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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 9 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - March 9, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaCheapest Money t. A. Roziene. Lam real estate broker Iowa Loans on improved farms published by Henry b. Hies. With malice toward tone and clarity for ail terms per annul in Advance at obtainable volume 7. Rates. Prompt Nen Iriti o Luico a purity. I offer i Tinti j Genus terns. I pm Able to set i the air for consummation of Yidi i he title to sur it us per oat j Ami sue engagement. Us it All Tii uti be i f. A. Rolen s. J i Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. March 9, 1882. Number 32 the most popular of Alu sewing machine a the Stone store Marble Rock Iowa 18 i will sell All kinds of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices exit a tits tobacco am j Mil Tinda of oof usual or kept ii a neral dry of oils and grocery store. Cheap As Man that pays 101 j 1 in i his Boot and show of variety kill be found at the Stout clothing is you smartly in hand in to Supply All goods Art warranted As represented or Money refunded. I .1. Ell the. New americas setting Maghino one of the Best manufactured. Allen Moore i Peti m b i Union York or am Gem ass. Iron this new map Bay Onil any Quentien that the Chicago North Western railway is by ails the Best Road Job to take Whitn tract Lii in either direction Between All of the principal Points in. Lie Watt and y Are Lull Diamint to Iii map. Attic principal of the West and North Vest an Ita Titu on this its through Traio with the trains of All railroads at bitters Biown a Iron bjtteb8 care far Mil Oltman Complete tonic in Tom wet of ampoule Ian of Strait the. Lack of to err Etc. A Talmi tace Hood Man cab. Tilt to the am Uke churn o the Oice mro of fix us stomach the 0017 Iron will not Blacken tie Teeth or headache. Sold by an Ptak at a to talc. Blown chemica1. Co. Baltimore my. Bewak of imitations. Tutt s pills symptoms of a torpid liver. Of appetite bowels Cottier. Pain in trs head with a Dull nip Ntina Iota Buck part. Pun Ftp Iii Lenaa not or with Dmn to of body or grind Irr ability of temper. I of a Tab i Letfin inc of Nec Leet m tha a Catt dote Bifora a fellow skill headache Urt Witk flt Al or Eula c com1tipatioh. The Chicago it North Wist k. Rial Way Orer All lion each Way daily him two to More fait a Preu Traini. It ii tie Road North or Northcut of Chicago hat the Imperial Palace dining cars. Ii the Only Road that runs pull Mai Cir Tottka or Xor omit of it Over 3 it fornia oth Trp tit following trunk Tea to Vinci i Luuri. Colons in Softli Fornola line we boat. A citral Dakota cite i4ae." Toio Ijo. St. T Minnelli Allf Rockford Krc part dub Pijue Milwaukee ear i Superior line Jim . Job Ocvil food a Kartha. Mad Woli it Northern Over Tobii Are fold it at cd upon ticket a Vuu to the Vii Ltd Luteal and Ramc bpm to us tar ticket tit Tup Roath. Hurt ther rend oter it and take none other. . Laying Ben . Chicago. T. , c. 15 v r a Cedar Bali flu la. Or. Harter Medicine Price it cent. In priv of. T. Turns hair Dye. Use Lawrence it Martin s for coughs colds sore Throat bronchitis asthma pneumonia consumption of Throat Chest and tunes. 0113 or the most Imp Rajt s. Asthma. Sokk Tukot. H in till tannic Proir frs a on a Dii fiant Anil topic to build up uie after Tuc Coith bet a relieved. Quart size Bailies to nov no off _ a hate of our . Rock Axis to to. Which is the Altvate we Wanup or Volt special tax of us mob. Tea to maj Mck a Bye co Pra Toten 41 Rinir is Chi Cap w. Try the new Oyez Obs Sver this year. Gleam Tihor at a Sale in Vicksburg. Recently a Plantation con Iii my brought Only one of the chief hindrances to Tele graphing in Japan is the Grauu drug of the current by lines Texas newspapers complain that thy towns and citius of that Mccuan Are of cram tramp. The sheriff of Shea county Tennessee Pali ?10 for against people who lire pistols that county. Old clocks of thu cleaned and repaired Are sometimes heard from in boo Tuu As Selling for sixt Eoa thousand of Pine Timber land was recently sold in Clinton county. A Tor a n. To curd fiend collected seven thousand business it Ltd desires to know who can go Oue better. There Are More than six Hundred pupils in the High school at ton. Suty four arc repro Saint de. A Iii rec Chestnut tree was recently Cut Down near Conne Autrilla. 1 a., and four raccoons were captured the largest weighing Twenty there Are now prisoners in Khz main Ham Aud other Irish jails for Ticu or utterances deemed treasonable by the English authorities. It is gravely adar cd that no Man wearing a High silk hat u permitted to approach the emperor of Siuro bombs May be concealed within it. On thira of France is of Iii d in one third Ira estate s of mod Erate size and Only one third by the a paper out in . Col., declares that a Sealskin Jacque fitting a Graceful female form seems like the very Down of an Angel. Grindstone sometimes explode1, and we saw a caution in a store window the other to a like danger from stut uary. It read As tullus mar ble it is stated that the Canadian authorities will soon permit thu importation of cattle for Breeding purposes from the United states upon Tho Tenus As to quarantine As cattle from England. According to Washington etiquette when the president is a dinner guest a sits at the right of the Host no matter in whose Honor the dinner is Given and the latter sits at the president s right not at the Host s left the Philadelphia chronicle which is nothing if not a philanthropist a rubber Cushion to be worn he sent Era at the Back of the head. Then when two Lovely beings in the hues of youth full together upon the Back of their Little brain they will execute de Deus acc a. Special pleading we must go now it s Al o of pupa dear i engaged two the brows went away Toho Raago str own but Uliey Are in half mourning you know pupa papa not Roii minced but Polly gains her punch. On the Boxly of a Man who lately committed suicide in Chicago Nero was found a diary in which he said that he had several times attempted to kill Milf but had alway s been in one Way or Luiu Lucr. Once lie gone into a Patch of Woodi and made ready to hang himself but the continues the tues Quitos were so darned think that i forgot what i Cunane for and went in by can t people Fay Mother and father in a better Way than Liev do words cadence inflection and Verv Philadelphia girl Suhs Mayar through her nose. The St. girl says mar the Boston girl ways Mur intr the Baltimore Mur my Rand Pur Pur Flie Little Canadian says a a and a a. The Alabama girl Poir nil Morr the i Ronkon Par Pali ind the ii Lulu now to pow a you Nike me another great of Iron interests is nearly aftic cd at Binning Liam. Ala., Shiuh will unite the Alice Anil Kun a Funi aces now i operation the Way out the office when a waa hed the shawl from tie Bride a twp the the Lork ism a Olio would co by Adi Alicr the of i a Hud just by at colunihu5, a. And were us if was Anat Chett Back and ran away with it. My Chase and the Purlia or Banff Sketl for an Exulma Tipu said that the shawl a gift from him to the girl that at the time of Ink the he was a favored suitor and he did not propose to let Hur Wear it on a bridal trip with another fellow. Dream erf the great Boulevard around London to extend Ibex in aver wit of Twenty five Miles a the of a Circle of four Tui us the Center be inf taken from St. Is actually now end piping the attention of the London metropolitan Bofird of works. It is Ayyatt of the Prog Romnie to run a Trai Unar round the Boulevard orbit and the sum of is All that is re in the nay of capital to flout this undertaking. In Gemiana when pnrtic1? numerous that it almost in mind even mus fond of Pali tie. And i a Ventilio would have one of his own could it no wonder grows to in thu number of its Public atoms. At Berlin above All other , the i by coming More and More apparent. For the Parent year there Are published in that City do fewer than 47s papers and of 49 Are official. Political devoted to arts and Ciufu on to the Ces 100 to Trade and agriculture 21 to religion and pm to Mischel Latium jets. Queer Pood. The germans in new York in which specially teutonic delicacies Are tended. Dried or nit Hur snaked Loose is an Odd Timure of smoked Jap fun come where thei living arc Nti de in Large Ileks. They Are plucked for their Down and then killed Cut in sections slightly salted and smoked. Pom ennui a go Offu however Eoste 25 a Pound and is esteemed a great rmiong1 German pictures. There arc it to updo of stores Here where Spanish edible Tro dealt in. Consist chiefly of Iliuta and dried dried guat cat forma a feature. It is prepared very much us our dried beef is. The spaniards seem to rely More on their Peculiar Metli ods of Cook ing what they eat than on any the fowl itself. The peculiarities of the Frt Neh food Are beyond comparison. The with regal to them la not what they do but what they do not Ell. There i a probably nothing from it Sec Tion of boiler Iron or o. Bobble Stone Down to a beat pin or a broken horse shoe Nail that a Frenchman cannot provide a dressing for to make it appetizing. An feature of the French shops to no american ii the horse meat they All both dried and salted. Horse Hwy f a chinaman thus describe a trial in our Courti Oue Man. Is silent another talks All the time and twelve men condemn the Man who has not evening the by owe compliment. The baronet Alphonse Kothz Choiu a compliment to a Prima Donna the other Day. She invited the Oung lady dint with her. And after dinner asked her to to the tone of her piano. U mind the keys when touched. I had the instrument to at not the duo ring wild Llie that you might see that thu Only plea Miru i my self front Jour this evening waa the up nature of Llyn la Mut Adik re to tin Eltomi Rule nut for him Mut out the t animal for thu str for who choose to bin Tinl not ii tin nil of in treed ii inc and where his or Mich it to Iii Nir the num animal that can be profitably fore a Onipa Sitivi la tend and can by Attai urd. And the Mill fur thu Rad Vance by n Rufid out of Able in till its and called Lyons sausages Are very popular. Sausages made of a compound if asses fat ii. Pork and. Veal also have an extensive Sale. Sharks fins dried sold in crr by chinese shop in new York. They Are imported from China. There arc three Kintu of which the Best Are the fins of the White a hark. These Are Worth a Pound the poorest kind which is known As Black shark fins is sold for half much and even lev. Shark s pm is a popular Dainty among chinamen. U u salted and dried for Export am looks like a Section of whalebone when raw but boiled in water a gelatinous substance is extracted which is esteemed very Savory. A species of Stew made of shark s in. Dried Rice and pers is a Cainnion chinese dish. Dried outer Are Ordinary bivalves extracted from the Shell dipped in Salt and Strung on strings to dry in the Sun. They come from China and look for All the world like John chinaman prefers them to the freshest of fresh oysters he can buy Here. Cocks Ami Claih Are preserved him in the 5-Inie was. The famous nest also it Fea Ture of any respectable furhop in Mott Street. It is queer stuff to look at for it rather Rose Bhat gravel than anything vegetable or animal and tastes n Little like drum Trubic. The it seems arc dried and Nih Betl into Fig and two More yet to by i rents in the they Are packed this will pin ethically consolidate All the j for transportation. Bird s nest is Worth i interests of Central Ala j from for the commoner variety to Iron bj.ni.1, six will have a of 1.00 vhf annually. The cup ital wow nor to .1.1 Tiri in 9iu Idi Lui or except t lie i Hartnal furnaces the a Pound for the it is a Black River train after passing Glendale county n. A. Run into a horse. The horse was conic distance and dropped into a Sluice and the train stopped. On examination a pair of Hills was found attached to the horse. Tie Una Bau Keil to the Linley a luxury for a Pound of it will Only make for at most forty people so of lieu. It Lusher Tima Turtle soup in thu another Dainty which a sin has to have imported All the Way from dried cabbage. Some scon1 or of contributors to a French sporting journal dined Day upon the Ham and heart of a lion tilled by constant Cheret in Algeria. The flesh of the lion was found to be particularly firm and like tent of n horse but although pronounced palatable. It Only achieved what is termed ii while the heart skill Lully in pared with was unania voted and j Urh crossing and a Cutter was dwt cml standing beside the track and a Man sit Ting in there is an old Man to Wen Cheshire. Conn., Whit when he married i second wife or tic Over Tohe Mallhi of proper to. Only that he a wive from her every Day not Irh Money to j up Romasc half a pint of my. He has 1 drawn ind in Mcd in stipend eur t Iii Newith purim tally however allowing ii pay to no i to break off a Branch for cumulate for Tver Al Days previous to a purposes As Crusoe did on finding him Holiday. He does he for j on an Ink Viown Island would be obvious of the arts of primitive Man. A two of it travelling shr not of i Nide support of kind would soon be Pony came in Middleton. Of. Pun biased Fol Lucu by the staff familiar proceeded to the office of j to us in pictures of the patriarchs and the signal and in mired for the edit i hmm Early stars Down to the or. And upon his Apik Arance they told j Gold headed of our modern Dandy him they had come him for Inhat a variety walk my Sticks the he had published a Mitt their j Brt a produced according to the fancy company. But he. A piece of and fashion of the time. When in 1700, Iron routed. Froais Tho or ire to thu j foil then attending gentlemen were for Street following Thum and abusing them i bid thu to carry swords thus quarrel to he Content. Some weapons were usually replaced by the total debt of to Vii a Silver but against Thi the City Hohl-4 thirty securities which pay their own j later gentlemen of and fun in for paid no their principal at Gnu Turku to the in want of in Luclire of the float and in of the of Long for part them. Mum us the Mincem Bry purrs make it Niv f cull out and my a certain nuni brr of each ear Supply or their in Iii a Choice of Tel i not to the lot k the Lalit results of but serves to kick it number from voting Ani Inak with such accidental hard bin to us May them and from which May cat onnely be expected the Best response to Liberal feeding and intelligent the Man who permits his flock to be the Price rec Evod so swiftness to his coup Titor Lii he will be turned against in takes for Sti Rem Aey As a breeder. The Tau who thus invites himself to a secondary place on the list of need not affect sur prise when the better foresight and stronger nerve of his neighbors place him still lower in thu category of those who secure Success by National live Stock journal sit a shoot sit or Eipl to Congo Nind spirits around a stove in a Orand Rittir Gro Cery the other Nigon and after several other subjects had been exhausted sonic one introduced that of panics in churches theatres Anil Hall. This gave or. Hopewell a Chance to remark gentlemen i just to be there-11 Why. In one of those panics. Yes. Be in the theatre one night when there was an occasion fur a Why because one Cool level headed Man Emold Stop the thing Vily at you could end up that barrel of Well. I Dunno about observed one of the Sitters. There is something awful in the cry of fire and hear it where and when von May it startles and frightens. What would you do in a theater in Case there was a cry of Tiro and a Rush i i d stand upon my Ceat pull a Revol ver from my pocket and shout out that i d shoot the air tvs Man who attempted to crawl or Rush. One Cool Man Check the panic in ten while the subject was u ing continued the grocer withdrew to the rear end of the store poured a Little powder on a Board and gave three or four men the Wink. Directly there was a Bright Flash jells of and and eve Man sprang up and rushed. Hope Well did t Spring up and talk of shoot ing. On the contrary he fell Over a lot of ask Etc piled Between him and the Dir got up to plow 1m Way Over a rack of term when he reached the sidewalk he was of nil fours White a1 a Post and frightened that he looked Back unti fhe reached the opposite Side of the free wort or Ley paying the on their leaving against which the arc All of irregular in Val at about to to Cir sword to and to Fer pc Oak Sticks with great and ugly faces caned thereon. Before Losiff 4 Between Long and Short walking some gentle men liking them As Long As , As a of the Day while j others prefer real a Yard of Terra Chicago Hetwin j one scraped Zupek a did at one end the of 9 recently a 1 with a thread Ami tipped at the in Ixo Ink they a j with n Ivory band As free Jwuc Esuf i be tvs Lugnot and Besl in i be world. Aka Send for my co f new Yoke Obs Krvar. I 37 irk Cha got Fiat they had expected to find a Golden country but fur they had proper led far an hour or two Uliey cob i that Calico Nieft waa that it j was no to a icy clipped 1 to office nil i fir Bunny and until could find i iroc. It had in in a ban and Tuu Frh Jonmes beating their Way from a Silver vaccinating Dontia. Vul u a Well known physician of Philadel phia was Rory other Day with various Mem Beni of opera company. The fear of Small pox was rampant in the breasts of Prima Donnas and Bassos and chorus and even the Gallant manager and his Brawny son were waiting their turn in the Green room of the Academy of music fur inoculation with the safety going virus. A reporter tells the Story twins you most Bare your Arm. Miss Juch i assure you it will not Hurt you in the least a Little tingling sensation and All is i cannot allow you to i lib Diirr Ray Arm. mile. Juch i it Chinia Tion As she in a liar with by feigned horror from the doctor. Run i in of tit wit Tho a great ugly Siars on me no t ill not have Small pox Iso Ulii dist guru you Alto Bah perhaps bin von shall not my Arra if Vou insist on vaccinating you do it on a Nat of a Harp it will not be the doctor Furj rid. But in vain Anil finally the that the inoculation made on of the main of her body when in an attitude of the Poi Ion the right lower i Iii known to the to Dent of Ana Toni by the name of sym Tim. I la inv. Would vaccinated in one to the physician. Some demur and the or Minn was of it lie Donna As the Man bowed himself out her i vill hate you Kach or Mettr of to Sonora to mop. While to be Vii rvs against the dread his or her theory As How the Lymuth Shoum be applied to several were i icing to allow their arms to be Jun lured the Trio Rita liner Var. Of a card. We mkt a Reat pleasure in calling the attention of our friends and customers to or. A Pisanko s cough and lung syrup is Perle cily pleasant the uate will not nauseated i and Relief in most instantly. It matters not How merc your cough May j be. How Ninny cough medicines you j have tried or How Many physicians you consulted the tonic Aoe Thimig and Healing properties of Medicine will loosen it and the Throat and Lunga to expel tie offending matter leaving them in a healthy condition free from , and the air passages Cleat besides Intig rating and the general system. Price 50 cents. The positive cure of consumption coughs colds asthma dry hacking cough. Of Toice irritation of the Throat soreness of the cheat pains in the cough and lung Tver we recommend i this Medicine above nil others. Call and get it Sample bottle free. Yours truly a. J ask Kun s co. Geo. M. Hubbard Barber fashionable hair Dresser special Pitt cation paid to ladies and children s hair dressing. Opposite Post office Marble Hock. Iowa Golden Star Oil stove still Kadi the world. in use1 in mtg Nimb Pul to or Rock Eton. Sero for new circular. A Tot a run Ziai wx.a.2tzi, of act. M knit Naii big cd bit n iou of Pri to we allow in fall Tho Xii i hint club cd not cd Johs simple her comes Home Ert Ninvi w in pm k All Over tin. He Rolu Friend of Hini ii j whom he in Milci for fun Ami Cier la j Sotic one owl Bur tic j the fair on Roupp Arnom. Part of their j the the calf o Tho to , Ami i c Bockol the no k or in its. Advocate. General and cont Ulicni a the order of to in put Ftp of the writ of the Law a tin bared a lower of the tiny lancet. Of Tom t r. Chanly or Iier Itic of a put. F f hos. T Mot in i cd in ii Berx her Rich Rrthur to Marti of i v if j t Fatm i a
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