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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 7 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaNo. 80. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa May 7, terms a p we Are at the front again with a Nice line of ladies shirt waists. Investigation has satisfied us that the shirt Waist not Only convenient and handsome but one of the greatest boons to women be cause so cheap. We have the proper ideas i and saying. Nio or cabbage will 1 fell unti and we will be glad to show them to you. But because of the the stoppage of Oon Iob senator Joriman Vii a tact sent fully substantiating both flu inca by in Wilson Law and the volume of a pics from the Channel of Trade and not because people arc wait ing Lor a settlement of the Silver ques j Tion before eating another meal to j hear some people talk one would think j that jobs were Coin begging Quiong Idle Kuien who refuse their services because some time in the very Dimatt and very hazy nature. They May be paid in Silver instead of sold and that were refusing to carry height and passengers and to improve each hour because some Day we might Over to a Silver basis and the Trade Huiai was hugging Bis turnips and cd Baues and waiving of the eager throngs of would be Purchas nother tur until i know that secret any obliged to i sort to such uset hods cause of Lack of Money. Senator Bill appropriating for the erection of an Trian statute of general Grant upon government land in the City of inn Toni was this week favourably reported to the Senate and senator Squires Lupes to get it Belore Congress adjourns. Fly thinks it a shame that Congress has not Long provided for a Grant statute and has done his part getting one by into Truing a similar Bill to the present one in sever Al congresses Bat circumstances of one soit or another have prevented any of them becoming Laws senator Sherman tripped up senator Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A strange Story. Atchison. Kan., april re cent death and Burul of Otto Scharffer unlocked As romantic a scene As was Ever divulged in song or by lightening while at Bis 1 Fuu cml was marked by an incident Marble Hoik Lodge Muei thursday j peculiarly dramatic and which Bis week failure cordially ii stud. F j a. F. A. M. A v. To. Stone Lodge no. 251. To regular Day on or before full Noii. Visit lug Brothers in to attend. Kobbert w. M. S. H. Sec. I. O. O. F. 11. Rosen a kans Sec. A. 11. Tel Ell. X. I. Telar Lodge tto sep. Meets tuesday veiling each week. Chi Pius Brethren invited. H. c. 0 k. Of is. B. I. Of it. A i. V. He is Kiusis. I to b. J. , acc. Sec. Meet at the Home of sirs. Stewart i in 1st stud lid thursday of esd month it 2 n clock p. In. Lbs. K. A. S Mit 1 ret. 3jns. Chaj Tijia Bee. U. A. Or. Marble Kock 1 oat so. 3o5, meets fiut set Erduy c. T. a com. W. B. Club take adj. To c t u sects every Ilins flav. , i resident. A. 31. Pm Tttus Secretary. Friends regard As a prophecy of some thing beyond the grave tie was buried by the grand army boys during a Lull in an awful storm less one of the guns of the Little Sijuan of comrades who fired the last Salute Over his body was loaded with Ball As Well As Ponder the Ball struck a j Pigeon Snow White winging its flight Over the old country graveyard and h fell dead upon the yet uncovered coffin just lowered to the Bottom of the grave. It was left there and covered with the com relics. Mit Houija preach los sundays of 11 a Iii. And a 01. Epworth Seagoe meeting it a rarer meeting thursday Ute lug. W. Robinson pastor. Cubist is Send ii it 11 in. Christian in deafen neets at p. In. 1 Raycra meet Dot wednesday Uve Tiina. J. . Pastor. It tits. Sundays at . And p. M. Vounce 1 Peoples meeting at prayer meeting then Day a renin . Hew a. Preaching cd urn 1st Sandaj in each Mouth a. M. M. Of Cudny school every sunday at 10 a. M. Stricca Hula in the Union school House. Ii. G Bast pastor. Mayor recorder. To Reurer. St tet Jan rho. City Joseph Wiloth ii k Tot eurkans to Martin t. Jetmore guard Stio Iid or Ellul m Launiu c Darland Fletcher ii Osc Narais v 1 Meier Cha Weber k Union township school Hoard. Oco w unwell. Hic Retay. H b treasurer. John Gatea dikectok3 b i Csc Staudt. Juny i it Cucman. K 1 in Mfd Egbert to Shaffer 11 1 Lii bunt to Madison elite John James vat Chur ceo w Kustell Scott town help Voltl cars. Miles Jln rth g 7f Baldwin. Vol Kiev Tai Sci. Town t it Stencil Kinney w a Witter and Jar Beaver. Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop nip or Cabba what the currency of the country is j form in very nicely this week or to be year after and that j to run had just made u speech Dea the Mec Hairic was saying to his j with the enormous und planning de Doii t buy another Loal of Bicad j licit in total or of meal or any Oiler fodder j was concluded by until this currency question is settled throwing a cd by quits to has arrived. We have a Fine new Stock in the latest styles and shapes with prices ranging from 5c to no matter what you pay you will certainly get your. Money s Worth. Forever to the satisfaction of our free traders and Johnnie Bull what rot arc Over each other in search of jobs rail roads for Fri Tiht and passengers trades men Lor men out of work himself for having lessened the deficit Soui Eby pre venting the original Wilson Tariff Bill irom becoming a Law and declaring that lie was prepared to vote Lor any measure that would add a Yeai to the revenues. Senator Sher or a of any sort but still the j Uinn promptly Chall envied the lie Elara country u in distress business is want 1 Hoing and Only the l ree trader 13 Happy As he watches increasing imports and an i that the House had passed a non partisan Revenue Tariff Bill which would have added a to the Icv Crucs und that or. Gorman had led the solid democratic 5oat our currency is As go outflow of Gold. The fault is not the currency or with the free Silver Ood As old poo tuition to it in the Senate. The Only answer Gorman could make was that the Bill was Mckinly Visuri. He then died to make u Point by asking senator Sherman if he would Vota fora stance to the democratic Don let a j menace m our future. The fault is kith the free Trade in Tbs Gorman Tariff sleeps the eternal sleep. Otto had lieu a Soldier in the civil War. He enlisted Early and Louglin to the ing id some of tiie biggest and blood Iest Battles of the civil War he never received a scratch but his bravery and soldierly bearing for him the re Spect and Friendship of officers and men alike he was mustered out at san Antonio Texas in 1865. Alter the War and until his death he followed the calling of a Kansas Fanner. He was without family and lir cd alone in a comfortable Little House on his farm but he was not unsociable and was Well thought of by Bis neighbors. The revelation hat Liis death made to Coro Ner Harouff who prepared the body Lor burial was that Otto Schaeffer was a woman latest British free Trade scheme. The currency Bugaboo is the off Spring of the most adroitly planned and deftly executed political stratagem of the Century and it is having great Success. Its Only purpose is 10 divert attention front the terrible havoc of the Wilson Law and to i Hiu the Pun is Hucul which the am incan people have in store Lor the destroyers of american Prosperity from the Back of the democratic Donkey to list of the which has dammed and died up the Stream of business at its very source vii., the pocket of the Workman whose employment has been decreased or wholly taken away by the substitution of Foi Lor american goods in our make s because of democratic free Trade Folly the great business of tin.1 country is of can t 1 a beat. We carry a Complete line of sweaters stockings belts Etc. Uff sed. Duty on Tea and Coffee but or. Sher Man Trucl Chad him by replying no 1 will not for i Woald not Pat the whole Burden of taxation upon those who Diin Tea and l it the Revenue irom taxation of Lor i hid willing to 10 of Price tween i he producer and Consumers ,ppr0priaiioii Bill against t r 1 v articles of necessity and of immediate consumption payments Tor which Are due upon delivery a business that can not be affected by any faraway Plia utom of the future like possible Succes of unlimited free Silver. The free Silver sound Money dust is being thrown into the eyes of otherwise sensible people so the throwers May be Blu to plunder the country for four years longer their free Trade Scono . Marvelous a letter written by Rev. J. Gunder Mati i of Dimo Nyrtle Mich we Are permitted i to make this extract i i hesitation in recommending King s nest discovery As marvelous in Wile while i was of the Bap list Church at Rives Junction she a the employment of Xavi officers on the retired list by naval cout Aulora alter june 30, 1897 a adopted by a vote of 45 to 11. This amendment is one of the results of the recent investigation by the Senate committee of naval affairs of the making of Armor plate for the government. The House this week passed the l Ickler pension Bill and is now Debat no the bankruptcy Bill which will be voted upon tomorrow afternoon. It is considered probable that the Bill will be i passed. Senators Vest and of Krill of wo., were made to realize that tic administration is in dead Earnest in the fight it i .3 the results were is making on the Sliver democrats when he Case of nay p b. Lyles one of their special piste lies was forced to the Posi to brought Down with pneumonia succeed ing the Crippe. Terrible Pii Rossics of Doug Lens would hours with Litile interruption and it seemed As ii she could not survive a Friend recommended or. King s new disco cry it was Quick in its work and Hia Lily satisfactory in bottles free at a. J. Asper go s dam store. Regular size and is 00 Washington letter. Poor Little Ricc Silver Goat can has any Secretary. Be Orr n Treen re flumes d Merrick. Dikectok1- i join Bishop 3 Hrncic Ward. E w Warher i k c Spaulding. 3 veer 7 j 4 John Aliarte 9 Lolin Loscut. Who never done and never can do harm chewing away on his empty i Tomato cans. Who is it that first said that business i was bad Hec Juse o the currency lion the free trader. Who is it at last the democrats a acknowledge Tion of chief clerk of the of animal Industry of the department of agriculture into which they had him put in the Early jays of the Drui Aisla lion. The result of the Illinois Republican state convention was not surprising to any one in was Langton who had been in a position to an unprejudiced i statement of the Sant Lucent of the party in that state but to o declaration of the Ranbir in i if convention of Vermont do disease commonly Comer on Widi slight symptoms when neglected increase in cd Catt and suffer from a Persia or indigestion Bijj i 0u arc bilious. Or t tables if your couple Ioil a or suffer distress after eating Rizir for offensive Sheath and All Rake a a s q tads it Ders of the St Macri thou cd i pans tubules regulate the system end preserve tha health. East to Quick to act i one i gives net tar the Price to cents .1 hoj a sent to the Ripari Kali by. Zicai company no. To Spruce St new York. Sample sold l Kisu m Ivy mail if a sent to the Ripans chem a vial 10 cents. Tunc Klynn 9jilir. The Best Salve in tha world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Rheum firer sores Tetter chapped i incl chilblains corns and All skin eruptions inf. cure piles or no pay require ii. It is that declares that business will never that he present Tariff Law will not pro vide sufficient Revenue to meet the needs of the government. The acknowledge i ment was openly made this week in both House and Senate and really amounts to Puuing in a plea of guilty Courante de to give perfect satisfaction or i i Ruo nov in funded. I no cent per for Mckoley was so great a Burnse Box baie by a. J. Asper co. That it created a sensation at conc re Jufu Ciai a. Torii . J _ to Trattou -4th Jlon Daj 1-t Renej in Slid Munday in Sej tumber. And Monde or in Chi Renu. Phillip san Ltd. Tim who 1 pippin it. Disc Hosier i. C. Iliario Cut Lii Rhc Kock revive until we Settle this the p rce trader Terri by of for tic democratic party. Yet they still pret and to think that the f i i i of Otic can be bamboos cd into t la info who is it that cries out that the Only i v in the Predential j the democratic party an Opportunity to convention. Will be Ibe sound j put the country stil deeper in the Hole. The free trader scratch j he Republican party with its i i of r. Publicans in centres what caused lie Surprise was that the Vermont re Jis had never instructed for any before cot. Even when it was known that the name of Hon. Georue f. , then senator was o be press cited to a National convention and that speaker Keck s friends had not even asked that to be endorsed by the to Carford do you Hadd either a dyed in the Wool demo Crit boo Ken to card 0, Good the of ii Rufii Merit to More Titan make Pood the Cui Mcd Lor them. In. June and nil november. I j it Ivi lbs proper Rel Nedlo i a Sale or. King s new us Overy Lor and True condition of the country under to Tjie Public debt oath bottle electric mugwump or a paid agent the j Lull . I arc the pc pie ii or 2ar panels j who Are Irvins very to Lii to the ready to again take charge and rut a it s just As easy to try one Minuto cough cure As anything else. It s easier to cure h severe cough or cold with it. Ket Jour next Purchase for b co ugh one minute cough cure. Tatur medi Cine better result better try it a j a to to Tow veer. Of ure Keco Der the Gorman Brawny Mich i a. Ii. Merr Iraan smoke about what would happen i the rest Cleveland Iid ministration bitter.-, the Grait remedy for Stotri Sli and kidneys. I Hucklen s Salve the lies tin tie As the Day of his execution a Pisa clips ii. 11. Holmes the Arch Licud is beginning to weaken. On thursday last nov. Hastings received a personal Appeal from the condemned fiend in which to mikes a Mon Irlea for a stay of execution. Nov. Hastings promptly endorsed on the Back of the letter application refused ii tul hollies will undoubtedly go o his doom today. Of Mounil liquid Sulphur sclera cure i ii Savins thousands of dollars for Iowa to reach almost every City in South to5tr.fl m and and a Nuro Berof of any tested in the it to in the tire it file caul districts of Are to return any to Adit or part eleven Stalc and proven beyond doubt j within the Foai which to be the greatest of Tiu Ace. And i the guaranteed remedy Ever placed on a cation and cure railway on March Luth april 7th food 2ut and May oth exclusion tickets at of one plus for the round trip to Points in eleven Southern and to Farmers. To worst Cho sir Reyor. Atto win feel Holh Cleveland j Salve the world Roziene benches of concres.-. And the i a rodent i when the Ciu Raed that or life Pilis which i c. November a about prob j dec rear e was withholding As perfect Pill. Remedias of Iro Llev line i i to a Core nut Only the Best but cheap of before june 1. For a remedy on the Market cos no j nation Call on b. C r so in cute. One of a cent per Day for Curtin of Democrat dented both now 1 Ian one of a cent per a ii each hot. For do a to

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