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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - March 30, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaR Esons f. A. Roziene. Real estate broker own on improved farms -5 lowest obtainable Kates. Prompt paring Aeu of i offer a Rantt i am always Able to fur i title to Sec nut is perfect j re Taij Luenz on All Titus upon. A. Kozie a e. Published by Henry b. Nies. Volume 7. With Lualice toward Kone and Charity for terms per annul in Advance Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa March 30, 1882. Number 35 Macao Marguerite. The Stone store Marble Rock Iowa i will sell All kinds of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar. Spices extracts tobacco ,1 All kinds of Lorils usually kept in a general dry goods and grocery store As cheap is any Man that pays for his inh of variety will be found the Tope store. cloth aug is cons Tai Tiv us Liam i in All Roods arc warranted As represented or Money refunded ill the new american sewing machine one of the Best manufactured. Cree this hew map proves beyond any reasonable question that the Chicago North Western railway u by All oils the Best rail for you to take when trate Hng in either dire lion Between carte ago meet who Home Afler lbs where Are they Sjo Injo to break j the step came boldly on the door. 1 will fire the i was invited to a lunch party in one of the Inland cities of Pennsylvania not Long ago and was much impressed by the appearance of one of the ladies she was not Beautiful but United the striking characteristics of a Brilliant fresh complexion Aud a pro fusion of hair As Snoie which was wound on the top of her head sifter the fashion of Madrazo s marquise.11 belonging to mrs. A. T. Stewart. She was very merry a Good talker nod i must confess 1 contrived to occupy the larger of her attention with that tendency towards the beat which the moment affords that i am told is often observed by my familiars. After bidding i Dicu to the ladies i turned to the obliging Friend who had been my sponsor incidental cities of and casually remarked Al Ter talking somewhat of my new acquaintance by Jove what hair accents her appearance. Wait she Lucky to achieve sly removed his Cigar. That depends on How you look . I am inclined to think taking after a time Sarah came up and told j her there was a tramp due 11 stairs who j wanted to eat Aud who would be driven off. J you ought a leave him a minute j fico be Sarah. Go Down and watch Jinni j and i will come Down and Soud him i she dressed herself quickly and wont j Down surprised in Lind How Laiu had grown. Win i he reached the she found Uno thit Mes Enger with another but the next Day with out fail. Ham wrote he would be Home. As Jamie burned into the Kitchen she heard the tramp and Sarah in evident dispute. Said the fun Gnu whom that time comes will have outlier helping instead of wearing her sunday clothes every Day 1 for a to do Over. I think 1 her. I be work enough to Uisu Rcd Honor Surah not indisposed to have a Chut Uver her work. Mamie found a Pracca looking Fel Low unshaven and ill dressed who with the dour Impf Tiv. opened and a Man pipe behind hid ear and Iii pen Down a lat Hole take Jil cuty of Lini. And a chair Liow we be of sinus to he Cut she answered Tim div. her eyes j him for an instant and dropping Eliom in str Blu he Luat again j up toward nor brow. Let them alarm Mir Mir pm tit editor . All Are season of the year. Six of replied gaining Coli rare from Ai in Milf. Car mainly. That s the the first or the Winter and you make rhyme with of i Nirba. I under stand . Don be Fri thened. Geo. 3f. Hubb Alid j fashionable i barter hair Dresser i attention the ladies Ami i m Dren j i sir dressing. I the 1 out office Mario flock. Pup Sila. 1 will sell my Block on of main and Bradford streets a re Jow Price the Prupis Rev to skid two and room run each a by Emeigh for a Inu nth and v Large Bill 4u.xuo feint and will a Jeanv rental of soon. I will flirt my oth to am residence in . For to iia apply to Tobison Mir he oct Iowa or Nies attic j lace. Charles direct in to the had to of a i to top. When three Danio in rapid there 1 Iii art1 very the Beautiful Mouth. Not ill let me we the second n thud this Man dropped j to Emu new. Then Timler the other two turned and lied Dom and for the rhyme Sarah ran m the window and Tuo Down tie inn.1. Don faint a Tam the try s work vet to paid thy Trump. J Mamie caught quid of the rail offs to about tha.1 White hair you tid Miru so we went Over to the hotel and some thing like this nay Friend told me you have to idea you Ciu people the interest we country Oulu take in the courtship of Young folks. From the time Ham began o politic up to Hamic Clausen Church socials until their marriage i the 1j Rush Church Tho cud re Community minute consideration to Plumie s father. John Clausen was and is now a prominent Conini Hasioti Ruhr has always lived least like a Man of Means. Mamie was pretty dashing a local Belle and a great favorite far by s family lived a few Miles from town and Arf Pef Plo of in the county. Old Jack represented us a few times in the Cliris Hilture and in4 Acon Mulato in out Way ind another a handsome property. The marriage was in Crary Way a suitable one. Harry was educated Princeton and. Although lie had one time the reputation of being wild he sobered Dow she that Madam but i took upon mys of to by life was so air get. The truth in i m very Hun gov and dead tired and 1 did believe but that Usu would give me minuet Hiuer to to tvs waited to ask you in pcr.-nn.11 woman Are soft headed creatures Mumie went and got him something to cat. Her Eif. The darkness that had been Iii revising for some time came rapidly and there ours. One of terrific Thunder storms that gather so suddenly and wit i Fitch Force in i remember was the most violent of Tho fell p m in i chs of rain that brought Hock Creek wer the Bridges before morning. Can mean to Send a fellow out in such a said the tramp As the three stood on the porch Wate Itin to m Forry but Whit in a House Liko s n priv there kit a cranny for .1 Stop 1 walking around port and tit a went into the room. Get a Candle Thev lighted a Candle Ami gave to the tramp who went Down Sinira the two women followed with Brandy und ammonia. The Man had fallen Back Ward and with his face up and head toward the door. The mask and give air first Madam 1 Mamie raised the mask and fell Back with a wild shriek. Do you want to know now Why her hair is he asked. was Harry i answered. was that smiling popular Young s no use to ask Why he did i Dou care. Motives Don matter Inch Smirh i hut she has her Gray hair but Oliero is to Trace of that Midnight tragedy in her of Tyty i believe she was ill for a Long answered my Friend. The say Small pox euros one of other Well some Griefs arc like the Small pox they cure Yon of 1 or of the heart for example. This i think was one of and the Aud Sarah were of course Tho the inquest. The next Day he was on my journey and i have never heard of Jum As orators. Daniel Webster was much More than in orator. But in his own life time his ins other claims to diminution. The most celebrated of american citizens of ins generation Ami perhaps the most Lio nored and be was never a Cep Ted i .1, v. Ii Ole by cry of an Lyric in liberals As their rightful dilate for the Only when the storm. J startled by the Iii Hiir Price of Bis i Hiie for they a Jan to of the Opportunity Thoy had misled of their s ule. Since the flowed upon Bim the Rajie Orieal triumphs has almost Eclips Eil ins fume a you Uke thetis Lelh Bare and a i think so returned the fair girl showing her i Jjo Itig to put something or town.1 but i like the sentiment of Best. Don by All agreed the editor. s much More this Winter. Used to get some towns and and then a but they Are out of Datu now. The third verae describes merry Rosy with their Pletl and works in with the Beer forgotten fireside i she replied referring to her manuscript and punks of Bright blushing smiling which naturally gave Rise to dimpled checks and sunny i think thai idea is quite and her Radiant face took on a lint of Sweet As she looked for an endorsement of her opinion. Could get along without asserted Tho editor. That is the keynote. Now your fourth stanza is the City editor yes responded the functionary. To Tiv does the fourth Verso of Winter open this think is the Trees Bend Low with fruit of in suggested the City editor. No. That s poetry. I mean the regular install Pope How does no. 4 commence 1 of. I know what you mean. The Gnu Elul skaters smoothly that s Sai l managing edit or Aud room for the cd Haven. South slide that s the first line is right but i Don apr nit Arn cd u Ith an Eiichii Uhlig i to Siut in uni Faco. Ohl insisted the City of lifer. You loot the poem and the i the Uia Nagiu Aua. 1 Walki Nir around Wail to and was any Rule a j Fauld to act Jurist ind that the re Frank. Nunly Yount fellow that he was to to hold three noun of an orator should Marvive All by j o generally Porguen any indiscretion. As i ill. Manigl tin Oci a Sion of general rejoin ing. Sulamie s father her an unus idly Good Send Oft and the Deiasi s wore far and wide through stale Hany had studied jail a Hough did Javy much for Tho old Man thinking his inight serve i Arr in Lylial Way. Ant Viau sett fid Down into a country notary drawing up deeds and Diing hark to orc of that Tirpy a but four out of two Miloa from old Jack s he had built them a in Ity out to Liebali to Lipold three you Are . 1 Tell you i Luwe no place Lor and the m must always indican Mure Lati Ary endowments of speech. That Iii id storm is already Brazau mfg i oven the rain came Down in blinding slices and lightning streaked thu heavens. _ Fie Aid. Tjon haps Gen Grant. An american who of Muesli on of Road but 1 j studied Cambridge some forty know 1 would a dog out a Stich a night As this. I m not a particular Chap not and i la to on tour giving me some tort of Sheuer if of ill Doir Ken Sci. Tie Man spoke with decision. Mamie Modem rot tags on a j Felt Itiat after All they Ciu really a of his farm. Harry Hail his Vilice an his Power and might be ornamental Lilile Mcturck a few Worth while to Doc Vilh what she would from the hons and there they lived us Happy As two . Gradually Harry picked up business and finally i Jiru Uili itis father became trustee inf tie minor Hirn. Tiluy were an Odd lot of children with a probably have to do last. I will keep you in one she said. There is h loft to the Bouse n sort of Garret which is very comfortable. is closed with a trap door and Mother and no end of Coal mining investments. was a Good j 01 for Harry although rave a j Man the worst tiling was obliged him to go toss Linton now and alien find leave Jamie. You Mav sleep on the lounge there if vill allow a to lock the doer on the survive in the United stat marvelous Elora Turnce. Ability to in Public is common to nil americans excepting Gen. Washington Aud. Per Ince records Tho naive Surprise he Felt lit discovering himself an object of v _ i j 5 i and Salk bless my stars and in Smih us tier i Usu l Hen you lock the they look him up find academical admiration for being Able to make a set speech without preparation. Even american com do the same he j avows. The Best judges experts and listened enraptured to Daniel Webster whether arguing in the supreme court or if churning Bunker Hill or in Faneuil Mil. Or on a Bare Bleak Rock 2s new Plymou Kiili. With one Accord they their to Aster they could deny him Sci thru their nor their judgments. The Art. Is not dead in Europe. In Briand has two orators left. France has least one. Tiie american Union has not a Bui we Supi there is something he said j v. Acting to their of ints to High was pres is ago word. Are As As they were is the lie Nyrl you May Itiat there j climbed up the Strep attic . The hearts of the hearers Are no us ire j was a Good Deal of visiting j dec a he to Littly bade and . The of two such popular people and i that four nine tour Utcig of v.p.-. Really kept warm. When marry of away. Mimic gel in her j a Hilemn and to town mid there and netted the Wirht in of editor. Then Tho fifth stanza charges us to not forget the pour that their Way from door does no she , with a Flash of Titus up in her Eves. That s the sixth1" Blie s about said Tho City editor Jura very. J i that s conceded Tho j editor. You see i be often Hick Forar Jiniv or two and i be rather lost Tho of the a crop i. The fifth id night abound thu blazing Tirc we Eva thud the Sparks leap higher and higher am 1 right sir of. Vt13. Hearald Tho delighted girl j of like Tii publish the Alie Iak de More Beautiful As her timid v returned. Answerer the editor Aud lie bowed her gracefully to the door. What shrill i if w Tii asked Tom City is his chief hande l to him. Of make a account of Ami the de Atli notices. You d better look Afler your local form. I Trot y. Mixed up with the Friday evening Praver pipe in tie Ink preparatory to Tho Evo Lution of an article upon the ins disposition of critics to True to Wilc or p tic in and j w Lickli ii Siors Liliu in of licit Nijiu Iii to hinge if ii of onco of .1 k its Jiri piece or of tie Young j Lawny i really to out mrs Strep Lur Harry us Way a insist Crl Itiat she must stay alone. For Havo a or fms Rohrli element in and crib to ii von s lir Plain c Ero. Ihei is of kicked nil his hoots. Last pm mum said Sarah Mamie took Liliu her Tho two to up the to Iii. After Tai a had made everything secure they Back up in to sleep in my room to night. Iti Ntrrs-5 sail. Sarah Mil in 1 Man who or joas of the Fie 11 i of Frei Milit in the to j ,.t to i Lotus in Loiti Tiki lower part of the Abdomen Chi Winter the patient to Sun lie has some Eite Timi of the fciilneifj5 or organs. Of Art uni i ices of the to he mow one a Fisit connected with the minor heir5 to recently sold sonic of their and had been various collections which if in in i about when lie to had to go off a few notice he up a by mlle of and Moi Jav and took them the . I in a for r Richic Thoy were to pro lit to compose herself imm and tozz1 bins to wait if to my dear child. T Haven time j looking in before her even to go to town Tad put Tjioe the j Sho a Down Tho Road for was Bank so Tou la have to oif a. . Arveral i m try and ref Book in two 5 j in thus hour the farthest Raoul Wiiilie no Budy that she stood watching them As they will know that tha Mont a h Crenno nearer. To they Tom then he explained to Hor Trie Valno of up the lamp ailing towards their the paper and lifer a id and on the can to Trie minor with fear she saw the Oberc will i . Eged. The Tarth her. The they knt to that she via Alit site n like a . But i do a Nancy. And try hid come to dare i know whore to Tell you. . For a Avin she the Otto to insecure Pitco apparently j site Harry s last Orion raft most any to zip Dur j Yon turf h Nith pose there is the least danger for no one awake Ana she explain Tim knows i . But ought to late j to her their condition. Pm cantons and i of Jou i jts the tramps that s ." Arul Hay with i lip. I Ovett like of Piot. Tie and the or r or. Nio Roor Ici Sou Burras to. Srorn Bliss to Milf ass ua.4 or. e of my. Mivi 31 1 intern in. an i itch Ilc i Yit id nnc1- to the in or. Pite Jalc Cdv. I which acts dirt i ily the Pirt Al Fcotc-1, a Sordini the Tensors. Rill Rinir Ilsi Anu .1 Jar Viu in ail Oti or Inive Iii Ltd a. Do n until tic Irwin Rii -.ibility, Lj. be i Ricy jul cd nos. Ask your 01 . Jul flu on i in not of j Hui to will Iii , on re Fici i of Pricw to car. So i i Uva Stilt leads the world. 5_q_.oqo us3ej or Hnnry ivc Rosenc. Iowa cock Ctorn Send Fob Kew lib cull Xterm. Oskor a co., sole a Colt 533 s tie or Brown eyed Vroman fair cum let Ion. Sanguine Nad de feet love deeper make Tuan any other soit
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