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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 27 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 42. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa May 27, teems Marble Rock s leading hardware store. A full Audi Complete line of hardware Aud House furnishing goods in ill its brunches always Kepi on it moderate prices. Gasoline stores Richine oils kerosene and gasoline ammunition of til kinds blasting powder dynamite and fuse washing machines and , carpet sweepers Redig Waicus. Call and see them. To those contemplating building that season we invite you to bring in Jour lulls and we will save you Money. No trouble to show goods and make you it is really amusing to see with what humility some of the old democratic organs Are setting ready so Swallow the majority. We Hope the the Iowa state Register claims Iowa for the republicans by irom to prices. You will find us at Walster s old stand. Very respectfully yours w. L. Nelson. Societies. A. F. A. A a. M. Corner Stone no. 251 communication Widne Silaj on or before Mil Moon. Yet inc Brothers ill to attend. _ s. H. Dit i Kec. I. O. O. F. Surble Hock so. 36s, meets thursday Muniu of eur n Celt. Isiora cordially invited. Moist to. H. Kows Kius sen , Lodge. So. 313, meets tuesday evening f week. Visiting Brethren invited. W b. Vouch is. C. C. A. K. Of k. A i. T. Of the 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in Fetlow Hall. L. W. Eose Sabass Prei. B. J. Anklet dec. Sec. M. W. Of a. Rock Camp so. 445s. Regular tweet i cond Mill fourth saturday of Eracli month at Odd yellows Llull. Visiting riels Liboris in Good birthday and All Gen Oral election Days Hare been made Legal holidays by the legislature. Ate cordially invited to h. Irmaa clerk. Meet at the Home of Jurj. Stewart the 1st Aud u of each month of 2 o clock . M.r9. K. A. Ste Vaht pres. My can Mixa Affek Fec. O. A. R. Marble Bock so. 306, meets first saturday c. T. Anklet com. Each month. W. B. Adj. To c t o Julns. Toleu president. Pm. A. M. , Secretary. At 11 to so a m. Epworth league meeting at r Aijrer meeting thursday veiling. W. W. Robinson pastor. Chubch preaching sunday at 11 p. A. Christian end eater meets at 6-so p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday j. We. Avil teus. Pastor. Trie sundays at 11 a. M. P. M. Prayer meeting tuesday evening c. K. Cal Kos pastor. in each month Ilia. M. And p. M. Sunday school ind Aatlo a. M. Services held in the House. H. Grist pastor. Jtaylor. Recorder City f. A Gates ii b knee Krans two user. J w Martin Street commissioner George Smith Jurt Tal Willard Kenny Cottu Demeti a c Dai Lanful a. , h. Weber k Ilu get r. J. Ackley. Dillon township school Board president e. P. Walster. U b sies to usurer. John Gates directors Nick Standt 6 Madison Bine 7 John Gates e p Walster s tames Purcher Lew Inman 9 Miles cuke an Elbert Ditis 10 . Maison 11 Andrew Gates. Scott town help ome John s. Souls cont table George need Ellis Blase town Crowell Garber w Witter Hiles Marsh and Lac Bullet. Scott township school Board. Pei Yuent e. It. Darter. . George Boldnin treat Tiger Chane b Mcrritt disk cobs John ble hop 5 Bruce Ward. 6 e c Spaulding. 7 j Cunninghan 8 Tivit Tony John Losee. E w Garth Chae Uker judicial. John c. Sherwin. 3. V. Clyde. Monday in Jannary 1st Ito Day in May 2nd monday in september ind november of Leims Lane chairman. Charles City nil Ltd san Ltd Marble Rock to lanky a pippin Rockom , Kidd j. C. Mar Roll Lles a toting 1st monday in january april. June and september Aud 2nd monday in Norein Bot. The Funk Bill taking express com one int of their earnings Sill net the state about shot june. L up to Ilioiu on lieu there Are a few Ehiel among which is the Davenport demo crat who openly declare War against the Combine now in control of the party machinery but the majority of them Are getting in line with the machine. With the adjournment of the legis lature comes the report of a social scandal involving the name of one of Iowa s highest officials. Ii the Story which seems Well founded is True it behoves the of the Republican Sci h is i King about but we Are incline to believe from what we can hear and Sec around us that a majority of much less proportions will follow a Campaign of the hardest kind of hard work. Iowa will go Lle publican but it will be nearer the than the 100.000 Mark. It is Well enough to look matters in the face and prepare for an Active Campaign. The Tariff debate was opened in the United states donate last tuesday Aud its probable length will depend largely party to avoid crowding this Man upon upon opposition the Hill As re the next ticket the Republican party will have plenty to keep it Busy during the next Tampa Iii without being obliged to apologize for its candidates ported by the finance committee is objectionable to a very Large number of Republican voters As it embodies too much of the Tault for Revenue Only let clean men head the am d0t Noush Ibe Republican Prin Cipal of Protection to Home industries and Home labor. The ten cent Tariff on Tea should be stricken from the and i lie necessary Leveno be raised on i 11 r articles Bluit can be raised and Mauv 1 he Senate Tariff Bill is framed in j americans in Cuba and appropriated social sins. Ticket. Passed a Resolution president to relieve authorizing die the distress of tirely too much on the Tariff or Revenue Only plan to be acceptable to protectionists. We Are strongly in favor of Protection to american industries but u will Lake a Strong magnifying Glass discover the Seii set to work by the duty of 10 cents per Pound on Tea. If Tom Reed should suddenly die the of oust of representatives would run wild and the country go to the dogs its Tom s Iron grip that holds the House of representatives in masterly inactivity. After the new code goes into effect it will be a crime for a Man to desert his wife where a marriage is Solen med to avoid prosecution for seduction. It will be Well for some Young men to get an advanced copy of the new statute. Slate senator Lehl Elt was unable to attend the meetings of the Lesi Lalure ._._. A wow us ill los account has returned his warrant to the state treasurer with instructions to return the amount to the state treas Ury. Lor that purpose the mor Gan Resolution also passed Tho Senate but will be held tip in the Blouse in order to give president Mckinley an Opportunity to learn the actual Thane of affairs in that Island from the special envoy sent for that purpose. Both Iowa senators voted against the Resolution. Congressman Dolliver is never Lack ing in retort. As a member of the House committee on ways and Means he received the following Telegram from Armour co of Chicago the other Daj duty on cattle in Dingley Bill too High. It will prevent our buy ing canners in or. Dolliver telegraphed Back glad of it buy your cancers in Armour co. May not like this but the Iowa beef raisers will think it very much to the capital. Adjutant general Wright has give his official endorsement to the assembling of the entire state militia at or near Omaha nest year. The assembling will take the place of the an Nual Encampment. The troops will probably be quartered in Council Bluffs. The republicans cannot be held responsible for the actions of Tho late Secretary of state Sci Arland. The prompt exposures of his Shady practices relieve the party from any responsibility in the matter. Mcfarl Atid must stand his disgrace single handed. There Are several candidates for the nomination of governor on the re publican ticket. Gov. Drake desires a renomination and according to party usage is entitled to it. Senator Funk of Hardin county and Silas Wilson of Cass county Are also mentioned As aspirants for the position the extra session of Tho legislature in july should not worry the people a great Deal. It will be a Short session and much business will be done in a single Day. The incentive to activity will be augmented by the fact that no compensation will to allowed members for the july session not even Railroad milage. English papers generally refer to american Bishops As lord Bishops. Some years ago a Man from North Dakota read in a saturday paper in London that the lord Bishop of North Dakota would preach the nest Day in St. Paul s Cathedral. To launder and he exclaimed what is a lord Bishop of North and he made up his mind to solve the mystery by attending the service on returning to his hotel at noon he explained to his friends that the lord Bishop of North Dakota was nobody but Long will Walker who used to run a Church Down at is senator Edwards of Vemont voices the Eastern sentiment pretty clearly when he Speaks against the adoption of the belligerency Resolution j now is the time to buy your carpets. We have Joist received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such know Roods. Call and see them. We can please you. Lao tured in this country. Says a missionary s wife is a singular profession in Many of features. There is practically no Sulci thing As Freedom of the press in Japan. Whenever a paper publishes something unfriendly to the it is suppressed and the editor is tent to prison. The real editor is never imprisoned though. Every newspaper has what Tho Japan Ese Call a Dummy editor and it is ins sole duty to go to jail every Lime the paper is sep pressed for offending the Ivi Kado. Then the real editor changes the name of the paper and keeps on publishing it Dummy editors spend most of their time in once More there arc indications that a reasonable degree of Speed will be Hud in the Senate in the consideration of the Tariff Bill. Democratic and populist senators say they Are opposed to a a i Bijj ainu n Iuis Auu Aue is maintained by them the Bill May yet to in the president s hands sometime in july. If the democrats believe what the7 assert that the Bill in opera Ion will arouse the hostility of the country the sooner it is pissed the belter for them. The fortunes of the republicans la the elections of is9s and 1900 will largely depend on the verdict which the country renders on the Dingley Law. It is to be hoped , that Tho republicans will be allowed to shape the Bill As they wish and put it on the statute Book As Early As is practicable. Democrat. , while there is every it weakest nations of the Earth and haste in getting the Riff this is the text upon which i have will Bufi taken up in the Senate nest i been preaching ten or twelve week enacted into a Law. first years More or less my Hope s to see duty of Congress ind the government our coast defences and our Navy put in is to help our people then we can j to such condition that we can conduct devote sonic time to helping lie Dis an International debate for vre cannot dressed and oppressed elsewhere. Representative Wilber of n. Y have an International debate without the and when we ii ave something who been Slud Jing and working on o an armament thai is Buttins our the subject or a lung time thinks a i great i ice in the world to can afford method has been found that will make to assume the is abilities the Al it impossible for imitations to be sold mighty has placed upon us by reason in English As genuine amen of our wealth and our in can cheese. Or. W a. U speaking thus senator Brawley made no member of the Liverpool and Man j pretence of representing the admin Atra Chester chamber of Commerce Lias been in this country working in con Tion or in fact any body but himself. The order closing the doors of the goods the Sale of irn Timion american and the consequent of tie Saiu of Usu Genuso on iks Side of the Atlantic. Secretaries Gage and Wilson Are thoroughly in favor of this project Junction with representative Wilber i International postal Congress to and he to Aid in suppressing the Public and to the newspaper men has Leer rather unjustly criticised As an act . When in of Naif a it was merely following precedent. The other postal congresses were held be Hind closed doors and the foreign Dulc d tiie commissioner of internal Gates objected to the gub City which Washington letter. Wash Iso Ion May 21. 1807. One of the Best things about presi the commercial relations Between the message it Ruay be that the lower House of passed by the Senate last week. The Dent Mckinley is that he never goes cast is Alrand that the recognition of j off half cocked. He always knows Cuba would bring on a War with when he starts just where he wants to Spain and thai this would interrupt when he sent that Congress asking that be no two countries which would largely be prop ated for the chef of destitute Felt in the Eastern part of the United american citizens in Cuba he went states. This spirit is so Strong with our Eastern neighbors that it out Neuhs at present and he was not affected by the cruelties and outrages perpetrated threats of senators to Side rack the in Cuba by Spanish tyrants. This j Tariff Bill if the cuban belligerency country has no right to Point the Finger j Resolution not adopted nor by the of scorn at England and other euro Pean countries in i Zard o fhe tit hat already the Neces sary to government of ricers at new Yolk and Cui ago to put in into e5ect. Sex senator Ingalls of is in wan Lington but lies ivs that politics have nothing to do with his and that he is not an for office senator Hawley took occasion timing the g Ubrin talk in the Senate to reiterate warning words upon a subject he is Tiniou Ghl la Iii a do Are in no condition As a country to step into the Arena of the world and Are to pkg Justice done to every poor pc jigs everywhere that we will Sechre Bil or that we will declare War tie senator from Illinois is cd ref per in i shall 1 arrive he will it. And Isis action will the Man firm Reso the Money As far As the evidence will Garnnt it Laniis persons who can can ii believe in sensational claims the Council will close the. Tax Ibe first of october and Divide up j a keep in far still 3hu Oil Tribu cd Cash toward state or county i things Urr in so Hasty that in none of it will 20 next coh to j want afe overlooked. This count is or private exhibitors or to with la e americans in Cuba relieve the j persons who have for services Tor there is no occasion for from Timban Yasment rendered daily Towa capital j haste in any further action tour Ards has ten times that it is almost for woman s Peru Tiar weaknesses. and derangement. It hns become Tho loading Rera Erly for this class troubles. It exerts a wonderfully Healing strengthen ing Sud oct Linig Infix eco upon the Man steal organs. It cures Whites and falling of file Tromb. It stops flooding and relieves sup children one third of All the children die before they Are five years old. Host of them die of some disease. They grow very slowly keep thin in flesh Are food does not do them much Good. You can t say they have any disease yet they never Prosper. A slight cold or some stomach and Bowel takes them away easily. Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil with by Paphos Whites is just the remedy for children. It Diakes hard flesh sound flesh not soft flabby fat. Makes Strong Bones healthy it changes poor children to children Rich in Prosperity. Book about it free for the asking. Igno substitute for Scott s Ciui Sion will do for the children a hat we know Scott s Emit lion will do. Get tile Geneise. For Sau by All druggists at Sec. And . Scott jew York. Ill pressed and painful menstruation. Or Cherye of i o it is Tho Evsi Cine made. It is beneficial during and helps to bring children into horses Barren for years. It Intis forntes stimulates strengthens Tho sys tem. This great remedy is offered to Oil Sill cited . Why any woman suffer another Minuto Irith certain Relief within reach of curd i Only costs is. Co per bottle at your drug store. Tor tuns. Do you want employment i at. Home or v. Good j a i cd r 3 vol or , acc tic work and easy. Joke Hawks

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