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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 17 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - May 17, 1883, Marble Rock, Iowa Chi Cage Forth Western we 1 Bocam. Of i. M As so i. Of Tiv a a a Fea Fux it close. A terrible Cyclone struck Kansas City and Vicinity sunday. The Cyclone divided As it struck the City and completely made the circuit of the Tow n. Over Worth of property destroyed m fifteen minutes. Four uves Are Tai own to be lost and Many persons ire badly injured. The Stor u was tas Large As Hen Seuss fell in great quantities. The air was ii led with the Hying debris of the buildings which stood in the path. Men ind a Voten horses and bugles were hurled through the air. The escapes i Sun were miraculous. Tie Stoi m left hav tie and destruction in its path. The streets Are strewn with mattresses pieces of lumber and household articles. In Many places planks act pieces of Lum Ber have been driven three or four feet into the ground. The storm struck the City from the Northwest coming through Wyandotte and jumping across the Kansas River to the City. Here it divided and Myrte the circuit of the cite. Wyandotte suffered severely and the ittle manufacturing suburb of Argen Tine is i Complete wreck. It is fairly wiped out it is impossible to estimate the total damage or loss of life. All who suffered from tie effects of the Ter Rible electric current Are in a d sized condition and Donot know Hui their dam Ages Are. Only one Man was found who was insured against loss by cyclones. After making Utt circuit of the City As far a the Vicinity of sixth Street and the City limits the Cyclone jumped to the Missouri River next touching at a Andolph about tour Miles below the City. Here it formed a waterspout font Hundred feet High and went sailing Down the River. Three churches Aud two saloons were scooped up by the Cyclone Here. The negro settlement a the Vicinity of twelfth and Charlotte streets has razed to the ground. The mayor and Bis associates Are doing everything to relieve the homeless sufferers. At least families Ore Home less. Eight Hundred assisted emigrants sailed for Boston sunday from Galvay. A heavy fall of occurred sunday at Deadwood Dakota Joe Brady the first of the Irish conspirators to be convicted was executed at Dublin. Monday. Horticulturists of a Niagara county Are troubled by the appearance of Panides on the Apple times. At a Helle. Kansas Friday three children of Isaa Wilkeson were burned to death in their father s barn. The health officer at Brownsville Texas bag arranged with the mexican authorities to establish a quarantine at Bagdad. From Texas Sav the sheep shearing is about completed and that the total clip of the state will be much lighter than last year. They Are subject to great inconvenience and loss by the inadequate Supply of government tax rat Tnp. The Bishops of tin methodist Episco pal Church in conference at Pitta Burg Pennsylvania arranging the Divi Ion of work Forbes Nsang six months. Marvin Tenner the John healer in Wood county Wisconsin has been sentenced to imprisonment for Gold has been discovered on the poor farm at Buffalo new a Otic but not in suf Scieri Quantity to make mining prof Itable. Dennis trill soon have an Opportunity of embracing Gerrain prototype Herr Josiann most who is i about to visit to tie Pacific coast. 1 the Palace car company i has been beaten in two suits to recover Back state of Pennsylva Nia the amounts involved in Bot Neues . Tin owners of american vessels Ai refuse to Toxi with lumber at it raws which it is lire . Canadian pm k s loading it . a strike cents per Bushel. while the operators arc getting a supp from outside unus at 3 cents per Bushel. Scarlet fever has broken out in the second in violent Loim in bronc. Lows victims Senera by in forty eight hours. Severs deaths have already occurred. Secretary Chandler has that i during the balance of the i sual year All j of the Charleston n. J a Ivy Yan shall for eight hours work per ins of Tea As hereto j Foro. Durian Tho week v pounds of tax Psid Tob eco from Petersburg a org Iii Hil the exports of Tob icon the total Revenue collection reached there arrived at Koston thu Suav by the it Amer Pho Fig lit humid i a and Twenty line evicted Teni cts from Ireland most of whom been Siste i to by the government. A Sec no to Ira of the Lionel suit of Jaines i Rii itis Tilloy a inst James Gordon brain St. Of Tjw York if in a reduction of the Stu list ice from to Aux speaker of the new House of been or rest Eiliot Klu Ibeth the charge or of the late Tes the Punili of inns in in Liana is attributed to Iana ids who Aro to drive banners to abandon the use of l in Vestera and other improved bin sri. Tsven York has b Ensi d by Jay Gould to i Ditz in of St. Louis for 5ijo.uuo. Tue will continue to be a Democrat c in politics. The new proprietor control of the the supreme court of Colorado has in cued Der which picker the it d a Nui Liber of Otho Cru vict til. The fic Fiore be Hap ii in s Masou Grant the Mother of Grant Leicil 1 Ramiy City re the Jean other Iler Atli Vav is Bidden old ase Henr. The cause. Slie with her the up onion the boiler in Tiye j la. Cir Elkhart Clun o. , 1 Yiv Ltd t Vollie i or four Oti it s to Cowper of the Rai l so badly put will probably die. Edwin p. Irammoi.11., of Indiana was on Mou Lav an Winter j Edge of the court of that Woods to i. Gresham As judge of the tuitau of taps circuit Coit. Governor Glick of Kansas bus not the sheriff of Forti county u i less he exerts his official Power to pie Irve order and protect the Prowty of Cithens of Dodge cite he will be re moved. There Are indications of a Stringency in the Money Market of York of elision so by the up of Larce amounts by such men is May mus Oil festival which closed s i Turlay Kasnot a Ima Ocial Success the to Cipu ing in lip i about Lolow the expenditures. The management has not even the Consolation of having made the affair a Success musically. The new York West Shore and j3uf Univay has disposed 0f the it a Ilig to of which was sold thursday. The company has averaged about in Par Ceat. For its Bonds. Ward Mcconkey who murdered George a Mcclure in dead Man s ijnllow., near Mckeesport Pennsylva Nia August 21, 1ss1, was executed at 1 Pittsburg. Lie protested his innocence on the Gallows and met death with unconcern. Two attempts were made during monday night to fire the tenement Bouse in View York in which Clavier who was murdered by Pat Mcgowin had resided. The theory is that friends of the murderer desire to avenge his exe cution upon the friends of his victim. President Arthur will spend the last week of May in new York taking part on the 34th. In the ceremonies aund ing the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge and participating in tie decoration Day exercises in jew 1 Ork and Brook Lyn. Professor Gregory of the United states civil service commission has arrived in Chicago and on monday exam ining boards were organized in Tho por and custom House who Wili pass upon the qualifications of Candi dates Tor situations in those branches of Tho government employ. Railway fares from Xiu Siville to Chi Cago have been Cut to and irom Louisville to Indianapolis is. The War grows out of the refusal of the Jeffer Souville Madison and Indianapolis company o continue the arrangement of list year for an excursion of to Chicago and return. Captain w. It. Bush of 2few York who was the first Man to enlist m response to president Lin Coln s Call for seventy five thousand men to Servo ninety Days issued Panl has been presented with a Gold badge a foot in length in testimony of j the fact cited above. S thing Bull and his band of Sioux from fort Landall arrived at standing Bock Agency on thursday the com i Rany Are All in excellent health and the i us pleased with his treatment As a prisoner professing peaceable intentions and an mans Nous inclination. The recent fight Between the mexi can troops ii or general Torres and the reu3gade apachi., in the Sierra Madre mountains was a fierce one the mra Eliis Aho Wun rpt Art Able contract skill. The eleven Deal Bucks on the Cem. While the loss to the troops has five Kulij . It seriously Ami idea. A Ding .1 debate thursday in the Ivi i v Ivaria Senate Upan the proposed pro Mitory Anu drabent to the constr . A censured president Arthur or the in Rikkii a of Lii ours in tic White House a prac Tice the senator d. Vol Rich had not menu Ltd t of to Premji int Hayes an i Archd. In the county court of m.1. Lison Cann to. Bli Nois. About a year Aco. A decision was rendered to he of Moat oello s i nary that i Root Fri to. Per should be Fruim i Xaimua. A was o court has Rev cml of exp the Raio Trast Sun Siv Mion. Rcpt six for Cher vows by tie Pope. T raw. Ornets it Lions Bif uni Ted 1 a i to is. Wha Euins to. Luve cry vol Tow from str to work for at i to ins country to United states rsm month i to accept the o a in j institution m sew is alter Peeki Leer the ii Ter Ity Tiroui the to Jether with Tiree other Puiai sect heat lenten Olio of Ceuta eat tred Itji rectory. I it is now estimate that the hostile ape ies in the Sierra number about three tired j they of Eujay an ire about As that of Tho state of , it i a Cut Rerah in jilt to i them As will of i in the win Gacie that 1 abounds there. Senator Van of Nebraska pub Isles it letter charring tit and pne in Al aim id Lvi Pany that its claim to i Backbone land Grant will Alec bred i forfeited when Tuo subject be brought before Congress is about to i i Bubo mortgage Bonds Bis d upon the cauda embraced in the Josie Teci j the District court at , i a on saturday Para to u defies o i divorce on the suit of Theresa pair against United states senator fair. There was no contest Ami or. I settles upon mrs. Far i 1-ni.r.a i the lion ii reside acc in join a Franusch. The probate court of Glenn pm Tymi nne Sota has do cited the widow of the late sex governor Washburn is entitled to on third of the decedent s estate in estimated to be Worth in deign deut of the provision exult Lor her in her Hus Biffl s will. Mid. Is an i mute of a insane Asylum. C. K Cragin a e-rui3ter, Aad Herzog a on the Missouri paci5c bail Rouil and formerly of Chicago have been detected m robbing the trunks of ass Ungos the Railroad Rameil. Tiie roup Iny been obliged within a year to Between and to Hose has been ruled in transit. Mui Cipal air inn tics at Halifax i the Ilert Jin. Vent Tho of the fenian plot communicated by Dujo m Rionold to the Ioveino of Nova Scotia. The conspiracy i i alleged to of Tab been hatched Sci it meeting of the land leagues in Phil Adelphia last week to which a govern Treut detective a serious collision occurred wednes Day Between two engines on the thud Avenue elevated railway in York Between sixty ninth and Seventieth streets. One of Tho firemen was fatally my Rcd but Noue of the passengers were seriously Mirt. One of the boilers was crushed Iti tie hot water so Tiki a houses and foot passe Gerion the Street below. Reports from correspondents of a Chicano commission House indicate Chat Spring it Iraq Cron is in a More condition at present than it has been at a corresponding Date in .1 number if years past. Dispatches Trout the line of the Hor Tiern Pacific Railroad in Dakota Are also favourable As regards sprig g wheat and other Small grains. Com us being pumped quite freely. The United states circuit court at Des Monics Baa rendered a decision in .1 cutt my the Validity of the Tel in Isis and re issued in 1473. He court Linds that the process of obtaining water by driving tub s into tie 4iunnd Liviu been m use at least coven years prior to the issuance of the Pat a therefore 18 null and void. The trial of the lib-1 suit of the Bev. . Bloomington. Sea inst Lottie Robinson. Who accused him of he paternity of Ber child was begun n the Mclean county court wednes .l.iy. Ilof finn. Who suffered expulsion from the meth Dut Intuit try in Conse Jive acc of miss Bobi Oson s allegations s-5.000 damages but his object in bringing the suit is to establish Bis Umo Cerice of the charge made against him. The charge having been published in new York that the american Baptist missionary funds for the expenditure in Burma had been manipulated in the interest of officers of the society Here or. Murdock of Boston Secretary of the Bond explains that whatever manipulation has been done was for the Benefit of the society and with the consent of tee missionaries in . Co Loiret Unda chief of staff of Gen eral Aneio the military i of Menander who is in Albuquerque new Mexico states that general Crook s presence in old Mexico is approved by toe government of Mexico and that the combined forces of generals Fuero and Crook will form a Cor Don about the apaches which will impossible to penetrate. Colonel Tynda is confident that the Campaign till re sult in Tho extermination of the hostile apaches. According to the May ret Toms to the department at Washington the Condi Tion of wheat was poorer the 1st of this raont1 than on a til 1 in York. Michigan Ohio Illinois and Missouri. Siviia the exception of in Jiao and sew Jersey which Are unchanged All the other Northern states show an improvement. The statistical a gent of the department in London reports an improvement a european wheat prospects during the month. Aroas Astone the millionaire of Cleve land. Ohio shot himself through the heart in u n Bath room Friday after noon. He had for some time been troubled Wuh insomnia and became despondent believing himself to a m in rally affected Lle Centle he Bascom plumed of a pain in Bis Lead and his friends believe at the in mint of his suicide he a out of his in ind. He Tho wife of co Onei Jon Vulio iiuu.1 from Liverpool thursday having been abroad for year Post. The Standard Oil works at Dominii Nipis new , were str Cit by i Shtrax thursday Forenoon dn-1 set on fire. Tue flames communicated with the Oil tanks one explosion followed Ano liw and at last the store Bouse where the barrelled Oil was kept was at tacked which succumb a. Six for timer. Wore overtaken by a flood of Oil and pruned the loss is estimated at is outline destroyed included twelve tanks cars six Birgus. A dredge three docks and five Hack buildings. I City. Kansis. Which has never an enviable reputation has 1m the of the most flagrant . The Rai t ele of the Lias undertaken to to love out Trio a care orderly class Wahidi. . A profs to be com y of a vigilance committee taken sign of tie a scr with the tacit Cori sent of the mayor. An Appeal Lias been taxi i in go Vurnor til establish martial Law at Oil. Tite ctr Era to a Nav k. Vol i Iris. Mark t a. Cup fluid in Ali Tuit it. Izo. an k Ili t Low n a Winebr isl. A Der of Luri , on the to a Kunj. Id Al eur , the of Henry at Ejot Rovid juice i a Brave lie win nun t in i baby. Lou tin i t Iree or four o a ii i1 the Miu r. V. Flu elot i. He a i u to i i., i 11 i to Vav i it. Tin Inri. I thut to Iii. Of a. Jer Jurn Mun in i -1- got 1 to in Fui u Lig i Kiv a it Lieut in vips Balf Tiu this Otto did in. Loihuu oat Ivi o to i i t to Moltu i. I. On tin Hhorn of the of Cima i Flo i , i tilt. I mid to very Kunou pah los to at o iia of Bliss Tiivi. Tipul Iii Sot. Id of our 1-. I 1 cime it Iii to Vav hit was coining we lop Juil the Nige and got out he looked it us for i i site kith i step in Tho i Rarned a round. Lintl fist a m loir., to Toul Cany into the of in run Wiy to i site Kot a bit of it. In .1 few b ick came hoi Jiny up to us by i Bilimo Stidl gris pm in Bot i i i5 Chubby by then 1 e hid in on i by Neil in Ilia dour Ivul Decd . Gut a outlier Brongil t it out and Laid it Down i . In ill tie in Tow Lishing a Trio a Luu biibkot1. Of tics Biloni Stolls ivc it to is i to Rielei Sund tlv1 Libby . No doubt is on hit Motiur bring them out mud Otsui Tiem to peo ple in so lie thought Hev Miff it be Whit Rul i o la for. As fio Ziehl Shell after a jell Tou urd us. He t Lis ii Ucer. , slant aug Little on us Ith nil of anti Ute inquiry that i us Catholic. When saw Llinat o Dij not u Ait the soul. By wont inn i still farther into tie recesses of the Saliin , bringing to clip per Ivich i Little it that to a com the. By ii. In m i. A tour the Janil acre Tarn. The i lie ii i Miles from Jutasi Ivehic Ovi Nedby or. Ii. Jar ii Ijar. Is. It is the finest and hot kept farm in the unit -1 states. Thuro is nothing saucy about it. The so Stem of u t Mutof All Colu but Talmre is not i i the that is not it sixth twin rules of Ufuti Rij Mil to a dour of 4i4 a Rud. Of course in is n stuck farm. The owner Ilous net i wherein Selling lib . He Nicaes lie feuds out i 1 i i cattle. Ils the Inch str . Witul Liia bulls my cows Are in de Maud Tor improving Breeds one pain Ruimia in thu Low run it t of its Ler Tiltti Nail the Best Floc of Tuialii Wlter the farm becomes u species of manufactory Lor Pru us if my Dairy tie in Elmo i o Iru r does not believe that dime novels do Tho Hirm Vav Ith w Linch they fire often credited once in a it a Ftp a they May induce an Over lad to Sot out for the Frontier As the sea talks of a Quarter of a a Eutura Igo induced u boy hero and there to go to sen but in eve try such in Static the restless earning toe adventure is in the Youthful Hurt Ond the stories on Sug coat a method of Gratifying it. They certainly did not create it though they May have fed it St luuk How a woman does not sleep. The rest of thu of Wimily i it have to take Turas sitting up with her to talk. Vrr for i Iso gka1 to it Vonnon col ii am s food co or to the liar kit lists 9ta.i it Ilc it a non us. Us j the Gru wih Othi u. It cures itching _ i wild . for the m whiskers til Oha it to u r. P. Kill cd ii m.cjw.1 ills ire frequently tire. 1 in h. J of the Aldo ii i. C Cut to present As Fly Tulincy. Uni Etc. A Moi Iuie i ration n i. I i a Liinar it ing in Haj ii str error is Tel no files yield it once to in. Iruh Tiona four. Bosacki i it i High Acta directly upon thu p_-3 if. Neacil no sorting Tho Tui mrs Lig intense my i Vincnt cure ail visor Niv failed Ali not Tolu Pilrain on the system pet r Jiu ability but try ii an 1 in l Ricc is cunts. Ynar if in i Vilien you not it t Lim Iro will senile it of i i a i a Sprie. Audreyj Ali Idinie c Ohio i per Vav. C o subscribe foil 1ue mothers Are Jou disturbed it night Sod Bro Ken of Jour rest by a sick Chili suffer ing and crying with pain of cutting acc la if so Send at once and got a Bot tie of mus. Winslow s soothing Srbic Rob nil Diton Tze Tarno. Its i it Iril relieve the poor Little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers there is to mistake about it. It cures dysentery diarrhoea regulates the stomach and bowels cares wind Colic so Toos the Gums reduces Lud Vid Energy to the whole system. Mrs. Wix suit s oot Hiso is scr for Cuil uhen is pleasant to the taste Ami is the prescription of Ono the oldest an-1 Hobt female physicians and nurses in tin 0 ii states and is Lor Sale by ill through oat tiie Price lit cents a bottle. I not off. Niobe Dema Crar f Pei year k per year i i you i. Will Fri. I t lbs Arltie in. Globe to. Send for cup j8seph Woolri. Sealii Lojiw harness collars ladies and Guiileni-11 Sajdl s. Whips oi1. Am in fut univ. Thine usually Inu Iid it lir-1-i.l i . All Fork Marble Rock Iowa Burlington Cedar Hap iks Northern railway tie in acct Jar it it ii Shi Tui 1 i ,.i it i i i r it Minnesota and Dakota Cor act ran i c i Fiji i Ami i. It v i in Katic Tom flare so Riqing civic Azo. Minneapolis i. R Yco Frily. A Maine liner it. 3. A a minium u a. .1 a we it i i i .1. I of i i i r i i tablcs.61--. Uki n Hautur. For h to 1 n Fitler. In 18. I it t Bra it 1
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