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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 11, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaOf no. 31. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa March a 1397. Rev Ferms a year societies. American citizenship has been and i Vani de 1m per cent n Spanish Estima a f. A. Stone Lodge no. 251. 0n since Toha Sherman exchanged regular communication Oil or before i to cordially invited to attend. S v Kobbert a govt. W. M. It is beginning to Dawn Mark Hanna succeeded John Sher Man As to. S. Senator from Ohio. Upon the mrs Cleveland retired from the court expenses will be considerably reduced if the Senate agrees to tie1 House amendment which provides that like i the i. O. O. F. Rook Lodge to. Iii. Meets thursday j h. Sec. I Lar Lodge no.21meets tues ii evening visiting Brethren United. W i. C. C i a. K. Of k. B. 1 minds of Many that the legislature will have to move somewhat taster than it i wishes of All americans. This could not be truthfully said of her husband. The republicans of the lower House Days shall fail to Capitol Hill. Find the salons on at Jefferson Lawa on March 3rd, 1s97, Happy a Poland China hog was sold for to a j meets the 3rd tuesday mgt i each to ouch in j or. Marsh of Waterloo. This is the j4dtetlowshall. Hojek Kano Tea. Highest Price Ever paid fur a hog. It. J. A Kijiyu rec. Sec. M. W. Of a. Marble How Camp. To. 44.m5 meet ii second am1, fourth of with imm thai at Dreis promised tile country that Odd 11x11. Suit Hor in stood i stand ii ire con Liall i Nueil to attend. _ h i Miv a Zeik n r j Fres Dent thinks sufficient Revenue up to the present time if the dog Wil meet in nest or the purpose of selecting officers. Speaker Reed will be re elected without opposition governor Bradley of Kentucky has appointed a. T. Wood to succeed Joe Blackburn in the Senate of the United states. Or. Wood has been a Republican Leader for Many years. President Mckinley in his inaugural i j address promised the country that no More Bonds should be issued. The new w. K. C. Meet Sarthe Lipomi of mrs. Szuwart if and id thursday of each m. . Cuttit Tina Aei it Sec. I should be raised to gradually liquidate tiie nations obligations com Stix them instead of in president Mckinley is not afraid of having Congress on his president Mckinley does not believe j that the concentrated Wisdom of tin entire nation is snugly stowed away in the White House Marble Hock Jos meets first each month. T. By com. W. C. Cd Autree adj. W c t u meets in i Hurst to. President. , a. M. 3tkr.m be Truar. The supreme court of i Cousin has decided that the state Board of health has nor Hutto vaccinate against Hia or her will any person who claims j exemption on the ground that be or she regards the operation As morally comr Tigs. Wrong and in violation of the Laws god of Frejer meeting til w. Itom sox pastor. Cubist tax sunday at ii m. And p. In. Christian Endeavor meets a seat to witness m. Fra crr meeting j. Will a free braday at ii . P. In. Youngr Peoples meeting at it aver meeting tuesday evening , i Astor. J sunday in each month a a. In. Audit Juii. M. Minday Schuol i every sunday at 10 a. Union of school Houtch. City on turd. Mayor recorder h b Kutch Franx treasurer. W Martin Street commissioner r. K. To Minoru marshal Willard Miloud u Juja Elauim Fletcher 11 Bose Krans a 11 Meier Chai Elier 11 Sluggett Union township school Linard i re Lieut Pep w treasurer. John Gates Dike toys notwithstanding the hard times i about persons will make the journey from All parts of this country to Nevada and pay from to Lor two human beings s. Pastor Pound each other until recognition from that of a beast is impossible. As soon As Mckinley was inaugurated president. Consul general Lee at i i Mew held in the j Havana cabled that Bis requests in be pastor. Half of american citizens imprisoned r i in cuban dungeons bad received re i Spect Ful consideration. Butcher Wey Ler knows when to quit monkeying with the Buzz saw. Accent investigations into the Coal Trust have developed the fac that the Price of Coal had been advanced 00 l 1 lt-1 v i j. Us i 1 j Mckinley is a car and straightforward state paper and if us suggestions Are followed out by Congress Pence and Prosperity will Ere Long prevail throughout the length and breadth of this Republic president Mckinley has called con Gress in extra session March loth. A number of the appropriation Bills hav receive Cleveland s g 111 a a if St of inv Jar -1 not pal i losing litigant the present Law Al lows Only to be taxed As costs while the new amendment provides for tax ing the entire jury fee As costs which i amounts to per Day. The lawyers of the Senate will fight the amendment and As they have nearly a majority in that body its passage seems somewhat j doubtful. The country can again hold up in head. We have once More an Auteri can in the White Man who j believes in America and in americans j who is the Friend of the Ameika an j ou1 people and not the pliant tool of their j shrewd foreign rivals a statesman who i Oil a Lull la How talk a Fojtl puts american interests and american Prosperity first isl who will give pro i Cidy Section to american labor to amen can industries and to the american Home if i Iii Ese of buy poor Oil when can get pro Cal Oil the slime Price j we do not Biry Oil Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrel s. Throw away old Wick used poor Oil and our will lamps ours to r Mutual Benefit never have nature will have to be by the new Congress. Mckay nude. Harry Packman e Walster Lew Inui an kit Jert Viivi Julue 7 John h Laue 1 Archer v to Kus Iell 10 Sam Thaler. Jul Lull Tell luuk. Vance in wages. And entirely in the interests of the la Phil Sulu. Scott or ulcers. . Sour lived Blake town Ell Karnei it to liter Tillies Ami Eichmeier. Scott town shop school president John Bishop. Secretary George x Baldwin treasurer d Merrick Bike toes 1 John Bishop Bruce Avard. 2 e w norber 0 dec Spaul Dinar i Chalker 7 j Cunningham 4 John Ahart s ,1 w Jeffrey u John Losee. Jcdici.1i. C. Shenvi. T. V. Cloe. Of court-4th monday in january 1st in my 2nd monday in september incl monday in Sove her. City Marble Rock stockford Board . Lanu. Chairman Charle Phillip Shilu. Timothy pippin h. S. Chiche Aier . Merrill Mica Lieg Nalaa me tins 1st Holiday in january Panl. Lune and september Aud and monday in november. County on cars. Auditor treasurer. Clerk of the courts recorder superintendent Surveyor county attorney Coroner 1 Liuda inon Cash m. Curl Perrin c. H. Jshii on a of a. Puziene Frank c. Or. Knickerbocker township off ices. E p Toalster. Is d us nah it "rc.t, k k vouch cell the raise was solely Mckinley s inauguration Day should Bave been regarded by every one of the millions of a Merman Labouring men As a Day sacred to labor a new labor Day. It Means the Dawn of a new Era of Prosperity to american labor it is the forerunner of the time Llinat will bring Back to american workmen the work of the american economist. What Congress will do with the tar Iff Bill presented by the Dingley com Mittee is a Nuest Iun in he mind of every Turifi Loving Republican the passage of the Bill in the House is assured but its Fate in the Senate is prob trusts Mcl Iisley. In his inaugural i i Leme tical and Uncertain. Gave the Trust a very Black Eye. And it is hoped that the attorney general its passage will follow up the president s suggestions and know la them Clear out of the the Republican parly of this state will need keep Al its members in line if it expects o carry the election this fall the work at Des Moines is Leav ing Many sore spots All Over the state the adoption of the manufacturing Bill will cause a Large sloughing off and the equable Over Federal appointments will deprive the Paity of Many valuable assistants this fall All these combined with Low prices will make the state election of 1s97 doubtful As to its out conic. In this body depends entirely upon the a single Type dropped from one of the forms of a paper a few j Days and in Cost the paper just a dry goods film there Advur-1 tired a special Sale of ladies wrappers at 9t? cents. It was the figure 0 that dropped out while the forms were be ing handled. A tremendous Crow it of women Weic at the store Early nest morning some coming shortly after Daybreak to get those wonderfully cheap eight cent wrappers. The firm realized that a serious error was made but it kept Faith with its patrons. Every wrapper in the House was sold at a big loss and a Bill Lor was then sent to the it paid to wit i out City Star speaker layers gave the Mem Bers of the House a Little of what bus been done and what to do with the so called Black or Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a a Lito a Rind it for Many years of Tiu twice is week of the the code of the commissioner.-, code contains 10o7 pages. M Suys the House has Bof Tii in Tea Days Aud Lias pus cd about Obi yrs Ion 50 non third of the i in f a intr course pursued by the Silver republicans or the Gold democrats if either of these factions will vote with the republicans the Bill pm be passed otherwise the country will have to wait two years longer to achieve the Victory gained the polls in 1s96. The following gentlemen compose Mckinley s Cabinet Secretary of of Ohio Secretary of j. Gage of Illinois Secretary of a Alger of Michigan attorney Mckenna yet remaining be passed is much More difficult and will require much Giorc than what hns been passed. Be says rate of work it will be impossible to adjourn before the first of june. He talked to the members about being present and urged each one to himself a committee of one to see that his seat is during any session.-. John Sherman resigned his seat in the Senate but held it until noon yes-1 Keiday thursday March and As j of he enters the Cabinet at once there will i of California. At the the executive and Linnee Conj hit tees of talk Board of trustees is the Iowa Leirion of Honor 4 it. Cedar rapids recently prior to the grand fudge i Etmo at it. Dodge. March 24., a number of important mat ters pertaining to the order were Dis cussed. Tiie Chiet topics of were the Extension of the order the of a Reserve fund the Contin postmaster a unions which Iliad been Secretary of Risavy John d. Long j be no break this time in the continuity of his service. He left Hayes Cabinet in lt-77 a Day before the presidential term Elodea and before the term in the Senate for which he was elected began except this Twenty four hours of Twenty aug Sherman has been in Public office continually for forty two years Man in the entire history of the country Ever equalled this record except senator Morrill who completed forty two years of service yesterday without an intermission of an Globe Democrat. I of Massachusetts. Secretary of the n. Of new York. T Secretary of Wilson of Iowa. To jobs Teeth of defendant you Are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd county state of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and asking that a cer Tain real estate mortgage made and delivered to you by Wesley series dated May and recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of Floyd county. I a in Book Ujj of mortgages on Page 92, be cancelled of record und claiming that the debt secured thereby has been paid and for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon. Of the second Day of the next May term the National government in the hands Rue decent of the said District court of flood j of party the people from and de at its Woid a Tina of the Herald As the official or san of the order Anc the increase of f the per capita tax. These re commeria Esterl in the of tic grand president were a unanimous vote of the officers present and Liis i tin unanimous of its Jimoh than half n million is hey old All Coll la Ami cheapest uial family a finial published in am circa. It i strictly ice publican in politics but it is above All a Ami give All a Laws and is indispensable to the b arguer. Merchant or professional who keep thoroughly to Ted. But not time to Reinl a daily paper while its variety of Well seize Ted Matin makes n an invaluable Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies free. 3 pb1xt1xg co. St. Louis to. Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware Sarness repairing a specially. We meet All honorable Competition Washington March retire ment senator Thierman from the up i per Jbranch of Congress senator .5k-Rnil of Vermont the senior Republic r Wilke legislative prayers Are de f m i a turn o. Luibli Suauu us _ i aug it pc Natol it i coup Lluu per prayer. At this rate senator Morrill w almost to lion to the almighty is be newly years of age and hence a not very vice couched in terms to please Fate ear of out to us Viator Morrill in i j him what votes the than of the p0int of service if Allison of i great Jehovah. The or. New j Iowa who i now a cunning his filth j my of the Oklahoma legislature Obj it j consecutive term in the Senate. He is i stripped Al competitors recently by i Jurj of age and in the full i i opening the legislature of Sil and flush of health. Therefore in -f45 c Send ver territory we Fth the Fot Lakinjr prayer the Republican party is now on trial. During the Campaign Many flattering promises were made by party orators and the press was pro a guide our footsteps from she Pitfalls j o fuse in its assurances of bettor times in the people would entrust the affairs of senator Allison i. To be made chairman j of lord upon trs and j i ctr Chi and chair non l committee. O hem this towels Lull oos alter tue members Oil q l acc the and nobody them of evil people irom the Anu Denton evil and Gurdeep Noyo on e newspaper doubts fitness for that people who wondered Why tic . Did not Clay of May a. D., j u with now expect j Isle clearly the far Reink states will be entered against you and rend real thereon As Pray ii. 26f. b. Plain tit. I an improvement in the condition National affairs. We believe the Ile us cubans Good father and a for ton. J Pelican party will prove equal to the a transaction Iuli and unless its plans arc Man preferred to be Marr of the sit sure bilious Ness sick hip by nation on Capic Hill and that no place in the Cabinet not Eyen that of Secre of Ita w an advancement thin if. Fry a Box to Nat Booklet free. Way by Imi i been orb Lead. S the g a sur to Iho Advance agent of pros to disregard an in mandates and ire the astir fed people on that j j 0 lord hear us now Niile Poteet us from the for in v influences and Sway i of . I give us Prosperity As tie Leader of the United of Iii Acil 31 to and bimetal ism. Speed this Assembly at a Senate he i a Man than at j Iii ill m i t Iii Jii Wii i work. Amen. I while lot of Oahu not of coils. J c. Weber City Leftt Mai bet All of Mont in eco. Highest Price Lor hides an tallow. La. R

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