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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 28 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaIt f or vol. 2t no. 42. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa May ital Al. Terms a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas and we will be glad to show them to you. 6eo. W. Gates. Societies. A. A. M. . Stone Lodge no. 251. Tag Alt communication judo Silay of or before fan Moon. Visiting Brothers in goodst guiding Cornu by invited to attend. Hobbert Hugget. W. M. S. A Davis Sec. I. O. O. F. Marble Bock Lodge so. 3b2, meets thursday evea Iwuc of Earb week. A Isidorf cordially ii tilted. A. 11. Atik x u. H. , Beelat Lodge to. S19, tucs Tay evening each week. Visiting Brethren invited. H. Hassi c c Watt luvs h. Of h. B. 1. 1. Of h. Meets the 3rd tuesday ill each month in us Fellows Bull. L. V. I res. H. 3. Ackley Liec. Sec. C. Meets at the Home of mrs. Slew Art the 1st and and the Day of each month at -2 o clock p. M. Mks. K. A. Stev pres mrs. Christina Asp sch Sec. O. A. K. Iffy rom Towt in we uni ugh. C. T. Ackt com. W. B. Cab tree adj. V t v Tibb a. 5t. Me Buu. Secretary. Clip Rojics. Xes Thorist Prea Btag sundays at 11 a m. Epworth league at 6.30. Prayer meeting thursday evening. W. W. , pastor. "c8wst1as ctr Foch preach lne sunday at 11 m. A Brittian Endeavor meets m. Prayer Meelin wednesday eve 3 writ pastor. Free at . And 7.30 . Toon Peoples meeting at prayer meeting the Way evening . Every 1st sunday in each month 3. M. And p. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Serviced Belli in the Union to tool n. Ghat pastor. City mayor Joseph thoth by Corker h is Toet trans Troia Are. 3 w Martin Street commissioner c. V. Jetmore Buthal. Willard Strond c we Fletcher. H break new a h Meier cabs Eber k in Gett to Blva township school braid. President Geo w Russell Secretary. H b pics treasurer. John Gates directors 1 Yick Studt c Madison Blue it 7 John Gates 8 e p Walter 8 tames Par her. 4 Lew Lomax. Ceo w knt sell Egbert Davis. 10 Sam Shaffer 11 Romish Tolu. Scott township officers. Jet tree Miles March g Baldwin. Cun Shibles Olej Uiki town t w Nicholson. Fitter 1x.tw. Bett Tov Iahlo school Moard. A tit Luuis. Veorse Baldwin try Andrei Charon d Merrick directors 1 Potabi top 2 k w Carter s. Veer. 4 Joba Ahart Brace Ward. 6 e c 7 j . 8 4 w Jeffrey. John a Loewe. Jet Wocial. The ban John c. Sherwin. Sunday night s storm. The storm that passed Over Iowa last sunday night caused the death of 38 persons and is described in the Fol lowing dispatches Des Monea May three persons Are now reported dead in the Cyclone which swept the Northern part of Polk county last night. The towns which suffered Are Bondurant Valeria Santiago and Ira. Bondurant reports four deaths in a family named Bailey. Sve were also seriously injured. Three in the Phalcon family were killed at Valaria at Santiago three were killed in the Bolen Atigh family. Between Valeria and Ira the death list numbers nine. Mrs Schyll was killed at the former place. Oelwein Cyclone passed through Valeria Jasper county at 2 o clock this morning killing fourteen. It also killed at Mingo a Small town three Miles East. Manchester Flay 10 o clock last night a Cyclone struck Manchester leaving a track Sis or eight Miles Long in ruins. Mra. Ira How tid and Murray were seriously injured. Farther reports of the effect of last night s storm increase the number of injured to three one woman was fatally Hurt William Murray s jaw was fractured by the timbers of a falling barn and another Man was painfully injured about the head. Forty Tele graph poles along the Illinois Central Are Down Between this Point and Dela Ware and it is believed that full reports will materially increase the estimate of loss to property. It is feared that Oiler people than those reported have been injured in the country away from Points of communication Elma May terrific cyclonic storm broke Here night. Many buildings were in roofed and Trees up rooted the town is almost a late the people took refute in cellars and no one was Hart. At Vista a Man was killed and two children were badly Hurt West Union. May hardest storm in years struck Here last night. At Auburn the Turkey River Rose five feet. All Small Bridges Are swept away and the damage to roads is very heavy. North Mcgregor forty East was swept away. The 8t Paul track round House Stock Yards cars and eating House All Wen into the its Washington letter. Vay22 ism senator Quay s coming conference with nov. Mckinley bears out the statement repeatedly made by your Cor respondent that the rivalry for the re publican nomination1 so far s the principals were concerned was Eui irely Friendly needless to say that republicans Are generally As much pleased to know that this conference is to take place As the democrats Are disappointed. There is every reason for the belief that senator Quay will be authorized to speak for senator Allison and speaker Reed. In this connection it May be Well to recall a remain made when Congress first met by one of gov. Staunchest supporters. He said i believe that if gov Mckinley is nominated he will ask senator Quay to take the chairmanship of the nation Al committee and manag cd Winata Charles City Marble Rode . Merrill eighteen people were drowned be tween Monona and North Mcgregor a distance of fifteen Miles. The Lausel reports from the storm in this state increase the death list to 70 and the property damage to 000. It u Fanny to see the attitude of an Democrat these Days lie d Swallow the Sitter plat Ibe tears Iron his eyes Ash hew a Tun who Adew crat Lor Tae last Twat Uek on party this same gentleman said this week that he thought gov Mckinley had requested senator Quay to come to Canton in order that he might ask him to manage his Campaign senator Sherman met senator Gor Man s amendment to the fortification appropriated Bill providing Tor the is sue of in 3 per cent cer lib Cates of indebtedness which he characterized As unexampled to the his tory of the government with a Strong plea for the passage of the Dingley emergency latiff Bill which would fur Nish the Money needed by the govern ment without adding a cent to the pub Lic debt and without Burden to any of our people. Senator Gorman was merely making a gallery play to emphasise his charge that the appropriations made at Thia session of Congress have been extravagant he knew that his Amend ment would not be adopted or be would have offered it. No appropriation is too extravagant to receive his sup port provided that the Money is to be spent for the Benefit of his constituents but he is always ready to Cut Down elsewhere. It turns out that or Terrell our minister to Turkey was not summoned to Washington to discuss turkish affairs but to answer serious charges against himself. He is charged with being Low and Cross in his habits and with habitually profane and Vul Gar language in the presence of callers to the u. S. Legation at constantinople and As though that was not enough he is charged with being utterly incompetent by reason of his Lack of Finis Lanty the usages of polite society to protect american interests in Turkey. Triese charges Are made by the Ameri can missionaries of All denominations Dow in Turkey and were originally sent to Washington by Hev Henry 0 Dwight who failed to an interview with either or. Cleveland or Secretary Olney on his first visit being Curtly in formed at the state department that he could present his charges in writing and they would to filed. But lie was too smart to be caught in that sort of a Pigeon Hole. He nent to new York and Boston for consultation with friends and he result was a second visit to Washington accompanied by a committee of Uch influential men that even before Thev demanded a hearing for or Dwight they were invited to Lay the whole matter before or Cleve land and it was so done. Terrell has been asked to explain and unless he can make it Plain that he has been slandered Bis official head will fall. Chairman Dingley of the House ways and Means committee has made a Public statement showing How that j committee tried to increase the reve noes of the government a year by a temporary Tariff Bill and How its attempt was walked by Lack of re publican majority in the Senate. The statement closes with these words the committee on ways and Means has investigated the Workings of the reciprocity showing the benefits of such reciprocity and declaring unanimously As far As the republicans Are concerned for a return to reciprocity and Protection As soon As the people shall elect a Republican Senate and president 10 co operate with a Republican House. This seems to be All that is practicable uoii1 the republicans secure the presi Dent As Well As the Senate representative Suloway of n. U., sent the following Telegram this week which is self explanatory Caroline d Mowatt Manchester n h regret to inform Jou that or. Has vetoed the Bill giving you a pension in a Christian spirit and with a desire to Ereat within him a spark of patriotism 1 wish for the remainder of his life he might receive such treatment and rations As our soldiers had at Ander son Vulio c a Sui Howdy unless some unexpected hitch occurs the appropriation Bills will All be out of he Way before the end of the first week in june and then adjournment will come. An Exchange says gossip has made Many a Home hell on Earth gossip has parted husbands and wives gossip Baa blackened and sullied the character of Many poor girls. Gossip has parted Lowers who would be Happy if it were not for gossip. One Little misstep or one Little indiscretion will cause gossip to arise with new strength and Start on her Mission. Her did we say we ought not to do it for we have our male gos sipers and As a Rule they Are ten tires More venomous than the female a Good healthy male gossip Eris As mean and Low and dangerous As the meanest thing on Earth. Developments in several damage suits against corporations recently indicate that the physicians must Scon take action to put themselves right with the Public or suffer the consequences reference is Here made to the practice of Lato exceedingly prevalent of physicians acting As detectives for the rail Road companies it is neither right nor seemly that when the unfortunate victim of an Accident is Wilmur in unto death in Many agents under the Guise of healers should push their Way to the bedside of a paid int and seek to extort from him statements that May afterwards to against his interests. If the reputable medical Meo of the state do not Lily rown upon conduct of this kind Ebay must be prepared for a consider a e depreciation in the Confidence and respect hitherto extended them we Don t need to say Don t forget you can t forget them they Are the Only clothiers. In june 1s92, before the present administration assumed office the per capita circulation of Money in the United states was a year later alter the present administration s Assumption of Power it had fallen to a loss of 0 57 per capita. At the beginning of this month it was Only 65, a loss in circulation of since 1s93 and a loss of ?2 79 per capita since the of Protection period list of transfers for week ending May 25lh, 1800. Furnished by p. B. Guiwits abstract or Charles City Iowa flood Creek society of 31 e Church to h Kohlsted w d. 5 rods off n Side of sex of of self and 5 oils Ott n end of lot a of of of of Sec 16, 95, 17. 8---- a Pitcher to 31 m Troutner we lot 2 in Srot lot 13, of new 4 of new 4, of Sec 7, 95, 15, ii Burchardt and Otto a e we lots and 10, blk a Man compound liquid Sulphur colera cure is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven slates and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the age and it the Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the prevention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices no Farmer can afford to be with i c Balkum and wife to ii Phelps we blk 10, Gilbert add St Charles to 00 j h Owen and of to g h Kura Rey w in lots 15 and 16, blk 131 Lama mud Losi. , h in my Cor lot 16 00 j h Owen and wife to a Bee with w a ox-41 feet Iti the new Corner of lot 16 blk 131 l add to St c. 30 00 g w ton Berg and wife to h a e Burchardt w a lot 7 blk 103, l add to St. Charles 75 00 for abstracts of title to lands or town lots write to p r Guiwits it Charles Guy Iowa. Mail orders promptly at tended and satisfaction guaranteed. 650 00 out compound liquid Sulphur cholera Core. Nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market cosign a less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Lor each Loop. For Sale by a read on free Booklet on Mic Robic Dis blood free 500 00 to All free those who have used or. King s new discovery know ins value and those we have not. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle tree. Send Yoor and address to h. A co., Chicago and get a Sample of or. King s new lift pills free As veil As a copy of guide to health and household instructor free. All a Kief w guaranteed to do Yon Good boat nothing a did you Ever think Bow readily the blood w poisoned by constipation bad blood Means bad health nod premature old age. Dewitt a Little Early risers the famous Little pills overcome obstinate constipation. A. J. Asper co. Free your address to h. E. Co Chicago and set a free Sample Box of or King s new life pills a trial will convince Yoo of their merits. These pills Are easy a action and Are particularly effective to the cure of constipation and sick for malaria and liver troubles they have proved invaluable they Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken their action but by tone to stomach and invigorate the regular wanted an thing to Patent protect Yoni Olels they May bring you Wen Ltd. Write John Wedder co., Patent attorneys w d.c., for their prize Obel. The famous Lake City Stock Fountain can be purchased from l. Hartooni Charles City Iowa. It will water from 50 to 150 pigs daily. Governed by Grav Ity weight valve a o Springs to to floats to stick in mud and let out of water. Has the right size cup not a Largo double drink cog trap to hold a lot of hot filthy fresh Supply comes Down. Water Besom valve with in body of water. Can be aet to water two pens at once. Fountain now arranged for heating attachment which can be supplied daring Winter. Fountain put out on trial. It Coats nothing to try one. Will pay for itself every week la a Bunch of 20 Pige. Yon will state your self after trying that the i Cream i a fat above the usual method of Watelier a apparent with the naked Eye in two weeks lie Tail Price 93.00. Call on or write to l. Hartshorn Charlea City Iowa general agent for Centt. Stock Fous Taim City the state democratic convention held at Dubyne last week declared for free coinage at a Ratu of 16 to 1, Aid also recommended Boies to the consideration of the Chicago Tion. 7 courses or symptoms Vav Hen increase in extent and gradually grow dangerous. I7yoa s offer froth dts peps1a 07 Xoi Westich liver cok Plait ii complexion is Sallow or a suffer distress after eat1h2, offensive breath Aniau. Discs. D1dakic Ders of the Stomm flip mkt Tablet the end t0 gives

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