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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 24 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 24, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 12, Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa. May 24, rms 4 year 41 House decorations Wall paper Al Bastine Lead and Oil paints and brushes. Speedling speedling. Druggists Marble Rock Iowa. The important difference Between the democratic and Republican party is that the former promises and the utter the Ohio democrats have decided to be Good and toddle along the Bryan column. The Ohio democrats usually do this when there is no Chance to do otherwise. A keen Clear brain beat feelings your social position or Busi Ness Success depend largely the perfect action of a car stomach Tod liver or. King s new Lite fills Incerta de strength a keen Clear brain High ambition. A 25 cent Box will make you feel like a now being sold by a. J. Asper co. Druggist or. Sulzer announces that Case he is nominated Lor the vice presidency he trill immediately take the stamp. The should be the nature of warn ing to political party possessing intelligent Leader ship. Last tuesday was the Bogie taking or. Caldwell s syrup Pep bin for that Miodu eation. If you did t you better ask a. Jasper co at their drat store they will Tell you just Jato for they Are reliable and the fee Taank who arc boasting that favor of Ameri can ski Puig u dead Are to sane men who declared that tin plate could riot be manufactured this country. A Knight of the grip testifies. Ill nov. 14, 1898 1 was troubled with a disagreeable feel ing my stomach caused by dyspepsia and one dose of or Caldwell s Syrop pepsin relieved me. I will never be without it it u the Best remedy for constipation and indigestion i have Ever used. P r. Claric travelling Salesman Tor Pearson importers of que Esware. Indi Anapolis ind Loc and 50c Sod bottles at a. J. Asper Sioux Falls sets the Pace or i Opu Lehtic platform making. The Kansas City tinkers will be compelled to meekly fall Ioto line. As Maple syrup most remedies have something unpleasant to the taste and consequence Many people especially children dread the dose and Pat off entirely or delay the taking of the Medicine that can do them emd. So with or Caldwell s Syrop pepsin every body likes its taste and Whan taken it will care constipation and All kinds of stomach Troub Loc 50c and 00 Sites of a. J. Asper co. Id 1895 ire exported bushels of Opra. That was a democratic year. 1m 1899 we exported 174 094 a Mabels to at was a Republican year. A past by Cyrls rider of ten receive painful cams. Sprains or raises front accidents Macklen s Arnica Salve will kill the pain and heal the injury. It s the cyclist s Friend cores chafing. Chapped hands soar lips barns ulcers and piles cure guaranteed Only 25c. Try it. Sold by a. J. Asper i. Druggist. The per capita circulation of the court re wan May 1st. It was when Bryan was nominated failure of free Silver has be Rucoly not checked the circulation. A woman s awful Prii u Only one Chance to save four life nod is thought operation were the startling words Beard by mrs i H not of Lum Ridge. Wis from her dour after he bad vainly tired to care str of Frigi Tinl new of stomach and be jew Jan Ndina. Gall Worms had fronted and Nee my a Wmk a hotly Ker it s a Strawh. Lim pm nor a newly Watt Otap try it of ets Onan a. J. Whan several democrats United feigning t minority report the ship Ping Bill Bieh they favor subsidies and oppose free ships As the remedy the Opportunity for making a Campaign Issue of the shipping question slipped from the grasp of the democratic Patty. Hon. W. Wilson West Virginia s former democratic governor has writ ten Able paper Tavor of the re Tention of the Philippines or. Wil Sod contends that he is still a Democrat but none the less and american. He have a splendid Chance to engage argument with the democratic leaders the democrats the House com Mittee merchant Marine and fish eries have prepared two reports the shipping Bill one favouring subsidies and opposing free and the other storing tree ships and opposing sub Are the of that party divided when it comes to affirmative action. The Southern democracy disfranchised the negro runs Jim Crow oars the railroads taxes them without giving them representation lynches those Wuoti it chooses to accuse without the formality of a trial and yet holds up its hands holy horror became they tear the republicans Are going to of press the natives of Porto Attico. The balance of Trade favor of the United states daring the present administration has reached the incredible sum of amount that passes the Power of comprehension the balance of Trade favor of the United states during All the administrations Nhat preceded that of Mckinley from Washington to Cleveland inclusive was to Pat the matter another Way. The three years of the Mckinley administration have seen a Trade balance greater than was accumulated during to Cen Tury preceding his inaugural Ion. The Advance agent of Prosperity has made Pood his promises has done ten times More than he promised Aad the people who know a Good thing when they see it will be slow to change such a certainty for doubtful promises. During the tree Trade administration when there was of Tariff Wall of Protection we exported of average each year More than we imported. During the protective Tariff administration of president Mckinley we have exported average of 768.915 a year More than to imported. With the Tariff Wall of Protection built High up around our borne Market the markets of the world have Riken every year 743.606 More of american products and Nanalac ures than they did under free Trade. Moral Protection is the better policy for the american Farmer wage earner and tortured a witness Kura free delivery is being extended among the Farmers under Republican Rule the executive departments and Congress this Republican Congress has increased the appropriation for this purpose to is so that More Farmers than Ever will soon be having their Musil delivered at their doors. Washington letter. Mario of Dixie. Ky., before be this evidence i coached every Nicht Noli my Throat was nearly raw then tried or King s new discovery which gave instant Relief t have used it aay family for Foar Yean and Reeoma it As the greatest Rennedy of Cen Gas Oolda and All Throat Long troubles. It Wil Stop want Hoegh and Only prevents but who Mimy Cven it a i. Washington d. C May 18. 1900 the u. S Senate is not a Good place to indulge Sharp practice of any kind for that reason even if there were no Legal doubts it is not Likely that the Sharp practice of or Clark of Montana to retain the seat to which the committee elections had unanimously declared him not entitled will help him any. Bid dramatic Resigna Tion of Bis seat when the Senate was about to take up the Resolution Declar ing Bis seat vacant would have raised him the estimation of Many had it not been immediately followed by his appointment to the vacancy caused by that resignation by the lieutenant governor of Montana who was acting governor of the state showing that the whole thing was a put up Job. Many senators Are indignant at the palpable trick and unless they change their sentiments or. Clark will never get a seat with Bis present credentials and even the credentials May be rendered entirely Bull and void instead of being merely doubtful by the adoption of the Resolution As reported from the com Mittee elections which would make the vacancy one that could not be filled by gubernatorial appointment. The Nicaragua canal Bill has been favourably reported to the Senate just As it passed the House but there is still doubt us to whether there Wilt be Tine enough to pass it at this session. President Mckinley has signed the Dree Homes Bill which settlers up Indian lands recently opened for settlement Are deeply interested. Only one More appropriation Bill re Mains to be passed by the Bouse Al though it will have to dispose of several which have been amended by sen ate t is now certain that none of the regular appropriation Bills will stand the Way of adjournment Eaily june. President Mckinley is desirous of using As Friendly with the Boer envoys. Who reached the u 3 this week As diplomatic usage will permit a Neutral government to be with the representatives of either of two nations engaged War. But the gentlemen from South Africa need not expect to add to their prestige Washington or anywhere else by indulging such veiled threats As those contained the following language used by or. Fischer one of them we should like 13 have the government arbitrate with England arid we shall try to have audience president Mckoley. If we cannot induce the government to do what we like we shall try to arouse the people so that they will compel the govern ment to recognize us that Way some of the democrats who Are trying to purty capita oat of the pre sence of the Boer envoys must have bean filling or. Fischer up. fact the democrats have taken charge of the envoys. Every democratic member of the House judiciary committee voted Agai oat the constitutional amendment reported from that com Mittee by the unanimous vote of its rep Olcan members giving a Congress autuori y to define regulate control prohibit or dissolve trusts monopolies or combinations whether existing to the form of corporations or otherwise that shows what a lot of Buncombe is represented by the democratic howls for some action against trusts. When re publicans propose act ii of the most Nat arc the democrats oppose it and attempt to excuse their Opp Oei two by trotting ont the doctrine of Stales Nubia. The report Tavor of the Amend w. Hight but bit we can save you Floney. Of course we can t Benefit the lady who buys her goods City stores and pays City prices. She does t give us a Chance neither can we Benefit the one who buys her goods at some Cross Road store when she could save her fare and More too by coming Here. But to peo ple who investigate who compare values who want the most for their Money this store offers every inducement compare these prices with those you have been paying. You get the difference. Simpson son s and garners the Best prints made nil styles and colors per Yard go about 100 Yards left of that fancy corded Dimity at per Yard. Good heavy Straw ticking Worth elsewhere 10 cents Here per Yard cd Ham i too s Percale All the fancy colors and de signs Worth 10n, Here per Yard. Extra heavy Good Width net Saieh per Yard 6c Southern silk extra heavy plaid and Stripe shirting the kind you pay for Here per Yard 8c extra heavy manna Blue prints extra wide and a 1 Grade per Yard Ioc Nuey red table cloth limited amount per Yard velveteen skirt binding All colors Corduroy skirt binding All colors. I5c 4c ladies underwear the is Vestica is a important Ocee Ccaruso it iau5 More to do with persons Comfort then any other part of the apparel. Ladies Fine without sleeves Leal Coder for each scan. Estra Good Quality with half sleeve ladies extra line Balb Ngan vests with Fine lace bodice 2s ladies ready to Wear clothes ladies Linen skirts Blue braid trimming w rth 51.23, Here each ladies fancy Blue and red skirts with White braid trimming r6iu swell ladies All Linen with elaborate applique braid trim Ming each ladies Good Percale shirt Niete fancy Light colors and Staple Blue Sacii 50f ladies extra line nun Lily shirt waists Luce Trio ined and corded the Best that fashion cub produce up to 2.50 ladies reel print a uppers 50t ladies extra Quality Percale wrapper wit i Lull flaunt Al ruffle trimmed 1.00 remember this is a department store we sell goods at department store prices and keep everything our ability to serve All the people this Community was never so great As at present perhaps these prices will interest you. Nations or monopolies Congress should hive Power to maintain open Field for honest Competition All Industrial enterprises throughout the entire Union. Id doing this Congress should not be compelled to act indirectly or resort to legislation of questionable expediency or of Dau Batul constitutionality.1 the cd Manittee has also reported a Bill amending the Sherman anti Trust Law. Representative Connell of Pennsyl Vania recently chosen As a member of the Republican congressional Campaign committee gave a dinner last night which was attended by More than one Hundred gentlemen prominent con Gressional and official life. To make sure that the investigation of the cuban postal system is thorough fourth assistant postmaster-3cneral Bristow who is expert to postal accounts has been placed charge of the cuban postal system with full Power to make removals and suspensions and is now his Way to Havana Fie will personally conduct the investigations under verbal instructions Iron presi Dent Mckinley who is inlay determined that every who has stolen a Dollar irom the Urban revenues shall be exposed and punished. Wolcott who Bas Juat re turned from Colorado where he went to preside Over the Republican state convention says that state will return to the Republican column this year to the return to the party ranks of the most of those who went ont the Silver question senator Wolcott says he knew something of this change of sentiment before he went Home but had of idea How general it was until be went among the people. lbs5 the value of our exports wan fill 37 per capita. La it was with Protection we expansion. one of the democratic panic years we exported agricultural products Worth ib99 they were Worth increase of the foreign demand for american farm products 13 a pretty Good year s record under a Republican Amiol to ratio. A howling Ever properly introduced or. Caldwell s syrup Pepsi As a cure for constipation has met with phenomenal Sale. May druggists cannot Sty enough Praise of its merits As Well As great popularity with the people Luc trial size Sod also 50e and is 00 sizes of a. J. Asper co Low rates for the a. 0 u. W. Meetin Gio Sioui Falls 8 d Jooe 9-20. The C. R. It. R y has made a rate of a single fare 00 for the round trip Down u All potato Aith Call Neamtz Idoft it yet for rates lieu. Ete Jho u. Pamm a. G. It t a. A. C. R. Koofer Tyrh it f i i baby to Mac if not something must be t wrong with its food of the Mother s or milk does t Nour-1ish it she needs Scott s emulsion. It supplies the elements of fat required for 1 the baby. If baby is not nourished by its Artificia food then it requires j ii Scott s emulsion i hair a Teaspoon thres i or four times a Day its bottle will have the desired effect it seems a 1 magical effect upor lubes children a Bettis w3 prove i of our statements. 1 a g t to is ,.n 1 More Good towns the b., c. R. I. R y. Is rapidly Mak ing headway of i heir new line Fratu Avert Hington to hard Wick Mion. This line when completed will be about 33 Miles Long and will open the richest port 11 the cuu utry southwestern Minne Sota the line is cow Complete to Lead ing and will soon be open to both of these towns Are b part of the country and merchants and professional men can find Pood opening. Addre-8 nil inquiries to thou. H. Brown. Sioux Falls s. Dak. Those wishing to locate at Maple Hill. Or Luzon our new line from Arm Strong to Estherville should address or Juhn Dowst Armstrong for such inform Tiore a the desire. Jno. G. Farmer a. G. P. A t. A. Cedar rapids . How a boy was cured from the Herald 111 interview with t. F. Mar Kle head Miller of the Marshall Mills of Marshall us the pub Lisher was Eiren the fallowing fact concerning the effects of Micro germ used by his Tea year old son. He said. My toy had been foot health for Over a year. He had commenced to cough 4ad expect rate he became weak and Nevrous and was join Dowa spite of everything we Codd do. Nothing seemed to do him any permanent Eood though Seetal remedies were turf. Lut Mayhe began taking Evert boots purifier prompt pure Ana i whore iat Fiu thed the Sec Ond tue Keuk it foot Ordinary Hoys of his a or. I at tribute his entirely to Micro germ. Be is from All Soond and Well Rosy cheered and . Markla Aan word wot 4mb club m a Ait the Modett remedy co. Scot f l a. J

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