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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 6 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 6, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol., 22 no. 39. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa May 0, is97. Terms a yeah Marble Rock s leading hardware store. A Lull and Complete line of hardware Tod House fam Ishing goods a All its branches always kept on hand at moderate prices. Gasoline stoves machine oils kerosene and gasoline Soiu Nixion of All Kludj blasting powder dynamite and fuse machines in Geis carpet sweepers Call and see them to those contemplating building this season we Iovine you to bring in Jour Bills and we will sate you Money. No Trout be to show goods and make you prices. You trill find us at waiter s old stand very respectfully w. L. Nelson. J throw of would be the Welu i nigh Universal cry of the nation so that the very beat Hope of the free can Lave s the candid icy cd or Cleveland fully dividing the ele ments of sound economies and making societies. A r. M. A v a a m Corner Stone Lodge no. S51. Or before nil Moon. Suit log Brothers la Good standing to Kobe Ort Little. It m. S. A Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Rock Lodge so %2, meets thursday Verng of w Sefc v visitors cordially invited. H. a be far lofted. O meets tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. W c. C. A. Of b. To. I. L. Of b. The 3rd tuesday night in each month in j44 Fellows tall. L. Kosem Jias tree. A j. Ack it Hec. Sec m. W. Of a. Marble Hock Camp regular meet tie second and Fourtly saturday of each month at . Visiting a neighbors in Good standing Are cordially invited to attend a. U Mizu a c 11 Titis clerk web. C. Stewart the 1st Adel id thursday of each month at 2 o souk p. M. Mrs. K. A. Stas. A Peb Sec. A. R. Marble Rock Post 3o. 306, meets first saturday month. C. T. Piglet com. W. B. Crum Oei adj. W c t o meet every thursday. Mks. To Tab president. Pm i. A mtg Blair Secretary. Methodist preaching sundays at 11 a 7-30 p m. Up Wortlie Leatna meeting at Frejer meeting cubist is Cal tech Prea Bina sunday at 11 a m m. Christian in Leaver meets m. Prayer meeting Are nine. J pastor. Fit i Freak in sundays at 11 . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at 6.30. Payer meeting pastor. By Trust preaching every sunday in each m school Crery sunday 10 8. M services held in Union cobol House. U. A Bat pastor. I the City officers. Mayor Joseph to cloth Worter h b Rosenkrans treasurer. J Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore jut Thil c Wailand vim Fletcher h a m Meier Chas Weber b Huggett Union town Alp school Board pict Dent Geo w unwell. H b Kies treasurer. John Gates Swik Staldt 6 Madison Bias Harry Packman. 7 John Clit i b p waster 8 James Parcher Lew Inmair s ceo w Bader Dayis 10 8am Shaffer 11 Phi Shultz. Scott town help officers. Justices John schermerhorm s. Songs Consu Bles Gex urge heed Ellis base town nut get a w Witter Miles Marsh and w m Joti Checler. Scott township school Bott to. Cartwr. Secretary. Baldwin treasurer i ii Mck directors 1 John Bishop 5 Bruce 6 e c spa Nieling 7 j Cunningham j Al Jeffrey t w Gerber chukker John aban 9 John Loewe. Judicial. C. Sherwin. J t monday in Jeanary 1st monday in 2nd of Laic a Imraan Charles City a Marble Rock Tui Ouy pippin Koc lord Kidd . Merrill Mies it monday in january. April Tad september and and monday in Foll can. Timi if. Of ibs my it Jot pm Btu a to loner w. D Tindaan Cash m. Carr Ivi Laird Pernu a it f. A. Rosie in a Wmk Lingenfelder c. W. Klokker Bocskor town trip month. Few tic Pette e p . S n Carlo t rpm k k win cell Grover hit hard. Louisville ky., May prints the following under the head of forewarned is fore the first gun of the Battle of 1900 id fired somewhat Early but it was fired by the Reform club in new York last saturday night. The Reform club a made up exclusively of the personal followers of or Cleveland. It exists in Point of fact to exploit the Fame and to Advance the interests of the sex president. The names of Fairchild and ilor Blower and Peckham Aru a sufficient guarantee that the association has no other source of inspiration nor any farther Point of destination the dinner was Given to place or Cleveland in the Field As a candidate for president and from this time All the appliances of a Small but energetic and intelligent machinery will be put Forth to make b Campaign of education and a canvass for ill Cleveland s synonymous terms it is a grievous feature of Public affairs that great issues Are 60 often complicated by leaser issues and that the Viras or private aim not in frequently percolates the veins of the fairest policies. By no possibility can or. Cleveland affect the cause of Genu Ine Reform except for ill he Lias had his sad one for Liis whatever contributions he made to the cause of Good government during that Day Are upon record and go to his credit but his name in connection with the presidency can be Only a re proach because aside from the contamination and frictions it involves it carries with it the odious idea of a third term antagonizing a Law unwritten it is True Bat deeply imbedded in the popular mind and heart. Treason of a a mob of satellites or. Cleveland can never again be president of the United states. Under no conceivable circumstances ought be to be that be should contemplate another candidacy affords Strong Evi Dence of a Lack in him of integrity and virtue that a club of satellites should conspire to place him again in domination is not merely proof of the treason of its members to their country and to the party to which they profess allegiance but of a degrading sacrifice of patriotism and manhood. It was said not Long ago and very truly that or. Cleveland would be a candidate for president every four years As Long As he lives. The Circum stances of ins life in toe absence of any elevated Pun Ciple of calculation or unselfish Rule of action Bear him out in the belief that he is a Law onto himself contradicting Alloe has impressed this belief upon the group of Friend who sur round him. They to be Good christians for they seen to have been created for do other purpose thin to serve their creator and if Assiduity and constancy be merits they surely Meir Tonroos. But they ire Short sighted their notion that or. Cleveland is within himself both party platform and that he can command a lol loping Strong enough to win to election against the so called democrats and the so called j is to illusion a it could be realized i he event would then and there of i Public administration for i once id like Diaz or. Cleveland Wothe find the to con j id Power the residue i life the the Over a sure Highway for the forces of fiscal and other adventures. Cause of Autv s us Doug. But there can be no reason to doubt the fact that or. Cleveland is the one Man to be recoded with by those who seek to attain Good government As distinguished the operations of ram Pant party Isu swinging the pendulum from one to the other dizzy height of political excess. From first to last this callous self seeking Man has been the direct cause the sole occasion of i All our undoing. To go Back no far ther than the last internal democratic conflict if six months before the nominating period in 1896, or. Cleveland had firmly said i will not be a candidate under Iny in ii Tjit cos Al Low my Juie to be used by anybody the elements of order in the party could have got together and United on some Leader equal to the task of meeting Ana beating the extremists. But or. Cleveland could not be induced to make the slightest sign. He was As silent As an Oracle standing the while exactly where the lightening might be expected to strike. Escot for this Para Jyz ing Carlisle Kentucky could have been help but Kentucky gone the rest Fol Lowed like a landslide or Cleveland was known to be covertly a candidate and handicapped by him the friends of sound Money and Revenue Reform were Over Belmond by the malcontents lies across their pith and that they should begin to cast about them How to shake from their shoulders this old Man us Ili. lie la Tail ii us Only for what it will brio him All his life an office Sutler he differs from the Riff Raff of his class Only in Bis High pretentious and profound hypocrisy he Hopes in the hurl Burly of affairs to Force himself first upon the party and then upon the country As the rep or. And of raised up in the first place by Cleveland s exasperating temper incompetency for leadership it is discouraging to the friends Reform in u e South and West that thus prematurely the movement for finest politics and sound Money should be freighted Down by a name which is potent Only for evil. But it is still More Discie Ragma to reflect that the j Man behind this name is is indefatigable As he is Mioshi Evias that he is very much More ambitions that Ever is was that his removal to new Jersey was the first adroit step in his new plan of Campaign that every Day of his Ife in that Fine effeminate italian he will write from two to fifty letters addressed to persons in every part of the hat posing As a retired states Man and philosopher and placing upon the credulity of the simple minded and easily flattered he will leave no string untouched for Atiqi latins the activity of the spec tank and that Day and night the Reform club having in charge the circulation of democratic literature will be silently surely wort ing to the one end which he and have before them i Honjio Ationo in 1900. His presence a menace. If or. Cleveland were possessed of the faculty for conceiving any Public affair apart from his own interests even if he had any real sense of person Al dignity to would rid the great questions at from the Embarrass ment of a presence which is not a help but a menace instead of playing the part of a philosopher and tale Sian while exhausting every artifice to re gain the presidency be would perceive the grandeur of being such in Point of fact and of enjoying like a statesman resent Tive of Public order. Clean politics and the he represents neither. Be represents Only his own lust for office a great and Noble principal must not be thus desecrated a possible party rehabilitation of the greatest Momient must not be obstructed by such a death s head at the feast. If air. Cleveland has not the Wisdom to see his duty and the Grace to get out he should be put out for the elimination of his ambitions is Inai sensible to any Progress in the direction of Reform la Aloua a in Oil Quai chief encountered nothing but obloquy and defeat Des Loines letter. To i a. I Des Homes. A May governor Drake asked the legislature by special message to pass a Bill to As Sist the general government to control hog cholera. The plan of Secretary Vilson is to select a county in one of the worst infected districts in Iowa and where the disease is in full Force. In this county All affected hogs Are to be killed and pud for by the depart ment of agriculture at the actual value of the Dee eased animals on appraise ment Alj without expense to the style All hoofs in the District Are to be thoroughly inspected. Smi tary Meas ures Are to be enforced in the proposed experimental districts Aad if the plan works Well it will be adopted Lor goer Al application in All the states effected. The Bill was promptly passed again the lobby has received a Bast ing. The time it was the tobacco j q 4 t ill i f. N t i chief Cook. He proved Haselt competent and did the Case to a Brown. It was on the proposed committee Amend ment to his , passed last year. The proposed amendment prohibited the Sale of adulterated Cigar ettes and made it a Misdemeanour to sell cigarettes or cigarette wrappers to minors under la Veara of age and and dad a Fine for any minor who was found smoking a cigarette or with one in his Possession senator Phelps opposed the amendment and said that while be would not impugn tic motives of the committee which pre pared the amendment it was just what the Tab Aero Trust wanted. 1 i know whereof i he continued a when i say that the Arae i can tobacco Trust is at the Back of the Effort to change the Law and has been work among the members of this i neral Assembly Ever since it convened. An alleged philanthropist from new York stopping at the Best hotels to us How to take care of our boys by exposing cigarettes for Sale in the shoo windows and thin Forsooth prohibiting the Sale to minors under 18 years of age i believe tha t it is High time that these Freebo Oters in politics these corrupt ors of legislators human Rev these Lee Fie on society these paid emissaries of Cor Ruel trusts were notified that they Are and a philosopher the repose of Bis not needed at this session of the Gener now is the time to buy your carpets. We have just received our new Spring samples and have marked them at the Low est prices Ever named for such goods. Call and see them. We know we can please you. Geo. W. Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a writes a regular subscriber who Las read it for Many years of the twice a week Issue of the is Louis and this is the unanimous or Clicc of its More than half a trillion is beyond All co Iii liars ii the biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in America. It i strictly Republican in politics but it is above All a newspaper and gives All accurately and impartially it is indispensable to the Ivnic Sec chant or Pioves Sioval Man who Dan rss to keep thoroughly posted but Lias not tune to read a Large daily paper while irs great variety of Well selected Matler makes it an invaluable Home and family paper two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies for Globe St. Louis to. Honors and his years but be would not be himself it he considered any thing else than his Owa desire and will. The exec Sivc office represents both. Is Assembly of Iowa he said that the tobacco Trust representative had boasted How he bad secured the passage of a similar Law in he likes the Power the emoluments j Hie Stile of Washington by Loo me and the employment. He has a Talent for Industry. He is dominant and experienced to bins the presidency Liis become what indeed he made it while he had it a personal affair held re the preachers then warming up to ins subject the speaker calling the lobbyist by name said. We will at Tach to the present Law an amendment that will make it operative and then Jar less of party Obi salons Hen the representative of the tobacco Lute alike of imagination my of srm Trust goes Back to new Volc his Ruas Pathy lie subjected everything and everybody to his unbound a and unquenchable of autism tvs Goti m in deed became so sincere that he grew at last to believing that to did actually know something of the questions of his ban lers will say to him you succeeded in Foo Liz the rammers of the gospel and came within one of fooling the superintendent of schools of the state of Iowa. In to far you did but Candor us to a or Kret noot code that the whole Yon bad r time and had some polity other his love of Power and display Tuc loot Aad Taco j it is just Well that democrats a Lio Defeated. I the rehabilitation of the on 1 an amendment by senator Drewia i sonic political lines of action using persons endued in the Sale at j though should know to begin on what of cigarettes or and All Tho property where such Sale is made per Jean such us not to be a bar against prosecution for such sale5, was adopted and Tbs Bill was passed the Senate has again Defeated the Cheshire amendment by a vote of 31 to 14 this it will be remembered is Ilia apply the Indiana Law or the taxation of Telegraph express and sleeping car companies. It was first Defeated in the offered and overwhelmingly adopted in the House and returned to the Senate which thus tailed to co near the whole Revenue Law of in Holcli it is a feature is Twenty years. For than Twidty years we have been telling How Scott s emulsion overcomes the excessive waste of the system puts on flesh nourishes and builds up the body nuking it the remedy for All wasting diseases of adults and children but it in t possible for us to Tell the Story in a Mere stick Ful of newspaper Type. We have had prepared for us by a physician a Little Book telling in easy words How and Why Scott s emulsion benefits and a postal card request will w to have it sent to you free. To Day would be a Good time to Send for it Scott Bowse test work. J threatened with defeat unless the sea ate accepts the House measure. The House members say Tley will never allow the measure to be left out of the Law if the have to kill All revision of the Revenue Laws the conference committees will have a hard fight. The conference committee on the Temple and a err amendments has after doing its Ben to pet together decided to give the matter no and ask thai another committee be appointed to wrestle with this legislative Bugaboo. That even Job Biog has a legitimate place a legislative work wih be seen from the following Des Moines Mem Bers got a roasting from their constituents on the water question Trot they will not , Urei an amendment in the Senate Itiat practically annulled the Law passed1 a year ago which allowed this City 10 acquire or build if need to. 113 own works a committee no citizens waited on Ell and a cd him to work for the defeat of this amendment in the Hou in but he infuse j. They then purposed themselves into the and t influence the of the Houdroj but Dowell suggested the futility of any efforts they might make and told them plainly the House would do at he but the coins Kitce went to and securing be Presenti vet ii pie i loader so carried it hit or was As much surprised is Man who found in Oyster in his sociable soap. The amendment Defeated and of will Dowel to if he Ever comes up for office again Cheshire then adv cd the sen ale 10 recede irom us a joint convention of tire i will be Halil in Tiff Day Nizhi or the of electing the editor for the code

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