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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 19 1887, Page 4

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaI. Dealer Frigm. 9hi5 p. M. Train carry Vanengen j of Taal at Alt slate us with the Steep j 9t and the int get Kwiek up wet k. W. Kiya booties cheapest Money f. A. Roziene loan a real estate broker Oak los City. Iowa. Jxegot1ates on improved l h. A Karist Markk Wuu Cibij Nueil of or try la Elt Nukk j Router. Wuy be a to re i from the Patch. Us it theft wow train from sew York to san to fact it to Uken from 100 up. In tin Titi limit or at Reti to Between Ike m the of oar lady who just begin wishes n to rank All Clamil with at Mae. Str Tam to Lump my 4miit a ten rat 50 Omu p we vhf Ial Hullt Dimill 111 tar the boarders anti meal Dat Lou is in Dylr Baalim we May expect to see rack As these in the a int Tim Oum bowl Lor a Stu. At will u w mrm we 0 of to Kroc to a a cow Attar emf. In the editorial Deputy kit be Wiscom i 11 merely rent la pm Nett owl cheering signs and o a Good word for the juvenile Story not is Encl add in this a Wilber. His Banner Over be an exciting Point and la Kic Haage fur a begin to Indi Cate important pro Mewis to be solved. Tire arc several very tier Llemit Oewn. Of of a Kwh Tim Vail is a Tran Dation from a latin classic Pon Rait and Actea of the Bour. Wurfl i. _ .1 a aug Nimg Tiu scotch poet writer i keepers 3t the White it to maker wow a Kew Hever bet re inn Frowd Witk sort of to cart Jimcy. Stefl. Let the Boa Krs by Runof rejoicing Preau Hwnry m of in India getting puts us Boardw a Kowt keepers to of once the spirit Power to kor pc t. Trip my. M. Awo to it for of wry Arfow a jew we Jinja Dollar air Irto Amiryan Zautke jut we wait or fear. Two Skaf Pat. For Tkv of Tolan Aad Huff Jim tree Muti 1 Hare had tin Opportunity of meet ing the i renter of the new rile Herr Franz Fortelka a former lieutenant in the austrian army who during Campaign in Bosnia received a shot in his right Eye which destroyed the optic nerve and indirectly so affected the left Ere that the poor officer now Only Twenty eight years old. Has been for last nine Yean totally Blind. But without the me of his Eye tight this ingenious Man has invented during these Yean not Only a new Magazine Rifle but also two machines for the Ami oxidation of Iron steel and other metals at a coat which must be called ridiculously Small further in apparatus for automatic Al mapping a new micrometer a new sort of gun powder not to speak of smaller invent which found their Way if to the lesser Industrial establishments of Vienna and saved the inventor from starvation u his greater discoveries far from bringing him Money As yet necessitate an out Lay which he can Only afford by extreme personal privations. My complained the unfortunate inventor would have Long been in the bands of the British government had the and to Fence Money which i obtained from a private person in London been More than Twenty pounds which did not suf fice for the wages of the one Workman. Who la lists me. And the necessary material. Now at last. It is finished and though i May fall into the fault of All inventors 1 consider it the Best Rifle existing being without the disadvantages of other machine rifles and with usury advantages Over them t can prove by my austrian and German patents of some five years ago that the straight poll system which distinguishes every Modem Rifle and in ii Selt without the machine secures the double effect has born Tuy invention. Upon this rms unon other anti Onria pious m the same line by Ditt Erent successful inventors Ido not Lay any stress. There is my new Rifle which in Short has the following advantages it can be used is 3 single loader Orti an attached Magazine the cartridges Are not thrown into the to Magazine in a Loose form but lie one above the other without the possibility placing them wrongly the Magazine can be attached or not at Mil All Are solid no spiral Spring exists in the Rifle the Price of my weapon with Royalty and thing else Wilt be under two every Oul system with the of War ecu scan be use i for my at a Cost of eight or ten Lisa in thu of turns Mitu sur Berdan or by ill to ii Ami something Mott in the Case of the Ami Canyon Mytko any invention such a complicated one As a Rifle. Unfortunately be ing Able to sati the separate parts and him inc your devices carried out by the i see with my fingers and not in one single Case have they deceived me. Really curious that when great or Ininns arc in Cut lion. Those who see with their even Are wrong and i with the of my Finger am right. The models for my Nii Chines against oxidation of metals were entirely made by myself from carved Wood Wilh the help of string wire and bread Crumb. I am devising to very electric a Yinam Vor. Stand mid. _ to hgr Rhee . Fuck Arefe Aam Monck a Waichi mat by of Aikley Kama. of b wat but k. By Kadlo atop Mai Kate sit w bad win. Ink do Hus b Ike 4om Alv a. Every two or Weeka and called m Doo to but no did scr any pan act Ramt till Taka Alk Kukon Aid far ail Bobitka been Aidt or fad Al a. Que Jambura t sow. Fittim in us locality a a Aan own for j. Jaycea a tuner Bear Ems Rood p. Natieb alter Kat of idea Nublett walk without Aero thu with rheumatism often Tino to work. Skrec found Pena Matt Cue Nihil be tried Atmo Phora. Flipped two books by exp Rae m a prese it to Botha a Nebraska. Every not be bought of aude Phora co. 115 will St tsp topic will nod Cit fact garage cd no Cpl a Muiir a Kkt is Par Koto 50t far rib. Fri hot. Ruthh Whitto died pro in Kihli Dot Elln Kamm of Komen if Hian. A bpm mood juju a aug Jam rail humphreys1 or. Humphreys specifics. The Weilt lube Flem Elcrat. Ten pages. One Dollar a tear to following to m we Klieta Imp Iukes u Oulhiw Akova Globe Democrat n Ftp u 50 Par to pm. Thu weekly too. 3t a. 3tn 1 col uni Peryer u Crouns of swill latter ii tace l d before or new Twig to any other Naper. Trad for a copy of Ike weekly Globe Detto crat. Prices the other jul team the per Tri weekly per nowt 5.00 Semi Wetklo. Fer ump 8.00 postmasters and i direct to 9 tub oried the Man Mutai Tiew Globe printing company St Louis. Again to the front with a Complete line of fa.rn.il3r a full line of shelf and heavy hardware ten Ware and tanning tools. Mcdonald Iron pumps arid Cedar rapids Wood pumps and repairs for the same always to be had at live and let live prices. Call and before purchasing elsewhere. Complete Stock of bail wire on hand at Bottom prices. E. P. Wer. It to no until few livery Good rays and prices. Calloo me at the old livery barn. Marble Rock Iowa. . Capital it med Yea i oae cd do us work. From to run. Cut Oatt aah better lot Tummy Matt it to Nelmi will a so Down. Hum. Geo . B pc mkt a Fotuai awl it dds the Rev. Or. Palner. Equally Eele Kratt. Iaac Rioa fat Turnt a Kab a Wpm w Kurily at cry a min. Knot a met Geatti full a Wpm we fret nit re Litwa Tafa hot a Tami twi Wal we of up we lit wtt.1 tace at a. In tic Ltd. A two t Ink or Otto feb we Yew Iwuh Ortii ilm some owlish people allow a cough Tofini until it gets be Jonii the reach note Dibiaje. They Flea of u will Wear away but in most it wears them Uway. Could they be induced 10 try the Adeee Ifal medi Cine called Kemp a Balsam whith we sell on in Sitifer wild Sinnk lately the exec left effect Al try Tiik Tiit tip draw free acc and 1.00. Trial Sim to. A. J. Asp of s co his so Tinl i Are after Ikins of a Boule Relief we will refold tin Dumcy. It n the kept or Tewy am the rect fur thu aria a Midi Ami Oktje Kwh Lew we a t new two Kohl i of 1.00. Tit Kyj a. A w. I writ m Mil a. J. 0. Flat Tom tit pfc m.4 Wihr. W3mwif Bot in mkt to Milf Fly pm h a Natl barbs hair Dresser Alt Dziob paid o ladies a hair oppo Ott the Poat Dice. Marble Bock. Low Marble Bock Reefa bosom cab tit. 1 Stott Staple and fancy groceries wooden and Willow wan pocket and table Tim Solaun Qew Yenwan h3nbe50ta Aid wat Bloo Wiur Salt by the barrel boots shoes Glores mittens dts represented. We acc Eye deposits buy approved taper buy and sell Exchange and do a general p. And advertisers want the exact Cost , a i r

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