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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives May 5 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaIff to our Tab a Fol w Wim Tiff Iii. U it oni Dollar. Kkt a aft k. Fox. Squad n. Y. F vol. 12. No. 39. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa May 5, 1 87. Voyageur and a Sterf Wal . Soul. Lil sow by Utlz nigh win. F. Weighi 1wo i in Tir tired m leu Jeff. Of Krinvic. Imp Rord by sin inn Lwft to Ems i Kiwi. I a _ Piru ids dealers in Staple and fancy groceries. A j Asper c9 the druggists have their new Stock of Wall papers satins Browns and White backs also Fine line of painters supplies of colors dry and colors in Oil. Ready mixed paints raw and boiled oils Glass Putty brushes and varnishes. E Rock weekly sep Ardson i nibs. Kye. -10 to 00 tents. 1 us seed u wheat 00 10 a cents. Outs 10 rents. Timothy seed Cornol to 25 tents 5 Eiith per dozen l Reauis 17 rents per Inch. Al. Dolts has returned Luai j Lalljee is Selling i for a Lukuc i Sou. K a la inner of Chi los City 1 in Tott u j news Aiu Izier at j Juh i l-.--5 Billy i ils on wire. Wei. L Crabtree to be out again. Miles m in i a been on the sick lift a i i f t lr1v a our two l Hack. V v Anil Hiram to is ilk of All paper a Lurus in Lai 1 variety tin Dihl Irful lie. was Jown a ills j Torae it ii Lii been Fick j woe1, but ii Siti Arjay Ove inc i i a i j the suit h is Ken pitied by the in Oresic Levi Pultin Doivan a now a Dewalk in front of the o i a jul i Zunec of Orwine. Imee Lent r Trimble Bam to it 5. T re to t Stilli tin Uto Ufa tier a of their i who. I Tutu a Woik on the or. Hayi ies in Urr is a tint Ilu i u Vive i la on brands of la Hiie Lead and Mia Felt to . Not him in tin1 by Are All Iveli Ami Able to i Alicel in condition. K w. Kina suit h town . Loru Giaui Iii is progressing. Alvin Rosenkrans baby is in the j their sick 1 it. Liles Waller of Charles City was in town last week Creamery Roche is visiting Rvl autes at Cedar rapids the Aid soc Civ of the m. I 1i scree this Church will meet v. Eth jars Lister w. E Knapp of Rockford was in Loiti. Ail ire vied l Cri George Irreg. Of Greene was Mirels fun he. in in Lioti Iii ii inv. A line of 1 Tii h Mmills town monday. Fred Gutes the turned from his Dakota trip. 1 of appear to be in part of the county. Of. Arid. See ind in Hue of Tiu Horm Tui Var has in this f int i on Thiv Hon inn to inn Wiki in n .1 sorrel to udder via. S sorrel cull the Haw Humi Rai id i Riz ii jul Milt or. Ciruli irl 1 a Tuat ii Sis i mall is i pm of fur w Lilliy Brini their own Woit. Tiie last 3it.ir.liy cd Chin. A i Juite a All Iri Iii a John cos is the Champion jump time. Proceeds . Of Cut a i sews cite was or of thib Becuti in. Icv. Charles 1 Pierce is visiting old in this titty. Frank Mon Pmj and his have it Tulej to Illinois. Our Mechanic Are All Busy improving the property of our citizens. Our Public schools Are preparing a programme for decoration Walton Piltz it is said will move their Stock to Kansas. Candidates announcements Hill Cost in the Thi year. Mamie Torr Ciumei Ted Lier school in the Kinney District ust the District of i. 0 t. Will moot at Hampton May both and list. John Waller has one to Dakota. He left last saturday with a car Load of Stock. I. Kendall we no informed Lias purchased Crane son s drug store at Charles City the test Gride of prints of 5 cents c it 0 0 q 0 bal u jct of s to Lent j . R inner to if Haj inv Aid she i arc made tract ind in Settle title Iii contractor. J its 1- tint one j Lenv f gossip. I he private parts is to nearly formic past years m Corn j j hit tons of a Naif in a season. Hurt.? the Corn Minn i i the i r Lylah Rai Rouls. In tiie Oul by to test the Hill j Dave we Kivor a irly i St Ita to heat their ears by Aith in a i tit is of in tit Antu tic. Who died recently i fort no to King Hui Marble Al Felt Mills their Dorii at the Pusl office and have Tutu t a Luil Tho Simic 01 next s Loru win in i so Nurt i of mrs my Iii re Tiro a tramp Chile Rod the of Martin Ackley a Short time Inu the of Trio , i him Elf to Audi thing to oat. Una Idaj Portil Usu up Eliud i pocket Book Leonti Iii ii in i Only which Lay on tiie Bureau Dpi no Tilka Aie m i of our Corn m 1 ills Prince of Tapie visits l j Leif Lioi n in Huntly of 1 on i Pupil in thu 00 k thu if. 1 to of Licul a taoist let 1 to Micro ure lit 15.0w in i. Umut francs ciikt.t1 nil Kimu. I Nti lius in feet of Rev of hardware ii is Kcf it by my in i variety ind rpm Unity thit pfc Sujit tin of or not muting lit i met inn to detail Bur when you need in stir liiii1, a Call and Misc tinil1 and to Nunez by so. In till inc if in lne s we Natl ii to Tuiuli Prehtl it capt ii acc has to d j Judin uus Btry Tanir f been to in Nylic t in b Hipius lir t we j it ii Mincu Kaiui can j in unit sex town a for riiici1 every d to tar Aru Piid for work. Profit to ins i a Lioi ild Iio buy and wit built n Iii icon i in in thru to i must j did Tluvi-1 for his it us Hance re while the j i in san Usu Vii us a in Valre of Ami list heat raid Uati Irinio com a i u our fan Iii id Guildi would i in Fri k i Asar belts of urge Ruurt Rel 11-Pru-.i Hiim rip Liim i us a Kiev Luik to l lit Orf of thu in Iorns of the Treen r in by Burnim il.ii., of Lac a Tiff one of Marble Koc Pii or Comet band lul1 it thu j 11 in the Shell Huuk i by i Rovic Thui c to , than Quick h to d era1.e Iff our . And treo Vii h. Veyo Idoni to ifs Lake hns just icon by the i. Fro to Kansas. The willing will meet with Thompson Friday anti noun of this Tucek. All Aie invited. Our own work. A new time card i to into effect t hip sen s last in Van us been he repro tint his would Phy i do Kuidis arc or him Tod u0 Wylli by sin a Eldont of on lifter upon his tent ii i but inc to the ugh of Nii Tuty Thitpa i dirt. Das us is a in Bruin on the b. C. It. . R. K. Next Sun Day. The changes Are immaterial to tic Triveline Public. Theron Manoch Star a cafe Fassino for general Logan s and last work the Volunteer Soldier of lie a meeting with Good Success. School in sub. District to. 9 Scott township will conic Ienco on my oth 1s87 with Minnie Corr u tie her. Allen Gates. Director. Here on next in turds Ami i e t t a it Smiy Uit Cre t i Vul o quarters for it cml a to a so Cyrul other Afier bout the. To tenant of May Hihi i fat nil in j ii Iii o. Mih Tevor it vis 1 it ii Hill tin Ujj in from of l to Micro will in nil of ruins tint i put to Kift a crud Tho 1 lit in of the in Ali j of l Ino. Which i loft for pets unknown. Fld a Loek Nood the Fetn hed 5.iuy and orator will at the m. E. I lurch. On thurs evening. May Flor subject will be i Oli Sieml ind life in the admission till be -0 cents for Dulis Anil 15 cents for children under 12 bar the Date. Eggs of the display of Birb wire on or near lie Side walk is out of Ulsee. One Yunn Market seed Floyd comity it Ite i Harmacey tical As Oci Ilion will ctr Venc in Waterloo May 11, 12 Ami 13th fight in h Al Titi us mice i elites. Dolour has in Jan Knock cd j f i i Ali Irti a to Tousand a minds out of tiie a Orf of nor a cd in u nil a in i muh it on Synod in s to re lion h Nothman now a a p persons. F mid Liat recur l. But i exp Wail a Pim Iii puny was All previous Pel Cornu incas be Lipscy mittaud Ami seven men cited from Bibliss Mary ij.ilcei-, of Monroe in it Poi onnus atm Ospha i of whose fall a it Mizii Rymon Diana who has not tour had food one i undies ind lire Jive. male of Tho j result a l in att ibid inf Mel Chailey l it Brou Glit lick Are inc Iola to thu of in lir list incl 1 the null asat nit an a a. It appears ? relating to the Titi of tiie t in Tho in i in k Spiri hive been col j Par s bang too thu Imlah of Iii during in i i i f l. Ali a liw. C-4 m a nov. To or four h s is k in for in Aii Thev Aro oni it. One of hem of whirl Liv a Uitti o cwt u John Jolindon. I Rivin Fiat a uti i sue where Felix web or Hotd by Coitt of him. Ulm. Filix of is St at tic Man of i. A Iii Lull i he Houfu. I.nv4 0 u. Wallace. Road state of f Iii cur try. Jibe or l Momiy Charles Wity april us. Itb7. Till dirhoui u May Sun urn the appointed to re locate Hurij a oath Louitt Roii a to. To. M follows Okwit to re Lunate snip it i Jiuing Iouli of thai Hurt it cast Corner o1 Thi Snaith 1 it no Mali in j7. Township rum 17 in i panty it running Ali once West on the Quarter Emion to i Villi cd Iii Ruul 7j, m now Ami a Lunini township 17, to nil time of Sii Iii rail no. A licit lira tic of Sci As it Livy Lii Herit mail. Mill he Corner of mini w. P. Ash Oil the Tlajy ids tied m Kui Awny by in Ivor it he re to and Vara inn Ftp Iid in Ana Iii there to or us i . In filed in the a Frici. In of aunty. In or before noot Otha Day or Uirl la heated and vhf hot Relff thereto. 11. U. Treco auditor. Will i lie trouble o and out old slut a if Rjay afternoon ruin Ccu in for tic . Ilij Aru us Iti l a 1 Tiitu api a. Inn them j now and Tala blk or Csc by Laving it nol Obj on0i and ju.ii.-2 Holar l Linn Ono fax Coagh in a Coil of wire our i. Punk in a w 0 i Doli in tools merchants in Enlil Toap it removed some fran return cd Flora Clit Arnii j j Home at Zuj 1 distance from the file one of the in j a the Civet Liolion of out1 weekly native ii Henry Angell carefully nursing a j by into an-1 to .St.uu. I .-7. i i print in or Riv of Good Siz ii Ioil on Biu Voln neck i Hoy Oil i k for the h i is j ind is trouble never Migle b Irr to j m the Ducci Flat to apr inn two j in r i l a i to the surface on the top of he i locating Thore.
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