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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 25 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 25, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 212 no. 33. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa ma110h -25, teems a Yeak grand millinery opening april is 2nd and 3d. 1 latest styles finest goods and s i you will find at i Qwist prices Smith s Fli Linery. J societies. A f. I a. 31. A f. To. Stone Lodge no. 231. Regular on or before Moon. Visit Luj Brothers in it Ted to attend. Kobbert Ili inert. M. S. A Daris. Sec. I. O. O. F. Bock Lou a mucus thursday of Nerli week. Visitors cordially invited. Emust n. Or. 1bet Lar "xo.218. Meets tuesday Vui Piug and help to stir up the strife when they can. The Senate Lias been engaged in a is known As the Cheshire amendment to the Revenue Bill. This is the Indiana plan for taxing Telegraph Telephone and sleeping car companies within the state after Days of discussion in which the members almost universally took tin amendment was lost and the nue Bill was passed. The excitement of the week was a big sensation in the House Over build ing and loan associations representative Ujj Nuibert produced a private letter ent out by one b. Jack Man to Mem Bers of the building and loan federation who had contributed to legislative fund last year. Or. was not willing to give up the letter but the speak ordered it to be taken by the sergeant at arms and or Lambert yielded it. It was read and contained a statement by or. Jackman of the expenditure of funds provided for of Lor the building and loan Bill. Or. Had written at great length giving himself much credit or securing fhe passage of the Bill and hinted that the speaker s election hinged somewhat on the kind of com Mittee he promised to appoint. It was a very foolish letter at Best. The account was itemized throughout and some of the items created considerable merriment among others were newspaper puff cigars from the democrats on account of the new Tariff Bill was expected am to litre is much Lault in idiom among republicans than there was when the Mckinley Bill a. First reported to the j House. The Dingley Tariff Bill will be i taken up by the House next and j pushed through without any necessary delay. Probably because what s every body s busies is nobody s the respectable latent lawyers of Washington have ignored the existence for some years of disreputable concerns engaged in the business of procuring patents hat the evil has Crown to such 3 of kerosene Why buy poor Oil you can get g Ood Oil for the same Price we do not buy Oil from the Charles cite tank j Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away any More bother with your lamps. I ours for Mutual Benefit Gates. F week. Vizitiu a. Bre Liron incited. W b. Sci thei . C. C. I. L. Or in. Meets it 3rd tuesday Ntelis in Etc i Mouth in add Fellows Lull. L. W. , 1 res. It. J. Anklet lice. Sec. M. W. At a. Mtr lilt Kork Camp. To. Lios. Kush near by Lulu ulu. Luaulu i. Ali Odd Kollowa 11x11. Visit ii a in Good it Taddig Are cordially invited Attu Iid. A. H. A lieu a c. 11. Ii this cd Lark. Des monies Iowa March House committee to investigate the charge that speaker Byers was improperly influenced by the building and loan lobby in the appointment of his committees last Winter will report this afternoon completely exonerating j newspaper silence cigars Byers. U. B. Jackman the lobbyist who wrote the letter claiming to have exerted influence in the legislature by j disbursing is severely denounced for seeking to make the people believe that he had trafficked in the Honor of members Boas to get Money himself. The Erid Enca shows that Byers did not know of the influences alleged to have been brought to Bear upon Bun. K. C. Home of Sii Ari the 1st sad i turn Day of each month at a o Csc Mac p. M. Ill. K. A. Ptts Prus. Ii Kristiina Asi be Sec. A. B. Mirble Kock poit so. 308, meets first saturday Oca month. C. T. com. If. B. , adj. To c t u meets Oscrr thursday. Tyler president. Inf a. M. Merriau Sec Earv. The Library. Comr civics. Sundays at. 11 a. M. And 7-30 p m. Epworth league meeting at re Metius a a Chi Man preaching sunday at 11 m and 7-10 p m. Christinn Endeavor meets p. M. Payer my Celuk wednesday so mind. J. Will Walteris. Free sundays at 11 . P. In. Young Peoples meeting at every 1st sunday in each m. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services held in the Union school House. U. Grant pastor. The following Fetter from Hon. . Spaulding in regard to the travelling state Library is Adf explanatory Des Moines. To March is was glad to know the citizens of Marble Rock responded so promptly in regard to the Iowa i travelling Library. I took your Bond to the librarian and said it was All if Jet and would Forward the Library to Day. Perhaps a Little history of the Library would be of interest. At the regular session of the legislature last Winter the state appropriated to be in vested in i books for general circulation through the stale and placed it under the control of the trustees of the state Library. They in pc purchased 2 500 books and divided them into fifty libraries of fifty volumes each and As City officers. Mayor recorder treasurer. Street commissioner marshal Joseph Wiloth ii b Rosenkrans j Jmartin c. F. Jesmore Willard Stroud c we Fletcher. Ii to Senkins a h Meier Chas Weber 11 Llu Ginett l Jiuu school Hoard president Geo w treasurer. John Gates direct oks 1 Nick Staudt 0 mad non Hinc i liar Packman 7 town Latta. I Al Walster s 1 a chef 4 Lew Annun 9 ceo w in smile 5 Egbert davi5. 10 Samba filter ii j Iii Shultz. Scott township Voltl cars. Schur morhorn s. Wiir constables Geo so heed Ellis plaice town Crowell earlier w Witter and Jagich Meier. Vini. Scott township school to ird. President John Bishop Secretary. George n Bald in treasurer Chanc 1 Merrick 1 John Dishop 3 Bruce Ward. 4 Ewen Rhor. A v. C Spain Dir. 1 Vurr 7 j cunning Haiti 4 John Ahart. S j w Jeffrey Al Jolin . Judicial c. So Irwin. To. K. Clyde. Turn Ito court-4th monday in la uivary. In monday m 2nd monday Inland xon Dij in november and sundries with some other on the completion of the Reading speaker Byers offered his resignation until a committee should investigate the mat Ter thoroughly tit solutions were offered by several members expressing Lull Confidence in the speaker and after remaining out of the chair Lor one Day he was so strongly urged to go Back that he Ai Ain took the chair. The Ueen appointed by the chaiman pro Tein and is to consist of three from the House and three from the Senate. The building and loan Bill was de fuated in the House and it is now feared by those interested in building and loan matters that no Law on this subject will be placed in the codes and that the companies will be relieved from state inspection Ond the Reform from Legal responsibility. Representative Lambert is a demo crat and thinking lie sees a Chance to Smirch the character of state auditor Mccarthy who is president of the invincible unsurpassable without a an extent that they have retained to protect their own Good mimes and they Olin old Vicks Listi with Doof Oil and honest inventors or. William Small j at Law my Iii building j Oil with a and you will never have Washington d. And he inquests All inventors newspaper publishers and others who have been deceived and de Frau used by my Lii Ruvii n false and i fraudulent representations specious sle j vices including offers awards of prizes medals of Honor certificates of j Stock Etc of alleged procurers and Sellers of to communicate with him. If there Are any such among your readers they should do so at once. Secretary Wilson is already in numerous ways proving the Wisdom of president Mckinley in selecting a practical Farmer Lor the head of the agricultural department. He knows what the interests of the Farmers Are and to what extent the general govern ment can serve those interests one of i the Sist requests made of president Mckinley by Secretary Wilson was that care should be taken in Matins the selections for u. S. Consuls in the agricultural sections of the world to got men familiar with agriculture in order thut they May be Able to make reports that will be of practical Benefit to the american Farmers. Or. Wilson thinks the fight sort of consuls could ret Valu a regular subscriber who has read it fur Many years of the Issue of the i portions of Ijuro pc and in South America that the culture of the sugar beet would increase More rapidly if we a i Carylu reports of an Intelli gent study of their culture in Germany France me Austria. Postmaster general Gury announced this week that after mature con Sidenia Titi the administration had decided that ail postmasters should be allowed to serve a term of four year.-, unless they gave cause for their removal. Thi matter was before the president and Cabinet and All sides of it were Dis cussed before a conclusive decision was Iowa savings and loan association he reached the idea being that it was of i following it up and is backed by a More important that the country should building and loan in Ottumwa whom the Council of which auditor Mccarthy is a member re fused to admit to do business in Iowa on its proposed a second letter from -itckmn.n, More Attiat i Many far As i have examined they Are books i boastful even than the burst. Has been of High Standard in Quality and will ex-1 written under Date of March 10, Ert a great influence in building up nobility of character in our Young men and women if they will read them which i know they will. This Library can be kept three months then it will be sent to some other Point and re placed by another giving an equivalent Iff two mind Raj in which he urges the various building and loan associations to contribute further and claims to be intimate with and to hive much influence Over Many of the leading senators of whom declare they to not know him by sight. A Job r for our people with no expense except the freight. Careful usage and cheerful compliance with the regulations is All that the readers Are required to con tribute. It is not Espe eted that every one will be interested in every Book but it is f . Pc chairman of the investigating committee on printing and binding is reported to have refused evidence before Bis com Mittee except against the Printer and Binder Lambert sees a Chance to is Slat the republicans who arc cutting each other s throats and be is taking i i i i adv Antanac of his Opportunity firmly believed that All tastes and in j Tere to will find something to please i and instruct children As Well As those j of mature years there Are nearly two Washington. March 19, 1897. Washington letter. Hundred applications for the fifty Libra president Mckinley is standing fortunate in getting one. K. C. Our Des Moines letter. Ries so you can consider is Nutly by his Rule requiring each state congressional Dell action to unite in endorsing the men to be appointed to 1 office from that state notwithstanding i numerous requests from prominent re publicans to make exceptions thereto the past week has been a Stormy one i in has fully made up Bis mind that in the Iowa legislature and several he plan was t Good one and us per new investigating committees have fairness cannot be questioned by i been appointed. It is Bard to miss an anybody. Lie feels that the seniors investigating Cuini Itice just now. The a re in str to do know exactly what policy would to followed than hut any particular line of policy should be adopted. And one of the very Best of he Yood features introduced by this instead of trying to mystify the pubic. Mckinley tries to keep it informed of his intentions. And As soon As a thing has been determined upon it is made Public this has been the Rule Ever since the and this is the umm Imons verdict of its More Luin half a million is beyond All Colin Paris Foll. The biggest Best and cheapest National news and family journal published in America. It is strictly Republican in politics but it is above All a mews Pope and gives All the promptly and impartially. It is indispensable to the Farmer merchant or professional Man who desire to keep thoroughly posted. But has not time to read a Large daily paper while its variety of Well selected Reading in alter Uii ikes it an in valuable Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies free. Co., St. Louis to. Mittic or the in pose Oldi. Netting flip opinions of the can atoms on certain matters connected with the foreign policy of the new Tion was regarded by some an inno vation. It was merely a Sicsu Nipton of the co operative relations that ought Loci t bet worn the and Ich native brandies o the government attorney Genera Mck Cuna has Boon a visitor to the b Enate lids week. The Senate has adopted senator Frye s Resolution of r inform civil Harbor in Onna tax Sale notice. To Moore Orin Anil All other heirs of Trio Slute of John Clecil you arc Hor by Noti Iid that on the lib. Div of dec., a. D., 183t5. The Trens ure Rol t lord c unto. Jowa at a lax h id ii it the court Ilo Jse in the n pc the first member of president Mckinley 1s to Etc nation of Cabinet bras selected. That it is a Good service rules our liver a Rule cannot be doubted. Senator Frye ail the credentials of the three gentle Ion in charge men appointed to the of tie respective governors of Ken Tucky and Florida Are now before the committee on privileges and elections and the three gentlemen have been granted the Freedom Otlie Senate chamber. While nobody knows what the committee will decide to do or How soon it will act the general impression is that the Tomti Jitter will not he in a Harry and that thu Kentucky and Florida Legislatures arc Likely to be Uvyn a Chance to two of the cases. The Oregon Case will turn up on the construction placed upon the assembling of members of legislature and their failure to yrs Nixe if As a meeting of the legislature or. Corbett would have no Cronce at All otherwise be has a Chance but it in t any too Good at Bast owing to recent Lucius cd Virmati Phillip Shultz. Timothy pippin b. S. Chiche Flitcr 3. C. Merrill Charles City Marble Kock lock fort Kidd i precedents. It Iua been so since of the Cabinet took the trouble to co to i or How Remote from Ai e under those rules compelled to to the civil a Lar Esery labourer they to put to work a that it was Vinici erring with manner of Public work and was soul cry stupid Rel the Way too. It will strike to c. E. Lizzie Aid Rich you Aru it Reby Ami Ifil n la Citi tile in inc Tii. I f 1 be thu District of j Novi k. Tic i Toioi k. All a mid is c h re of , i y in said county sold follow Init Clescri Pirl a pal in con a to John Gates for taxes Viz West 2 no. S. Of n. Of x. E in. 20, town ship 04, it Ido it. And that the Rigby of rider Eplion will expire ind i deed is Mado by the j treasurer of snid county conveying said pm penises 10 the undersigned pursuant to the statute in such Case made and unless Rudi in Tion from such be made nifty of the comp Cpl pro i of his Vioti a. P John Gates. Ii Iho ii Intuit in he ens of k. Cd i in i the c i erection of a mistake a ado i a the clerk of the Tourt in entering in the above Cabo at he iss it. Bijj term thereof the mistake consisting i the to m. J. Ilar Raman. M. J. Yon Are lip Reby notified Tomt Allpere is now til in the Oiler of clerk of the t court of Floyd Ciumo Jowa Dol tinn of hip , the court that a certain real is into Morfi rage on the of Tho North East it of Section xo.2j. J we. 05, to. 18. I Floyd county , for and sex ousted by we. Britt in favor of a. J. Illarr Ninny on my 21, 187o ant up ported i Boli in -127, of estate it Charles Iowa on Pancel Leil and for aay other Ilii of. You Are also. Notified unless you appear t hereto and before Nonn of Tho second any of Trio term of Ai l District our of said 3 Ioyel i minty. To be come fenced at tha cd Uit House in Charles City on the 5rd Day of . A. A. Is i default will he entered against you a decree rendered thereon As g of the wrong township the describing of tiie is att be on -1 prayed. Moore. Plaintiff. I the Camii of to Confer with members Republican newspapers of Des Moine cide who ought to be appointed among j and the Republican members of the the applicants from their state than be legislature Hare taken up the meat j3. And intends to insist upon their do. Senate on pubic flaps. The Alta Tirats Ara Jacii riots. Said Psi to s and n Romo Iea or. F Lovci coi or travelling Good pay if so write us for particulars Eivins age taker n there i boiling i that the Fosec Rury Shermin j j to the Senate do you want employment Ity. Lo-.v.1 i Iru. 13111, it Charles 01 j City you have any object you or mat Lions to the ? o f said part time and t in work is Light exd nor else easy. I de. The Hawks Nursery Waters. Plaintiff

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