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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 22, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaCopyright by j. P. Lippincott co chapter on the Way conflicting sentiments thoroughly disturbed his first Impf that new idea that by the time he arrive 3 at or. Borden s he heartily wished himself anywhere else it the world and it appeared the most fortunate thing that the Good lawyer was attending a conference in lower Kew York and could not return before ten. Judge Bussell Drew the will and is anxious to see it carried out. Doubtless he can perform the ceremony. He will be the Best one in the Stanton remarked with a vivid thrill of self congratulation that he had escaped the first idea and hit upon the second. They walked together to the judge s House was so near that there really no time to reconsider on the Way but judge Russell and his wife were out and the servant did not know when they would return. They went in and waited till after ten. The lady talked incessantly upon which had always interested him and More than once Stanton found to his astonishment that he was laughing heartily at her wit and joining eagerly in arguments frequently with the conviction that he came out of them Over matched. He wondered that he was not bored and to that f it Wei a not for the business ahead of him he should count it one of the pleasantest even Ings of Bis life. Sometimes it occurred to him that he would have been Fortun ate if he had made the bargain for a real wife instead Only How could he have known in Advance yet under Neath it All his other mind was enter Taining conflicting sentiments about the advisability of securing the services of judge Russell after All. There were certain social complications which might result later on which would not threaten if or. performed the ceremony. Besides twelve o clock was creeping dangerously near and at last he suggested that they go Back to or. Borden s. In All his life he had never been of so Many minds but the lady concurred with each As though it were the Wisest possible suggestion and they i turned. Sober thought would have helped him. Hut ideas came in the abstract and in confusion piling one on another. If or. Borden had returned doubtless Stanton s first impulse would have been to turn and run. But or. Borden had not returned. It roused in him limply a determination to find him be fore it was too late. Absolutely nothing1 Neeti rred to him but to go at once to new Lork and Hunt Hira up. They by the ferry As nearer Vlier destination and less conspicuous and a curiously Safe feeling crept into Stanton a heart As he walked is the Thorndike. It just As he had realized that she entertained him at judge Russell s. He had no time for More than that among the crowding of conflicting sentiments concerning the business in hand but he remembered the impression afterwards and Tetter appreciated it. Amon the thoughts that came to him incl no Man put j he Trad to cry out to Stop to save the Brave Little woman by his Side from such Jar. Awful but before could utter a the rest of the i was Fri Ken and John Olmstead a Mii i icons and the woman by his Side were j his forever. I lie Given All those Mil ions All that he Nad beside to see that free. How he pitied i her and himself As they stood Man and wife together in the j ferry wai1 this is a Ese whore i can congrats you. she said and then i j Mist at once. It is much later than Ali ought it Wou Iii co Wigiert Diu i t itar Vav idiom cod lath joined you Are overwrought she replied gently. It will be different in the morning. You will remember then that it was Only a Plain business bar gain Cie Auy i Jill Rickii out. A Wise end ii a Iwen isl Iii Ami 1 am Pel if ii i to not want u remember that it was a Lautoa exclaimed struggling to route himself. It was the Nilai St of Seu Iii eix St. In me and simply unheard of generosity in you. Forgive me. Come Ith uie now and be my real wife i am not worthy of Jou but i will do my Best Why sir not half an hour ago you said you time. If 1 was worthy of your Cuil Deuce surely i shall nut be false to our compact for your Sake any More than for my own. Here the Cam 01 a a Aning House m new to ii. If there Are any papers requiring my signature Send them addressed to Esther Thorndike in their care and they will be forwarded to me at once. If do harm will result from it 1 think i shall go abroad with friends who Are to leave a week from to Day. 1 wish that you would go away too for even to California. You Don t know How Many uncomfortable things will come up for you to face if you remain Here. Promise me that you will Why certainly the incongruity of following instinct and if you wish it checked him. He waited a moment and added faltering by i should like to go with it was not necessary to see her face to know that a decided negative was coming and be fore she could speak he added at least you will let me Send you the Money for your trip certainly not sir. That was not the bargain which we she exclaimed. You forget that except for this Legal matter which you have to Settle we Are each of us precisely what no were an hour ago. Neither of us wished to marry anyone and to accomplish a Wise end we went through a ceremony the Only result of which upon ourselves is that we privately and secretly know that now we Cabaot marry. That is All and it was sacrifice to either of us. 1 know Well enough that be shall each of us respect the other s position and that unless one of should change and wish that marry there will never be a sacrifice. I assure you i have a great Deal More Money than i can Ever begin to use in All my at least Madam there was to be u condition and you not named stauton muttered. I do not need to she replied turning to go. It was not that Way in the Stanton said and the tips of his Teeth showed under his Mustache. This time it was More like the smile of a boy who had been already flogged and smarts and still is doing his Best nol to cry. To be cos to cued the Long parliament. Sunni Mary and Tirb silent do sols Ial by tic great dictator Oliver Cromwell. Sir to apr Wentworth was the Only Man who dared Rise amid Cromwell s tempest of Wrath. Lie said that this was the first Lime he had Ever heard such unbecoming language Given o the parliament and that it was the More horrid in that it came from their servant whom they had 20 highly trusted and obliged. But when Wentworth had gone thus far Cromwell clapped on his hat and interrupted him. With come come we have Hail enough of he walked furiously up and Down the floor. I will put an end to your he cried in a High voice. He stamped his feet upon the Man had Ever seen the like of such rage in a parliament before. It is not fit that Jou should sit Here any longer. You Are no parliament i say you Are no to an officer he cried Call them in Call them and the grim compan ions of his Battles entered with Eye Alert ind guns ready and waited his further orders. " i say you Are no Are on their feet now their faces blah ing with sir Harry vain gravely Speaks this is not honest it is against morality and cd Moi i sir Harry vane sir Harry vane lir lord deliver me from sir Harry he glares on. Tom Cho Lotier and some of Jou Are i Eye lights on Harry Marten and h j cries some of you Are lewd i Veip in open Oor tempt of cd s Corn his eyes pr.? ii Ora face to face ant he son i of Ion arc corrupt unjust i to profession of in i As Ihn once great Parlia Meiji i the children in the dark. Why should the Little children be afraid to go to bad when night Lus kindly spread its Sable curtain overhead to help tie Little lashes shield the tired and eyes and guard them from the staring that in the Sunshine lies go watch the Hula Bird Lings calmly sleep in forests dark where All the my lit there come no Light in tiniest speck nor spark. Who Ever heard of animals who pucker lips and and with the shrill shrieks of terror their mammas loudly Call. Because when god has spread his veil of velvet overhead they fear because tis dark to shut their Eves and so to bed Why they enjoy the silence and the rest fullness which seems to pave their easy pathway to the pleas ure land of dreams. The night is just As Safe As any burning. Staring Day the stars As Good As sunbeams just As be Natilu and say the softness the silence help the Little folks to sleep and gentle Angels o or their Loving vigils keep. Those Hittle Birds and animals Sho ild not be braver far than Little human urchins in the night and darkness Are. Go watch the quiet slumber of the tiny red Tanoose the animals irom elephants to Gopher and Mongoose the Bir Dloss. With their Feather Beds worn snugly on each form and All from moles to monkeys tearless cuddle some and warm. Our Hardy boys and girls should be ashamed to kick and growl. With every Little visage warped into a wicked scowl. Right is the time for sleeping for nesting snug and close. Not for a rebel uproar and acid face to Rose consider velvet darkness a wrap which Ood has sent to shut you out from trouble and make you More Content. A civilized Young Urchin should Tongue and temper keep. Thank god for sheltering darkness and contented so to sleep. Motherhood. Serves As a clock. Kausins Kari cur lifts it unit non or that is As reliable As and Dennis a cafe who lives three Miles Southeast of Newton kan., has a three year old Bantam rooster which in one direction at least shows More than human intelligence livery Day exactly at o clock it comes in from the Fields leaving the other chickens behind it and pecks on the Kitchen door until it is admitted repeating the performance at six o clock every evening. Jit Neier fails to be on time As Good As a clock. And is quite As accurate As Hie Kitchen clock. In fact or. Cefe says to could get along fairly Well without any timepiece simply by watching the Bantam. It was the Only Chick hatched out of a setting by a Hen of Ordinary Klueh promptly deserted its insignificant offspring. Or. Keefe then took the forlorn Chick into the House and raised it by hand feed ing it daily at and i o clock. Once a tier it had grown up Tyrl winning about the Yard. Forgot to iced it. Ii promptly let it.-, he by peeking on Iho door. Since then it has never failed 10 Jna i its Calk Tiro a Day. And always at the same hour. The animated Dummy. t for i but will 1 and any a i received a letter the other Day which slated that the writer intended entertaining a Small company by exercise of his Tri Loquisma. Of course i went. 1 eople Are always interested in ventriloquism and be sides knowing the Host had be fore Laid claim to the Art i was curious As to his first attempt. A Iii Lienchi Hall collected Ami the auditors were seated in chairs before a Small platform. Our Host presently stepped Forward and after a few practical remarks regard ing1 his Art proceeded to give illustrations by talking with some one who was apparently in the ceiling. I thought the elect marvellously Good. The next feature of the entertainment was a Dummy brought in by two attendants and propped up in a chair placed on the platform. It was an outrageous looking affair with straws sticking out at All the joints. My Friend made a few remarks of apology for the Dummy which 1 certainly believed it stating that after All he was merely inter ested in his work As an Art and had had no Opportunity to procure regulation figures. He then Dors out their doom depart Sari they to go on. Then was no gainsaying Iho mar. They then Why he been Defeated in his Battles. Ali Eye fell the Mace the Ein bpm of authority but it aroused no respect i Liis mind. Take away flirt he did to one of still Tat in the chair. Dignity was imperturbable Anil whop Cromwell ordered him to Tome Slowi he to Irr ird. Harrison then tool him by the and helped him Down he i Arden Church in Atlantic. Anil then it Vonlil t Veleas. Should always be Frank and not try to hide any fault you Runny Gnu committed. Johnny i had a in the water while wore Yon ought to Hare been hurry Iii , a hat would say to 3 our papa Don t know a. Us would t give me time to say anything until his Arm got stories always to i Bear you we not at school Yeiter Day. I the teacher told 3 of. A woman can Neter keep t traveler. A mine on Clear Creek. Utah caught fire and the men rushed out All but one who working deep in the mine beyond the fire was rag ing. The of. Email called for Volun Teers to go into the mine to Rescue the Man and several attempts were made but the men were or Hon Back by the flames. The cry of Fin ally a named i Nus Kiili said i will lie fought his Way through smoke and flame and found the Miner working away All unconscious of his peril. The return Jour Ney was fully As dangerous but the two men succeeded in getting out of tin mine although badly scorched. Ten minutes More of lost time and the Miner could not have escaped alive. Of tin human . I he weight of the i Iun ii tic. Or no relation to the ability of its the brains of two id ots weit rhed. Res pee Hely. 37.7 and 50.y ounces while that of Gambetta weighed less than that of boy of a weak minded Man had a brain weighing 70.5. While a India Squaw possessed one of 73.g ounces. A de horned Bull we Are told gored Man to death the other Day. The Chicago Tribune says that it happened however in Kansas. Do Jim and ventriloquist. Cee decl to make the figure Recita verses crack jokes and sing songs in the most approved manner of a professional. 1 was utterly bewildered until the explanation came where i had least looked for Dummy ungainly in form and bulging with Straw suddenly Rose and walked from the platform. The effect was tremendous for a moment it seemed As though we id the audience could not believe that the Dummy had Beevi a real live boy All the while and not one of us had guessed it. Then we Rose in a body and amid a storm of applause rounded the Clever ventriloquist and his accomplice. Went into the dressing room Aftel it was All Over Ana helped Taue Dummy apart so i can give a pretty accurate account of How he was Niada up. In the first place the boy was enveloped in a suit of clothes very much too Large for him and the extra space was filled in with Straw. The ends of the trousers and of the arms were gathered together and held with twine. A Large pair of shoes fastened at different angles made feet which seemed utterly lifeless and gloves stuffed with Cotton took the place of hands. A false face cleverly constructed covered the face and a red handkerchief and Large Derby completed tha deception. The false face was made from a piece of cardboard about eight inches Long and seven inches wide Bent into a semicircle. The eyes nose and Mouth were painted in with Ink. If desired the jaw could be easily made to work no and Down. In this Case the lower part of the face must a covered with some dark material so thai it will not show when tha Mouth opens. It is not difficult to acquire a Small amount of skill in disguising the voice and if the attention of i lie audience is attracted in a certain direction it is very ready to believe the sound comes from that direction. A boy lying Down in the room Over hear is a sure of making a come from direction. Tie Success of the Dummy will a assured if it is properly brought in. The boy must remain perfectly Limp and Haille As Little As possible Lika a living Globe. A lint slave been. A Wriler is thus quoted by the Chi Cago news happen to know a Case which illustrates forcibly hot easy an Accident might have affected the whole of history. A few engineers of whom sir Beva is Edwards is the survivor composed the party which blew up the docks at Sebastopol. There was a Shaft. Feet deep with a gallery running from it. At the Bottom of the Shaft just inside the Gal Lery stood one of China and a lighted Candle in his hand. The powder was lowered in four barrels and one of these slipped from the slings fell to the Bottom of the Shaft and broke up. So that Gor Don was left standing up to his Knees in Gunpowder with a lighted Candle in his hand. That there was no Prema Ture explosion was a Miracle and if that Miracle had Boon worked the Odds Are that a different dynasty would be ruling Inch iia. And that lord Kitchener won d never have had the Opportunity of making his fatuous March to Khartoum a item. Or. Us imling must is an awful generous Man. His paper says by keeps a Good watch on every Bodif in his week Lar

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