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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 5 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 28 no. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa 3pay teems year and we Are for Wall paper of All ill prices also Al Bastine keel Seal White Lead oils and mixed paints brushes Spring tonics Flower pots and Garden seeds together with hammocks Cio Puet sets and base Ball goods. Pikes Low As a Yohe a. Call and see us. Speedling co., druggists. J a. F. A v. A k. A. Stone Lodge to -51. Regular communication i due silly or of emote All Moon. Van iting Brothers in . To to ont 8. H. Davis Sec. Punds and six and one Hall ounces ounces. This allowance is Verv Liberal and if i not All drawn Cash May be drawn in Mead with which the company often Huj milk butter or Essigs. The commissary department is one of the busiest and most carefully con ducted departments in the Camp and every ounce of Tood that conies in or goes nut must be accounted for. Coffee it would seem from the above list is an important element in the Soldier s diet officers say it is almost Indis 1 pens Sale to the soldiers As it is indeed Welcome to All who live and work in the open air j. M. Mehan. Camp Mckinley. Des Moines april 3d. Yauip Mckinley the state fair grounds is alive with As Well 13 soldiers. Curiosity seekers who go to look on and see the soldiers needs who Are perhaps Lor the last time on you i men who expect to no to the front at and hour teachers bid Din their pupils Good Bye brother Sisters of the time yet remaining Oei Oro to a Publ an fathers with Brave know from experience the War spend much time with tons who Are to take the places is. The rank tha they took at the mothers dear Njo hers Wuh rear who to bless and again the Darling boy going it i country s Mil and Thuro s another no a Sites she too. Is Nheru and Ileman a a part of the few Leisure moments of the Youns Soldier. God Hess them one and All. And May their hearts ii made Liuha and Happy without sorrow or regret. Johnny Cones marching the time of the troops 1.1 nearly All taken up in drilling and preparing Tor War they Are kept at it Lite and Early and when an Opportunity present itself they Are Glare to sit or lie Down. For a Little rest but there is no rumbling they do their work cheerfully. The buildings of he grounds afford them Eicel Leni shelter and they Are comport and Happy. Cd Okinu i somewhat new to them but even in this they already quit tin soldiers they Are Young almost to a Man. But nowhere can be found a body of soldiers cleaner stronger better Educ itch More moral than these Piagni Brent whose works arc obo i not words. It takes a Good Deal to feed these Brave Fellows for a yens Soldier has a Good appetite and Amoni the vehicles that keep the a turd Way from the cite to lie hot nov be seen immense tins loaded with , Etc. The soldiers Bill is m Ide up of beef or Salt pork , Beans Rice Coffee Tea. Sugar i Neirns sat Pepper potatoes and to which often added luxuries Iron own purse. The rations of i y men is As follows Salt seven pounds and eight ounces or beef sixty nine pounds twelve ounces. Pounds. Pounds and eight ounces. Pound. Pounds or one of Tea. Pounds and eight ounces quart to very 100 rations. Pounds. Ounces pounds. Not a Pic Nic. Des Moines capital soldiering will not be a picnic for tue boys not nearly pc much of one As now seem. There is much enthusiasm at Camp Mckinley where the state troops of Iowa Are and the Hurrah spirit will carry the boys through the boys have left Feather Beds and Homes behind. They have parted with All those luxuries and comforts they Are sleep Init on Straw under Dusty. The weather in wooden buildings. Within a month Tivey will leave wooden buildings for Ever and will be sleeping on the ground in tents. The hardships have hardly yet begun yet some of the boys Are Washington letter. Patent office where the applications fur1 patents show that much of the Washington april -29, in it. T.V. of Lyle is working i Luc alter a Bree Days Ucuncu upon War Havins passed the War Revenue Bill will j or of to about a year to the i the government revenues by internal re j on Aco Oun 0, Thoj venue taxation including including in j War u Uil it effect upon creases in the tax on Beer and Man i a fractured tobacco and a system of the two Dun m in the Cabinet i Stamps similar to thac used during the Rharles Quiery us ill or some Acari War and provides for the issuing of he made of in Bonds also tre.su-1 a neral place of or. I by Cenia eates of indebtedness for Varv who or account of his Horary Esil it Reuia ins to be ascertained whether senator Jones of Arkansas Teller and the populists can succeed in their threat of crippling the bal Iii Power of lie government by striking out of the Bill in the Senate the authority 10 Issue hours or rather they dare to arouse the i Digua Tina of the country by seriously waking the attempt from utterances of inem Uejio of he Suntic Luu Ruuti which is dominated by Radical Silver men it. Is thought to be almost certain that the mum tree will strike the Bond clause out of the Bill before reporting it to the Senate but it is equally cer Tain that a majority of the Senate composed of All the republicans and a health and Day who As first assistant Secretary of stale has had of All the negotiations which led up to Trio War with Spain Secretary of state of lion. John Sherman who resigned because of the natural infirmities of have Streng thened the Cabinet. The first was a Surprise but the latter had been expected for months Uncle Sam is bound to have peace in Cuba even though lie Lias to for it. The Gazette s irresponsible Public. The West Union of last week stated in an editorial the r i irresponsible Public is so wrought up few democrats will vote to put it f r. R hut the disposition Lor War is almost Back j president Mukin Lcy directing the the irresponsible Public of the conduct of the War upon Tetter advice j Republic of the United is .11. I .1. .1 i i lit what the editor of the Gaz and knowledge Tun that of editors of what the editor of the Gaz i Itce mean by that sentence in a paper Irres Oprisiu e of journals and Louo v j j i published in this Una there the pm mouthed Corner what be is Doin loafers and that lie knows it will be fully approved by the country when results shall make his policy apparent. The War is so far has been satisfactory the cockade of Cuba is Success jul and the capturing of a number of prizes pleasing in time we shall hoist old glory in Cuba and oar War ship Liall meet those of Spain. Capt. Leonard u. S. Cap tured the Honor of being the Erst per son authorized u the War department Ary principle is a government for the people of the people and Tho peo Echo. The irresponsible Public is of course not intended to apply to those patriotic Public Spiri de citizens who have lately been Rumini the govern ment and cuss a Mckinley from the Vantage ground of a Street Corner in the isolated villages a thousand Miles from the seat of the Burden of the administration on their hut the rest of us average citizens have been Content 10 shift the responsibility to in authority Over us. Confident j that must necessarily become they Are protected from having some difficulty ent the that Tho in learning to state of Iowa 1 the the Illif will he Nelv. J conscientiously and Sucoff Sully per provided for in the act authorizing the formed i Ninn Gazette formation of a Volunteer army and to will be us colonel and Hon. Theodore f f t Fly Al Ftp Ilu Milf it s f j t having decided to change our line i business we will offer our in entire Stock of goods for Sale at the off i Price our friends and old customers Are All acquainted with the class of goods carried by us. To the Public in general we wish to say in regard to our Roosevelt has resigned the Dofi Tion of ass i Tant Secretary of the Navy to to i the its lieutenant colonel. Opt. Wood o irresponsible is a thins that docs not exist in this Vicry has a re Ponsi Bikit in i v left Washington this week for the West full and we claim it to be i duty As a Good citizen to Cipres s a his his provides though it is Good the writer of this visited the Camp yester Day afternoon and by Courtesy of Jap Uiti next to a plate of victuals such As the boys Are eating. A ration last evening consisted of mashed potatoes bread without butter and scrambled eggs the potatoes were mashed in a big tank by whole Sale and were i Good Tho eggs were scrambled about on the same plan and while not Beautiful in peppered and salted tasted All right. This ration served on a tin plate with a and a spoon with the ground for a table comes far from being a banquet. But the Youns Fellows Gen for the purpose of enlisting Man he to Ilc policy to be by this government and it is _ Phoenix Anzona urine Ciu n. I visited. Id Liu Carson City Nevada Santa be clearly our Opin on that a 1 Cleveland and other Western cities will be ii5tc.niid to the irresponsible up uhf and re cognized the belligerency of Cuba pies sent has personally durin2 at year of service this War accepted the offer of John Jacob r0l been necessary and the now York millionaire to raise bl00dsl n d would have been averted equip and maintain throughout the War it Job the irresponsible Public that at his own expense a regiment of Anil j Illust Fly in Lull the Mon and to Lery and to personally Lead it. The i o War a to 15 proper that really seemed to by setting their equipment of this regiment including Nev be heard in the framing of us batteries. Will be the very Best that i a policy that effects them so Money can buy. Previous to this or j materially. After a policy is adopted Astor had Given Fine steam yacht j is of the Public to stand by to the government to be used As a Tor tie officer whose duty it is to carry it i into effect unless it is plainly Demon Pedo boat. Under the army reorganization Bill Cru Teci at once. Week the work with a relish. One husky Man however who was a school teacher up to a few Davs Aco was on i r i the brass nibbling at his lations rather House Kingerly remarking in a Low voice Tomt j third Republican contestant from Vir he had t got used to it yet but sup i Kichard a. Wise a Nephew i Fieri a a governor or Wise is from the second District and the Man he ousted a or. W a Young. As in the other con i started that they Are incompetent the irresponsible Public has a duty to which this week became a Law Tho re j or Rorm to this country that cannot be army will be increased to shifted to the the depart men of of agriculture the Pon office and the Interior which include the Patent pension and land offices about Tho Only difference in any of i offices on account of the War is in of Oil is All of this Yogi still have s. In of list to act with the food. Pc and children w ass no Superior v .7 i the it Means same a Cash in auns of and up. A to them. Be sure Scott s emulsion. T.v.-., new York. Farble Rock. Iowa

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