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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 19 1887, Page 2

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaPc Fol Holly. Iowa Marble Hock. Cot Jivok beat la. Of h in i who a in the v his enlist pension of _ Mol to i in suit is report it tint ing of counter of Cuti is follow uni in h a Hall Stoi 5i the Voiht diva St. P Lul broke c to Light of in the roof of the b i tic of ii Xvi not Mii the rim to c painting to f i Dii Lcarl he struck in h Arlun re in estate other this it his if 1 it of tint do Oil i illusion thu him Gimtoon i by u in Ide it Quill Tbs Hail in pm inc l ill aide pm a. Ivezic Ilso of he me m Ufiufi Tuic. News of the week. By Telegraph and mail. Prom Kashiff Coth. The president of the Lith appointed ans w he Ait of Connecticut to be of the a cited states to succeed coiled Jordan resigned. Tvs Mia. 3 it to Coit Over 000000m go d Sizer and other Mone s adrenalin s to oct 090 and jul we if men Busy to o months. The Sou Irma of the Cumber lib. on la b. The ures of Genera Philip 4. S Jan 0rt april the of sports of ij3 against i Isug a by statue to the Meinord of As de on the 1-th the oot of Capi of h 11 m Niton by i i c c he v by o be Ujj r la id of v High it Ore of the Flamier general blog Dan u is re elected p is fail is of Cuti a throw h out face St Itei Duris these Enen d on Leith chants at twee is x Leadmo a Learng hous s m the states do j Iff tilt ten. Ended on t in if 91 against -1 Joae pre v Vas is compared nun the cedi to theme ease amounts to o a cent the a a la Bio surplus in Tho Ltd Trca Sar on the 1-uh u is f 12 000 000 an me-e253 of ice the 1 t l 11 ims Tooi associate Lee of Lui cd court d cd no 14th. He Vias a Soldier 01 nation m Tho a and had by a on the Mir ire of Tel s. Acc Lukso be born in Are 0 a 1 Xii c Iii ii issued m Ett ustious Foi the of Thclma Foi Buu hit in of m Fui imm in within the limits of Al Isk i 01 the it is thereof is pitl Ali Ped preside it a Tuli s ought 33 to h ire Bucu Oil 000 ind bin got me in Kier n Hose Nocost ?20000 Luib the with it Bent pin ind i piece of Cotton u me lion Ever gets the .110 t fun out of Lus Fis Lunus t Ickle decreed t it Tutu r chants in Posen h com Marc in in the in Frontier must p the taxes of tie in Nici cd ints1 Guild and of Liu a m Trade License weinian be Imlig Nimit claiming that it 13 a Jug blow to Home Lii Tomus Golgi Macii of Kimesville o a Clell it Ciupei one Hun Lee Euth she his toil child Xii i lit teen Mikhi Kluun ind 01 e Groci Truiett Grandc Enlil ill the Gate of tie its of the Mother ind Liv ing talc and mis is Hundred Cire a Fnu Tom Pun just completed four sleeping cars tint ire to lie it by Tho line is Aitu item in the he n t of the Argentine Republic ind the f itt tint Lior ses Proi Jjck Motu c Power due the Ippie a nid i bunt Mee of Huiao flesh time to be left out of Tite f tet lit a m a Eliem Sui i Choc with Icv Itil Stock of 000 000 Luis nil tic f i-11 to of tote telephones in Clem for Tho Al Stem to ind cite thit Ani Ptacin not offing to Stop it the Picinie Mil step right Ovet Uto Viii the time is Ripe Foi it Mil of Iii on a Cec end Toui i Toul the Globe to Lennut of theft is Wilitta climbed taking to of ouzo is Catt i. Genius 008 30 003 3 of 1000 Roo 100 one Ham insolvency i Regul m y Dufal Citron. Crompt on be mint. I Shones y total Jpn to soc ctr a net Edius i of the american director a tint the Nam bin of Piscia published m tie United including Alaska and Cinardi is to 420 in in Kate disc of in one tear in Kins is ithe is so and m us while it Nam Lvii Lions i ii la me of 3o ind Ohio of so Penn i exhibits the air Cost a Cocose in dailies. 17 Kaii Ais is n Ito be Ell states the nost Pion in int being kiting a re 6 each the recent Coloni in conference in London put corf third by or Peml i chairman of the of Stein Tel Griph con to ithe debt which comic be to tweet Veirs Igo Liere car cell Miles of Lub Nevinne i Ucb now 107 000 of Irlich in. Under British control the total Cost being 000 can it the present Miniri Irith of Bre Inge and Nith in almost cart Lipty of Feu Eiliv rep i tie Tot in lines ire Esti Mirml it 1 7jo 000 Milot a Koritk Rovder of the St refers Irtira Garnoc Cannous Deuil with regard to the periodical and press in a on uni he in almost urn a and to lug. Only il1 the con Tim the m liter and Only m their by Foro the Jiro Clam Ilion of the or nip Ihu re were bulgarian gi7cttes5 the liberation the numb i ins tit to not including 150 which in the coarse of this be Merj the of Jonty thick Dow total cd a Kilt is Clil son co of manna h fee Trees Are planted la when Cir the veers i Vive Pilitt Tow the East. Tt1 legislature on the the a h License b in t 31 out or Delue nag a i address to business men in Chi 01 the 11 a left for Liia a North eld Iii at null of Lirt n Ilion Al Jitiam to t our e of h e us Luino. Ivy n thug Chiyuan Leatut Cosof Tje i Pericin was cd d on the Llott it i to Burgh fun Btl democrats will hold heir state Contention at August 31 on he a it i in Al Ili Ajer estate n Lin 3i the cum born tier uij1 Twenty live head of prize Jersey Stock and Cral hogs Mishico Ero burned on the path. 000 1 in 1 of imm Grants it casket Den v on Oie path name cred 10 100 the Lariat number there m Ai v one d cd veg the Only Chile so Lai Venn state1 Appe Rcd As counsel m a Case in the supreme Lou t it Brool in y on the 12 h. I of so Jooma i used b the Burn ngot the Iron at Piterson j outlet i3th Toi e t fires Maui los great distr no ton 011 tic t h Saa Duich thousands of arcs hair off been burned Over mis sic Cook living it Coal Val re m 1 on the 13th used of Tro Leum the los Troye the worn a i Aci Bee to Peri shop m the flies it is state 1 m the Trade review issued on the itch by a Iorli firm that a great revolution m business is o i v 1 Meh is Attr by mostly to Tho open Tous of like inter state Commerce act it appears Thau the. Smaller towns Are b ing Benet Litcy by the Laid Liilo Tho centers Are suffer no Ilsc Sang in to e of the 13th thus closing her Farewell our m America Nevi to urn Moss a fire on to 13th hid burned nearly arty thousand Ait s and Vas St u burning he House of John b Fossett As burned v on Tho huh and he and his 11 tre both aged sixty perished m the in is Al Marci con staed Tho Steamer Empire site it by stot r. I on to lib co Sig a loss of si03 tar in strike at Amsterdam in v u hich begun Oldie Roll t e in n r turning to work it old scale of Prinea v oru cite on the All the to Chi def the b in. At the or Neil hotels Ere closed sunday Law Trade Hirv Srb and Charles w Everest fall or n Oia re h s no ird Oil company convicted Bra jury i l i Butl toe penal 13 is m on r Zient for one year a of tax or both the death of sirs Catharine Rood or e Sei occur de on the one Hundred and three years ind seven in otitis West and South. Report a received from counties in he Nesotas Dakota my Iowa on the Ihn. Sho it through the North been completed the death of James said to be the of Iest Engineer m the to a cd states occurred a Masou City d t on 11 h. Refused their demand Lor Tho cd pay Daj from Iton to sat Uriv two by Klaye so Chicago to ii v of Tow lakh Tivitt Centennial Inni Veriay of the grand Lodge of Freemis Oas of Maryland was celebrate cd at Baltimore on the Lith with imposing ceremony 09. A Doc an Avra session of Texas Lep Slature to proude for the peo ple who in a Stan 105? cow lotion in counties of the state presented to the go error on Letb Tjie n fat to con on at Louisville on the 11 i nominated to o Bradley of Lancaster Lor governor to lip at form adopted favors Federal and to education a Tariff and Eon the for to t Harbor Bill As Well As Lor h s o of the pension Bill. The i went seventh International convention of Douai Vea s Christian is Socia zoos was assemble i it san Francisco on he Lith u h de Esi p a pro i Iii Rev every Sla e in the Uniti or Seneca go dung i quarrel on the jul. Vav Couch and e. Burette were both i led. Tvs ticket association in convention a Slevc and o on the 12th elected Solomon of Chicago Prosl Dent. By h Keiack of Toronto was elected the International convention of Tho towns men Christian Assoc tons in session at san Francisco on Tho i2tn. Of Earlville i a a town of in Liao this entitles of a Buque on Tho night of Tho 13th. Loss Laborera Cut of employment Inch Cayo of the 34th u consequence of Loch out of the master masons Tho army was Semff daily to Tae Brck and other material men bad agreed to stand by the and nothing trouble. 1 the counties of so it name ton fee of and Brry m destructive floods prevailed of the 16 h. Tight bal been washed away by hoods and the Corn and Peanut crops in each of count is had Kerline aged my Etc a Nevers the o dest maa 11 a s ate died at his near Mott on the 33th. In wre Oil me us us Troyea the extensive Shopa of the my Cipol so i Ouis rail re id at Ilia expo is Cluj aug loss of 000 tile Forest fi--u4 m fior Thern Mich spa were a d of the i3uh to still and tracts of Timbe Laniawe a being 5iuch Farro Nuj Aud had been sure it o a tl11 and ii Farmers were Deso Oudens Touse hair Ngoa act by masked t on of the 3h a a. Desperate Ith por e Antl Lis if Thuv secured Over j Peter Tonu o a Imi Agton an eve utne Man Eon trac or uni Bui Idor on the 13tl Ith lab l is of i Voight shoe of 1 on the 13th a 1 b c a s rumbling oct Arrey Char j the base in hts Oual league at the c Oil of t1 e of the Hil stood Ful of d Droit is 1j, Boston j pit on a s u i Chi disc o Ara Aii j ult of ill in Polla s 4 feta i r i. Us a s Tri stopped 011 Chr Iti id the r a u of c it Era 1 Ira 0.1 the Rie is the c n v of St lati1 a is Elo Ard cear b it a. A cd Stu 000 in greenbacks and co n i Hern lid a Eji Oral nil r of 1 the r t be i Rou h Annuik a june Aad u a i total fire 2tig Oil la 14th d q Lex n by Tern actor Sudbur j ids my Herp of re j los was about loj the Garfield statue. Convicted conspirator my Buitro a44km maj Len business Vest Nav of the of the Culibr land to Oiel Stone of Boston chosen As the Foj the next re Wuoti and co ocel mcmunae1 of new York is a Erna e cd ca0o was Selec de is lae of to jest reunion and a september i Iii As the time Tae present were president general p h Sheridan oct cart Bxs Tiv to Mav it e excitement was caused in and Ficaj Icsal circles by the announcement of assignment of Swap Bros Well known to Ope and Mili Jona r cattle Dea Era. The assignnjen11 was made Faaiu Rjay to i h reel and t w june Nilz was uiad0 pub c i jul old Gerdav an Ciscal site intent it 1 Abi could not be bad v i Leary general m. C St ctr tary general John Steele the Rajam def of Daas ofed to the att Nam tac ailing of the gjirfcs1d status Promp y at t3 30 o c of genera1 cd p i Ade e up s i Al for mar Hiag Ani the pro evasion started a. Platoon of Jiuu Iid 1c ice de tue de bid and a who preceded t. Tarr age in h Chwi a generals in Dan Aru Itose craps t1 of the Lou 1 15 o Lati of Buell the re a n Cotnua Ider a t. To b p s it 1 t r of tb-1 pro ened it ii str 4.0 eight e nth s Dith ii o e is it. Left of the p 15 com to c piste Salon ail n Elt it to thid it eur e o e car Shrp the entrant s to Tae to Aid St my thrown and t e to Arr be were to s t f Uri by leu rtt Irv Ltd a u i. Gfiiera1 a and Iverd t i Cost Mesa be Tsoi it Tab to arrive Fol o b la. It jus ice Ito Iid the just Ces of the Feu Ivr c Couil one o e u Dent a crop Nied by Gen Ihen Aan i t r Piej b m Salv tue i Kina of in p Oess on in leaped in Quick n in h Ironi t Cli col o to 1 Ilse to in Jancu ipod tha need of opened a to by Kra v Tigi d or it est l co a l is Pra e to Suir mho it places the habit a at the Olav reach some and might Possi a 41 Ader Tiia Tongu a the a few can not be estimated Tao ass genes say the consent Dol i of be d o2 de a egg Entimo to dispose of the prow to i their hands lha estate i 1 nor Alu cover into per . 01 Ine m j the assets cons of stocks bods i d ate i Lii h---1 interest 1 n Omaha my Aud in several cat e Corn Pani s the at or Organ Zayons Are Tao Ogal Ala cattle company Tho Baal Nolfi. Ca e be who Hertford Alioa land i i in toc Idan and the cd Eiehue i. And t e 3 Oak Al j Hinig i tack a a in the Tol ties the 1 no j Wittet u Ron hem this failure will a no i e2 it the Cutty of Tho to Aas Neh lae Lara o boo a a no Ca tie owners Nero in Raton. M s Ock a its and be cs.1 d Cut be b 1 i Rojah up some 1 Aad a d Caje Eom i n is to to up it on Tae d e cause of the f a h re As Tho j it t Ion of tie Gerund Nga Bank of j a is Vitort ii Rev issued . A u h j ii ent of our the i u a i Eunus Tor an a knead m to it sum in a Ere in vol de j no to l t n to topside the Selt Ai Abii. Of 1 Cia eat Agir 1 j a. H. S an Vas in. J Idoa n go j t it no Sou Aad Serotta j 1t jury to Ell cops piracy trial we inti wrist i it Liat Lugt to Coli action of Hirani b. Ani Charles w i Everest of tue e eyes e Branch of the Standard Oil coins and for to burr1 be us o o is cd bad Oslo the juy at a Totaj eight for convict Uon Jhial an j one k an a. The penalty is a 101 prison meat t too or d Kun Iuliu j i a. Ii Tuluii the Cit and Cay Thev so All Appeal from the Orer and to of the supreme court Juhe trial hat As to an even two is and i continued Jda bated. Ii has been carried to rough with great of b d str it actor ave Jilby Lus More both of Hou Wavd on b for so successfully coping with tee Leac Lega Talent of both Yok and Rochester Laver a aged and much Ritmo r of the Rbar i As mainly he cause of for thai he calculating the inane is of a or a Nal Mil Agai Asl them Long before Anjer mov1 was Maie against the Buffa o a they him Bow tar could safely in Unai Emit to injure the b in Resno Uso As that Hal a Stop or Theyn Ould Romlo Pron. All ihdfwa0 next Sarv to be shown Afie that tha Hev did to Stop Hiram pfc Etc est i1 e an o d Man and i of i time of u farm n e to Ca u earns of a to a a p the Toai Nany of 1 or fourths of u he is own d by retires a titles o to t. Brand no Oil Compaq in a k. Pm Everes is his son and the of the to Hester the anal huh has in the coi net o h am 3 and Cha 1 0 m Lre is Van Mav the to e e Enta Joka d a Hent in an i lied i id Tlell i lie trial Tir a a3o Oatha comp Fiat of of Teaf 0cstructiok tact flow m e for May m the smoke of tha Loreski Frej. Ivle Gurb wires Are Tawny Applei near Palms i Ai t1 jul of juju acc. with Wreen the ii Hirs on the Elar is thing a an Lojiw of pm and t jar1 j ii from must Junction a Talas Ken Are driven Troin the Oak it. By tue fires of the coast. A fire is rasing of the Sal t Branth. There is no telling the mro Traat of tb1 a adage seek err the Obres Are burning Tut the Taa Olte Cascade a Tarnawa Wip of flaw Tia Abe i burning Able and As though the fares Here in proach 05 tha town. Of e id of the o d 3jta--Adettt, Houston Road the lists Aro d 25 it age been along the try trios co Roii to Len. My thu City to to North of the cite a valuable tract of i in time r s roles of on1 hero u Belt of Harl Wood is being burned ii Ion Caa be co i in Are Anil some of of oath in u if Loca Ard m danger tee c i is tuve Onetti m a Thicuc that is a licit stilling a Large Olaui of woo1, s and ties a a Royed loss is 03i the Neatherly hound dry and in Nauch needed Bai m is Ilai Are increasing in ail directions and Aiole Hung the Ckuj to c t esterday on the of All the railroads arcs Aro Burn Ngoi. Both Sites of to o Tzaeu. Parl i a Anrud build Lis d s team Al cried swollen by a rain atom overflowed its Banks at Xenia o on 12th and flowed for feet deep through principal resulting in to top crts causing no lews of life. Tine too bold my contractors on the 12th to Shn flown on All Woric until the strike and Boycott tactics of the trades came to an enu h in a a stated hit fiut thousand men Wou d be acc cd of the out. Foist St Gres m Northern Tho upper Michigan were prov Mac of the 12th. Rhode Orville bunt Ventura Cal were sigh by shaken by an Earl n quake on the 12th a Ronve Ottoa will be Titan my sew Orleans l Brtha of lord peo ple of at the Ballard Well Sonett teat of o a Patter we into on the 12u with a capacity of cubic feet us Lar cat in the world. John coloured wb.0 Cato Teto Tut Avint we hued of Tot tit at Texarkana arc in Kab n Anua eb., was acpt by a Ink and we ice two in kits k it. Beau of i Tiute by n on i Aud papi Lio i m o i t to 4th p by a ind houses wrecked Acil much done Thiec persons Cert. Ilex Agod. Jamed mrs go d Smth i m j mans Oire v Lii is burned to death on the loth i i Brush lire i air Niona so o i the 14th Lis hop 1 As just returned from Kon e said the Church had Neth r to m i or the Uigh of l tto it recognized the Nyht of a to sink not to Force o the death of v w Harden tie Hance of John hoi to 1 fare u d lady for Horn Hov Rote his Horn sue Thonie of Currie m a. On the 14th at the age of Cut eight Vears inc laying of no Corner sume of id Stanford u i at Park Cal took place on he Hui persons Mug killed during v thun3er storm it by Loim of tic 13th, foreign intelligence. Bomi or of tic Lith sir Thau mini of the Meers troops i in to the insurgents it a recent Battle h cd lasted Hundred men were kill d. John b had on he Lith flooded the coup try inf in hat Reg rdc 1 is the direct Tel airily that had or befallen hat province men were Drou Aej Zhito clean my out in old Tjell on the Lith at by can inc Steamer Banton was on the nth to near mile Ca of the coast of Asia and Abo Xiloj in is to have been lost ices of the 12th state that 140 000 Atis Njaa soldiers were m i Lifcia pre pared for a Campi go. The army was Ilso reported for a Ion pc son relations had it wis announced on Tho 1-tb finally been broken off to Tuce Amr Gustone ind his former associates Harli Nifton ind Tiam Berlam lae Maii who ctn Ines belong to the German Imperial Nora wis closed by the French govern Nert of the i2tb this i Tiki Sini to the Foren put of other against the laermans. R c of. I. Of the burning of the Ocean the largest american ship afloat to Hill on. A b tra b. C Aad Pedro the Crew a veined it a Cor on Tuo Joi a a 1 Virgo number of Wes had been massacred b Nat ves on the islands m the South Pacific Whilma barn. Of rope Oxted it new b Ford had it was reported on the Isth been wrecked off the Japin coast the entire Crew of thirty t Jer Ishio the Dominion government it was stated on the 14 h to about to engage in Tia constr cuon Otia extensive system of coast defences. The american Shin Charles h. Marshall a Crew of Tuen v three Zihich left London d Cembor for pm was on the nth Given up for lost. I were bams out on the 14th the holders of Confederate Bonds m England m hich they express the a chef that the Bonds will be red end by tha United later. It was decided on the loth by assistant Beer Carv maj Iii d that it is m or he Law against importing Libor up Der con tract to empty canadians to work of this Side of the Boarder thirty a the chinese Quarter of Fresno Cal bund on the morn it of the 16th. Admies of to state that in Jun cd of the f it Are of Tho fisheries Aad. Hay crop last season hundreds of Iceland ers were arranging to Emif rats to Tea l non sved Coal a Mars n the prov Ince of Eam Ault Belgium Trenton a stake on the 16th. At hone Dale o on Tho Irith a Vanan at uhe hotel. Bks ticks in in Auk at own chem by t from Tow for la Trutt that Wev a twi by the n m Many the t. Elcied 1 t to i l a t Las i ote d Nii at mint past one o c oct tue Ca i eur Haj to t. Stetu As que l by d in i the saute f the South front of the Capi o the r fired Leral her 1 a then int Induc d the onto of the Fer to n tie i Ritof the to in to e i in address fans the s i Urt to general Slier Dan at to Senoi Al shei i Jan m behalf of the Bolieu Transfer old Trie to h is be t in info of Vaig Mil Pite this state Neh 1123 been us i de j i Yoa to to n va1 Eret cd i the coat aids of c Ever h a it j be t the of the Climbi re Mil. Tac Teto Toi t his mtr t a a sol 1 or in i icy Slit 1 o n i ome. 1c that mtr and to 1 s o thas i Iii if Ivi the o or s r on Kli 1 of he Soe of la eth v of inc Ciau look Tou As Ali stir of lie Ilan people to e the s to Road hands us it i As to in the status j resident c eve 1 my spol e i Fol lorts will of in i or Munct of Tae i Ute 1 to me of. S Ocasi t i her Fiji Cpl ont jct allot in people of tie tried St tils be tit Ful nil ate i statue am i the interchange of for it in ir0h so the of the o tie cum Ler Aid and their former lots upon to Billt. Held i 1 lot Gen Ala i 1 the pc e i i d tit Jwa by Al. Thi on g to o to tse Marti Irmo a Solh trs and mourn in cite Ems found to press on the it Terri rat on to a rect to t tout to incr rip it Utah 5 and. Tylius to i i in Iti Yui Wietry and 1 i Prescan s a Sun or an mos t a forgotten an Cable in of i other Nood and a to in of a ratio re Storell Monwai cars Mil u111 Ira t ply through it u e 1 my Stltt Vagli i it it t e of the love and i Feci on our get caul it Ople an 1 comm a Oral no Ynve and j Turlot c or la a Fame in is hoi or in Publ e stat on Miroir the s d i j Forth 4icre Shull s at j at our of this state of i 1 shed citizen who in his file and serv cts Combine 1 All these things and mor we Chi Chal Erpf Imir Tonon Une rican eve-5 Domestic rely uni Graven on tie he 1 of l Itolle f cd Anu 11. T i or All l in in. I la Al of the a on Ali s stat in Elev shall no Fil Tott cd beholder Hal Ihu of great e s i of Ltd to no tour t of Wiur dope roue fyr in and on a Turrou Numnik. 111, pc ii Usy our Ali Oual due out Kong to not full Hub and those a sphere Aneo fers Tho t pre Rient to Manly amb t on a sanest Chas l d i in Teddy Horts and aspirttion1 to a _ u of Usu. T t us. Pro u j i d that to Erer a i c t pc be of n o s a c u c up from go to i her re costs of for j pc c 0 in in a of i Tonte o Hupt tie Chi Tero a world desire. Can the forge Attiat it Ulso teaches our peo ple a bad my d str ism it Sion and to u Usu ugly. Ful c if can Tiloi evs is fair promo Lions can cot fail to refill the tragedy of a death which Broth t g of and mum no. To every Bous Lold in the land Whilo c t.2 Ash p St. N is this an 1 of go thit murder Aud nation should Lur u the m o a poop ind stake t o in he it d of Tapir i fearless Fae urch ind the or the or sin and hiding place of Bate Anu unnatural i should be Follone a to Leann re j some to Pue for from our Polit Cal me jobs Anu from the operator of our g n eminent the my Janis concept on i b rth to Pasa omits and blood i ii from this hour our Suir i ton for i be nol Thyot manhood Aal oar muh. In the and opportune ies of Citize Nihls be re i need if Oura optic at on of Blessing of a Ord Union s k length Ned and if to watchfulness a ans the dangers of a Laau Chase Ufier parti an i so is by quickened the dedication of the s statue to the people of too United states will not be m i n j dunus1 the de Verv of his address the president was interrupted by outbursts of applause. He Spote fluently in a Cleir Winch was audible to j of Tho into a stud that filled the Circle before the stand when he i-ao1 i conclude 1 the Banj played column and Rev f d Power who was the i pastor of general s cd Orch in this cite the Benediction. I Hay Tho news from Vienna this morn log is to be credited the Pence of europ 1 is in greater peril now thin a nov Tine in Many the Cana rep it is to toe effect thai 140 pm i Aaser in soldiers arc in i prepare i. To1" n Campaign and i the montenegrin array is also re by Lor action. A collision at this juncture be tween a and Dilonte Nefro would is almost o precipitate a i War it is Erv probably that 1 sex Inge at a Iho recent cab is ten no intimation or in Pendzi Hostil Iti a in this Quarter and it will not do for to Vry heavily on War on the strength of Tho Vienna tue j had la Elj to ire Ltee or re Gard no Len attachment d a a sch in hot Lanai to a in re Kutiej Home j to Imd a Raj tors pouring in on him a a crate 3 ugg e to in h s feet and i in out m i Days Over j of Luc demands so he j firm waa forced to Sale Umb i the princ dal creditors Chicago and leu v Ork b us and a Liioi Nat onal Bink of Cherenne the later to a Lim Ted mount there Are Immo r of Small a editors c it Robab b a 1 in full of v n be Ilav a v d s path d cps the a 1 of Wii at f 1100 000 and the Nonu Ual Assunta to about same Sam Thot the a attributed to lha shrinkage n att in if he f uni of s Rob i n i6" by v. H Oil Thouas 3 ran of Low a the firm or sic Ritj and m the flush a s o the. Enle old the in Cerf a tired c red Mei to so by m the Lla the is a cps the they would Carh fire a. Sell or t i Cipal Tess to the prose cd of that the Veresta of a Bacuem o 1 con i our an oct shoo o the hired him o Carat. An a Talos on a the lube eating voting and that Suo Seq int la the tre Rusti jul ii. Vests to Gers and i Greao be discharged for Iran of t Denee to Bacn. Up the my Cion it the left Udjus Milho Naira and interested in passed away. Jamath it Wash t a c ton of Jas Alec Ini Lulater for the a a Auer on tote supreme Ilav 1g iras ill 1 Nonn us Tae Ca ia0 of the inn us under the of tic cd Jentie land a go eco in by in c of Lala Lan 1 comrack Swan Chysh a co a it s vat land l t c company Thucuc As o scotch Aal hoj Law t fatal Ste and i. It swam a n to too last or Ifo tiie a e brei Stoel holders Only be sides of critics in cattle thei cd Hemly in Anu 11 into rated in to a cd extent pm a wan a . P resident of the fire unit o Albany and each rect a t shot our and Uin or bus Ness n in 1 pm in the h goes esteem by Jie a top a great gathering far into International Sun j Attr Contention to be licit in Chi of transportation Ciuc vgo 3iav ii Prepira i t of Are made for the int i National sunday school convention which jets m this c to on the night of the 31st and continues june 1 a i and i. Marblo i a Inu Caio Ujj i to sous soon in t dec. All of the railroads in the uni cd a tits made arrangements to r turn n one third fare ill who inv fun l f lira to convention. The grand trunk a round trip Tiquet Rood until Juh la. Bpeci-1 arrangements Hava been made for i rate of do pars from Boston to Chi i Igee to re urn a l1 c other Rou there Vall Aiso bean Tram from net Philadelph a and Baltimore i the bilt Moie Ohio a round trip of Twenty Dol j jars to to tent dollars and be Vetier cent1 All w bin the s a e o hut 3 will return i those paving full fire to ton Tention it one third rate. A Alle ases per j seas wishing Toiva i or reduced rat Musu receive from or b f Jacobs Cha Man of Bhe executive coma tree no 90 Street certificates Bich will be on Aop cation. The full Certini Caius the holders to hos Pital v and admits of to the Delegate in the convention Are onh Jan cd to appointed by the vinous a with Tern or Al or inc Idt All who desire to Afeng my Tho for reduce d Faro on Anglica j Tion the prospects Are that at in dance will be Varvi Sev Cateon Namei Are already reported from the or Brunswick and Tho East St Ite thai the re is consid Erab e in j thus Aam excursion trams m cd tip App Heifer the Lull Quot not j fifty do plates and filth two alter Iowa sends for one Hundred Kan Sas and Missouri announce that their win be full 4t Tho Iii note Stato Faun Day school to Day eighty and eighty eight Alto mates those pcs ring o to tend outside of Chica go Resen i will be sold to others ten r delegates Manv to Plick sons Havo already c i Lor Tancsa scats. Tache o Elock he was Seno ulv ill m califor Aii about a month Igo improve enough to in him come Home. After his Arr a hero Ninuel to 211s Discas-1 the of Justice Woods Hii swelled the int of candid acts for i Placa of so preme Bench it n ill be Tho first a Post Guiont of this no that has Filion to lures deut l amoog1 the a girl s the Foremost Are members of tha cab met these Are Baya a t and Garli Tatj outbid of Cabinet Cind dates he most to i. Heard it present concerns sex Govan o Hoadly and j Randolph the Leer Justice b rfcs Dora in Newark 0 and after Cree Reg his a Mary Ioa it As to where he graduated a he stud a Law and be Gan the practice of the profess of in 131" e Terins the yol t Cal sea he iras elec cd in is to the Ohio a 1 mide be went in o the Mitt try Liou tenant colonel of the seventh Infra try until the close of the Wir when he was must Rcd out or the Valsamo inc e he Ittem 33 t Lejsal is and Polit Cal life he was chosen Sta cancel or for s x Yea s a Ter siding in Lobi e a lumber o years he a appoint cd to the s in reran court Outha Utitco Siu h s c. I l a o be filed by o Eveland. A l d ree Ioas Are a he p Ros ivc l Uliey t1 a t c arcs 11 Burn Njma and the drop she read v set m bids fair to to Astreas one o ast 3 ear masters of t Linos of 0" in twist acc in no a t in a mob and Laud Taa Are a visible unites m e oae mite stung con bar a 11-Forest fires Are m this Coli to and. The air is i led smoke Phil lies n May m fire Art ragman Exi Easuela in Price Coli y a barn and iwo warehouses of the jump juju mixer company a burned in and the Illume narrow ii escaped distr Leriou. There u no Imine i ate danger Here. Mil Namhee Mav Agio unit of lumber has been b Tho Forest at 4utram Mich and Tho Citi Zens of astr tin Aro for their lives Tal no Yalj Sueh valuable is Ein be car Ned upon thei at Ca Nej tha do str Cuin of the mule is Moreau Tarila sex pet Ted fires prevail for four Miles about to v Ard Chi Mich while at lust Tho losses Are. Reported As very St pvt Minn fires along the Northeast of Bra Merj burned Over two or three townships a a Cave ram which fell last evening has greatly assisted the wet Lars in tha Chat a Gist the flames the greatest injury done to Timber ties and logs is n the Vicinity of Horseshoe Lake be tiers Lavo lost Stock and mass. Slay Orest fires Are still Raisin of in Tho Woods Between j a Nettilu Falmouth Mash pee Ani borne the vill Iffe of Forestdale cams i being bar Ned during1 toe night. Iho i Zens fought the tire nut 1 Nerr la exhausted n order to Savo the j up element the flames crossed the i Falmouth Road and the Mas pee stage i route and arc now confined to a great j hoi of about one and a Hilf Miles from san div he he adj. Tho Road and Bourne. To e old co ony re 1 Road con Iny has a Early 310 at Noih. Setting Back fires in Hopes of checking the of the flames the Church Bells were hero Vesterdal for , and Greic Essit conent generally throughout these Tours the knights of Tabor Bishop irelant be tones Tho Al the Catt Lulic clip Rcpt. St Pul 30 his Syrmo i catch jul yesterday morn no Bislimi ire and has Itu Ned from a vial said thee Harcha the knights of labor neither Hal it approved of that organization. The ethics that it. Approved of it made Ita Elt response by Forand took under its Foote nug care. But tie a Are a number or societies which so far have done nothing off Ialiva either against the Laws of tha Sta o or the Church and ire therefore on probation the knights of labor is oae of thase and it depends upon its members n Hether it shall hereafter be con Den d or not the Church 1 the rights of every Workman to strike not to Force others Tow Lungu to quit work. It also recognized that capital and labor have rights that lao or is weaker and the Churen hcs generally taken the Sido of the weaker against stronger in conversation with the Pope his holiness has a keen interest m american of fairs and declared Amor Ca the Hope of the world. I out to Jitze incl May lutheran Synod of Ilis sort which has been m session for the inst two a cells Iau is cilia received a report from a Coth uitts appointed to moves Gate the the report s Ron gov condemns ten methods cup oyed by the society sn.1 the Essiw to solved to warn Luthc ans against Mommp Tho order the next meeting of will be held at tilt Vauken two years hence. Sharps trial begun to Leven Tiara mad Only Ona jury own m Tony mar 17 Sharp Miv Leonaire and alleged member of the of Unous York was placed of trial ves Crdal in judge court. Ship a adar two anyone indictments for tried a and of Oscr s May office Wather crop bulletin for the end War May 14 sars Golf Traller in the beit Antl Corn regions of the North the week tas exceptionally favor i blot for agricultural Parsu to. Tie dry warm weather cont nes in the Cotton regions East the have Bacn. Favourable to the Cotton crop the inter state Law in Ute Cooley than Jcj there 2to persons to Ftnat Dut Tetef from its talk w the Morrison i r ton n v to j s a Cosmerle com missioner a chorus Arr la a 1 3 he a in Tiivi i j Lias a coi a do Cooley at Ann Arbor the draft. O a proposed latter to i instr to u common Ca Ion transmitting a letter from the United states Comine Rei in agent at London unt m Uitti the latter pred cited tits Strous results for the inter state commence Lav cooler s proposed answer or caul Catlina of Jim i Ted to Tae Coutv Tail during the ent w to Ibe effect that a sem Marj and Catholic aclioo1 to locus there. J Wright Wilson a prominent citizen of vow on Jasper county d a the Oiher night of Para of he brain fifty four Veas he m grand Oslo Iraq Ami a. M the Dise be his Ife has several Vear. M affecting1 Bis Ranii a. Tiie see ing Reen nth in Dpi Export a Bank began at Heel b a fan Daj s ago the total amount of fines imposed by Tho Dubuque count District court Lor tha Justena i woo and the amount a. D a ju1 the Rece t cession of tha state music association in or Nncel the for e acted Lor la Casu i resident e. M. Sefton of co do re rapids and arc Jourert j a of us Ness m tace h. Lovejo mrs Jennia Olf Cedar kinds j h East Obi College Springs Pya time Roain Arteo h. Odin to Edo to i sheets Mai pleasant mrs. Al d Row Lei Cedar ids. Mary Lahie a Young lady aged about to vent in Jears of fcurii3nton about four o Elou the other of Tara you Dur the absence of he Woit to cellar of her parents res i Nucci an i hang herself. 2xo Cabac Lor act Tho Stata Railroad commissioners upon the Eora Pumi. A Quncy Bev find tha tha tempi has b in guilty Al tic sane and nation in its Tariff on Coal Aud re Ormead a to Ision of the to conform to the later i Ato com Marca Lav. There been a Ftp one on at the Ottumn i episcopal Parish Tab Spring 1 he old tvs eve Church m pcs monies quo of thy Ai Rieuf landmarks of that cite has to Muke Root for j double front inf a b Ock. At buc que a evenings the uru m the trial of Ellison Smith for Tho Virnar Der of Abram peed at West in on re turned a in dict of not Gulu Case against the Justus Bwana a Cunt diners for conspiracy and Mur tier growing out of the Banka Creek rot amused at the commencement of the recent term of court in Angus tha Cas s Lal been hanging of Lor the jail to o Eais. Dub ique Ball players Hare formed a club Antt Lull join the Mars Balltown has a natural Gas Coffi t and negotiations ure pending with Eastern parties Lor Tho Binkin of a Tell the Iowa dental association closed its twee to fifth Ann Lal session a Daj s it Cedar Rapiti elected president b Zijic Kansou of sub Laue v be Fresi deat and master of i prof Hunt o Loua City face retard j e. Montfort of Farfield areas Urr f b kelp of Ilu Catine Shenett i meeting be held at cite of the first tues Jav in 2iav Isas i Tiftz Journe men tailors at Sioux City struck a do employ of Noa Union men id for a higher scale of Ces Captan r l. Gidle of Malvern Killa Coutv died a few n gets Aso aged fort nine he leaves a wife and three evil ire. Caput g lev with his regiment from tie beginning until the close of the and was present with it at the surrender of a Toner in it 4ppo Clicc de mayor of Itah Eri several tinier and was the time of his death Rev j Lor pastor of the of n Ein m r Church at Des monies died a few evenings ago age forty years the merchants hotel one of the oldest Levels in s cos c As tie o he r j aft Snoor the fire catching in the of room exc a v Gootel As to i a rect toss fully covered by insurance of 5 i90 the new Canning factors at Davenport will a four Story building h is about Eom Pletch. The hotel livery and stables at Kensett it Orth county Biclon shiny to Owen Parkins Wera burned the other night. But Little of the hotel furniture As saved loss about fireman lunch of pcs tomes who res cued ayoung lad from a burning build ins the other n get has been voted 1 hand some Gold medal by Che Oitt Council is a re will for his bravery William. Hol Dachne Der of Harlan Shelby county wis Lead n Bea Tho other Day at a hotel in Omaha Bis Throat Cut he be t a note Tho cause of suicide to be that to was driven from by Tus wife who took up with another wan. In is estimated that three Hundred men Anci one thousand horses have left Clay county this Spring to engage m Railroad the Stato Board of health at its recent session m pcs Homes re elected or p to Lewellen president or j f Kennedy Secretary f Andrews assistant Sec Reary irad ele Etcil representatives of Tho various state medical societies of Iowa to a National conference of Tho state Boru of health and Tho american pah Ltd health association. A committee was appointed to prepare and report to tie legislature the necessity for revision and selection of uniform textbooks for Public schools on physio log and avg inc the boons now m use being inadequate. By a recent order Fly the of the Interior la cyers who act As actor acts m pension cases certificate of Good character from the judges of the local courts 10 Tho Register and receiver these officers Are Busy just now sending on the certificates of charac Ter a Telf Gram addressed to William Felt of cite from farms d to cd recently announced the tragic death. Ochia a amuck the a encased Tho first White child born in Cerro Gordo 1 i three years ago when he moved to Kota judge Carson of the Ottawa Tamig districts spends his spare time. Chopping a a Gladstone. Pot for trea ulu a wealthy Farmer living Anniles Southeast of Knox inc Sarion county was tricked in the forehead by a i terse the other evening and soon afterwards. He was rendered Tecot Isdora by the h of and n yer revived. Irchirl Cox an of of in Otner Day aged seventy Mav this to nattering from one of the Kowm at this for duo by Frueh Uia of tort the input a now pro fees j web. To Asur to a 3uy 17 awl stut Urr mantra he Deomid that it is a vol i of in jaw Jav Portik Ivr to Oder cd Trot to m Vule con., to work i that Trofa we Niv Foung to we re Haoen Butte m triumphal journey loud do Daj from a atom lira West Eod to mite end or Titae twit a int mkt of eight of Mac where Ste Fonua it Ope ital Palace m How or of Euion crowds Thandi which the rpm my h. In us Kurtok liar h o Dnn co to Luicir i Ctm declare that i or cat Terri Titioka is co it Tealbey a tribute to the to Art Ltd to Tutor to the hive Haj Chiama m the Kimi of Jav that the Snail to tvs any a menu we brute by the Latr while the i Kleft Nvvf Krlic. The in Brooklyn the other Day judge Ryan sentenced Chloe Robian to three years the fort a Ladbon Penitentiary for com pow Tylyn tb11 Crete of whipping year old coloured child to death near tie Strawberry crop in debit arc county is looking Well and Promin an Usu Auguy Larf crop. of Iho Des if Oineita boat of Trade Are strongly of or actor m which to from to Beer meet Laura x. K it Iowa City state of ate mad Xemina itt forces the that Irma the being in Echt i of flair r 10 Ctm Toni que writer or half Bact forty Are of Ted m Many to Mif h there a to i m average tev to Twenty pm ii per Tarryl

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