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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 20 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 41. Marble Bock Floyd county. Iowa May 20, is97. Terms a year Marble Rock s leading hardware store. A foil and Complete Hoe of hardware and House furn Yibing goods in til always Kep of hand it prices. Stoves machine oils kerosene and gasoline Amu Nuinoo of All kinds blasting powder dynamite fuse wishing machines wringers carpet sweepers refrigerators. Call see them. To Thom contemplating building Bis season Jou to bring in Jour Anc we will gave you Money. No trouble to goods and make you prices you will find us at Walster s old stand. Very respectfully yours printed by Congress should in the discretion of the Secretary of state also be used for the transportation of Amcri-1 Ean citizens who May desire to return to the United states but Are without Means to do so we. Mckinley. W. L. Nelson. Societies. A. R. A. M. A . M. Corner store Lodge no. 2s1. Communication ill Moon. Vinit Litif Brothers m car Dill Imit cd to air nil Koliber h 8. U. Sec on or before Goode Widling i o. O. F. Marble Rock. Lodge so meets thursday of Earu week cordially it Tod. Exp ii i. H. Roii Kramb sen. Ilose no Ait meets tuesday i Brethren it Ted. W b. Yohes k. Of b. H. A. , i. L. Of h. Juuti tie 3rd to esd night m each month in Judlow Ahall. L. W. Pre. It j. Aykut dec. Sec. M. To. Of a. 4463 regular Nieset or igbo and fourth saturday of month at Odd fellow Lylall. My tank in Good tre Cordullo invited to y c h. Ikja clerk w. B. C. Stewart the Tut and u of each. M Chi Itisha await Sec u. A. B. Mable beet to 308, meets first a b. Sub tbsp adj. W u t lbs a m. Secretary. . Pastor. Church Prem Bine sunday 11 m. Chris Tum end eater meets p m. Prayer meeting wednesday p j. Will Waltis. Pastor. Fobs sundays at 11 a. M it pres Chine every sunday in each 111s. M. And 7.30 p. M sunday school Infra ratio a to. Services Neld in the Bil tit Tantha in Flay at Union school Bouse h. Grim1, pastor. Mayor. City f e. Gates u b Martin Geprge Smith Loa Willard Kiona h c Dail Sefl a. , h. A Ken get k. J Ackley. Colon town Alp school Board Preil Dent e. P. Walster. H b Sles or. John Gates directors Sie Staudt Harry Packman e p Walster Tow i Mao 6 Madison Blue 7 Jound Atee 8 Jarinen Par Char 9 Ilea cd Kemu 10 j t Maxson 11 Andrew Fscott Tow Juhls sours Ciatu Trieb George need Ellis Elsie town Cowell amt or Jake Garber w Witter Milel March and lid Weler. Scott township school Elf student e v Garber. Secret try. Gerre , tremor or caries t Memcev Dike jobs i johnb Siop 5 Bruce want. W Garter Al e c Spaul Diimig t Cowlter j Cunningham Jana Hart 8 9 John Lee. Juu Ciai c. So cram j p Clyde. Terms of court monday in in binary int monday in Scep Lembur. In chairman to Wonky pippin , Charles City Marble Rock meetings it monday m Jat Mary. Us september and monday m county Ald Tvr w i Tondat non to trans m. Arr of the Coarts we Laird a cum c. Ii. But Cor. Poauty attorney a h Ailts k a. Kozicke Frank Lingenfelder c. W. Knickerbocker the follow ing lines were by Valcic Myers by request the Robe of a. The wild i Iowa s the Flower the Senate chose w u Cherub above All others i overt p lace it Rok to. Pretty roue with perfume 10 Deli cute fair and modest Aid net bold you Jour Honor thai Aud Eter hold your completion pretty and Pink. Shall Sam win you Are our chosen Flower one cares what your has been. Little but though you Are cherished and and been brought into Fame Honor shall not change your modesty of kill always be the same and in the morn when the Dew in on they fair when the aunt tvs kit Sway tour dewy to tit i Hen you Are As pretty As when Iowa was Young in the Long ago years. The following is the program to be Given at the educational meeting at the m. Ethurel Coldwater saturday june at 10 a. M. I. Music. 2 classification of the country schools. Anna Brown Butler co., Kezzie co. 3. Personality of the teacher a a Factor in school work Edith Woll Franklin co. Geneviere Wilder. Floyd co. 4. Pupils. 5. La our present school education practical Loren i Mao Floyd co. Basket dinner 6. Music. 7. Penmanship in the country school. Kitty Winn Floyd co Mary Loveland Butler co. 8. What can be done toward better education by Stickney Franklin by Ella Merrick Floyd 9. Recitations by pupils. 10. Meeting perplexities in the Rural school. Stanley Barr Butler co. Mabel Bailey Cerro Gordo ii. Nature to pre sent it. Bertha White Franklin go. Anna Banley Butler 12. Present history the new Cabinet and what they doing. Geo. Bushyager Franklin co. Greece Tod Turkey Katie Dorsey Cerro Gordo co each subject is open to discussion by the audience. All Are invited to attend. W. H. Alus. Township of Ibe peace e p s ii Davis i co Mumm Chilei t hex k Winchell c Dulude president Mckinley sent the follow ing message to Congress last monday to the Senate and Bouie of Repi Esea natives of the United states official information from our consuls in Cuba establishes the fact that a urge dumber of american citizens in the Island Are in a state of destitution and suffering for food and medicines. This applies to the Rural diet Rita of the Central and extern parts. The agricultural classes arc forced front their farms into the eat towns where they Are without work or Money. The local authorities of the towns however kindly disposed Are unable to relieve the needs of their own people and Are altogether powerless to help oar citizens the latest report of Consul general Lee estimates from goo to so Ameri cans without Means of support. I assured him that provision would be made at once to relieve them. To that end 1 recommend that con Grem make an appropriation of not less than to be immediately Avail Able for use under the direction of of Secretary of state. 1 an desirous that f part of the sub which Ouy be approx rom taxation to the same amount whether lie died while in the service or since discharge but these exemptions to soldiers and their widows do not apply if they own other real estate than the Homestead. 5. The amount of tax which can be levied is limited to the amount which Uii Glit have been produced on the average of assessed valuation for the years 1896 and ifc97. The assessed value of properly May be increased but there can be no increase of taxes. The Revenue Laws. The following is a synopsis of the new Revenue Law under which the next assessment will be taken 1. All property is to be listed at its actual Cash value and assessed at -5 per cent of such value. 2. Professional libraries Are exempt on to the amount of o. The Home steam. Of any honorable discharged United states Soldier or Sailor unable to perform manual labor is exempt Fratu taxation to the amount of providing he is dependent up on his labor for support. 4. The Homestead of the widow of 1 aggregate amount of notes. Aggregate amount of Bonds. B aggregate amount of other writ ten evidences of debt. 4. Aggregate amount of moneys in Bank. 0. Aggregate of other Money. G. Aggregate amount of Book accounts Good 7. Aggregate amount of Book counts doubtful. 5. Aggregate amount of checks drafts and other Cash items. Liabilities. 1. Total amount of notes. Total amount of accounts. O. Total amount of other debts. The difference Between the first schedule and the second if it shows assents above liabilities will be the amount of moneys and credits listed for taxation this statement is separate from the Ordinary Roll and be signed and Auy such Soldier or Sailor is exempt i sworn to and the oath required include a statement that All moneys and credits have been listed and that the liabilities listed Are Bona fide obligations and Are actually owned by the signer. 13. The township Board u to be known As a Board of review and shall review the assessors work not to equalize but to see hat the property of each person is assessed at its True Cash value and arc required to raise and Lawer assessments m reach this end. 14. If any assessor or Board o re View knowingly fails or neglects to bicycles f. B. Eckert will be in Marble Rock monday tuesday and wednesday 24, 25 and 26, with a Large and Complete of bicycles. He is a member of the manufacturer s Syndicate and will " sell you wheels for less than your dealers pay for All makes and equipments. Come and by convinced. No wheels sold after 4 o clock wednesday. 6. Private Bankers must make an itemized statement to the assessors much the same As state Banks Are required to make to the slate auditor. 7. Stock of state and savings Banks shall be ass Esad to the Banks and paid by them. S. All corporations Are required to make an itemized statement to the As Sessor of their Assetta and liabilities such As will enable him to find the True Ciao value of their Stock. 9 shares of Stock of building and Oan associations Are to be taxed to the and dual stockholder in the county of us residence and the company is required to Send a statement to the county auditor of each Mountj showing the name of each stockholder in his county and the number of shares he owned on july 1st of each year and its Cash value on that Date. From this the assessor can make the assessment Telegraph and Telephone companies Are required to make a much Fuller statement than under the old Law and the executive Council is required to take into consideration the use or their lines in this Stata in connection with their lines in other states in order to arrive at the real Cash value of their property in tins elate the earn assess property at 25 per cent of its True Cash value he shall forfeit and pay to the county the sum of 15. The assessors May be called be fore the Board of supervisors for examination under oath As to the method in ascertaining the value of pop erty and As to the correctness of such valuation and a failure to comply makes him guilty of a Misdemeanour subject to a Fine of or imprison ment in the county jail for one year or both. 16. If property is withheld Over looked for any cause is not listed or assessed the county treasurer May at any time within five years assess the same and collect the Las. 17. If on demand the tax with 3 per cent interest h not paid same May be collected by distress and Sale. If the property was fraudulently withheld from the assessors a penalty of 50 per cent shall be collected. 18 All insurance companies organized outside the United slates Are to Parsi percent on Gross premiums Stock insurance companies organized in the United states outside of Iowa pay 2i per cent on Gross premiums. Iowa companies and All Mutual assessment companies pay 1 per cent on their Ioe capacity being considered is Well is j Gross premiums in addition to this the Cost of . Iowa Stock companies pay tax is other 11. It will be the duty of the county corporation on their Stock auditor to Call the assessors together at Hii office for consultation before they begin their work and instruct them As carpet now is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received out new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates. Ton Monument. They will return saturday night. It looks now As though the president would not to Able to accept any of the numerous invitations which have been extended him to participate in memorial Day exercises away from Washington and that he would be with his comrades at Arling ton cemetery. Cuban matters Are rapidly coming to a head. The administration has received information from Consul general Lee and other u. S. Officials in which his been Laid before the Senate committee on foreign relations and which it is believed May result in Defi Nite action on the part of this govern tent. Whether this action will he re log lion of cuban belligerency As provided for in the Senate the absolute recognition of cuban in dependence is a matter that is expected to be speedily determined. It la very Plain that the Spanish officials have deceiving this government right Alons As to the condition of affairs in Cuba. Senator Aldach says he will Call up the Tariff Bill in the Senate on the Isth inst., in accordance Stith the agreement made when the Bill was reported to the Senate but it is the opinion of Many senators that the Bill will not be taken up until later practically certain that the Bill will have to be changed to a considerable extent before it can be parsed by the Senate and it will then be further banged by the conference committee before the Houck will accept it one of the scene duos that it is known will be changed id the Senate is that dealing with sugar. It is also Al most certain that the clause declaring for the maintenance of the hawaiian reciprocity treaty which was in the House Bill but was struck out by the Washington letter. To their duties. May 12 att a Niento Roll known As Mckoley. Vice president form no. Requires tax payer Hobart and members of the Cabinet to list moneys and credits As Fol j have gone to Philadelphia to Partick in the dedication of the washing your cough. Like a. Dog s bark is a sign that there is something foreign around which should t be there. You can quiet the noise but the danger May be there just the same. Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil is not a cough specific it does not merely allay the symptoms but it does give such strength to the body that it is Able to throw off the disease. You know the old proverb of the ounce of Don t neglect your cough. A Book which will Tell you More on the subject sent free on re quest. Your Jig gust keeps Scott s Emul Sion of cod liver Oil. Put up in so Etc. And .00 size. Scott Cic Bowne new York. J Senate committee will be restored As i president Mckinley has taken Especial pains to impress upon the minds of senators and that nothing should be done that would be Likely to alienate the hawaiians. It is certain that the president Favares the annexation of Hawaii in some form and probable that annexation will bean fact in the near future probably the strongest endorsed Man who has been Given an appointment by president Mckinley is judge Albion w. Tourgee the Well known author and i peaker who was this week Nomi Nate to be the u. S Consul at Bor Deaux prance. Senator Quay has offered amendments affecting the civil service Law to the dec ency appropriation Bill. One provides that Sepulv col lectors of internal Revenue storekeepers and gauges shall be excluded the classified civil service Nho examining surgeons. The other takes Indian agents out of the classified service Aid authorizes their appointment by the president by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The amendments were referred to the civil service com Mittee which is investigating the whole subject. The Senate committee on tie census has reported favourably a Bill providing for the aking of the twelfth and sub sequent censuses which authorize t to director of census an official provided for by the Bill to appoint All employees except the assistant director. This is a direct blow at the civil service rules which is explained As follows in the report accompanying the Bill a majority of the committee Are of opinion that the employees 10 the Cen sus office should be appointed Accord ing to the discretion of the director of the census and not by method provided by the civil service Law and the existing rules made in pursuance thereof. Representative Hartman of most., while speaking against or. Cleveland s sweeping forestry reserves order was asked by representative Laccy if be assumed that Prpic dlr it would repeat the mistakes of or Cleveland. He instantly replied i Don t think there is any Man in Tho face of the Earth such a Blunder Kead that he could make the one thousandth part of the mistake made by president Cleveland. I did t support president Mckine a but thank Gud he is an american president and tie fiut one we have had in four a new policy ims been adopted in the handling of business in the pension Bureau that Means much to Many applicants for pension under this Puricy the applications for original be onions Are to be Siven preference Over tic applications for increase made by those who Are already drawing pensions do you want employment at Home or travelling w Ith Good p y if so write is for nge and occupation. You run work Al or part Lime and the work is Light easy. The Hawks Nursery company

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