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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 22, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H. I. Lies i sox publishers. Marble Hock t Iowa. And after Kyj jul i Tritt a mop. T he in White had passed and was weary. She tossed her hat to n bed. Her gloves and fan to a chair and she herself dropped into the great Wil Low Rocker a mass of in title y White draperies her Doe like head with its Crown of red Brown hair lifted above the foam. The woman in White had been younger but she had never before been so Beautiful. Because she had won him and be cause she had no right to him. Be cause he had once scorned and flouted her and had passed her with his wife on his Arm and a look of cold contempt in his eyes and because now lie Hail followed her for Days and Days and she had made him sue for a kind from her her. The scorned and despised. Because she had laughed in his face and had baited and lured him until he bad thrown to the winds his decent life and All the Long years of up rightness and the position among men for which he had struggled and was ready to follow her to the world s end. And because he was the one Man whose econ had Cut deep into what she called her soul she looked at the Radiant thing in the Mirror and laughed and turned the hashing Bracelet Abonit and around on her wrist and a something almost womanly came into her face As she realized that it was not the diamonds she cared for no she would have. Loved a ribbon if he had Given it to her with that look on his face Aud would have kissed it As she did this with a passionate Delight. And the woman in Gray standing in the door saw her kissing the Bracelet. i talk with you a few min asked the woman in Gray and the woman in White in the Mirror. What she saw was a slender Gray Clad woman with a Pale. Pale face Aud dark eyes with Darker shadows under them and Brown hair that was beginning to Whiten wit ii Early Frost. The woman in White stared insolently at the reflection in the Mirror and smiled. I Don t know what my servants can be thinking she said without turn ing. T really have nothing for Yon. My Good woman. Perhaps if 3-011 go Down some of my people will show you the Way but i must ses you for a Little said the woman in Gray put Ting aside the insult Aud coming slow v nearer and there was n re Vullo Ness about her As she Drew a Vilair for Ward and sat Down in it. Then they looked at each other the woman in Gray and the woman in White. I think Perii aps you know me said the woman in Gray. So doubt people have pointed me out to you As the wit s of they said the woman in Tveite. Haughtily taking up a steel paper knife from the table near at hand mid playing with it. What do 1 owe the Honor of this the woman in Gray looked at the paper Lin ifs and smiled wearily. You mistake inc " she said. Some might have thought of that but you will live. See to Morrow i go upon a Long journey and 1 knew that i must see you face to face before i what possible interest can i have in your plans for cried the woman in White contemptuously. Pray consult your dressmaker in Stead and Tell her for me that she. Should be killed if she Ever dresses you a Gray again. It is not Are said the woman in Gray and we have so Little time and we arc so near the tragedies of both our lives. A Little while ago i wn.-, bitter against you too but now 1 Ani too sad to be very bitter. I see How past remedy it is. I am not Here to beg you to be merciful. Even if Yon wished you could t give me Back 1 have Well you have had your cried the woman in White. And you have lost it who but yourself is to the woman in White had thrown prudence to the winds with that speech and now rage and jealousy and insolent Triumph were curiously blended in the Beautiful face and flushed in n red glow from the eyes. Yes i have lost said the worn an in Gray. And having Learned this. Past All doubt. I would not try to keep Liim if i could. I am going away and he shall live his life in peace. I have merely come to ask you what kind of life it is going to the woman in White threw herself Back in her chair and raised her Beautiful arms above her head. Of you cold blooded she cried clasping her hands above the shining Coil of her hair. You icy Viztes that go your round of what you Call and sew on buttons and have Good dinners and sit at the head the table As interesting As that Dresden shepherdess month after Mouth and year after year and then shocked and outraged when he meets a flesh and blood woman anal loves her what kind of life will he have Why he will learn for the first time that he is alive what right have women like you to talk about lore women who give a Roan up the first twice a looks another Way Why 1 would make Myse of the most Beautiful most attractive creature in the world to him so that he could ii Crew even look at another then if he looked i would not go away and leave would kill she clutched the paper knife in her right lifted the left hand and kissed again the hashing circlet of the wrist. The woman in Gray looked at her and the sight was branded on her Mem Ory. When she spoke again it was in lower tones. Her eyes were fixed on a Loose Loose ring that she was turning around on her linger. Perhaps we were mistaken about having loved each she said absently. Is though she were talking to ignorant. We were married earlier than we had my Mother died and 1 was left alone and was such an unprotected so we were married and we agreed thar we were to study together because we were both so him. And perhaps 1 could t have kept Pace with him at my Best but 1 had to take in sewing to help him along so 1 had t much in a Little while he was away beyond me. I have never caught up with him 1 have always gone on studying so that i would t quite disgrace him when he became a distinguished the woman in Gray stopped to put a delicate and tremulous hand to her Throat. When he was studying she went on presently his eyes were troubling him and so i read aloud to i him for Many hours every Day. Gome j times i almost wished his eyes would i fail it Little great Deal More so that he could be More dependent on i was very Young and ignorant then and you see i thought i loved the woman in White did not speak. She was sitting quite still As though she were a Marble woman. And even away Back at the the woman in Gray went on in that desolate self communing when we were ignorant Boj Aud girl together we had quite settled it wit ii ourselves that he was to be a distinguished Man. We even made a Little play of it telling one another that people would one Day Point out with Pride the poor Little House where we had lived and where we had so much trouble paying the tent and then we would laugh so Mer where has the laughter All gone Ami so we went on. Looking for Ward always to the Day when lie would be famous and working and planning for i always pictured myself so proud so proud of his triumphs we cold blooded women feel very deep a sometimes and think Long thoughts and now he has won the honors we dreamed to Morrow i am go ing on a Long she slowly arose and the Marble woman in White saw for the first time that she had a Little package in her thin had. I have something to leave with said the woman in Gray something to give you. Sec it is a Little bundle of letters. Thuv Are the Iff fers of personal and literary. 3l e. A ache a London scientist gave a dinner recently in which liquid air was used at the table to keep Champagne Cool. Victoria still adheres to a set of dietary rules and health prescriptions Given her Many years ago by sir William Jennei. To the manner born is a quota Tion from scene fourth of the first act of is some times wrongly spelled Charles Henry Gibbs is believed to draw a smaller salary than any other of the. Ninny thousand men in to government employ. He is keeper of an abandoned Lighthouse on Nan Tucket Island and receives one Dollar per year for his services. He has a poultry farm there is very confort ably situated and appears to enjoy his life thoroughly. Senator Deboe of Kentucky wears the heaviest and biggest Gold spectacles of any United states senator. They Are really ponderous As spectacles go. The hooked bars that run from the Crystal discs to the ears appear to spectators in the galleries As about a Quarter of an Inch wide and the Bridge and Frame seem to be us usually Broad and thick. The Mantle of sir Boyle Kobe has descended upon ii. De Silowitz. In a recent Issue of the London times he achieved a Bull which rivals the famous sir i smell a rat i see it in the air but i will nip it in the a. Passage from the Paris liberte prompted a de Towitz to this surprising piece of natural his tory a quote this because the lib i in is Uku us Jour nals that waiting to see which Way the wind blows sometimes unexpectedly turn the among women journalists there j3 hardly anyone so remarkable As mine. Adam who has retired from the Editorship of the Ponvelle Itegue. In Paris. Xot Only a literary bit a. Political Power. Mine. Adam has. Lot years held what is the nearest approach in modern France to the traditional Salon. One of her objects she announced some years ago. Was to revive the Art of conversation. She issued her cards for that particular series of at with pour Causer in the Corners. New to the grocer. A seat swindle with ten Dollar 11111 Era Coli cd by fluent Man. Wonderful Rescue at sea. Overdo Carol from Troni Ston Suveil it Nikit without boat. Of you woman undeveloped and ignorant boy to a poor Little girl. I have cherished them a Jong i give them to you now. They have already gone out of my an hour afterwards the woman in White found that she had been alone for a Long time and that the last of the poor httl2 letters was open in her hand. A withered Rose had dropped from it and Lay in her Lap among the folds of Huffy White. The air was filled with the fragrance of the Little old time Rose which seemed to be part of the old time Boyish love that was dead As the Rose. Once Long ago in her life the Radiant face of the woman in White was Pale and old and looking the tied the letters in the packet again and Laid this pencilled line upon them do not go on the Long t go on a journey of my then she slipped the Bracelet into the Vel vet Case and sealed and addressed it and called a servant to go on two errands. I am going away to night. She said As his foot hesitated on the Stair. Send Susan up to and then she stood in the Middle of the room her head drooped pressing Back something that tried to come to her eyes. And now for new she said despairingly. And the life in Democrat. Hungry is these Here progressive dinners the swell aristocrats Shavin ? weary you git your soup at one place your fish at the next place your meat at the next an dog bit at the next Indianapolis press. Where Dun Lei Defoe the resting place Daniel Defoe h in the heart of one of London s busiest quarters about a Quarter of a mile from the Bank of England. Notwithstanding their hard lives and their the larger number of tramp Skippers treat their Crews with great humanity. They arc generally much affected by the loss of any of the ship s company and they have been known to risk the ship herself to save the lives of their shipmates. Per haps one of the most stupendous efforts at life saving Ever reported at sea was that performed by capt. William in his Boatswain a Hardy swede named last Acelius while getting a bucket of fresh water for a timid Cook was picked up by a heavy sea and carried overboard. As hi1 swept along the Star Board Side of the ship capt. Inness saw him and shouted keep tip n Stout heart we will save you if we it was getting very dark and the Boatswain was three ship lengths astern before anything could be done aboard the. Vessel. He gave himself tip for lost but kept on swimming. It was impossible to launch a boat As the seas were colossal. The Captain had just finished Bis supper when he saw the Boatswain sweep astern. He ran toward the shouting As he did so to the eng Incer stand by to Stop those then he hew to the Bridge and Laid his right hand on the Telegraph. Stop and were hashed to the engine room and the Captain s voice rang out All hands to Star Board with lines and the Captain told about the event Toms our Only Hope in saving him Lay in picking him up with the ship for no boat could live in the sea that was running. When i backed the ship Down to him i saw him struggling for his life. He had the buoy that the Sec Ond officer had thrown to him under his arms and his body was Well out of water. I det Armind to save him if he could hold out and i could fetch him alongside. We missed him the first time and he was carried around the Bow to the port Side. He kept shout ing and we answered Back. We were going ahead a bit when he was whirled to starboard. As the. Night had Well set in. We soon lost him. But i turned on the Bridge and got the bearing of his voice by a Star. 1 kept that Star in sight and put the Heim hard starboard and bore Down in the direction of the Star. We had lost his voice altogether but asses teamed toward the Star we heard it faintly. To caught sight of him too late to pick him up As we steamed past so we came up with the wind again with the to s n in our port hand. We steamed slowly so that the men ranged along the port rail each with a lifeline or a buoy bad a Chance it him. I knew by the cheer that went up that he was saved. He a lunar to the rail so tightly not knowing that he was saved that the men had to Pound his hands to break his Magazine. So soc for More patients. Mrs. Committee has re Quested me to make a dozen pics for that Charity Bazar. Is the object of the Bazar. My dear to raise funds for the free but 1 understand the Hospital is Al really yes i believe it then for goodness Sake Don t do any of your even ing news. Grocer sat on a High Stool his elbows on the counter and his face buried in his hands. The Brooklyn mail came in to get a Quarter s Worth of eggs he said what s the matter i m said the grocer that the Man who said that Al the fool Are not dead knew precisely what he was talking in in a remarked the Brooklyn Man. With True Brooklyn humor with All the custom ers you have hold said the grocer this is no joke. Let me Tell you about it. A Little while ago i was sitting Here do ing nothing in particular when in rushed a very pleasant looking Young Man. Lie had a lot of Bills in his hand and he wanted to know if 1 could let him have a ten Dollar Bill for Small Bills. He said that he wanted to Send ten dollars away in a letter and did t like to put Small Bills in an envelope. I Well i m a pretty Good natured sort i of a Man and 1 told him that i would i be very glad to oblige him. So while i i went into the drawer to get the Bili j he counted out ten dollars so that 1 i could hear him and then fished out an j envelope into which he placed the Bill i that 1 gave him. Then he started out i of the store. He Diin t seem in a great hurry and so. When in counting Over the Money that lie had Given me i i found that there was Only nine dollars i did t have any suspicions of in Iea Uuna i in ims Purl inn i credited the matter to a very natural mistake. Well i called him Back and he was very apologetic said it was a curious mistake for him and a few other things that i Don t remember. A a matter of fact he talked so fast and so smooth that Bah of what he said escaped me in my admiration for his oratorical pow ers. While he was talking he was wish ing around in his pockets for an Odd Dollar. Apparently he could t find one for he finally said Well i guess i la have to give you your Bill Back until i can get that other Dollar then he looked at the envelope in his baud and continued gee that s too bad. I be gone and sealed that envelope up Aud it s addressed and stamped and your ten Dollar Bill is in Side. I la Tell you what we might go though he went on after a moment s thought. You give me my nine Small i Bills and ill go out and get the other Bill. In the meantime you hold on to j his envelope and when i come Back i i la give you the entire ten dollars and we won t have to open up my let Ter at All Well. I swear i could to see any harm in this arrangement and i said without a moment s hesitation what makes inc so darn mad now is hat i. Was excessively polite to Tho Duck. Why 1 fairly bowed him out of Tut store Anil alter be Juki gone 1 carefully placed be envelope in my Cash drawer and locked it up. Then i waited for fully an hour for the Young Man to come Back and when be failed to show up t took the envelope Cut and ripped it open. Not. With any idea in my Bead hat anything was wrong but simply because 1 was impatient with the Man for inconsiderate after i had Doue him a favor. Well there was a neatly folded piece of paper in the envelope and on it was writ ten in a neat hand i la be Back when the. Robins nest again say. Even then it was a full min Ute before the truth dawned on me. When it did hit me it came like n Ion of Brick. Of. You gosh Diirner i de and Sai Down to think. I was still thinking whoa Yon came in and i la Start in again when you go up in Steubenville. Where 1 lived be fore i came to said the Brooklyn Man we used to cull that j of you. Did. said the grocer Well i Don t know what they Call it in Brooklyn but. It s a Good game and when t get broke in the grocery Busi Ness i m going to try it on some Guy and the grocer went Back to his thoughts while his Friend walked y. Sun. Wit and Wisdom. The Man who does not know is Al trays readiest to Horn. The less a business Man advertises the More time he has to balance his daily news. A St. Louis Man has been jailed for calling his wife a when he heard the sentence he re marked Well i y. Press. Mother to Little Freda who has been taken to flip dentist s to have a tooth if you cry i la never take you of a dentist s again. Vres a. Mrs. Say nothing is wasted Are fish tails any mrs. Yes some that Ray husband tells Are Imdan statesman. You think there will Over be such a thing As Universal am sure there will not be. My wife would never agree to y. Journal. Don t see. How getting one s feet wet causes Don to if you had Ever had a tooth pulled you would know that the roots run Down to your i am not monkeying that memory system any More. It is a into Trou yes. Our new minister is named Jordan and the second limn i met him i called him or. Indianapolis press. Do you like new talks too our Gold and Silver Are poured abundantly into tie Lapof the nation but our material is rather in Iron the most use Ful of All metals just As the wealth of a human being lies in a useful stomach. It you hive overworked yours until it is disabled try Orfei u i s hitters. It in. Re Sieve the closed improve the Appe Tite and cure Ana dyspepsia bilious Ness liver and kidney disease. If Tsure of a lady Livia in the Kigh Teeth Ward an i 1 to in t provided he says something or i did to hear Inhat he said. 1 Only know 1 was trying to sleep and Ohio state journal. A false Beard. Wiy n Young american drover in Jeur pc tvs obliged a car artificial Ali skers. Tic a veer greens nil purples. Water greens Are handsome in silk ribbon cloth Cashmere and velvet. They Are known As pastel greens and Are of a Light whitish cast. A faded slightly Olive Light Green is handsome in cloth and the Clear Emerald Shade remains in Vogue fir rimming Gray Mode or Black. Yellow is not favored this season neither is a Clear White Ivory and Cream White Are. Purple shades Are almost too conspicuous to be popular. The soft tints in Violet arc in High favor. The Violet shades Are Parma to Kubilis and Iris. Fenelon is a faded Lilac and n Peculiar purplish old Rose Raspberry tone 1 orthos forms the second True antique or paste Shade in Dressy cloths but. Not in silk or Many of the shades arc so Light in effect that at night under a Strong Light they hardly seem to be. Anything More than a tint of a Pale delicate appearance. Ladies Home journal. Sol nil hints. Cream or Reuf Chapel cheeses or Home made cottage cheese should be served fruit salads and any kind of thin crisped crackers or bread Cui in thin slices the crust removed and then the. Slices rolled and lied with baby ribbon to make them attractive. Bear in mind that it is quite Asim portent to have the salads thoroughly chilled As to have songs perfectly hot. Like warmness is not commendable or either of these courses any More Thau it is in Friendship or Kretschmar in woman s companion. Among the varied Bric a Brac objects of Art and souvenirs of travel that adorn the Walls of one of the Coli est Bachelor Dens " in Kew Orleans is a false Beard and Mustache put together on a false foundation and supplied with a pair of delicate wire Hooks to go Over the ears. It Jet Black in color and its effect is a trifle piratical. Those false said the Young broker who occupies the a Amrai ure an interesting relic. When i Tell you that. 1 tired them in All the banking business i did when i was abroad u couple of tears ago you will no doubt look for lantern Anil Jimmy to Complete the set. Experience however was not Burgl Arious and the Story in a. Word or two. Is this 1 had never been to Europe before Anil was t posted As to the Best Way to carry Money so on the advice of a Friend who ought to have bad More sense i Gor an old fashioned letter of credit in new one if to Hosp Dintie Bluit have a photograph of the Holder pasted in a Little Circle at the top of. The Page. When i procured the letter i was wearing n full which. T Ini changes me very Matt really. But while staying 1 got tired i it. And one div. On a impulse. I Btl it taken never thinking of that con founded letter of credit. 1 had no occasion to use the document tint ill arrived in and when 1 presented it at a Bauk there was turned Down hard. The Teller or whoever he. Told me he could to think of paying Money Ioa Man who bore no resemblance what Ever to the ii Ocial photo and when i explained the situation shrugged his shoulders and advised me to conic Back after i grew another Beard. Going Cut i chanced to notice u Cost Amer s shop and was with an inspiration. .1 rushed Over bought that curio now on the Wall and returned to the Bank chipped it on my classic Mug. And said now Gimme that Money there was some talk but i got it. And afterwards i worked the same scheme from one end Europe to the other. The Bank an amusing Amer ican eccentricity. Without it i would have lost at least a month laying somewhere waiting for my bristles to break 0. Times Democrat. Ill l ii i j in i a in t i i i. L is Jewwl woman left she carried a big bundle of and a Many of the Nul ssi iries of the morning there in Ruddy countenance who Sunie Wiit shocked the lady of the House with this say. In iat lady you guv the tilings to yes to re a wants to know if you Velji a pair of skates tha me Oro her can Lake hairy people cannot Friuk Coffee at i ii. It spoils their you Cui drink Uram when you please am like a top. L or Oain-0 dots not stimulate i nourishes cheers and a eds. It looks am a sets like the Best Dofice. For nervous persons you Iii people and children Cra-si-0 the perfect drink. Made from pure get a package from your grocer to Day iry in in place of co Iii. I and 25c. New translation of k. S. V. P. A Clergyman upon the i a new living nor far from London resolved to i invite ail Pavis Vidners to an at Home in order to make Timeir Accel Saintani Eai Cut or. Cards to that Tii act. A visitor Call Hii at one of the was Al in this Way have Bien so much to see you for my neighbor and i have got an invitation card Bill Are so puzzled about the four in uts in tin Corner. says Iliev i in an clip you Ais Lut i Lio a you be Able to Tell i t the Missouri Pacific and Iron i Tilousi Iii Toute arc nine Injia i excursions to the West and Visout invest. I f crets nil Sale March eth and 20th, april so and Vittli at. Very Toiv rates. Maps i old cars time cards Iii pirated pamphlets of the various states Mai us free on Appi Caiiou to h. C. I Ott ii Seoul. I. P. T. A., St. Louis. Not All Taffy. Can Yon Tell me who Ananias asked the old Man of the proprietor of the Book store. Of course 1 was the reply. He a As Champion liar of the world at one time. Did anyone Call you Ananias 7 yes. Sir. Yes called me Ananias and darn my if did t think he was Givia me a Bushel of Praise next Man who Calls me Ananias won t never know a hat House fell on evening news. Ton can Cit Allen " foot Kane Faiee. Write in Ili Tii to Ailyn s. Louis cd. Toj k. Y fora free Sample of alien s no t w shake into your shoes. It cures chilblains swollen Uchino feet. It makes nov. Or Tii lit is Oes a certain cure for corns and Hisiu Iowa. All Druid fists and shoes orcs sell it. That was t much. Were in the he queried of the Man who had been telling about the Battle of Santiago. Was the reply. And you in arched and suffered and fought and was a to sir nothing of the kind. I Siriph landed at Santiago. hip ranks of the enemy forced him to surfs Niler. And then la Ouight about the end of like of thai was ail Eli i Jug your Pardon for the i or. He Kriv. the sunday so Looi Toad u r. Our lesson to Day in Aclis that we Are .2001 while Here on Earth when we die we Iii go to a place of everlasting Bliss. Hut suppose we Are Lirui i to of Etc Las Tiu Rej lied a Small lion at tiie foot of the Yonkers statesman. s Fri icily moves t to bowels each Day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver Aud kidneys. Cures sick head ache. Trice 5 and in j. A Yub orca. Miss noticed that or. Brown who sat next to you. Was quite in miss in Popery due t it was your dear. Lie turned to my when Yogi had Lini Sieu and

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