Trail him Nain r Low or a r in without Lunyk Siul Viniti i unveil .1. We nor allx else Orul . Aren t s .1 of it u Tho Kun ova in unix Titian Anil Lur Lurt. I unlit us prepared by or. J. C. Ayer pc co. Erik Tachl unit Loudl my. I 4 files no or .1 wac t no Isle in i Alt Len i no wer part in tie Ion Iii ii sent in he his no the kidney or time snip Tina of in Escol us no Ilio , Etc. A in Porski ration a very Parn it no glib Iller act ing warm in boil n it Endust inti annl. R Titi in Neil Illi piles yield at to trip Ion of or. Hamarik Ime which acts direct la upon the p irl of the tutors he intense i l .1 i Anent Ulfo ill us her a Ciscili. I Lave i Tilc 1. Do no i k it Lim Wib ill Send it . If pries add Rusl tin i re Cloeine co., i Ohio suld by or a c a. This space is adder time he Mammoth Stock of will paper and window shades at a. J. Aspell c0 3, drug store. By a. J. Asp fac i o s drug store you can get a Sample bottle o f or. Bosanko s cough and Laing syrup which relic re the most or stint a oath and or cold and Sho Jou what the Teplar 50 cent bite i Ilo. When troubled with asthma Bro chilis hacking cough pain in the t Hosl All diseases of the throw till try Quilic i tin Medicine. Subscribe for the Usu us Kulins a to 10 of ten Pfar year. Per year per year i 10 Tri or try. 5 in you1 i Nitro will Reni e your , or us press Send Lor specimen Espy. Joseph Wiluth harness collars Ladio mid of Elk mini Saddle. Whips Ilar Nativi Oil. Did in laut even thing usually found in a Birness All work warranted. Marble Rock Iowa. Burlington Gelar Storant for the commissioner shop of Revenue. The first ballot for governor showed William Cassius Goodloe of Lexington in the Lead. Sex judge Chester h. Krum of St. Left iia Home april 28 and went to lie fora few Days. There All Trace of appears to have b Tost nothing having been from him at at. So a important professional e have Efren min no u him. Judge Krum Wra trustee to of two larg f slates j no t 3 l in to ten a in out Rad. Not Liin known As to we t-abow.3 of Money. Heirs Are v cry in Totsy and anxious for Iii return. Enter reports say that Cittie Bell Mill fort Lautej Clitis All the Money Belonis Ungto Thorn Winch in Bibb Kim had in fas perfectly Safe them ran no Connie Tiou di3.ippe.ir.ir.ee at those m re Matt. For ill Fahoum for Ohl a if m. In Illitioi-1. My Tii Irmil Taxa. I for ii Olitt in new or nil til feint emt. I tire i Fern i c at nil important h in my t cats if to min Cajulis 4 St. Fail. i Chicolo Kock mail a tick c rail in. An Lif a it. Elat Way. Alvi tur muh wow in am Char a. A for via Mii Ittie and Tjai Icv no mint Uwi a8t Zitur Lipton to Alert a n Nero to. Mirn Liichi. From of Hinfon c r Var v l i Iii i. In. T Lowi Ali Kllc do inn Ila , u i it w h t lie native uni Natol str Tim of in i i. I in a i Mizii Point in tins time pro Motorc dec m Northern railway. I the clip it i m i cow Hie Fiji to if conc c with i leading in the Imreh for Xinie Sola and Dakota a wife v South. Vennt and West
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