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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 19 1887, Page 3

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaV Matt bulb Bock. Iowa. I reckon i on fact to Una trip p proud of him Tiu 1 thu yet and. To my w u it j Tutt Imp few it wort oof eur Kab we to of Hmidi fed. Kyj we 1 he lab l jilt inv the uhf Cir pm he r Hwi Saith to do i rout pout Teiry Cwi Hail Aida Tirc Iii in lie at Mil i if we had to that Day. For not to spin out too Loo a Clary Hun Yud Bistor Yon kit pm Triveri to Carer himself Volb glory Boter thought of Hie Skirls you so Forbe s Wei u much boy to inv rest glad to Tell us truth Between Yon me k silly old Way for a boy to be a Rcd. I Obj Tui t it Nave trousers Rigat from tie fint for of All the dts Putte Thiafi to Wear those Tummy Pitny frocks ire worst. 1 kaon to t it is for 1 w there. However me poor tue Chap As i allot a Bow be did a cell Lului is Jyh Pilch my things Al big head Natl 1 stood As if l we under a cell fur bulb of i our i act cob stately and Only for dear old if Jou want to know i la own up to it am a Irving and l Dou i care you d know How it was yourself i think. H Ufi Eam my place mail ecu old Dai he went for that boy sir quiet a3 a wait grabbed frock m his tilth Miti tin straight to the Brook with hoax a Ampell Bunyip there the two took 3 douse by the time we followed Ftp 01 Itin i Lull Lou. What ii was in Usalj we Auer tire was put out though Well i should unite u rec con i shouted then for Jol though a for Fred you Milf i walk a Mila Hafl hoi come up with madder boy. Had is u imn Piug such n Little scarecrow Yon hut the tog sir. We Shan t shall we old give us your Paw sri Utu in St. A la qty a town bait note. Twenty dollars Worth of Paris Ian bed Trapol in one of miss Susan Rale s recent setters from France she describes a Little in venture with la Banquo tie France Tomt great of Ittu m head from v Linch flow the Bank notes of Bluit Cru Titre As Baedeker one of the i err first establishments of credit for the entire she says you May wonder Why the necessities of my simple letter credit should Juve brought my in Contact with so Otu Puntous a machine but of will Ere in the course of this Little Tulc of French red apr. It nil came about from the of i pocket i took my handbag with meow Heidi i to Clit to Pence s ficus to Druid of of course of the they Gare me some Money not arcu of France. Tild and some Hundred franc Jid Tes. Trench notes ure not like ours but larger and squares made of Flimsy paper ragged around the cd Gea agriculture and navigation in Skik Blu Ink holding their imply a cunts in a weary attitude in front of a Lilue sort of fire place beneath the Sig of a principal is Shier and the Sci rotary general taxi Bih some Xiv. A mum i him wife wig. The to m i my Karu legs to Ltd we Wrt tac Trebuk. Imin pos us Fth cultus. Pliant thaa the of Wattle for _ period Alta Tex the the a Piaf Jan u Pui diet la into i an Veum it Loc bread to nod Itei it us sch i kept labor mew8amo notes. M pm Mamil us a Ike hum. Art trim a to Naiad of the Hod Carr 3 Aart Boer he cordon an i Aux ave cake Coli Bas tent a Aida Craigi Becic to too of Navo you need h now. A wow in proved a but i Bor an j Tii of Tuer How the fcb Usy Jar to constr Union. The water Ocul on a Sinko two months it Tot go i or Law b. To urged in All Teneia with the resigned Ioudif Ferike with court it fur. Alta Toca utmost Protection saltire sw1bmvv4 it nieu. Mowrer it inquired Whit id world pled me to think at crossing the Fritt fort Tarot. I had a neat Nch can Folly parsed awl Rcv Tell in bit Bino All for i him. M Iak Altura a thu cum try it to Laminar me who Hai i Tenh in the Aub Jact it Mun mrs to no scr to in Al Teo Glt except to How thit texture of which he eur Olga w yet Mil the. Walor to Strain Taro Utah Iko us import what in c the Tri Baird the Iid i. His the affair of Bank n cite caul hoi the affair of a Bant note then you must not in j of fish Fiah nes Mallard interests in trusted to his it by urst us Kultur is in to ical by or Pic to Hua o i v be Jne but go found to 1he other ii Berlin in Rcv the 011 Cirii of the liitle Filda Street this relieve in me a for i Hartigh t of there an Entrance Holly debit item to torn Lunt notes my could not be so Nurmi singly he added you must ask for the Bureau de la Coratta Biliter Des thing to Liis term in my head 1 went round to the other Tui dec Ami Ennd in a Inigo court. So i using Glisa ital to a Liege Hall biotin a Marble stairs the activity of to loner Bowser he toe a director 1 to the wholesale replenishment of our depleted in the of the fish Enos past mad reseal Sike Intro Ducioa aim must Cpl cat Lou of useful food Flash i throughout the country. Scro the Mam for which the Chaimis foul did id a article of stun nature it is impossible to Rev War oven i a Similt the important work by the com Mission. Aud u is Only with Tho Purview Ott now a paper article to give a Brief account of to Mot oils Eib Lorei for bitching mud Distri Bung the bolter of prot bair4 has been to carry out the thai it Roumi hatching Jar def Tiff with Ferreau Illey Pasa Mio the exit Bubo and Are earned Orr into the receiver id cd they May be a cum it bestir retained there without a jury us ii convert intent to magic shipment. 13 to eggs May be placed Bianu. N Oach Jar the Lona Paiit flow of water i him of auks m re rows and keeps the eggs m not too Aud id about in of Purt mints. Inquiring my of j by in dark l Gatcu a ivories t reached a copy Little Iaun Tarcak heard my tale i of fat Louki Nir it the note and repented the statement note is Pic to say that i ii waa not the Only in stance of the kind. He and showed me Laid out carefully each on n piece of White a Pei a Little pile of Bank notes Burnt to. The Crisp not a Trace of Uny lettering or number left on them. Von not identify i said. Seek he replied with a shrug. These Are but Spucci Rufus of some thou Sands of francs lately destroyed by fire at he then asked if i were married and on. My confessing nonself Mademoiselle he began to write on a Blank my name Stu lion and add less. He asked the circumstances As a doctor asks Tho symptoms. As i told them he wrote them Down on the Blank Aud then read me what he had written Case of note torn Thio Tigh placed in a Small sack the other con tents made u Hole in the Bill impossible to the this i signed and of course gave to him the do Pfow he said Jou will have your note. However some. Delav is necessary. This is now Tho i augut uti out restriction and Sarve cheap food for people at Large rather Lino to larger Wiur tiler in of Farmr Noth Juht these but for my adventure. A Primrose by the River was nothing More than a yellow and n Bank note jul Aris was to Tiu amount of enjoyment at the Bon Jia Che or at . On the monday or perhaps later since sunday intervenes Yon will rec heat your address a letter from the bunk of France. With that letter you a ill return Here and you will receive j our note. Bon Jour Mademoiselle 1 Bon Mir and Bon Jour All the Down stairs and out of the building to and from every body 1 met. Days rolled on and t received no let j Tor. I thought perhaps a paternal Twenty dollars. But Day when i went into the Concett Gutie to pet the cats handed me i Gruel Emel Ope stamped ban quo do la France. Cometa Bitite tits fillets addressed eos Tom tub the commission has thus hatching in states of Tho coma try. These ant known u co Ecung and distributing stat int Ibe former arc located near the spawning grounds of thobe it _ i confess into the Ixia. Piliere other things Rar notebook pocket handkerchief and a Drorit Manj big sous in High Are a nuisance going pics Ivy and Balnius out of the a when Gnu Tail in i Kurry. I had a Long course that Luy in out of cubs and shops in ending an hour at the water co or exhibition severs visits with afternoon during Shiuli i Rizir Amagid a Good Deal in the bag to Niibu up sons of pour Borics. Now do not hastily suppose i lost the Bank note i was tired when we leached Home after dinner but i took out the Money put it in secret place and locked it up. But when Neit morning i sat Down to my accounts and took out my Bank notes one of them was 9hoek in Fly torn with a great piece gone ont of it i in to the bag and there Fotiuk a Tery Small piece which had cent on it but the rest of the Corner missing. I remembered shaking the Bug out Orer the fire and that Small bits of paper fell out. I Buckon the piece that unt und then regarded town with Grant to gosh. Twenty dollars is too much to lose anywhere and one Hundred francs seemed even More important. Although i wan afraid that i might be cast into prison if the authorities should find out that 1 had burned up a piece of Billet de bin que i resulted to re tend my crime of the Landlady of our hotel. In far and trembling i put the mat Ter before her. And watched her count 1 showed us torn Bill. She had t Good comfortable Ruddy complexion i fancied it turned Pale Wicen she saw the Terr big Hole in the Corner. However. She said cheer fall of took it herself to consult tie leaned. I went about my business with i Ramod con Naod. Losing Luo Twy Menife to mex Periera Tarn bin Kerf All the things von might Exve the deputed Era Fri ask yourself Why quimp with inc i Cane in again Madam advanced Radont am arid mad a tour Bank note is Good. It retains three Only atm Mademoisel dross and sail it All that Consi 5 for which they Are especially intended. The eggs Are received at tue a Siati Oft and enough having been re served to Stock the Waters of that Region Tho remainder Are to distributing fat atom usually located at some Central Point to be hatched and shipped to Lor which they Are intended. The following stations have thus far Hubli she mad Lake bereft to Maine Bucks port Maine tvo ods Hole mass. Permanent const station which serves As a base of operations for the scientific m Vestiga Tiow of the commission u a Hutch Tutinas for Elf is of the cold Spring Harbor Long Inland k. Y. Eurc a Grace my. Wai Hington d. C. Here in situated the Central batching1 station i ally equipped for Octen Tilc connected with tha propagation of fishes it in us proc pal in Tribu Tomij aut Loa of the fish commission for both and Young fish to Alt portions of the amt cd Wjt Evlue a. Saint Jerome s Crock Point Lookout my. Avoca c. Northville Mich. Alzetia Mich Birj Shasta county cil Clack Araas River Oregon. The a hat of the species artificially hatched in the United the Art was Flatt Pike Perch Atlantic Shau Lanil locked Hal Mont Cali Foroi Salmon Bass sea Buss Grayling Sturgeon Mioett Carp Spanish Mackerel moan fish Gold but perhaps the most interesting feature of the Wick is the method employed Fisit attic unit. thing and another i might a new to the eyes flow inc cry Bill if i would come Anil get it. So i j from the female Shad the belly of again to the Bank and found burst of in the Little ten. Or Monsieur was there Anil he me a Bow. Bet uen ourselves j do not be Liere another human being had been there of circe my first he waved however to another Monsieur Eit Iii so at another desk and when i be inn a Estous. Pc Crois so lie Iustini Ald this other w greater than i this other toot my letter and made a pretence of fumbling in huge ledgers bound in the Brig town champs Winch the French affect he made me sign my name several times and then a Tarul with a Alip of paper in charge person up More stairs and through corridors till we came to a Plaw like a Bank with Cashiers noun teis behind Glass. More slips of paper to sign. The Bank of France possesses now i think six specimens of my handwriting. A cashier at last handed me ont a Dank note for one Hundred a fresh one. Even Llin bul the Fisli is presid gently if unripe inc eggs will not Flova at All it the Effi Aro Only nearly Tipe they will come Forth with difficulty a Sutti Ash Are not i alien. A Short time before the Shad spawns Clear of urge s 7.j to ill he id the r63, Wilc Tho rest arc still hard these become More and More Oumer after time they separate and Fai apart a liquid Stream of eggs flowing from the flan with the slightest pressure. The Melter or male Shadt is ral Heramia than the female the sex Sci her known by tha flow of Mitt from Tho Tab a to entity of Milt will impregnate a Large number of ergs male a Good condition to two or three females. Tic soft Gocr or female Shad is easily known by its size and full appearance. Whan Mil the spawn is taken it Wilt be shown by the bloo4 appearing Tho eggs. A male Abad h then taken two or Uiltje jul Al u i Kkt cd Puu troll the pan is swayed gently to and fro a Little water is added from time to time be Usua erred escort was waiting and escorted me Down to the chief stairway and i joyfully emerged non Street with a firm resolve which i to i prep atm Tho will to found 10 Nave Ray readers to take Good Cate in future increased m and when they they of my billets de Banque. I either to put on trays covered with blown food it it Good Ether Ienco itt vow w and think of practice in French j they were to Fem Terr Friendly Wior oiled water i do happens in our 1" country if Yon lose a Corner of Bill but i have told Tou n hat happens in will be Clear and Lik i diff Reno. Tourist to f is the f Rait crop a dont Worth be enough Green fruit next Somner to oof six-yemh4d cup what night be join sir throw to country i tic to baying m tuna and in Oating r Arnor Bce really m Tho eggs a been Feni Llred Ibe most of Olcutt portion o us task remains no the care of the o Bantit they Batch Wal the care of y Bunp Fry until they Are old enough. To can for Tuott selves. Tarts in principle to to in s of the example we will consider the of whose a Echo Grant a Slig Tiu greater Tau that of water nest Etc Are placed to Gether u Large Quai tits and to Bottom of the re it tade it to Nelmary to introduce a Gentie current from below several to were mule for the Batching o tuft Vita Oal partially Ilta but finally Tot 4ctice new Moil in k that Lynnr Iii i oin the cat Pic jars invented by coi Girt Yon a mighty Good on this Here but Jon your set most take it Joel a would. Which to the bunk it Jar Mac and Eibin the what do Yon ram on Jewr Tolive to wheat. Hue Gram nil awl i Inq want a. Ton know i t Mig tit be at Orleans or nearer the Center it the or it might be kept Tor Rea Wale a what my part alow Nett nut Topsy tree Tami cake torn hot of a Mem n in lift try i the 1v of us free la Tahj wet w ail in Ilbna in in Anim in Ever that Tho Uci Ioa of the water will not hold the Rouag try it As Wuu ease Loada v of this second receive be i or o won for att re. Work the it w a try Stoe Lavirt Iron comp Iii Lias i u por wat. And Vance on the sort Jula of Tiik Imrik it Rac of Ivy do 30 p the gear Ray cot Adud tie de he More and More that lie had acc wolof the Strei of she to Neuzof or. In Milf -0 Lowell Max who Scalo too one Dollar w. Douglas shoe she Luhv three jays they Naub oat Tho Young Fry use no in raw silk at Maul. Tuk to Bobu h Miles from Lialiou Mil of i Ilic 1 at Riner a for liar before next. U i Liy i it in t i Lviv Mill vim i och Low a Elul Tuy to Citrine. Uth Tho Eric t of Gru nuff Nhinh Laski a of h of. I flu Visout j on the contrary Uro i ill h , easy to Loiku. I Good women spoiled. Of tact ref no in 1 if on t Tlok Blick Cream by att to it n it t its i at tvs Hudy Fidiaj Findt mass Toncre of Shalchi Gund planting ill first towards Suci in do incl of. 100 hive by ii reserved to be hatched Ascot Oise foil a c of a gun ii up to be a Bor s it the kor Tuvike station Luu Fry 10 to Tacad m the Ocean and to great be station at Woods huh been actively m collecting hatching and distributing Iho of of which have been in Thea mud planted m Vineyard sound Aud other us Tho total production of the season exceed Nitoiu a rack lest Ludy in u Plain Black Wile Iliad smooth by own lock she burst i to in gov u of Light loaded with beads which was not j High enough in Tho Ali dec inches nod her i us had in front n. Mass of whip i hid Itti Otora Shetland Awny. A crore her Dia i mond a Clooj of Ingco Lidd been out Otth i fever doses of Ivo s c roil Small u for . A Home run Inema Obj cod Utah when Are of mond a Clooj Fang cd had Inch out of Tho Taii cd from the Ipswich Bay school at Domestic enough for their Tyvi Mcville va., Tho of Cali fornia Trout eggs is in full Ner Ogga having Boon obtained of which used m Long or Knuckles to recover irom their Groash i Dox t Hawk in win and Blond blow ills up snuff every Bodvin but u5o at Utah a comedy. A sos Coroner s ver 31cu odor of Sho Rode about in her if with sore Eves us or. Hired Coupe and her orders to the Mua ions tha balance to be hatched and Ria run at the station and distributed As Vearl Muf fish to the sir Minms of the Appal Achian Region in Virginia West Virginia Horth Carolina Georgia and tenant shoe. Another interesting feature of the work of Tho commission and Ono which is por More Fumi har to the general Reader 19 the method used for distributing fish previous to the co in m is a i on Flash in Larse milk cans All Over Tho country in baggage cars m up cml i of who changed the i water in route As often As necessary and otherwise cared for the Young Luh. Tins method of transportation attended with great difficulty and often great Joss in the mortality of Tho Young fish from Tho exposure to the heat or cold of the baggage car and Tho change of the water in different localities. Since that time however the commission Hai had built for its use tars especially adapted to Pic of transportation. Lies Cara Ara so constructed that sufficient Traur can to Clit hed for the entire shipment often ing several Days. By a process of aeration Couch i in u link finding tour her Days became a round of ceaseless mean ingless Toad ism by Tho women writer is fashionable nud her Iii hts were wild revert with Champagne punch Loit Taii wound her Hus band has not Breu Sho must return to her it to mops Aii l , and Muko herself generally disagree Able but us the drops out of life Here not a Ripple on Tho tide of Falajlo Indbjo society i will show Sucro she gone Down. Tiie l of Folly Roll round forever and the a inn of at Stair carpet Fastener wife of the now i Uko the i will. In her turn j Tho one that hits gone. I Iii Iii hit. _ it i i Turci Trutt my be r nil kit Romu Tonii 1 on Lii it Nora it off Ili to in pm Knish thu. Water Token from to recep Tat Lea in which the Tish carried. These to Tupi Itu with Forat Ert covers holding perhaps a Quirt of a air und Hij i icon ilm Llo Orol Trio car. About one Hundred cans Are usually , the number of of course varying according to the size. Over White Flah Ortro recently transported in one shipment to Oregon and Washington territory with a loss of Only live Mudri in these cacs arc provide a comfortable berths for the we Learned that two negroes tied their clothing to the backs of Utcig necks und attempted to swim Tho River near abbe Ville about two works since says Iho a ate. Ono of them of Sinefis the Bank in safety but Tho the plan for recovering the Dea l Bod wus rather it novel one. All old in Rev lock a bundle of Futor and placed it in Tho River where the drowned negro urst Sank when it floated Doun about fifty Yards and suddenly stopped and com me Nee j to whirl round and round hero Tho old negro dived Down and secured the Bly. It claims to recon Rod four or five Uther lost bodies by this i und declares it to by an infallible guide. Cockle s anti bilious fills the cheat English be Modt la to n per Kerr front Merci n Titi 113 unit Pum Apfl Tel Lek k Rul Lault to. Cli Petcu. Cures neural Gli. Headache Carrh croup sore rheumatism Back Slit joints. Sprains. By Iii Burnt wounds old sorts a. U not Reli Atea Rise Roft but company Chicago. W 4uu in w. Bohnam. To Irwim Corr at us in or of twin of utter run in Hare t la Ino oot hum of it Lar or. To r Urt Uruu Coj dial w us co., pianos. Pond attrus life of Logan Rike. Water .4 liver blood and lun6 diseases. Lei Diszue us heat trouble. Mrs. Mart a. Eccl wbk cnut Nam a famous detective. James the Mons state detect j Ive in sin is Troi rally in attendance it the prison. His duties Uro to c 10 Carof Tler to Etas to Cut Crsp and to scrutinize every j visitor a order to prevent ii a 1 charged i p l.5. Pm has to make Long journeys in Pursuit of i in rip Tel to my Lum Tylli by Nitro of Lluu d with to die Etc heart trouble and weak Ness. 1 of Tel ised to use or. Pm acc i Holtien Modl Cal la covery. Favorite prescription and 1 used Oue by Nice of five of Tho disco four of Tho i Lasant Pur Hui e Felicia my Smjth be ran to improve unit Tho iwo Jour in Dicinti Una my Parx Inch Caine Back. My dirty cultus have All . 1 uni work Hinl niday or wait our or live Milt Anitaj amt stand it Ute and w Ben i Ocsan Uefner tic Uto Dicine 1 would scarcely walk Artias the most of Trio time and 1 not think i could Ever fax a Well i hive h Litulu frill cuff it inn this Altro Turli tic w a Little delicate m sin and appearance she a or filthy. 1 give your Tomc ref Clit for calf Lotf i took not f after to link och und thank Joii that i Mil us Well As i Kui after years mrs. I. V. Webber of co., it. 1 writes t wish nip eras Coth doa to that Dixon or. I taking Liim inv i rum us Klyur Ani in fact lit no Thor to into i _ Yon. L Weka. One Huml Rrt awl l Ono and one Holt pounds and n Mich in orc i Csc to r Jav Parr Donn in the same pc North of time in my 1 never took idl conf of flt it in tone up the a nil inv new Ltd the Shulo system Usu Tel to your Ury wed a. Of Watt Fri i Onn year with Llew Coli Pilant Ulm but Jour curve Tim audit bit Tho Tifft 1 would Tiiu wit ii Cuitis Airt it stopped m a very Euort time. For the blood is the dec ovary and pen n Kitchen refrigerators tanks pump j Oalif Ehtan l dewy build. With blur Shnir Iner it Bucl Jylli to Lii cos Lelu 15 ill Tolj Elict . To knows it font 10. W Crim Mah and it ii snap y on dorsal that Hortjan Tho icat urm of cry no. On his Long Jour Nicya to cats very j Takei Ono Trail Reth Pill to Hui much fatigued by of lha Corson his tiresome trips Hus Lshwn Alu Oik it porous plasters on the Furill of Tho Buck of five him re jul Ckuj leu eve him of nil weariness. These Are the Only two Ruine lie ind to h visa or and remarkable he Altti to Allock s Troua Trio which the of health by i Loir i Itric 4 gown Fatir skin buoy not nil lit Alth Anil will Tjo . Discovery Curta All Hii Raore. From the Cor Moa Pii Nyplu. Blotch or erupt ii of to Atturi to Kim. Tick it its attic Acy in curing and Hal argue Gudus and emmy the worst scr Fula or it aet Nkiru Fulvous tiling necessary for the proper Raro of thai the Spring shipments of Shad has com men fed Ana millions of them Are Flat me Homes m the Rivers All Over Tho noun try. Such is a Brief sketch of some of Tho features of the United states with com Mission an institution peculiarly american in Ita , and without n Pai Allol m any other govern utnu.1 Organiza Ioil it Ike Stem Boiu Blo tues. Ker. T. Asburt ttowclr., of the a. K. Chi huh sati Eftim a. A Hijab i waa Tii cd with hour re und Holla and wot Titis begun to arise us the surface of thu 9klnt and 1 a tired Ftp Llop dullness. I Boran the use of it acc s Mali Cal Disi Overy As dire Ivd by him for Rikh a amp limit. And in cute Al tvs time i Hevan to fed like a thaw menu and Nin now Bousik and will l 1 e Ptah Tsary the brat it Wiy for of thous or sick Hui Tuche. Or tier Bancas about the those and Bitil in the month the it i have Ever used. My wife Zoum my a the Wien Slit i Tuifao to Lake Jour gook n Koshe can Walic quite n a Latte ways Ond do some has achieved a world wide reputation for plasters an i bpm Drelah s pills. Enterprise and Ong Auty of method j its work is better appreciated abroad than in the United Lutcs and at Tho interim. Tonal fisheries exhibition at Berlin and at London we carried away a majority of the prizes for supremacy both in scientific method and practical results. Throughout Europe the United states Fps commission is being held up As one of the rat evidences of Iho Public spirit ii a main who does not pay h s Cobbler. I Crikt. Tho who daily j or Jena base jul and can walk with the of it flow not enter Taf pain. And Tan Tut Nik to Lwy an Well Tut Muir oof it Fatt Oder about months since using our Medicine. 1 Quinot land Worle Wotli which to sex pass my Irani Utsuki for Tuv he Baa received turn iffy of Raja in. Kliu. Fluff it. To week i Toufic not it _ key Husow Tel not pc Char Metis did to Arlve to ret though he Bud Bot new he Fremy complaint a ii fico tit of Youir to Hon "discovery.1 i run a four to Fulcs and. With his of everybody a ninth my own work and entirely free fran int Kremr Ooi Ifrah whih Hal Rummy me night and int. With Rhyn Atiim Fortnum lick of and now much to tit i to Tab a Eon of Vanir gotten Midi Ceil Chi Coiry l will to p tit it i won my to who Are Fol line any ton not to us t Row cd Rev the inc Row nut take the Mical discovery in the Early of the a Isiais and thereby Streat do Al of nut and by rest Oral try at on. Any Tutski Nii o o011n" 4t ave lard steam a cheese ii3 in i to fully by to. Seq y. of song Ito i orc Yuul bound k by to Funk you for the narc Yon hav off Cronl i Ray f or three a Conj i i Fotti l tort Witti to i a l sufi Fittl i t i co Ray cats. _ Tan tort ital t you i Hull a awol to cml l Nof hip nor it Liboff to k. I Wal i m f in it Tufi tar two i. F. Re. Liisu try i ii fire r Feii k it Ettl a thu new Fenn of i we cd la it is it Babie life j prov of Uhm Kast Cjrtlue-jm4. 5k 3 35 Sis Why did the women of this country use Over thirteen million cakes of Procter Gamble s Lenox soap in 1886 r a cake q Lenox Fri you will we Knaad Lisa

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