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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 21 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 21, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 21 no. 41. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa May 21, teems a year we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist is not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper and we will be glad to show them to you. Geo. W. Gates. Returned school sote3. With her All lie departments Are Busy finish i Merna Southeast of up the work As outlined for the year. Reviews of most difficult parts of the different studies Are Ben Moffett and wife were made Mirs Bianche Asper has mrs Swartz s visiting town societies. A. F. A. M. A v. A a. Stone Lodge no. 151. Regular communication wednesday on before it Talmoon. Vim Long Brothers in to attend. Robbert Huet. W. M. S. A David Sec. V. 0. Jackson and w. R. Winter Are canvassing the City in the interest of the Normal savings and loan association of l Happy by the arrival of a baby at j their Home last night. Jars. Amanda Clark Hayes died j tuesday night and will be buried today i at Charles City. Since our local pages have gone to press we learn the sad news that or. Jacobs Tsuo has been sick for a Long died wednesday afternoon services will be held at the m. K. Church this afternoon at o clock. Thuc remains will be shipped if a Poco Illinois on the afternoon train for i interment. It becomes our disagreeable duty to record a Case of Infix Cihiy in nor quiet City on londay mor Nimir 0, a. Weaver started ostensibly f of Whit ten. Iowa to visit his people on the noon tra n mrs. Frank Wagner started for a visit to Garner. It appears that both parties met at Mason City. On monday evening Frank Wagner started in Pursuit of his wife and tuesday Noou mrs. Weaver started on an investigation tour what she found can be there will be Union memorial now being Given Fitzhu examinations will take place during the last week of school. The Young Forrest Trees which were planted on the school grounds a few weeks ire doing nicely. The re cent Rains have been conducive to growth generally arrangements Are being made to have a picnic on the school grounds the last Day of school. A schedule of competitive sports is being prepared for the occasion. The scale Archib a fists held their convention at Des Monics on the loth and 14th. They nominated a full ticket As follows Secretary of state Vav i. G. Of Story auditor of state j. Wonders treasurer k. J. Bye of Cedar judge supreme Jour Samue Holmes of Fremont reporter supreme court miss Belle mix Des Monics Itai Road commissioner win. S Piele of Lyon attorney general f. M. Ford Woodbury. An Effort is being made by cig retie manufacturers to Dodge the Iowa Cisar guessed by the fact that about 5 o clock Ette Law the arc not maids an Al her f j . Evening sheriff Fairbanks attached at the Post room sunday at 2 p. In. Sharp saturday at the same place at t n f i at p m. Everybody is Marble Rock Lodge so. I meets thursday invited especially old soldiers. C. T. Ackley com. All old soldiers Are ordered to meet k.ollt5eelar to Flor. No. Slit meets tuesday evening each week. Al Titi Brethren invited. K. C. 0 tilt do if k. Of r. J. L. Of h. Fleets the 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in Odd Fellows Hall. I. Pres. H. J. , Kec. Sec to. K. C. Afereti attic Home of sirs. Steuart tie 1st nud so thursday of each month at i o clock p. In. Mks k. A Stev. Aug . Chii Itina Aspek Sec g. A. K. Or n or l i i i St cd Uriu of eur run kilns in Luchus vices at the m. E. Imrch sunday. J i tie of goods on behalf of mrs Weaver who had instituted divorce proceedings. Oiher suits Are threatened both civil and criminal these Are the fac s As near As we can learn them and we have no Desne to Menhir a upon them but As the scandal Jorn. P. M. Everyone fall in promptly i has become Public property through the courts Wear compelled to give the matter attention. The women question in the Metho dist conference has been again Rele Gator to the Hurcles. Of the Mem Bers will come and Vole when the last week Shultz son commenced suit against Charles Bartz for damages sustained for non fulfilment of contract. Or. Bartz had sold a Load of hogs to or. Bultz and because he was offered in it Juroc j Ost no sus. Meet first saturday Cartiea failed to deliver the of each Uio Nln. C. T. A Klov com. W. B. Cut Litree adj. W c t to Ster taken a change of venue to meets every thursday. Fro Milci a. 3t. 3iebki or. Secretary. Com Relios. Metis Ottist presetting at n a. M. Anil m. Is Worth Levigne meeting it i to. Prayer meeting thursday a Teiling. W. Zoei Vsev pastor. Chuk ii Penchina stud by at ii a. N. M. Christian Endeavor meets at p. M. Prayer Meetins wednesday eve Ning. J. Will Walters. Pastor. Free 11 . And p. M. Voun Peoples Inlet Init at Praver Lee thug tuesday evening j. P. Hews pastor. Battist preaching every 1st sunday in each. Montha Illa. In. Anil every sunday it 10 a. Union school House. M. Sunday in. Services held May i sunday school in the ii. Grant pastor cite officers. Mayor Wiloth recorder ii c Liose Krans treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore Mart hat Willarrd 0 darlnm1, we Fletcher 11 Rosentraus a h 3teier, Chas k a Tygett Union towns Biji school Lenard. President go w Jec Retay. H b lies. Treasurer. Joun Gates Dike toys 1 i Csc Standt. 2 any Packman 8 k p 4 Lew ionian. I Egbert is. 1 rails Boltz. I Madison Bine t John Gates. S a Surelie ceo w knt Ell. 10 Sam Shaffer Ricott town hip . Itas in Csc . I cont Aules vol Nev Beers. Coy Bailey town clerk t w Nicholson. Trustees Steven Kinney w Witter Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop. Secretary. George Baldwin treasurer diaries d Merrick. Directors 1 Lohn annl 2 e Iai Lier i i Suau Lilin s x ver. T to s 5 John . . Birr. John c. A heroin. Monday in Jai Roath. 1st, monday in Joiy 2nd a today in september. Slid monday in november. Hoard of Lucins line. Chairman Phillip Shultz. Timothy pippin k. S. Chichester i. C. Men ill. Clit Marble Hock the suit was brought before Esquire Wal Ster and taken of a change of venue to Squire Davis who after hearing the evidence on the part of the plaintiffs awarded them damages. The defendants failed to appear. May so memorial services Sill be held at Marble Kock. Form on Cor Ner of main and Bradford streets at 2 p to. And March to the West Side Ceme Tery the old soldiers will Lead then is lion was taken the ministers and w. R. A followed a to trim t m women will be admitted to the nest general conference. A new but not altogether unexpected departure was taken by the methodist general conference in the decision to re ire two of the Bishops on the ground that they arc no longer effective the Bishops thus set aside Are Bowman and Foster. Kotae opposition to the action was Develon Edin the con Ference but u did not Manifest itself to any extent when the vote on the promo by the mayor and City Council civic societies and citizens. The services in the ritual will be used at the cemetery songs by the glee club Short address by one or More clergymen. Return o town the same order will be followed at the East Side cemetery. Let every body turn out with their teams to carry the people to the cemeteries. All school children Are cordially invited to join in the exercises. U. T. A Ivlev com Church of Christ. Lire those two the decision to re men seems somewhat harsh and will doubtless arouse critic Cis Iii but in reality Here is no sound reason for continuing men in places of rave responsibility when they Are no Lunser Able to perform their duties. A new precedent has been established which May Lead to a Rule requiring All Bishops to step aside when they have reached a certain acre. Des Moines Iowa May Frank Landers chief of the census j Bureau has just completed the Sompi subjects of discourse nest lords Cay Inion of the statistics Iclal ing to self Han notion i j culture taken Vear it covers a reruns truth its r i vast amount of rant Tor never embraced characteristics and purpose. In the afternoon at o clock at Scott. Center things temporal and Ticle that is wrapped with Leaf tobacco instead of paper and which will sell for tin same Price cigarette smokers say that the tobacco used in the new article is the same is was used in the regains to be seen whether this subterfuge will pass Muster. Sex. Globe Democrat in the ast thirty nine years Garcal. Britain reduced its Public debt and the United states Buring the past Twenty Sis years ending with 1k93, reduced its Public debt to the extent of Sicco the year named demo cratic Rule in this country Lias Accel or it a cult us jul old ui10cl on our Treasury has been singularly unsatisfactory. List of transfers for week ending May j Dib 13 jul. Furnished by p. K. Us hits abstract or Burjes oily Iowa a Mahara and wife to a b Mahara w a undivided 1-6 of lots 21 and 22, sub Iliyof blk 15, original St. Charles est. S Harwood in a b Frost Aden deed lots a and a blk 81, Kelly go s add to St. Charles. Has been greatly strengthened this week by the addition of a Large invoice of very Fine mens clothing which we offer at from .00 to per suit. These suits Are reliable in every respect in style in workmanship in fit and you la find them the Best you Ever bought for anywhere near the Money. Better see pm. Remember we Are Here to stay and you May rely on any statements made in our ads or in the store because what we say we do we do do Price p g Eddy to Ira Kompp Doe Oesec-23, is do you i a _ in the n i before by any census of the late Iowa it shows the average size math g g3, the Community May expect a rare treat from Bro g b Swart of Bur. Less than forty 800 with by tween 160 and g40. And a Lington when he cotes. He is sex j total of in the state. Subjects will be j Lori Gatres exist on with a net peeled Juno s-1 2. Announced later we Alad to see so Many Ini a to j g Quinby j h ii indy and 11 i Gish w a same inn us above 2.100 i h Hils and wife to a i7 Jones. W d. Ejot of Sej Handsh of of ant lots 2 and y of new a of and part of lot 2 of up i of . Sec 20, pm Hills met wife to d it Carter w a w 7-8 of of and put of Onwu oct Vav i of Sec 13, 1-200 j e i Mcallisier and had to i l liar Nipton w a lots u and 12, blk a add to St. Charles Hoo 0 i Witter Anc wife to j ily Jand Vid lot 1 swim Lafoou b Aldu in in Del too est j to p Schroeder. Atli or deed lots 1 and a blk 8, College adj to Charles City. _ 1.100 k j Hyland and life to 0 p Witter w a 0 acres in be 4, of be j of Sec 21. Of. Is too i i jul Millard and wives to c 1 Miller w d. Lots 3, a 7, s blk 1 2co Ujj d Miller and to c c Miller w a lots 1 and 7 blk 1, Mill arcs add to Rudd 100 lots w rite to p r Guiwits it Charles i a Lon a. Mail orders promptly at tended and satisfaction guaranteed. Tasules to bulbs ta3ules Rions Tsurui is Rogu Cilc l in system preserve the relate vial m cents. 8 Iowa bulletin indebtedness of there t Arom arc acres and the country last . Beck pc and con 3 4li -g-4 Llie Corn crop i first he kingdom of god and continue to seek until the Crown is Vron. Pastor. Did i of electric ters As a remedy for troubles if j now and net Relief. Moises . 10. 1soo. The past week Caces sively wet Cloud Wilh about the Normal Teni i of ifcb4 was bushels. The j showers have fallen in con total value of Hay the same year was Sid Crable portions of the state every while the Corn stalks Cut Clay since the 9th inst and in All Dis Arnica shut. Tho Best Salve in the world for cuts Bruise a sores ulcers be urn Ferer sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All slain eruptions and positively cure piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to rive perfect satisfaction or Money rpm Uncle. Price 25 cents per try electric Are As w0ftj, Lii re has been a heavy excess r 1 Liis Medicine has been found to be j peculiarly adapted to the Relief and cure of All female complaints exerting a wonderful direct info Guetice in Sivins j Houski Colp treasure. And i considerable damage to crops a j been done by washing out and flooding i in some localities where the heavier d i downpours occurred Hesness meeting 1st Woolav april. Jane ind september set in Kock Roni Sireci m i Polleti of Lana Mobarie 1. Farsi Uorn Piantiny Aas Ocen rear leu. Limit strength and tone to the organs nil to alway keeps or. Suric rep sri Tina in Mlay in Jan Nair 1lnve loss of discovery in the House and bin family Esfi Tantod. In the Northern and a rember. Jon div in count or officer. Go orcs Hanford tit Mararet. Clerk of tie courts. Recorder headache fainting spells or Are Ner i ajway9 die very Best resells vols sleepless excitable melancholy no use that he would not be to if pro curable. G. A. Conaty Auorey Conner Cali m. I f. I Vnuk Litigen Feller 1 i Dykeman drug tet cat kill. By i completed. The Earl Iee dby or j5 a fair stand. But Corn planting Bas been retarded and be Cen trial districts from 20 to 40 per cent of the Corn area remains to be planted and in some sections the blowing is not y planted Fields weeds compound liquid Sulphur colera cure is saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly ested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven i ales and proven beyond doubt to be the Erea tem discovery of the age and is Only guaranteed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the prevention and Core of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Larru or can Ali Ord o be with out compound liquid Sulphur cholera cure. Nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market costing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each for Sale by a j. Asper kid our free Booklet of my Rob a Dis a via railway the Are Duck Abb annual meeting at Ottawa kas., May tickets will be May 23, 21 and 25, from All on a c a n k a at the rate of one fare plus for the Roucal trip. Good to re turn 30 Days from Daw of Sale if ticket is deposited with station agent at Ottawa before june 1. For further i for. Mation Call on a c r n agents. Hotel of lass. At Spiri Lake the great Iowa summer resort Opeo de for the fishing season May 15th, and for the regular summer season june 2oth. The hotel and surroundings Tave been greatly improved and Many new attractions have been added to this popular resort. A Beautiful half tone circular descriptive of spirit Lake and hotel Orleans will be sent to any address by the undersigned. C. S. Mgr. Hotel Orleane Orleans p. 0. Dick own co. La. So. 13, june 30, 1s06. Made a Nai Crix. K p Cherto t hex k c m Mem flu. C v Bottmann , or troubled with dizzy spells electric bitters is the Medicine you need. Health and strength Are Guarani us use we cents j undoubtedly the cough remedy setting a via Orons Start. At a. J. A co s store. Las us ii to n Nis Amity for j lira s and Small Srain have Republic tax Coso Tion years. it has never to phenomenal a growth the Only , fare or do All Tea claimed for it. By not is a tendency to growth of the Ronnii trip from All it nations on to i retire try so ions tried anal 1 j and wheat which i Mav cause dam it x 1jy to Kels trial bottles free at a j. Aspes co s or Lorl Fina i Lillic .inirtt10 by r uc2ular size 50c and Frh i and will be n agents for further information. 181-00, i heavy. Fence Why pay 60 to soc. A by Woven wire for 13 to in own 20 cents a

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