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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 18, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22n0.32l a f Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa March 18, is97. Terms a year a. F. A. M. A v. A a. Stone to. 251. Communication we tuesday of before to attend. I Hobbert Llu get. W. M. 11. Sec. I j the House refused to concur in the a Senate amendment the salary j of the Railroad commissioners from j Mckinley s message to Congress was a very Short Docu Lieut and treated Only of the deficiency in thursday j j j i. O. O. F. Hock 1-Odite, to. Rue end Iwock. Yator cordially ii Tea. I Ibe revenues of the government. Ii. jno.s19. Meets tuesday tote Usu f Eack Viii Muir Brethren invited. W b. Vuithi a. j clearly shows that the present Revenue j measure leaves a Large deficit every month and says that Confidence cannot be restored until the government is Able to meet its obligations. He urges j upon Congress the necessity of prompt action. I a Southern editor s View. I the lord loves a cheerful giver. Hell take care of the editor lie Mas a Chariei from the state to act As a do r i mat for the Community. He will get k c i meets at the Hong of mrs. Stewart the 1ft and j he paper out somehow and stand up up for you i. L. Of 11. Meets the 3rd tuesday in each Mouth in add Fellows Hall. B. J. Anklet Bee. Sec. M. In. Marble Stock Camp. -146s. meet luf Tuond mud fourth a a Tilsy of each Mouth at Odd Fellows Yir iting in Good Are cordially Anutt in to nit eur. A. 11. Meier. A if. I Xix id Thun Day of each Mouth at 2 k. -1 Aspek Sec. In rile Rock Post to. Is meets first Intuit us if each month. C. T. Am a com. V. C. Cd Abt Kee allot. W c t l meets every thursday. , i Rajji Cut miss a. M. Secretary. I Ruchos. Methodist at 11 m. Epworth league meeting it j when you run for office and lie about your Pigeon toed daughter s a Okay wedding and blow about your big footed son when he sets a four Dollar a week Job and Over your shrivelled soul when it is released from its gasp ing body and smile at your wide s second marriage. Don t worry about the editor hell get along. The Only knows fkr Twell s a Sun. The less Iowa people have to do with Chicago boards and exchanges the better during the Grain flurries of Llic Al isl Al Lulu has lost More Money in speculations in Chicago than she has from hog cholera or soft Corn combined. Louato Daj has hundreds of men from Farmers to Bankers who were ruined through such speculations. The Chicago speculators have to live and that a Vijh. It costs Money to support them and that Money comes irom the in the states adj cent to Illinois As Well As from Illinois. The speculators can and Vance prices just to attract fools who do not know what to do with their Money. Tho Best thing to do is not to speculate do not Gamble on another Man s Siauau Sor he is sure to get the Best of it in Register. The end Iowa state ii Istian civic ecu i in m. It a so d m Prav at 11 free sundays at 11 . 7-30 . Voting Peoples meeting at to adv every sunday in each month All . In. A nudity school every sunday at 10 s. In. Services held in the Union school House. Ii. Cihat pastor. Mayor Kuc order City officers. Joseph cloth ii b Kobe Krana treasurer. Martin Street , t. Jesmore Xue Luil Willard attend c Daila Uil vim Fletcher ii Rosenl trans a 11 Meier Chas Weber k Union Towi Phlp school Board president Geo w Russell. Treasurer. John Gates direct oks 1 Nick fetid to 6 Madison Bine 2 ils Rry t room t k r Walster s Parcher 4 be Winemi Kussell 5 Egbert Davis. 10 Shaser 11 Phil Shultz. Scott town help Borhcers. s. Constables genre Reed Kif Lilac town c Novrell Linsber Mars i and Scott township school Lioard. Cru Puent John Bishop Secretary. George x Bald in treasurer Hanes d Merrick directors John Bishop. Bruce Ward. E 0 dec Spaul Diiuro chasm Ker 7 to cunning hair John Ahart. 8 j w Jeffrey 0 John Losee. Judicial. C. Sherwin. J. F. Cledu. Terai of court-4th monday in Joa uary monday in May 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Board of supervisors. Charles City Marble Bock Hockford a Kidd Lucius Lane chairman Phillip Shultz. Timothy pippin b. S. Chichester j. C. Merrill Regulas meetings monday in january april june and september and my monday a november. County Oln Corn. Auditor a. N Linda Sun treasurer. Cash m. Can clerk of the courts Willard i Errin recorder . Johnson superintendent a 11. Ailis Surveyor f. A. Liziene Cobty attorney Frank Linkenfelder Coroner c. W. Knickerbocker Sowu shop justices of the peace e p Falster is Davis constables t Hel. K k Woji Clidel. Wanted immediately. According to the order of the town ship meeting in Cash or 25.0uu bushels of sound Corn to be stored away in the Marble Rock school House and dry Earth closets wanted further in Cash or bushels Olcorn wherewith to pay expenses for deliver ing said bushels of Corn. There is further wanted by the Board of in Cash or 20.000 bushels of Corn Lor tunning the said school at Marble Rock for one either in Cash or bushels of Corn to pay expenses for marketing those 4. 000 bushels. It thus takes bushels of Corn to furnish Cash for the said school one year. There is further wanted by the Board in Cash or bushels of Corn to run the schools outside of Marble Rock for one year and about bushels More to pay expenses for marketing 27.000 bushels we now have bushels to Supply this demand nor is this All it Trust be remembered that the producer and taxpayer has incurred expenses which must be provided for which will nearly equal its present value including marketing so that in order to defray expenses and Realise Nel the amount above required it will to now brother Frau is confiscate lion bushels of Corn after Maling this delivery if you have any Oats or Corn left bring it right for it will All be wanted for the payment of county Aud state taxes. If there is nothing left you will have this Consolation that summer is the Corn Chicago publication declares that while most agricultural colleges teach boys Wiott to dislike farm ing and put into their Heads notions entirely Ai variance with the practical common tense work deeded to produce even in Rich soil the Iowa agricultural College actually does boys How to farm. This teach the College it adds is located at Antes on a farm of 900 acres and the state has spent in providing magnificent buildings in which the partner boy can persue his studies and put into practice what he learns. He is taught How to sow cultivate and Harvest Grain of All kinds How to select seed and improve the Quality of the soil How to milk a and Market a Pip How to make butter and cheese and How to take care of fruit Trees and Flowers. At the same time it gives the boy a Good com Mon sense education which is necessary in these Days of Competition As to the knowledge of farming. The Fanner of the future will be a Man who uses his brains As his hands and the bettered Uca Ted he is Tho More easily will he be Able to meet the demand made upon i by tie improved methods Ali ice arc already being put in operation daily capital. The Cedar rapids Republican ends an Able editorial of office seekers As follows Abraham Lincoln was an office seeker. He became such at an Early age he sought legislative honors and after some disappointment won them. He ran in and around that establishment Dur ing its occupancy by or. Cleveland on the change. The crowds j Wii Tuii Jiuu Kuvin 10 me line during the past week have not teen treated As unwelcome intruders but As Friendly callers and All this without j any gush on the part of president me j Kinley or of or Porter his Secretary j senators and representatives Are once More treated As though they had equal share in running the government in fact so far As appointments Are concerned Mckinley has let it be known that they Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price we do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania duct shipped in barrels. Throw away v 11 Quait y a Tuituu Tolj in ump i Umair 1 1 t m Point agents will be nude a once which j you Chu Wicks a Eccl with Pool Oil and try ouf Oil with a 11 cd Wick ail you will he scr have have More than an equal share. While it has been virtually decided lint Only those a Are considered absolutely necessary the information has been Given to j and representatives that the state Dele j Gallons must get together and agree a loft Dother with Voltl lamps. Upon Tho applicants for tie Proun nent appointments before they will be made j 1 Oul s Tot Milt Lial Benefit Geo. W. Gates. La division of a St Ite delegation for Congress. Lie made a fight the senator ship and was Defeated Hull l us nil be fatal to an applicants Clr Anees beyond appoint ing the assistants to therner bars of the Cabinet the ambassadors and More prominent ministers and fill ing vacancies there will be very few appointments made Lor several Mouths to come As president Mckinley is More intent upon giving the country Prosperity than upon tilling a few offices and until the work of the extra session is completed he will devote his Best energies to the entire country rather than the comparatively Lew who want office. There is almost or quite a quorum of the next House already in Washington. The Republican caucus for the nomination of officers will be merely a ratification meeting As it is an absolute certainly that speaker Beed and All the other officers will be renominated chairman Dingley says there will be no delay in reporting the new Tariff Bill to the House at the extra session. Speaking of the reported intention of t t rift 1 n i Bill that tie duties therein should go into effect upon the Day the Bill is in j or. Dingley called attention invincible unsurpassable without a rites u regular Wobu Lias read it fur Many years of the twice a week Issue of the to a constitutional Barier to making a Law retroactive and said that the most the Bill could do was to provide that the higher duties should be paid upon All importations which might be in bonded warehouses at the time it be comes a Law. Senator Inanna gives his private Sec he rotary. Or. S. A. Perkins who entered sought the presidency and despised not pah ftps As president of the Republican practical politics in seeking it and yet Jollene league a few years ago and he was a Patriot All the time. Garsed j ,733 on duly at the new York was an office seeker so was James u. I of the Republican blame and William Mckinley. Almost every american who has attained distinction in Public life has been an office seeker. Lincoln was not above accepting a Small Post office at one time. The fact is that we have taken a sickly sentiment in politics since the Advent of . Professional near at hand and the children can Barefoot. How men of sense can mugwumps to has branded men who template to spend on the j seek Public place As impostors and National committee during the late Aud this is the unanimous verdict of its More than half a million is beyond All com Parison the biggest Best and cheapest National and family journal published in America. It is strictly Republican in politics but it is above All a newspaper a ado Ives All Lite i Civ promptly accurately and is indispensable to the Farmer. Merchant or professional renin who in keep thoroughly posted but has not time to read a Large daily paper while it great variety of Well selected Reading matter makes it an invaluable Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies free. To Globe co St. Louis to. Rescind some of them outright. There i i a doubt that some of the extensions Havo proved More Benefi Ciu rational Church. It was put to u vote was the disbanding of the presbyterian Church Iii the formation of a Jon Gre Marble Rock school House now in apparent Good repair is More than i can fell unless it is to build up the As it has Beeti alleged to furnish work would be the inference is we suppose that we should return to tie example of f Cincinnatus everlastingly and Send out into the Fields and shops for town mechanics. Hut that is not and drag men to Public station Law and will not scour at the expense that is the Only Way office half nor of the taxpayers halt somewhere. There ought to be a of this extra expend and can be made honest Cut the common sense of the american people will reject All Campaign a year probably the largest salary drawn by any private Secretary in the country Secretary tins week issued advertisements for proposals for furnishing tons Fri tier the i Nois. The Al Binta an l the Wisconsin. The Price for the same not o exceed a ton As provided by act of the or individuals than to the government service the following senator have appointed a co Manittee been with authority to decide what shall be done Roin swarming the committee vacancies and and carried and than made unanimous a petition a been finl to the presbyter a to that effect Llev. Or. Konkin claims in he had been Cut he could have kept the congregation other questions Allison Hale Rich jul lot Davis Sewe ant the Silver ref Ubl ieans and a Carter wanted the democrats to join with them 1 he bids will be opened r i in the Senate not Dit re was a necessity at this particular j this nonsense even if they have not time no one ought to complain but it already done so. Is not. T therefore enter my Earnest the sentimentalist and hypocritical j every Day county the Iowa i it to Teeter defendant you Are hereby notified Liat there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and staking that a cer Tain real estate mortgage made and delivered to you by Wesley series dated May 18th, 1863, and recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of Floyd county m Book of mortgages on 92, be cancelled of record and claiming that the debt secured thereby has been paid and for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified that unless you a per thereto and defend before noon of the a Cood Day of the next Juny term of the said District court of flood county Iowa to be commenced and held Al the court House in Charles City on i the question discussed where j tray notwithstanding. Would if our legislators my last Congress in april and they will be looked for j Cou a Ward to nit i much interest because of cent the proffered Alliance. The Senate Clou t to whether there solid foundation Lor the talk boat new bidders entering this Liula and whether bid. It seems that most people failed to Realise the enormous is mentions of the forced and accepting is sent the of lion a i Wood appointed by the of r to the committee on Al actions for i civil service rules made under the last the unique spectacle of an entire Church denomination deserting their another Iowa in Hardin Bacn protest against this useless expenditure. Fault finder has already had too Lone a this is no time to trifle with your Day in american politics. He has pocket books in experimenting with been a disturber and Pharisee All the sup crucial ideas simply for the fun of it. J time. The american ambitious to hold no Ona can Tell whether in a year or a Public office might possibly been two hence we will he As Well off san raged in something which would bring scially As we Are today. No one dare him greater Reward provided he Dis to predict. Achy count chickens be i played an equal amount of Energy in appear thereto and defend before noon fore they Are hatched but we Are jts Pursuit nevertheless the ambitious i told the vote wis unanimous and american politician is neither a Knave number of banners there too. I ask j nor a nuisance mugwumps to the con men can be heard expressing their sur ithe of in prise on this subject after they called at one of the big depart make enquiries about St in Brief excepting the net Bers of the Cabinet their private g Ivy Murtif in called at one of the big departments to j Munu Al Ock. A j of about 400 inhabitants. Kev. 11 1 to j a Oncin has bin the pastor of i Icib Terian Church which embraced about 100 so los for o or a lie secretaries ambassadors and labourers and scrubbing women. D also of the Heads of half a dozen j sometime there h i Boon a bureaus such As 1 eni Ion lion a lion on Tiit j Uri of a of rendered thereon As prayed. Plaintiff. Congress disposed of their work sum i and without debate we Impi j not at All neither can we Washington letter. And labor Tho entire line of govern i a i t to 1 1 rent Emp loves arc embraced in the i class Inird service which is controlled by i 1iapilil" occupied the civil civic Rule along about cd Chin he March 1897. Nest . The Tariff Bill a president Mckinley is demonstrate j Baconis a Law and More prelim matters ing what a Radical change it is possible have Boon looked it will no Holey Over Venice is and the a. A Aii 10 a Viii Cedar or be tie was at the a 9nm thing for a transaction Tate blog. Bilious Ness sick la Abacuc fur-1 survive much continue red Tongue Amer piles and in is Are Audilu Gisli Jook at it 5

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