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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - May 3, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H. Al. N1es t sos Marble Bock. T Iowa Willie s lesson of love. Last stunner Tournie Jones and do were climb in All around and found a Bird s nest in a away above the ground. We took the Little thine away with All the eggs inside. And of the words a had to i just sat Down and cried. Tou wicked naughty to pain the Birdie so of1 he that overhead will punish you i know it was a sin to take the nest and Rob the Bird of Joy now Promise god you la do your Best to be a better to when i said qty prayers that night i promised god i d do the Best i could to make it Riff it Asma. Had told me to i carried crumbs out every Flay and left them at the tree and tried to get the Bird to stay and make it up with me. She flew away last fall and that was All i seen or heard about her till they brought a s hat Home yesterday that Bird there As Fine As life stuck through with wires you could t see to make her look As though she d flew Down from the nearest tree if god hates Tommy Jones and me As Vna let on that Day i d kind of like to know what he us has to say about the one that went and shot the Little Bird like that and also of the one that s got it fastened on her hat s. E. Riser in Chicago times Herald efforts at Friendship by Kennett f. Harris. seems occasionally to descend p from her magnificent conduct of the affairs of men to what appears to be a miserably trivial spite an incident of which is shown by the interrupted Friendship of a prominent real estate Man and a prominent lawyer both of whom Hare offices within a few blocks of each other on Lasalle Street. It is a circumstance perhaps worthy of passing remark that most real estate men of whom stories have been told have been prominent either at the time of the incident related or at some later period. It is the same Way with lawyers. Various theories Hare been advanced in explanation of this from time to time but it is probable that the real reason has never been discovered. However that May be the real estate Man and the lawyer met for the first time at a Public banquet Early last fall. And instantly made the discovery that they were Kindred spirits. They happened to sit close to one of the doors and after the second speaker had resumed his seat amid wild applause and the enthusiastic was inst of napkins the lawyer said let s Cut this and and the real estate Man answered ill go and they both faded away and materialized three minutes later in the smoking room Low. Then followed a Sweet communion that lasted until Long after the ban queers had dispersed and until the weary waiters yawned cavernous by be Hind their napkins. They found that they had much about the same views of imperialism and single tube tires that their estimates of their mental Caliper of the chairman of the banquet were identical that they had both smoked a certain High priced and praised and widely advertised tobacco and had no use for it in the world that they had encountered the same difficulties in Golf and1 that both had a warm Admi ration for Fra albertus and Kipling. When the lawyer began a quotation from a wind tossed Weed tangle of the seven seas the real estate Man finished it with just the right inflections to denote his sympathetic appreciation. Then they fell to talking of the sad and solemn things of the deep my Terles of mature and being with lights of personal experience and they told the waiter to bring some More of that and discoursed of bygone fish ing and Hunting trips and of fishing and Hunting trips which they hoped to make together in the Roseate future. They looked fondly across the table at one another with the kindly glow of perfect understanding in their eyes and brushed impatiently aside the fragrant smoke wreaths As they drifted Between them As though they had been palpable earners to the Mutual flow of soul. It was a Beautiful thing. When they reluctantly decided that they would Hare to part they Exchange cards and each glancing Down at the one he had received said Why we re near neigh then the real estate Man said whats the matter with taking lunch and the lawyer said there Ain t anything the matter yes there is though my wife s going to do some shopping to Morrow and i promised to take lunch with her. I Ean t go Back on that this time. But then there in t any thing to prevent me calling you up by phone any i could drop in on you or you could Call for me. I la Tell you what i la Tele phone you the Day after to Morrow and Well go out together lawyer said there was Noth ing1 to prevent them from telephoning. As a matter of fact they have been do Fig nothing but telephoning Ever since when they Call upon one an Call in rain. The Kwyer it by telephoning thu Dlug to Promise. A Silvery female Art Sam that the Job Tad to or three o clock. The lawyer that in that Case he would probably Call around at the office about two o clock. He bad just started out with thit Ratett Tion when his stenographer got a phone Call from the real estate Man who announced he had received a sudden summons out of town. The next Day the real estate Man rang up the office. It happened that the lawyer had gone Over to the criminal court building. Gayhea he returned he called up the real estate Man and found that the real estate Man was at a Board meeting. Four unavailing personal Calls were exchanged in the course of the next two then Fate relented or As Busy attend ing 10 Eibe. At Uii the stenographer with the Silvery voice said that or. Campbell was in and would come to the phone and the next moment or. Campbell said old said the lawyer. Sir seem to have been having seme culty in getting together. Where Aro you going to eat lunch any old place. I la eat lunch with you if you ask me. Do you think to could arrange a i doubt said the lawyer. I la invite you but i Don t expect you to come. Saj i wish you would i d like mighty Well to see ill be with you this time All right. I la swear it if necessary. At the same time i Haven t any kind of an idea that i la keep my All you have to do is to stay in the office and attend to your business. I la attend to the rest. Will Yea do ill do a right. the real estate Man stated in the office until he got a Telegram from Liis Friend which read Don t wait for explain then he went Over to the pie counter at the Board of Trade and consumed doughnuts and milk in High dudgeon. The lawyer explained by letter that he had been called away to the bedside of an opulent Uncle in Iowa who had just had his second stroke of paralysis. He made another Effort at an appointment but it was in. A half hearted despairing Way. His Succes Sive failures had unnerved him and left him More than doubtful of for doomed to disappointment. The real estate Man Felt about much the same Way and they both abandoned All attempt at communication for a Mouth or two. Then As the real estate Man was pass ing the lawyer s office he thought would just look in for the fun of it he told himself that he did not expect to see the lawyer and that this being5 the Case there was More than reason life a Rood Punta are5as. What s the matter with Tak ing lunch Able probability that he would be in. He was not in. However and the real estate Man went out bitterly disappointed. He left a note asking the lawyer to Call him up and the lawyer called him up and Learned that he had just this minute gone then the whole thing was gone Over with again. As the matter now stands the two men Are quite intimately acquainted with each other s stenographer. Of it s says the Young Wom an who attends to thereal estate Man s correspondence. Of course i know your voice. To he in t in but i la Tell him to Call you up when he comes in. I know it won t be and Good but we might As Well observe the usual routine. Per haps you d like to Call. Well i really could t say not with any degree of certainty but i d be very glad to see you. No i Don t think you change much As the years go by but then seeing you so often i Frigm rot notice it pcs i la to1 or. Campbell hell be glad to hear from you i know. I d give a great Deal if he could. He Saj s hell raise my salary when he or. Campbell holds similar dialogue with the lawyer s stenographer. Some times he comes in and finds a pencilled note lying on his desk. It is a lunch invitation. He picks it up and glances at the familiar handwriting and then sighs heavily. Seating himself in his swing chair he places his heels care fully on his blotting pad and allows himself to sink into a Mournful reverie that brings Back to him the once familiar face of his Friend of a night. Lineaments of that face Are grow ing hazy and indistinct now. The real estate Man is beginning now to be afraid that he would not know them if he saw them on the Street. And the lawyer is haunted by a is car Chicago daily record. Out Mcca Are the Only town in the Straits of Magellan is punt a Arenas a free port which was formerly a penal Colony of Chili and is now a very important Market and Supply Point for the miners of Terra Del Fuego. The ranch men of Patagonia and for passing steamers save the Chicago record. It has a population of about peo ple representing All the tribes and races of Mankind and it is not Safe to ask a Man where he came from or what his name was before his arrival. The country Back of Punta Arenas is pretty Well taken up with sheep ranches and a Large amount of Wool is shipped to Europe from that place. Although the climate is severe the sheep seem to survive and although uncultivated the Wool is of excellent Quality. A Large Trade is done in furs and skins and the prettiest things to be bought at Punta Arenas Are Ostrich Robes made of the breasts of Young Birds. Seals Are plenty along the rocks of the coast but their fur is not so Good As that of the Northern Yones. In Patagonia ostriches Are not bred As at the Cape of Good Hope but run wild and Are gradually being exterminated. The indians Chase on horseback and catch them with a Bola Hemy balls upon the end of a rope Woven of leather strings. Grasping one Ball in the hand they Gallop after the Ostrich and whirling the other Ball around their head like n Coil of Lasso they let go when near Lett at a Julio Lac i. still revolving in the air if skilfully directed will wind around1 the Long legs of the Ostrich and Send him turn ing somersaults upon the Sand. The Indiana leap from their saddles and if they Are out of meat Cut the Throat of the Bird and carry the carcass to Camp but if they have no need of food they pull the Long plumes from his Tail and wings and let him go again to gather fresh plumage for the next season. The Bolas is handled very dexterously and Well trained indians Are Able to bring Down an Ostrich at a Range of 200 or 300 Yards. But it is not often necessary to fire at that distance. Horses accustomed to the Chase can overtake a Bird on an unobstructed Plain but the Birds have the advantage of being artful dodgers and carrying so much less weight can j turn and reverse quite suddenly. The usual Mode of Hunting is for a dozen or More of mounted indians to surround a Herd and charge upon them suddenly. In this Way several Are usually brought Down before they scatter and. Those that get away Are pursued. As they Dodge from one Hunter they usually run across the Range of another and1 the first they know Are tripped by the entangling Bolas. People passing through the Straits often Stop Over a Steamer at Uii Lui Ai to Uii Osinek Chase. They can secure trained horses and guides tit moderate prices but one who has never thrown the Bolas will be amazed1 to find How difficult it is to do a trick that so easy. Some years ago a Young English lord who went Down to exterminate the Ostrich family came very near be ing lynched for manslaughter As the first Bolas he threw took one of the half Breed guides under the ear and Laid him out As cold As a wedge. His lordship made suitable provision for the family of his and the de ceased Man s partner immediately took up with the bereaved1 widow with omit the formality of a wedding ceremony the Bride and Groom omit Ted the usual period of mourning and appeared to be Inucci gratified at tie results of his lordship s visit. Of course then Ere scandalized but the marriage was useful in divert ing Public attention from the Acci Dent. And the reckless scion of the nobility slipped away w without explain ing matters to the courts. Teutonic were the of Blond hair for Rich roman princesses who loved the contrast of Flaxen Hue with their Blick they Erec had Morales wigs Small and tightly Cwm aay Sokir kept the wet wlm projectile air. Theory that Bobble driven Ivy explode in the body. Physicians in South Africa now have another theory for explaining away the charges made by both Brit on and Boer that the other is using explosive bullets. The extensive laceration often found in Bullet wounds is now said to be due to the air which the Bullet drives before it into the . The of this phenomenon can be proved easily. If a round1 Bullet be dropped into a Glass of water from the height of a few feet it will be seen that when the Bullet touches the Bottom a Large Bubble will become detached and Rise to the surface. In this Case the Bubble will usually be from ten to Twenty times the size of the Bullet says the new York Sun. Kow a Mauser Bullet travelling at High Speed is said to carry before it a Bubble of air of Large dimensions. Experiments made by a surgeon who fired a pistol into a of water showed the Bubble to be a Hundred times the size of the Ball. From the appearance of the wounds and from these experiments it is concluded that the mass of air men by a Mauser Bullet explodes in the body of the wounded Man with sufficient Force to cause extensive laceration. This destructive air Bubble is Well known to under the name of projectile air. A is the Clergyman looking Edith Good look def 1 of Ethel in a Good Creamery sick. It them pm clan heal aa4 a great labor Saver build i. This sink is made of Wood is about ten inches deep divided into two compartments of any size desired and lined with galvanized Iron. The Bot Tom is tilted slightly toward the Drain pipe. Into each of these out lets is snugly fitted the overflow pipe that when in position the top is 2% inches lower than the top of the sink. A ring or shoulder is soldered around the Bottom about an Inch from the end to prevent the tubes being crowded too far Down the outlet. The draining Board at the right is somewhat toward and into the link. In the Center of the Board pro Model Creamelt Wash sink. Jets a one fourth Inch steam Jet regulated by the Long stemmed valve from the front. The leu division is provided with a cold water faucet and steam connection. The right division is designed for the purposes of rinsing and scalding is fitted with a combination of steam and water pipes and with a flexible delivery tube one form of which is represented in the movable joints in the Cut. Another plan suggested by an engineering Friend is represented in Fig. 2. Here the pipe a is attached in place of the movable joints with the tee a extending away from the Wall b is a smooth brass Cylinder sliding loosely in an outer Iron pipe and being packed All around at the Union c. The wire Stem with Loop is firmly sol dered of to the top of the Cylinder i and passes up through the packing and plug at d. This makes an adjustable outlet which if of proper length can be lowered to near the Bot Tom of the sink or raised for insertion in any tin or wooden vessel without danger of burning one s Ange Judd Farmer. Bringing up calves. Method Here described la intended to the foundation of Strong when i find a calf dropped i do not let it suck the cow once. I feed it milk fresh from the Mother until it is five Days old and then i give it four quarts of milk at a or less according to its warmed to the temperature of new milk or 90 degrees. I teach it to drink by putting two fingers in its Mouth separated a trifle so that the milk May be drawn up easily for otherwise the Little creature would hold its Tongue so tightly to the pal ate that no milk could be suited up at All. After one of these lessons it will sometimes drink fairly Well and almost always after the second or third. If it does not i do not As a Rule consider it Worth raising thus started i increase with the growth of the calf the Quantity of milk and in a fortnight s time i feed that which is not skimmed until 12 hours old. The calf then having attained the age of about eight weeks i give it a handful of crushed Oats or a mixture of Corn meal and bran and augment the ration gradually As the animal grows and needs it. Good Strong healthy sleek looking calves Are the result calves that readily bring five and six dollars apiece when Only three months old. If part of them should be retained however the milk feeding is kept up until they Are six months old. In this Way a waste product is utilized for economically laying the foundation of Strong cows milk being the very Best food for developing the Bone and muscle and the full growth of the vital organs that a Young calf can o. Sib Ley in epitomise. In lacked Lime for rats. A correspondent of the country gentleman says that to keep rodents out of Oats take uns lacked Lime just Sprinkle it Over the floor or platform on which one will put his Grain then a layer of sheaves and another Liberal spread of Lime. Continue in like Man Ner lining each layer of Grain to the last not smothering the last layer and that is All there is to it. I keep rats and mice out of my Corn cribs in the same Way and it is invariably a Success. I also keep Large quantities of in threshed Oati in barn free from rats and mice the same Way. One barrel of uns lacked Lime is enough for or Bushel of Corn or eight of ahead the warfare agr Alnut there Are about 50 different kinds of insects that attack Garden crops while nearly zoo kinds attack the Tine Yards and Orchards. Different Are attracted to the plants suited to the wants of their offspring and Are repelled by orders which to them indicate danger. The Kero enu Laion Aiwazi Eon Taia mall proportion of crude carbolic which will add to in f to porn Tel Money it quinces. Why to rate one of fruits that should be generally frown then it is it quince which is nearly always in Good demand for Canning and cells at food prices. Quinces Art not dear As they were years ago when they were held As a monopoly by Farmers in certain sections owing to the belief that Thia tree was easily killed by severe cold weather. This was the fact until it was Learned that this Winter was due to the freezing of the quince roots run near the surface and even the soil Only freezes a few inches deep that freezing to cuts of the Supply of sap that even the slight circulation which exists in All live Trees during cold weather cannot be supplied and the tree cannot be Sayed. It was once thought that quince Trees needed Low wet ground mainly be cause Snow lies Here when it will not on High land unless protected. Where quince Trees Are planted on High and dry soil it should be somewhere near a Fence so that Snow May Bank up against it and protect the Trees. This Snow Protection exposes the quince tree to be injured by mice and if a deep Bank forms around the tree it will break the limbs by crushing them to the Earth. Probably the Best Protection around a quince Orchard a a Row of evergreens whose branches Are so near the ground that Snow will not Drift under them. On dry land the quince roots go deeper and the soil will stand pretty deep freezing without be ing injured. American cultivator. Food for pot plants. Quite Good is sold in stores can be prepared enily at Home. The great demand for Plant food which is in convenient form f or and is also cleanly has caused Many such articles to be placed on the Market. Most of these Are very Good but one can prepare them at Home making the Cost less while they produce the same results. The following Are both used in the water Given the plants though they can be used dry by digging a Small Quantity into the soil around the roots. The former method is safer however As one can More easily Tell what Quan Tity is being used. Take a gallon Jar and fill it with Bones packing them in closely then add one cup of Potash which will fill in among the spaces. Cover with water and set away for a time. Before Long the Bones will All be dissolved and tha substance in the Jar will resemble soft a Tablespoon of this dissolved in the water Given each Large Plant will be a suitable dose other plants being Given a Quantity suitable to their size. The following formula will also be found Good to one gallon hot water add four ounces White sugar 16 ounces sulphate of ammonia and eight ounces of Tuttin a c place in bottles Cork tightly and use a Tablespoon and a half in each gallon of water used on the plants. Water Only the soil As Many of these fertilizers Are too Strong for the foliage leaving unsightly spots on Clarion Meade in farm and Home. For catching rabbits. A contrivance which la very and at the same time Tenn incl by effective. A simple easily made and sure catch Rabbit device is made by nailing to Gether two six Inch boards in the shape of letter v. Use boards Tea feet catching a Bxs not. Dig a shallow Trench just deep enough to place the trough in. Place the trough in Trench inverted As illustrated and cover with dirt. When the Rabbit enters the trap take a Small pole and push him out into a sack which should be so placed As to cover one end of the trough. The opposite or entering end should be backed Over in part to Maka an attractive Entrance and not left exposed As shown in the Cut to More completely show the e. Tints Man in farm and Home. Good badly weeded. The statement is made that thera Are Miles of railroads in this country and not exceeding 20.000 Miles of Good Ordinary roads. This suggests a wide Field for improvement. A great Many More people use tha Ordinary than the railroads. Considered from an economic View Point the loss sustained by the country on account of bad roads is incalculable. It amounts annually to multiplied millions. Considered from the stand Point of civilization no country thai is progressive can afford to neglect its Ordinary Public highways. The time has come when the Good roads move ment should receive Universal Aid and encouragement. It is of a great Deal More importance now than new rail roads. There Are railroads needed and that will be constructed but tha necessity for Good Ordinary roads it Tenn journal. Because you own cows do you con Sider yourself a Dairyman you Are not a Dairyman in the True Cense of word unless your cows arc making Yon financially better off at the end of every year. Are they dote e. Newell in Bond a Mother s tears. I would cry every time i washed my a h e n he was 3 months fes ters and then 1 a r g e Brake out on my baby i neck. The spread Down h i j Back Emtil it b e m e t m mass of flesh. When 10 i trashed i powdered Himm i i would cry realizing what pain lie was in. His pitiful wailing was heart rending. I had about Given up Hope of caving him when i was urged to give him Hood s Sar Parilla All other treatment Baring failed. I washed the sores with Hood s medicated soap applied Hood s Olive ointment and gave him Hood s Sarsaparilla. The child seemed to get better every Day and very soon change was quite noticeable. The discharge grew less inflammation went Down the skim took on a healthy color and the Taw flesh began to scale Over and a thin skin formed As the scan be dropped off. Less than two bottles of Hood s Sarsaparilla aided by Hood s medicated soap and Hood s Olive ointment accomplished tins wonderful cure. I cannot Praise these medicines half im3. Rochester x. Y. The above testimonial is very much condensed from mrs. Guerinot s letter. Many mothers will be interested in Reading the fun l letter we will Send it to anyone Ivhon lends request of us on a postal cat d. Men Tion this paper. Reward Floo. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science Lias been Able to cure in All its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall s Catarrh cure the Only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh cure is taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tha system thereby destroying the foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the Constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much Faith in its Tive Powers that they offer one Hundred dollars for any Case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address f j. Cheney Toledo 0. Sold by druggists 75c. Hall s family pills Are the Best. All she Salced. And you. Say you would die for me die for you yes a thousand you Are a Noble Man or Darling you do not know me Well dear i do not wish you to die for me hut i will Tell Nhat you can do for me to Shiv your what is it shall i Pluck the stars from the Cerulean dome shall i say to the sea a a cease to flow for my wills shall 1 Tell Yon Bright and inconstant Moon that is glinting Yon hilltops with her Light that she must not Shine on thy face too roughly so Georee. She smiling la said. I us jul Juu la Tuel Lvpl Aully Lilly ties. All i ask of you is All i ask of you is Don t Call give the children a drink called Grain 0. It is a delicious appetizing nourishing food drink to take the place of Coffee. Sold by All grocers and liked by All who have used it because when properly prepared it tastes like the finest Coffee but is free from All its injurious properties. Gram-0 aide digestion and strengthens the nerves. It is not a stimulant but a health builder and children As Well As adults can drink it with great Benefit costs about j As much As code 15 and 25c. What n glance will do. A pretty woman can look sympathetically at the happiest Man in the world and he will at once begin to feel that he has Atchison Globe. Ask your dealer for Allen s a powder to shake into your shoes. It rests the feet hot Gallons aching sweating feet Ana in growing1 nails. Alien s foot ease makes new or tight shoes East. and shoe stores 35c. Sample matted free. Address Allen s Olmsted Leroy n. Y. Sweet is it you re such a. Great asked the Grasshopper. Be cause i love replied the Busy Bee. I could t be Happy without it. In fact you May have noticed when Rny busiest sea son is on i m in press. Lane s family Medicine. Moves the bowels each Day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently of the liver and kidneys. Cures sick head ache. Price 25 and 50c. Jack proposed to me while turning the music Lor me at the a i see von played right into his bulletin. Persistence in doing one s duty ends in liking it something like acquiring a taste for oboes double trouble do Realis that the Dairy Naa who ret i per Pound for Hla Batter Yew hard the comp Citon of sprains bruises is a very sore trouble but Donny. Or separately As sprain or Bruise there is no remedy known the equal of 00 for i my Sou on

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