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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 11 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - May 11, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaCheapest mope f. A. Roziene. Loan a real estate broker Chries City Sago Tutow Loans Oil improved farms at lowest obtainable rates. Is. To prompt Choice recur it. I offer my Sun Toimi. I Ihle to Lite Jay for consummation of tue till to Soo Ritj is perfect. An i Uch pm at ill time. La relied upon. F. A. R02t1bnji the most popular 13 l1f2t me Fex of. U p h g Hicaro thu a Orange mass. Boo wits Iron by Krebs a certain for All in a tonic y indigo Loti. Want of appetite. Loss of strength Lack of Katter Ero. End lob the blood bar Enjetti few Uio Eire new to tie Bottock. Acts like a Clearm on tha. Organs All testing the Foort jul China i Cut in Tnp Stom Tuoti Cloar Tatum the Iron. trill 7iot Blacken Tow Teeth or Avo bold to All 10. a Boulo. Bbown chemical co. Baltimore m Sll term if it c . Mil it thwart of. Imitations. Pills symptom of a torpid liver. .11 of appetite Bort is in with dial id Sutlon la tto a Ersnt with Etal Aad constipation. Published Henry a fies. With Milice Towi Edloni us Charity for All terms per annul in Advance volume 7. Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa May 11, iss2. Number the Stone store Marble Rock Iowa i will sell All kinds of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices extracts tobacco and All kinds of Good usually kept ii general dry goods store is cheap is my Man that Paya for Boon and shots Ofner Loetery to Ritner will i Tonuci m the Giorc. Ile Admadt clothing is constantly in band in quantities to Supply custom All goods Are warranted is represented or Money refunded. I 11. Ill the new american sowing machine one of the Best manufactured Allen Moore this new map 1 rats Botond my reasonable question that tic Chicago Norih Western railway is by All Orida it beat roil you to take when tray plug in etcher direction Between Chitt Tom and All of the principal Points in the West and careful of is Amine thin map. 21ie principal citing of tin West and North West Art Jet Lii on Tobii its through trains Matt close connections Frith the trains of All railroads at Jaectin Points. The Chicago of North we Gutek railway Orer Al Iti principal Rani each Way daily from two to Reu Tratnik. It it tie Road Freak North or North Cit of Chicago hut the Imperial Palace i mining cars. T ii tb5 of talk Raad Tutt Nini pal Lana sri Ortli or Northwest of it has treat Milss of Homo. Iron a in Litvine trunk Jass co Lurito to to Khoii icily a Dortht Stern St. Pitl a Riffia. Uoch Cronl a Dubuque oreo Superior a Northern tickets Ronci fire not by Canpon ticket artents in the Staten and to ask via unit Rourl. By inn their red oter in. And take no other. H Chi Cicin. W. p. W. H y. Dar use Lawrence a of. For Couch colds sore Throat by Orchitis asthma Neu diseases or Throat Chest and lumc3. Always Tami one of the Xii Ioir Toj by the , Waou sore Balaam of Tolu consumption in Tea Mai Oftos tall lets Cis Jerrt u Tom Kate. Init Era alter the b caution k comit a in tis Tolu. Kouff j it Toute Balw up uie Tad hot it has so Kkt. Alter the for Etc Irli Rod. Of cart thu in place of an to onto As a private die proprietary stun pm Nett of to of mom but ruled move and at do Lowr Ettac Fri that w i Eft Etc had Light luf Ottar of Tom on and heed of much time. In mid or Matey tear Thiu m epic tone look of with fifth reflecting but Ator blur Kutob of Icloa from us Mwiwa Tom Mil gtd Abonit 10 tto trinae Mowna t Iscra newly m what will of or True Hinr pain with fall fek. The veil Usu wantonly our and Light i mom t Attr Knuhl it Igor lurid and Der nine who tie Turno awl Roar or Tea atomic War ivc Mystic Wempe Riff Pawul and of Witto Tupta mat and Fol ii to climb in at her owe Merit bom he Bilet Bruihl not nor red. She him not to in Noti with now while from tier to Bida Good Niehr he a sure to time Mattiro Houli in bind oct Loti Houku of inward counter a Kroc forms wort Shorti a but Rauh to two rat of of Rolden lurch Fajr with and hit plot err when Hue aug Lic Floda Are two i and Benu Alful a term and Bay Porfily kill Luis Ibe summer me when buns Jne of Sivc bed wi6d know cold did Uio Are Lead Ahl tril Rte Obdu maid with . Wilt thou of cop no tits flu tar to tone of a train. Few Bare any Conception of the Money value of an the Hanu so Roo Loco Oolite find elegant cars Are admired an Trio train Cornea puffing into Uio but when Fetiu from the Point of Tiow Furty Islic by a Hartford c Owr of Tho be Tutor in Tonia had at the responsibility placed in Tho hands of Engineer nieu a Railroad official the other Day gave some interesting figures As to the Vajic of the midday express from new York which was a fair representative of the fast express trains on the consolidated Road. There was an engine tender and Echt cars. Tho engine and Tunder which Are we Isidure together. Were valued at the baggage car the postal car the smok ing car Ordinary pass Ger cars each and tote three p Ace total this is a Luw Mober Tolian in excess ire tit image for Ono of the fast As atone of Thorn Frith More cars Are to th6 Palace cars put Down at f Are in Many cases Worth by avenge of f cars Como into use soon after the sleeping coach lies the first boing in 1p63. To instances cars Hare Cost u High a and where Tho Interior work Manship was tory elaborate. From the figures Piven it will Boscon that a comfortable dwelling May be built for Tho Cost of an Ordinary Pasac per car and that the Money expend cd for a Palace coach would erect a very hand Soto Brick or Brown Stone front Resi Dence. It is an interesting reflection that Tho safety of Ono of those costly trains to say nothing of the devolves almost wholly upon Ono Man the Engineer. There we other train men the con Ductor Baugh Mcmaster fireman and three or four Bike men hand upon the lever and the Braiu directing it Hare an immense responsibility t. R to Pili Amre w mitts her Dye. . Jim pm a copt of nil take to i a. La i r. Hiu Michie Piston has Long known an Uto cwt Beautiful Pirl my my Arkan aaa. Ramoop the numerous admirers who tinted miss and entered suit in Thyl court of sentiment for her hand were two Youngmen of unusual Promise Dick Gregg and Hank of Patch. Young men loved with a love we More than a they were pin Csc. Ono night while of Young men were plead Obj with the Beautiful girl slip Saiu gentlemen i both of you. It is Etz Ntim that a woman can love two men just the same in 1 do. Rill the Sanik. , i want to do fair thing by both of Yon. There Ain t nothing diminutive about me. Then Ain t no in my composition. I am made of the genuine lumps of principle i know that it is a difficult matter to Settle this affair satisfactorily therefore i must adopt some plan. The Man who two weeks from to Day will perform in my presence the tact won Darful Foat claim me. To Awny tit touting tart Amer ftnd1 silently de parted. They retired from society. Tho neighbors knew that each Man was pre paring himself for us exhibition and j the entire neigh boyhood excited Over thu approaching when crowded. The exhibition was to takes place in the Yard Uhuru for Tho audience Wurch Arn Sigud. In a tight fitting suit wow the first announced. Taking he prayed and by a my Acula Wor Keil cnr5. It evident time heed the part of the mule. Hank i hit took Wjk Silion. He did not it tempt c work his ears. It was Vii int that the Audi Tice one of Hank s friends entered Ifni to whisk or to the Hank Kunf of did bul cd it and kicked the Man in the face. The and Waco yelled Uilah in Thosam. The Victr by . The girl we in nod to a link tic Happy pair Arr Reif in Little Hock yesterday tit rec Hock g duct to. V Cental activity and dig Tim. It is an undoubted fact that mental activity tends to hinder the digestive process. An hour s rust after Dinu or will a our wits at work Astrain but if that Lime be passed behind a double entry lodger a feeling of lassitude often Coni booed with an almost som no tence will advise Pic brain worker that his vital Energy is nettled for other por pc Aeo. I could eat with More Comfort hit was t for the consciousness of hav ing to hurry Back to my i Beard a poor class teach it say and Tow consciousness emitters the noon Day Neal of of schoolchildren and overworked clerks. With business people therefore the principal meal be the last after the Day s work Dona. We might then have pleasant conversation and four biased hours for digestion before retiring for the night it is an important Rulu that we should digest our food thoroughly before we replenish the Stoinich. On this account for those who can arrange to their duties so that the interval Between their meals is not too Long two meals Day but Ter than three. Superstition in Tennessee Chance remarks Little slips in the conversation of those with whom we mingle often rental the existence of this linger ing Stuper Stilitino. To met with a in stance of this in n Tennessee paper recently. The article was headed to kill Trees or then followed there Are three Days Thuc year when this May be done. When Tom sign in heart on the dark of the Moon in May on the 24th. 25th. And act of Tho Mouth. By a single chop or Bruise with an or other tool so you strike the bark and or Cut the a Oil. No need to grub them up or rut them Iton As they will certainly die within the year and never Pat up a sprout. This can Only be done every fourth or fifth year and this is Cue of the Viars when it can to done. T. Al. Davidson in Auburn the editor of the paper adds we publish the above for the Benefit of our bucolic Frieh i who May have Pettifer Ous vegetation they May wish to gut rid of. Tho remedy is simple and if of fun Tirc is certainly a great Boon to Farmers. It is at least Worth a trial. Cut this out to As not to forget thu Date and let is know the result.1 Here the editor is just on a level with what Ever that May be. He publishes Tho receipt for of his friends As a simple and effective remedy and a great Boon and he is anxiously curious to know How a trial will turn Henry Watterson is r member of the religious denomination known As Tho Christian Church. It is stated that Tho Apple Orchards of Tho Northern counties of Pennsylvania Promise a Rich yield this season. A nervous Woak i Marble Rock quart. I pc f rot isl i sap Shor Bridge of o of a t a Irish a project menu Art wring taken to carry it into of invt Jie of Ireland till the thai when took City Tho Prophet Jeremiah to to caped from residence about Miles Bora in Jbv two to a a mind for fyre. Ii it the 7casol. Irish fat Linn of t do and a. I rim. And tic j wow . Propel is to lit out Acack Arkoe a Lirra. 1 ments it Phil Delphia. Canuck a Ches Ter and Wilmington Are now actively and full of orders. John Gottlieb in Eric railway Brake Nisi obtained a Cyril jul i Darong Ca against the company for in in shackling cars. Three ago a acct la entered the foot of a Yaag Woidan a , and it was recently removed from line forearm. Tho Natchez Democrat says Many peo ple by Licu the from of a Luvirt Trees bad colds in peo ple. The wifi of scan tar Mahone is to Wiir lands Omar i Swols than any Oiler laity a the official society of a Juhring a Yonne Ninn in Keokuk. Iowa who recently applied for n License forgot i Init and was unable to procure it it is Bottar to born Lucky than Rich. Of the inhabitants of Scot land those who speak the speaking a English. The Quality of their English not give fun. A Bill w before Tho now York Legisla Ture providing that All passenger Elern tors shall be Guido of Iron and that the in Lontina for them shall be of tire proof material. A Rompc Tahle form prof county Vire Niiva has Iwon committed to Tho Lunatic Aslam at sin Unton. Having to come entirely Over Tho develop ing Mineral resources of the state. If Talmre be a Wyse Man or woman , i or Simiu will interested in the follow Init " a named recently died in Dublin. I Cavinor real Totite Valiard it Anil property to Tho same amount.1 a teacher show worse stupidity than in imposing upon s naughty Pupil an extra los won m a punishment. The learning of a lesson ought properly to be full of interest and enjoyment and anything tending to tar be it weariness mistake. The Marynia of lome s latest porno dec ribs Civ Ndu As Ibe fit Homo for Many n Hanly Raco where Liberty has broadest Tho husband of the till w Effort h t position among american to vhf wit i the Sweet Singer of Michigan. Hiram a. Doming the oldest male raid Cut in Syracuse dict recently at the Ftfe of 82. In 1-328 he held the Lucky Numor in a lottery which gave him an ample Fortune in those lie known for years ten rank m the richest Rano in i Ira Rhood. A York letter tells of a Moreu yottng1 end fish sin Jar named , who came Over fora tour but took a to the Eon try he had been in it five minute or dered the inc Kinda to Sriro him inc to a departing Utrup a Lookout i Oil Lor Bank on America. A Steamer has arrived new Frimu Dalanii with seals and Tho of the whole Fleet off Labrador is re Portal to be 136.goo. Liow Uver. not the Gentne fur Seal. Although once found overs Region Are now almost wholly restricted to few isl aids in the Kehring sea exists in an called last Man s club the on 1831. When who teen members wore in Rollett and tit uni six of them Are dead. Dinners Are to be Given rear with covers ill for seventeen Nam bar w or the seventeenth Man. That is tie last Man living will a Iowa a gentleman whose a tie matter undeniably a Jool. Save the number of sheep in Montana at present writing will be nearly doubled by octo Ber next he further avers that they Are the Host. According annual report to thu stockholders the j net profits of the Figaro for the year isl were the Cental Raguc of expenditures contains the Jums Type a it. Jet Ithier Etc., Editorship admin ration. There Aro Many expensive Bridges and trots Imit Wucki Bingo Minotti did k Naira Tho Lackawanna Road. Waverly there to a Bridge fat Long. With Feut of try Stu which Cost about six Miles West of that Planco is a Bridge 600 feet Long with feet of trestle. Thure arc two or Throe others about the same length within a Short distance of each other. A Charnel Erttle in the Lenvol inv rth times rends Tho local editor of the persons Sun wis Dowhit Iota Sesmit fran times in one Day. Rent la. Thy liitle thrown in i thu "1 fat Rowe a Hui with nil because to printed i Complete list of nil the and old who attended the Kantz female minstrel show with sundry comments on their the facts time cows ii Nhit idly so Paul would never Honvo become known to the world but for the indiscretion of the which Cifoni Clos organization of a local secret society known As the c. K. The initials stand for and the Sueie to will pay for Evory cow dead or alive that Jas Tho City Ordi Nance by running at Large on the Public thoroughfares. For thirty years the citizens have borne the nuisance vainly looking to the municipal authorities for a remedy and now they arc taking the Law into their own hands. Horse thieves will do Well to keep away from Missouri As Tho governor of that state is reported in a recent letter to a High state official to Hare said i will not Pardon a horse thief i care not How Many petitions request it. Tho sooner offis is understood the bettor it will be for those engaged in such Rippli a unions. It will be time and labor lost All other criminals can entertain a Hope of Relief but the prison doors close on such Tho sentence must to completed so far As i urn concerned unless Tho higher interests of the state demand a release for other Pur from Sonoma cal., Tho news comes that a novel Experiment in being tried on the Pulupa farm in Bennett Valley by Tho proprietor or. Deturk. He is now setting out Olive cuttings. The cutting Are about fourteen inches in length and one Inch in diameter. They Are set on end in trenches about a foot apart and Aro coven no with soil the top of the cuttings being an Inch below the two or three years. Within this Timo Roou will strike and they will be ready for transplanting. If these cuttings succeed it is Tho intention of or. Dpi Turk to set Thorn around about Trio outer lines of his Largo Vineyard. An extraordinary Case of superstition is reported in London diapers. The wife of a in be came mentally affected and was re Muryd to a is Luni. Imm Tidi a Fly before her departure it was stated that she was bewitched and Tho follow ing Mode of removing thu spells was proposed to the husband. First be must stick a Large number of pins in an aug Neil s Huart which in the dead of was to be resisted before a revolutions of the heart to be As regular As possible. After routing the heart was to be placed Iti Thucthi Cuney and left there the that As the heart rotted away so would the heart of Tho Witch rot and Tho bewitched would to released from the Power of her enemy. It is said that not a few persons in the neighbourhood arc Gnu la Witch Craft. Girls in j met it a reception in Paris a Porrea penitent our gifted count woman who w educating bar Tipeni. Sho is a already Marie Van Xai Idt miss Griswold a won the hearts of nil parisians. Mid Emma Thursby though not appeared in opt a is Charni Iny tin pockets of the French As they pay prices when Flie sings it the Sukdav concerts atthe Chaiffetz. Another a incr girl Una carried ill prize of the indic no for Anatomy beat Al Tho candidates and pocketed and Nied Ivl. Vou poo i Muribus Unichi popular in France and even so in in Glanita. If at the theatre in tie pantomime a comic song is Annir. There i mire to be a verse about eng Lami Giitl America it there is n dance of nations the lust two. Amp in each d anus Are curtain to be a Gluud and America. La the pan Tomine of Robinson at Unity Lane Tieru is a Hue trades procession each use redrew Nthiga a certain kind carries an English Flap but at a of Iii Iii Inukai fim ii Jikit i an Aguior Inq and amid the Wildcat presence of mind. John Williams s merchant of sued desperado. The defendant filtered the store in i. Furi ims held nut the in one hand clutched a Lone knife Iti the other Liand and said have Vou sued a hmm knew that an immediate would him sure of stub. Lei Wihs my spectacles no i can the to said lie went Belaud the counter and Cunie Back not with his but with an by across by shoulder. He Ald i sued a replied Tho desperado i i la any the Bill. Look before ton leap almost any error in life mar to remedied sure an error in marriage. If n Man ii Ite a Misuck in one thing he can rectify it by doing right about an other. If Ono mine be unproductive or one Field Barren he can try for Gold in sonic fresh is Poe Sable for him to turn up the sods of Distant acres and Plant and reap but to Hud you have chos Uii wrongly in marriage As when a Man discovers just aft thu Sun is setting that he through life. There 5s no either there is no getting rid Eithur of uie spent existence or of the Law Ful wife the Dag is gone the decision is made beyond re Call mid unhappy is he who i Judd Taa taken the wrong turning. Actor s fund in Iskiw York Bat Teachot ask yourself does your system cod nouns my Are you recovering from some Low fever do you suffer from troubled with any urinary disorder remember Brown s Iron bitters will surely Eurc you. They have cured thousands who were Given up to Dre by reputable physicians. Why the men Don t a general nil goes tip at the Scarcity of the male element at Washington parties which opens up a vast the customs of society which drive men out of it Tho Gentian has disorganized everything a Man May go to a Ball to amuse himself but when it to am tiring himself according to the directions of a Ballet master called the it is altogether different thing. He must dunce whether howls like it or not to must take out those who have taken him out and taken him in by so doing lie must be always on the Alert Ulieru is none of that fascinating Post Nicis of Rcpt sex that Sweet forgetful Noss which is Tho Subtle Charm danc ing. We Bavy got the Gorn Fin but we have Given in dancing. No wonder that men Limi rather to to pieces than go Juntu Sci ctr where the German prevails and a grim and solid Phulo vex of mammas lines the Walls to see that no Man twice the Giri to wants to. A dog saves House. S.tmm-1 Lockhart West Vincent. on inti Bidav morning .1 girl living with Fain ill came Down Early and built a t a stove which blazed tip w rapidly that the Cannity into which tic stove pipe ran to of no and1 quickly in big jul Chw Imus. Tie girl and Gono tit. Wing Shi p lying Nen r Chini Ney and tie. Taking in the situation at be ran up stairs to tlit1 room of his stress ant Jia King loudly attract her attention Ami re Nevai in Lishing the in time to save the from afoot Othor a touching Story of sheep Gar Spring rec title told authority. A Raj lost his clock on the so itch in a fog. After of tit less search ii returned Tolas bidding i Collie find the help if site room. The Collie. Olio diving birth to hot Young. Find Irry tort his or Ders and Cia Mist not orning Lor Many hours. At i raft Home in ring a her a Pupp of is rown to perish on hims. And i intervals of their birth the had per formed her task driven the last Only she had contrived to come Tel a Row piles. Piles arc frequently preceded Byais Engle of weight in the Bauk loins and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose he has Sorse of fiction of the kidneys or neighbouring organs. At times symptoms of indigestion Are present As flatulence uneasiness of Thyl Tor notch Etc. A moisture like perspiration producing a very disagreeable itching particularly at night after get Ting warm in bed is a very common attendant. Internal external and itch ing piles yield at once to the application of or. Its Sanko s pile remedy which acts directly upon the Paru affected absorbing the tutors allaying the intense itching and effecting a per manent cure where All other Hare fulled do not delay until the Drain of the system produces permanent disability but try it and be Price 50 cents ask Jour druggist for it and when you can Dot obtain it of him we will Send it prepaid on receipt of Prica. Address the or. Bonko Medicine co., pique Ohio sold by new drug store. M. Huh Bart i r a Fen in no i i flair 1w office. Marme for Sale 1 will sell Ray fun Mirin and at n Low Price the property Toto and no at each a for Ami .1 feet and will Al mull of i will also St h my other residence buildings in town. Apply to John Marme Rock or if. Kniesz at tie same re Charles Lamb livery m til Success. O c 0 co it o to 02 o cd o o of q q 3 for q o Golden Star Oil stove Kendall pure drugs. Oils Sud i Varna he. A. I Nyp Rinns prescriptions carefully or trip Numnik re at Al hour leads the would. 5o.ooo in use1 jct a Wmk. A homr Olti a. J Salte Isi Xii to Cook Send for new circular. 1ters, of Seohm co . I i Ortist. To at Iho Hon c j i the 1st of each Mouth rent Mininc inc i. A Tok i Wees. Ait in Vin one week also the and of Iran Mit
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