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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 19, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 2f no. 31. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa ma11ch terms a year i i liquid Sulphur Cotera cure Spanish stud ints Are still indulging j the new 1 Ork delegation to the House ods of dollars for Iowa their hunted of the Yankees by St Louis convention is divided. Major Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the burning the stars and stripes. Souie Mckinley s i rinds have succeeded worst i Woitra Iii Huttt a of of our College buys Aiu Iii Siim tin. J la us m eleven slates and i oven be Joad doubt fools of Spain by subjecting the Topan to the indignity in to be the greatest discovery of the age and is the Only guaranteed remedy placed on the a Market for the pre i country. American students so mention and enc of hog cholera. With j display More sense the enormous Corn crop and present j prices Farmer can afford to be with i out compound liquid Sulphur cholera Jure nut Only the Best but cheap est remedy on the Market cos1 ing less than one Quarter of a cent per Day Lor each log. For Sale by a l. Hawks read our free Booklet of Mic Robic Dis eases. It is Lucio red that general Clai sons visit to the i incise Coats is in the in i Terest of senator Allison s candidacy for the presidency Clr Arnos. A strange phenomenon has been the Lowa Cap Tai i Lac Young s re notice i in various parts of the state of published at Des Moines Nebraska. There has not been much cont aided the pictures of a Cali 300 be Heig nth and to keep the Hedges Clear of Brush and noxious weeds is before Lac Senate. Cei Itoi Lack suit s Iii fur j a fee of for of any i organisation for pecuniary profit and of per thousand of each thousand it is Worth Lour Hie rain in the state during the past fall and Winter yet streams which were dry last year Are Lillie in with water from of the Best a Sillito in the stoc c above except ing building and loan associations Las i passed the Senate. I the Senate has passed a Bill muting i i r o a Levy a 1-10 Mill for tiie relate umber j Iowa republicans last wednesday. By j j the Way Lafe Young is getting out one j the ii in its Asci unknown sources and Wells Are higher than usual. The weather Bureau has begun an investigation. Treasurer Spaulding of the Iowa methodist All m. Up Wortlie 1-Rague meet Sitf at Brill. Prayer the Silay cuing. W. Pastor. Chi Ustun sunday it 11 a. M. In. Christian Emle Avei Nitt in. Prater Mei a Btu wednesday Uin. J. Will p. In. Young 1 Peoples meeting at . It aver Niue Titis tuesday pastor. Baptist Prei coins Emy 1-t sunday in each month Al 11 a. In. Cuil p. In. Maiuu school every saudi in at in a. M. In emus held in tie 1 Ilion school Bouse. U. Pastor. I Harmac commission is Short some in his accounts. It is said the is a list of the Dele-1 that speculation in options caused his societies. F. A. Is. A k to. M. Comer Stone Lodge 231. Communication Oil or before full Moon. Tilting Brothers in Woodst Fendius cordially inv Ted to Kobbert hug gut. I 31. S. H. Davis Bee. A o. O. R. . Metis ilium Day Eteuini of Earh w Eek. A visitors cordially invited. A. Ii 3luti. X. Of. Ii. I Beelar Lodge. 21b, Lut Eto each . Visions a Tebren invite to. K. A k. Of . I. In of ii. Olleeta uie old tuesday a igbo in each to Iii m Ouel Fellows Hull. L. W. If. J. Pituc. Set. K. C Hie. Lei rare tilt it and cd Tutor slav of Tau month at i o Louk Milf. A str Mir. Pres. Tus. I ice Hock Post , to itts la sat Iucci of each month. T. Com. W. B. Siua sikh aunt. C i. L meet burs any. Trip i. Ifni. A. 31. Of Brishc Gates at Des Moines last week to represent Iowa in the St. Louis convention West june. Their instructions Are for Allison cd Elk vols at Lall it James s Clarkson d. To Henderson John h. Gear and w. P. Hepburn. Alternates at w cur is of Clinton Al g Mcmillan Koek Ujj in id j a Ericson Coonc Phil Seha Lei. Sious City. Co ruin. He is under arrest i modified form has pissed both houses j and 13 the governor s Sigma Wahidi it Mil doubtless get. The anti insurance Combine Bill has passed the House the insurance companies Maue a very hard fight and the end is not Jet it is announced that sue Spauld ing Sec Reury mid ties Eicr of the first c Davis of Kuk c m Junkie of second Baker son county George French county. If. The Bill prohibiting the Sale and manufacture of cigarettes has passed both brandies of the legislature and if i by Jov. Drake will become i Joar -1 of fluid Niamey commissioners has j a Law on the 4th Day of robbed the state of something Over his now under Ariest and i locked up in thu county jail As his Bond expired i year aug the will the treat a vent of the week a the ,0ie to is Respol Sibie state Republican convention in i is i for Moines for the selection of delegates to j the National convention in St. Louis. I to come and Sec what we have in our store. We say without Blush ing that we have the newest Best and most Complete clothing store in town. In fact it s the Only one. We Don t keep everything from Shingle nails but Only clothing and furnishings and we have Gath ered together such a Stock that we arc confident we can suit you in Price and style. Des Moines letter i As the weekly will give its readers a Jack much Fuller notice of this event than i Scott can in a Short article i will be very Brief. Allison was a the air. Dele third Dis Edward Knott of Waverly capt j f merry Manchester fourth b Zeigler West Union de Collins Northwood filth i Struble Toledo s w Bat Burn. Of Marion. Sixth Maon Iii of Gates wore Allison badges smoked Al Shoa cigars and talked walked and voted Allison. Whatever May be the Fate of great statesman in the future he certainly had one Day All to Kimseu and hat was March was no strife whatever regarding the Opelio w u of Keokuk. J election of delegates they dropped in seventh b Folk or u d of Madison. Eighth d Banks Wilson crib on r 11 Spencer mount. Ayr. Ninth Baldwin Council Bluffs Silas Wilson Atlantic. Tenth g c Call of to their places almost without a ques Tion. Lowa will Send one of the most enthusiastic delegations in the nation to St. Loution the int Chest of her beloved son and the country generally. The speeches Here magnificent especially governor Drake Las Cut the Borduin knot he has appointed mrs. Laura Hope. Of a Vaishali , As librarian in place of a Reighton or. J. J. Gibson of Crawford county As Veter May Turgeon in place of prof. Stalker. In the other offices the present incumbents hold Over. The governor seems to have ideas of Bis own regarding appointments for which be is to be congratulated. Auditor Mccarthy last week issued a statement of the condition of 197 state Banks and 170 savings Banks. The total shows consolidated assets of there arc deposited in these Banks ocs.70 2.72.thc Banks arc in excellent condition perhaps the Best of any state 111 the Union. Only. We will not Rob you and will guar Antee to treat you White when you come in. Vyrtle t Ull. Blur Jolius c. Us Eijiu. Terms of Couit Moui Laj in january. 1-t a Louila 2nil monday in september. 2nd monday Lucius Lane Cui Innabi. Charles City Phillip Shultz Marble Bock to Soihr pippin. Lockford it. S. Chi Chester Rindfl j. C. Merrill eeg Ninf meetings 1st to inlay in i april. June and september Mui november. January in county o ulcers. Auditor o. treasurer. Cash a. Larr clerk of the courts. A. Ii. Incr Rinnan recorder superintendent Surveyor county attorney. Coroner is.11. In. Ii. Ailis a. Funk Lingenfelder c. W. Knickerbocker township of Levis. Pm times of the peace e p Blister. Us constables Charles t 11e vim chill c Dyrland. 31 i Ferrian c w Hoffman and j ii Mereia. City officers. Mayor recorder Joseph Wiloth u b Rosenkrans treasurer. J Martin Street 1. Feb More marshal. Daily incl m Fletcher h Kobe Krans a it Meier Chas Weber r uni Sgutt unto township school Hoard. President. Geo w u b sies try Myrer. John Gates 1 Mck Myrreld. A Tulue 3 Harry Packman t John Gate 9 e s James parched. 4 Lew in Man. Ceo to Kun sell o Efi Berdaus 10 sum Shaffer. 11 Phi Shultz. Those of Dolliver and Tummins. The. 11 i f i v i air trip eleventh c ver could make but one speech should j or of to i that he had a severe Kinney trouble rapids 1 h Lle sch tedious of rapids. Bead him at the convention. J for Many Acari Pauig n Drake wit i and ills Back and Albo that Bis bladder was Tho Siler men arc Ull at sea about a i policy. Aces thing to report and the worst befuddled of ail of them is main is urging the completion of the aft dec cd. He tried Many so called code. The idea the the code can Fenu j coat peeled at tins ses Tiou is Tor Carter. Or Carter has been in jail i it will doubtless be done. K0 i kidney euros but without any Good to suit about a 020 housing electric bitters and found Relief at once Scott town nip of ulcers. Marsh g x Bawnik. Vol Nev Beers. Leov Bailey. Town w Nicholson. Kinner i in hitter bettor. Scat to pm shop school Munro. John Binl iop secret Irr. George x Baldwin t Torrick. I Tohn Job shop z e w 3 Chu Uker. 4 Jofin shirt Bruce Ward i k c . Junann Ogham. S 3 w Jeffrey. Jolin lice. J. and convey Ancer. And collection agent. Insure Alioe ni1 goal estate. Money o loan on Short or Long time in sums to suit Cost Nitro is Rock Tow a the City several times of Ute and he has on each occasion told friends that the Silver men Nerc outlining a policy and that in time they would come to a definite conclusion. Many of the Sil ver men so report says Aie in favor of cutting Loose from the old pal ties and going into business for themselves sen Ator Pettigrew of South Dakota who has been doing some Stalwart work against Mckinley in Bis District is Oce of the strongest opponents of this pol icy and recently in a conversation out lined a policy for the Silver men to Fol Low. Senator Pelt grew said frankly that the Silver men did not wish to dominate the convention and name the nominee neither did they want the Gold men to. They simply asked that a Man be chosen who would be accept Able to both sides and who would be known As an honest Man he added that in senator Cushman k. Davis the East bad an advocate of the Gold Stan Dard and yet the West knew him As a fair and Man. A Tro old not be unacceptable to us. If the St Louis convention would pass some sort of a Resolution providing that the Man nominated Lor the presidency would not veto any measure that inight be passed by Congress after deliberate consideration unless convinced that Cor 1 rust methods had been used to pass think that would obviate a Bolt and Mckinley Reed or any other Candi Date would to acceptable to York Tribune. Knights of Tok the stats commander writes us from Lincoln. Neb., a after trying for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in oar two child run we tried or King s new disco my and at the end of two Days the cough entirely left them. Will not be without it he a after. As our experience proves that it cures where All other Nero Edies Stevens state not give this great Medicine a trial is it is guaranteed and trial bottles arc free at a. I. Aptt co of drag store. Be Gaur Mas 50e. 91.00. Both houses Are beginning to hold eve Ning sessions and business is being Dis patched. Some Dills Aie being introduced and some Are being indefinitely Kilt in senator Kilburn will make a Strong fight in the Senate Lor women s Suff rage the Bill to separate Joung Sioui adult criminals has passed the Senate. 1 Oik Wells Lias been refused a Pardon will have to wait years for another Elc tiie bitten is especially adapted to cure of All kidney liver troubles and o ten almost instant Relief. One Nial prove our statement. Price Only one Lor Largo bottle. At a. J. Asper i co. Drug store . Ra1lwat. A a Iowa state encamp Jent at Cedar rapids april 2sth to 30th, one pare for the round trip from All Points in Effort the we Bouse Bill was Down in the House but has been resurrected and passed. A warehouse Bill enabling Farmers to store ram and revalue i tickets sold april 27. And j9, Good upon it should be passed by this legis lature. Representative St. John de Ope Price to All. Bargains Here Are some sure. Agents of on March lot april 7th and 2lst serves

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