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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 12, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. No. 30. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa March i Belg. Terms a year liquid Sulphur colera cure it a vibe thousands of Dolours for Iowa it Man. Thoroughly tested m the a Bolero Iole cled dial Ricks of slates ind proven beyond doubt be the greatest discovery of the the Only guaranteed rent eds Ever placed on the Market Lor the pre Why the widow of general Gresham should be entitled to a pc Sion of per Mouth a beyond the Conception of Ordinary minds. General Gresham Dur ing his life time held lucrative positions under Tho government for Many years. The government owes his widow prices to Farmer can afford 10 be with Cut compound liquid Sulphur cholera care. Nut Only the Best but cheap Ett remedy on the Market less than one Quarter of a cent per Day for each hog. For Sale by a l. Hawks Bead our free Booklet on Mic Robic Dis no Ventiro and cure of hog cholera. With i More than they owe every other old the enormous Corn crop and present Soldier a and exists no reason Why the government should make an Etc Eption in her behalf. In this connection we would say that the Bill before the Iowa legislature giving capt Lukes widow the salary for the unexpired term of her husband is wrong and should be Defeated our official Salar ies Are supposed to a Large enough to tempt men to leave the walks of Pri vate life for the easier emoluments of official positions this bios a fact known by All the salaries should cease when service a no longer rendered. The legislature has no moral right to vote away the Peoples Tuoney in this manner the poor Man s widow who has but a single cow to help support a Largo family should not be taxed to support the widows of deceased officeholders. Chi Echos. 11 it. a m. Up Rorth league at . Meeting thursday Menine. . Castor. Chi Iliin Maui ten i reaching a Tiuliu at 11 m. M. Kuderer in inti att our. In. Prater meeting in. Or my Cibij 11 a Uusi j. N ill 1 of nor Ai i a in. To at p m. Yothin people meeting at . Meroni ones Jan Erci Tius . reaching exert a to sunday in Esch m. 7.to p. W. Miu Cuy tool Raon Iha try sunday at 10 a. L Nion school Huwae. Day held m the 11. Giant i l Tor. Societies. A. F. It a. Ill. A a. Stone Lodge to 231. Communication kudu Sedat on or before Fullmoon. Timus Brothers in goods chiding cordially invited to attend. Job Bart Husi it. W. It. S. Ii Dat u. Sec. I. U. Of r. A Noble Hock to Eye nine of cart to. S62, Micela thursday ii tors cordially invited. H. See. Ii. My Iii x. G. a Beelar Multi tuesday Ere my visiting Brethren nil two k. Tax Btl c. C each week. Tilt Datil k. Of h. B. J. Of if. Heels the 3rd tuesday 111 each Mouth in Odd Fellows Hall. L r. J. Acklis Sec. To. K. C. Meets at the Homo of my. Stewart the let and id Thure Dav of month at 2 o clock p. In. Mrs. K. A. St wait i act my. At run Des Moines letter. I who abstained from if the i House does not concur in the Bill pass the past week in Tho legislature was i cd probably to Mac of consent Bill will pass this legislature the Senate ways and Means commit tee submitted the expected statement it marked by unusual activity measured by the amount of work accomplished. The House passed the building and loan Bill on the 2d inst. In a most Busi regarding the of the state Ness like there were a number j shows of March the state Treasury of corrections Aud amendments to the was overdrawn. It Esti Bill but they were either slight or to mates that the amount available Tor sex advantage of the us one provision of this Bill is that no one person can vote More than Sis per cent of the entire Stock in proxies the nest Day after the passage of the building and loan Bill Tho House passed the of consent Bill making the age 1c years Fiat the Senate wrangled Over this measure for Day tract binary appropriations will be if a us and a half Mill Levy is Nadu the situation confronting the legislature is seen when it is known the requests for extraordinary appropriations we ready i now to show you the Best assortment of clothing and gents furnishing we t amount to almost the goods in town. We Don t keep any r i i s i thing else. In t it natural then to estra Ornum appropriations of the to Runty fifth general Assembly amount but the to i he condition of the War and rumours of War. The time seems Ripe for an expression of popular feeling. A state of unrest seems to pervade All nations of the Earth. To the unprejudiced observer it looks As though a Gigantic struggle must be the result of All this tent up feeling and unrest. Italy and Spain Are engaged in wars that Are making bankrupts of them. Their people need but Little encouragement to raise a Revo Lution in these countries a reverse of their armies is liable to at any moment govern internal liar he Stock Post. So. 3us, Mcclat first saturday of each month. C. T. Com. A. B. Cite Trsar adj. W v t u meets every thursday. Mhz. Tiled. T la aleut Juns a. M. , Secretary judicial. To. Burr John c. Shenyu. Of court-4th Llo Dilay m january 1st in 2nd monday in september 2ml Xoa Day 111 Ember. Board of is urn. Lucius Lsne Chilli urn Phillip Shultz Timothy pippin it. 3. Chi Ciesler to. C. Merrill turn the populace against i he merits and inaugurate an War England is constantly making preparations to meet any emergency that May Arisa by the increasing of her naval Power and her preparations for a great struggle surpass the rest of the world. France and Germany Are on Liju i Pui Ilicia Vum Tiseo Usu Iurii explosion May at any moment be is i pc Ted. With All these signs of War that May involve the peace of the world our government at Washington is allotting almost every other nation of importance to outstrip it on the Ocean. Should a general War break out our Small Navy would tie unable to House disposed of it in than fifteen minutes the House is setting Down to business there Are but few obstructionists la the body and they Are usually sat so suddenly and so heavily that they give but Little trouble. Now if the code is handled in the Busi Ness like Way that those two Bills were disposed of it will be finished before time for adjournment Aad expense de Lay and trouble will be saved besides this the Republican party May be saved from the odium of an extra session at the expense of the people. The Senate has passed the Kinder Garten Bill a measure that i described in my letter a few weeks ago Givins school boards the right to establish such schools. The correspondent of the Muscatine journal was flayed by members of the Home one Day last week. It seems that he made some gossip that had been going around into facts. Representative Funk and several others Pio be Decd to Pace his Pelt upon the Fence in Royal the gentleman will probably be careful hereafter As to what assertions he makes regarding the Char Treasury is accounted for by the fact that the previous general anticipated the revenues to be larger than the turned out that mate census and code in Ision made drafts not included in the estimates and because the Money in inc Treasury received from the government which was appropriated by for the erection of the sol Diers Monument was used in meeting other upon the state and has had to be called Lor during the last biennial Peu of. An Exchange wisely says that the curfew Bell lust ring in the Home and not on the town Hall. Acter and conduct of of oust. of the Marble Rock Rudd Mies beg Las 1st monday m january pril. June and september and 2nd monday in apri i Ember. Jonty officers. Auditor. To Reurer clerk of the courts. Recorder superintendent Surveyor conty attorney Coroner George s Hanford Cash m. Tarr a i it. Quack Cybush in f. A. 1 Rauk c. Knickerbocker torn slip Init Cosof e p Wal Star 3 ii Daus roast Rylei t hot if k we Thill c Darl Antl. M Merna c Ami j h mfr Feia. City of Lii in Tyor be Corier. To Retinger. Strut mkt Hal Al j to Martin o an Vul lace m d Sci h c Darland Fletcher. 11 flow Skrins Chas pcs Marc. V Meit a. Union township school Board. President n c Darla my. Styf tout. I b Sica John a " direct oks. 3 Jujic Ofeia. A Henry Culea i Harry Packman 7 John 3 Al i Ohrlund s Jam 1 a ctr 4 9 ceo w Kue Tuil. I Egbert is 10 Sam Chaffer. 11 Phi Shultz. Fscott town help Miles Marsh g x Baldwin. Beers i Eov Bailey. Town t w Nicholson. Tim teen Steucy w Itter or Toh Thip school Board. Pc Izeat j e Hamas. Secret Are. Geora x Baldwin tremor or Chines d St Mck Joan Bishop. I Brace . B w b e j Span Ding. I com t Bernard Mccook 4 Jokn Turt j e learn is. Lowing the manufacture j. W. And convey Ancor. And collection agent. Ii sur mice and heal estate. Money o on Short or Long time Lif Flims to suit costumers Rock. Iowa protect our interests abroad and Shou d we become involved a the struggle we could do no Mare than protect our own shores from foreign invasion. The trouble with England Over the venezuelan Boundry dispute May come up at any moment and we May be called upon to protect the Honor of this Conn try and Plant the Monroe doctrine fir oily into the soil of International Law. Should an unpleasantness of this kind occur Spain would at ence take Adan Cige of oar position in construing the concurrent resolutions of Congress into an on Friendly act and declare open Tilitia against the hated Yankees with All these facts staring us in the face Congress is making no preparations to enforce respect for the authority of the United states to Congress since the gos has done More to provoke in Terna Tinnil bad feeling than the present one. Almost any info arable Resolution introduced is sure to be passed by an 0 oct but cd pics to a question of placing the Navy on a footing with other Preat nations our statesmen hide behind the old thread Bare assertion that we Are a peaceable nation and need no defensive Navy one of two things is certain Congress should either Stop passing inf amatory resolutions or else it should place the Navy of the country on a i ing. A Ood Chance Sion of intemperance held .1 meeting on the 4th inst and agreed to a Bill Al of liquor in Iowa. It is aloud the line of the mulch Law and has elaborate provisions and details. Among others requiring a petition of sixty five per cent of the voters in Buh cities and counties upon which the present penalties against manufacture shall be suspended no tax is required. The Bill was prepared by senators Ellis Funk and Bronson. It is thought that it stands to pass. The Senate committee on schools has decided to re commend the passage of of representative Llauger s Bill requiring teachers in the Public schools to pass an examination in civics and economics and making a first class certificate Good for two years. The Senate passed the building and loan Bill by a vote of 46 to 0. A fight arose Over the Section requiring non Iowa associations to Deposit in Security with the auditor of state. Fusey referred to a decision of Crosscup As deciding that a Deposit made by an association in another state could not be held by the people of the state in which the Deposit is made in old people who require Medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the True ret Ady in electric bitters this Medicine does not stimulate and contains no whup by nor other intoxicant but acts As a tonic and alterative it acts mildly on the St Tuach and bowels adding strength and Giviner tone to the organs thereby aiding nature in the performance of the functions electric bitters i an Essellen and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Price fifty per bottle at a j. Asper go a cd Rush store. Suppose that we can serve you better than any one else in town. Our Stock is new and Bright and every i thing is up to Date. Are Ion see oar one Price and no Monkey business a Demorest s a Amily Ila Triazine for March is one of the Best we have seen the great navies of the world unfortunate Armenia the Boers their country and their Troub is Clever women sculptors and Modellers reclaiming a is divorce too easy Are articles that should be read by All As they Are Boih instructive and highly entertaining. De Norest s is published for jj2 a year by the Demor est fun thing company Avenue new Yucik. 110 fifth railway. A it Iowa state Encampment at Cedar rapids Apul 2rf h to Lith one fare for the u Lund i lip trom All Points in on the b c r n. R y the Quick step route1 to Cedar rapids. Tickets sold april 27. 28, and 29, Good to return until and including May 2ci. Call on agents for Uirt Lier intimation. On March kith april 7th and 21st and a Obj sex Ciui Ion tickets at rate of one Faro plus for the round trip to Points in eleven Bouthern states and territories Alsi to a number of of failure and this Roade futile the and a Ortner state.-. An Opportunity l to reach almost City in the Bouth provision to require such deposits. Senator Junkin took the decision showed by it and by a decision judge Field directly the opposite. R. Hartre in and port Atit Points in the Northwest. Tickets Are Good to return any tuesday or in and Day within tie limit which is 20 Days from Date of to s exp 5 5 foot two lives saved Phoebe Thomas of Junction cite. 111., was to a by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no Hope Lor her but two of or. King s new a Scoter cured her and she say it her life. Or. Thos. Eggers.189 Florida St san Francisco suffered from a dreadful cold approaching consumption tried without resale every thins else then bought one bottle of or. King s new discovery and in two weeks was cared he is thankful. It is such results of which these Are samples that prove the won that a Deposit can to used to protect tic shareholders in this state. He said Twenty six states require a Deposit of trom to and that no Owa association is operating in Illinois Missouri or Minnesota today because of this fact. The House passed the Phelps anti cigarette Bill by a vote of 09 to 21 and Marti Deranl Efficacy of coughs and colds at a. J Asper Keg or a this Medicine n free trial bottles co a

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