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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - March 8, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaFar jew if paid in to Nee. If paid the do Fotu. Vails. Whiter arrangement. Maita Marble Rock for the d i a u. Mar Bur Lugton Cedar a me Kock going South East and West i Sou Kail by. A cads Keyes . With Halice toward be and a Busty fir ail terms per in Advance. Volume 2. Mabble Hock Floyd county Iowa mar. R number 31. 3 2-Ttj t. X. If. Regular of Verner Stone Lodge no. 251, wednesday on or before the Moon of each month. All Brothers in Good standing Are in j r. T vital to attend. L. 5. Horr w. M. W. A. Judd see. L pass Miek trains Kach Way daily except is s Day if will run it j. W. Darland our Stock consists of or goods boots shoes hats i w. D. Truax Blacksmith. I shop Utar Mills Aurou. All work it ruining to Al 1 if and i German drug store i Braidi services. At half past ten at seven o clock. Conducted by Rev s Holland and fierce Sabbath school at half past two every Sabbath j a by the m k. Bail to Igor run evening. K. Of Cru. Our purchased the Boot building on main Street now occupied by jew dry store and news depot. Or. F. Nil move his Stock to his own building. Hwy Tir Tomii u always followed by i where he will continue Trade a am Arnold to be Bull loud fur his to hidden will acted in not an moan ten to gee profit a full Stock of new the Stone store. Some of our Citi Iena were Al water m. Of 110 1. La Pacific division . Physicians and surgeons. Over the jewelry store. Kes l Street. and 8urzenn. Office it his i. Pcs Simenoe one Dir mirth of the harness store in Maun Street Murk Iowa. A. In y us 11 it new Wagon am Blacksmith shop. Pierce Vandusen i Kopki kooks All Kinin Solvorn in or Iron re to Tutor or at , Marble Iowa. All Nisi train. Uns 5 of decedents tax j a Rosene Raks our shop on lira Ford Street. I ii Iii iut or Marc. Koel. 44 Ira firm Homestead fire insurance company f it Watertown new York. I i i Viliy to Terr if Uttley. Assets Over Quarter million. Ivr Lent wanted. A. Should Judnic by tin of tile or Murray thai its Tuiono have very foul stomachs. Corruption appear to be the Lead Nir expression in All of heir political tlb6 entertain sent inc band is to Morrow after lion i Zoiti Izue is just beyond our ii. Siut we Hope be Able to and imm Avii of the . K. This and it Utnik. Ami is. I a act a sluts la and to a. And with it i k y la j. I. R. Frost Al , Kurtli a Lim Kail Piatt c. K. I a. mum Mike. At Llu by. Wilk a in t tar Mitt Al r t k i Diwi. ind s Oil 1 Hir Lii Thi. Council a Luif aim Bik Wilh Jitt Lily Al Viiu Uii with ii. C. N. of and i Ai j v cd to my cure promptly attended t i Iowa. A Kat pianos. J. C. Ciunci Kiil a Jet pianos. Tilt a Kat amok i Aff a rent Cha s i. W. Clark. . Us Loihl Iii by week or ird Triin All re fun Siumui i at kick with Tor w a Wuy for or Oil cite Nitt . Or. R week main. The will find the and Hundy to tin of town. Marble Vick s j co. Lock Bur. fifty a ,1, lilt world. I.h.1 ill Wrev lit to All i tie Inu a Irma. J i Ostrander. A Tull Lim.1 of Sulibit . From to Ini i hear ill ii. Wilde s. We our table. Vol. 1. So. 1. Of the mercantile Teriw. Mck t. Hancock i of. In Tiu i trip Emden. Send for copy. The has of every Desi Rution at r. Wite s. A new to i ans to vivid. A paper Lias miss Educ until Pav up. It hid run nor tit to ii Liun Drei us the just year a Larch a Turk a visit to Morrow. In Ion with our expend Soun tall Niusini. I will Loo but week and heal his reverence or. Beecher. Lecture. They Call l in the Way of a pubic orator which no doubt he but there Are s Wiir at Oiler men who we would Jive More spent than Henry wait. there will to a Armi of at the v. K. A. To he held Here Marxt saturday and work of More than ii Mij ii in to . Thaw i uti Uii Haft a vat to deserved in i part of the county that is due to the of our town Ever i tips. Lavi d in making sit who Fiou i Istance feel that is Sevare a i Nawab. Last thurs or. Stiv Elaml name to the Illume i to tepid the a Yeesun. And Lii in Irvint of i Lart s Gal from Rouie i Allumi thu Teulil in Inie frightened and Bike Nin Iii Uvo und the Church am Ruth make the game Kir Toimil tin if. Tin Sis thu a Vii la atle Iii for Ilie in Pivont it tlii1 one of the Orsea and fell things Lirl. Could under Way they were secured no Diu done. The y parties we fora in Kier us slate of in the future. Peo will a Truiti Settle Down to the of Lite nitwit once Mote the political Lueit ctn in around the Saloon thus the Tongue of Glandes to be let by which the Lodge bust suffer. A proper appreciation of eth teaching of Woood a strict Ndoc Nice to in regulations and it will to a Power to the land for while a disregard for teachings not Only brings disgrace the cause of Tew Peri tee but destroys the virtue of those who Are Lealoha in the work of Reform. The Tipler ii the actions of Nice bars of this order and the influence in being Felt by bin. Is the influence for Good or the reverse Jook to it then that your net Iona Cir respond to your Pudge and the Good work of Temperance will com moving until i shall be Felt from main to California. By an oversight the subjects assigned or. C c. Hopkiii5 and or. Court right wus omit d in last week Issue. Social status of the t. 0. Hopkin. John Courtright. Item stations school Kip out. My. Ehi Tok we hand Yon hat of pupils. Who Hare neither been absent nor tardy or quoth ending March a 1877. At no time during the school year Tuere lie interest Maui Mcd a now. No. Of visitors during the month thirty pm o Akeley. Stilu at Ley it ten tic a l Oill cum rings Argyle Drake Iii. Id. Dwight Mcrritt u Illi Aiu Moore , and repairs. I an prepared to do All kinds of and buggy work from the up. Also plows. Cultivators made or repaire.1 of Short notice. All kinds of work done with and dispatch. Warranted to ? . It tils. A i in Viper in a a Corn a cd the Laos. 639 f Street Washington d. C. Marian am rata Ite. Post Wui pro will no Fth in in Chr incr pm Trot w Enki it k Hefner Dif f in Toj nil to sitaua Curtt i in of Law of mrs. C. E. . Ivelio Crix it a a of tics Anil bridal wreaths to the Woultz it i Hitre t i Nuiji Sumnr it tto its Icid thu t i Imlay. To so ii w. It., How my he Yuhl like to ucal tie n Thoi Jiw Boon a tin of this entire Titt in i or t Ito i dirt Ril. J i the i evil got i Jarhl ii. Head rat inc Ink ply need lie at the idea of Hsuing Oil Cim no Ellul Llila. Lilii i hit us Uny i i i liar ii lib m Usu ii. Lii is it Cen Elk to cd mul i at a will till to Himl Uit Ler his tie Nati Imi Vilu Titi Mike to umm in Lidi Olizi of the United my ii Rico Nur Ami live in Tiu in lie i Ai i is Llis Hnit it never w1. Mil tily figure it v the Tiaina v to Uil. A Inui he build it Lis political opinion i Fly rat from . arc As to As Tuii ire or we Sliu Iid tin i n it tit Jiny a _ i if cry Suuppi Suhi. R Rai. " in in strength Itiat Whit his wry ii. Al tar i nut Lute t wrap us j in own Tel Ali n l.ittu-, t Minerva Miller foul Nura 1 Iii Cipov Ai Willie brawn , a Aruil Niv Holn or Oik Square three one we f v Tell lev Luuri club j Colin we year i t Iulian of Attr orc year Nek of i at Legal r cuts 15.00. Special not lies. Get in Neva Type per line fur f it Masc Trioa us 5cto a acc Auer the Jority of tace fonts of think Cimic they had achieved Victory went hums and Frt in Honor of the occasion. It was in tended lib the majority to Cic Lude poli tics and elect a who bad had i it Rince thin political opinion. The result of the elec Tion is satisfactory in . Lin actions of Ninae in Katri to the matter arc very wrong and will have i to Nancy to a strict party line in the to Urt. For of the smallest . Cowa Huly Amu a of outward semblance of Wen and occupy ing positions of Honor and Trust Banda of Good Loving and True wives and hailing front our neighbouring Vil Lage of braced twin cowardly nerves by frequent draughts of rot drove to Btu in our town to the Village of and c Aureola when they entire a Rosuer ant and enacted a scene that would put to shame the Meriest Muscat ont and Brothel Buu Iuar in existence. The holy quiet of Sabbath was broken by the Drunken yells and horrid blasphemies of these uie ii. That for the time Poison had enlivened into fiends revolvers were produced liven Ireat Cid and the sacred Sanctity of .1 Home despoiled. And when we reflect that these parties at How walk the erect and claim from their Fellows the recognition do to nothing but thu respect due their families prevents us from giving their names to the world Anil should the villainous conduct to repeated not even their connections will pre vent us from no. Ski make Kiu Iua bronc a Riib a Rackitt Tler toll Akeley. Clark. I1 red Iliia in Lillic Hwy in Halstead flon Iii Johnson Kitro alter she s a Supply of ,1 i Lis bad ill Mason City of is i lilt will to Iii Wlna ii Enol us clue his View i. Let Niiya to thunk have t Ilid in i paper to Ikpi j in the Intursi e. Butterick i go s patterns our Tahle. It enters , its of Sec Lief 1 of Fuu Safik. J action with rim and its i tic a our Siciu Bors with our j spicy on the political affairs of. Point vol and Rel line Tiv Coult j the Sittin. I Annot to please the i let each put a shoulder i Alleger bowl to co s Star parlor Organ in Luik j Locaso tit Propri Cmari Tua Tiiu i rum their a Xiv anti or i.ilun.1 in i Chilili Jav Hmil i to Thoj Imja stuck it Lara Neil l.1 a fill. Aht m 4. M Mclint Chrip. If no do i Tut Onmi i a now ii the time to your pm a. i Dirk. h. lit it t fill it the with All our Inid up building Ash go i the Uii ii gird in amt Iii. Linell Al mul thus mature a will be 1 till. I he thu Ulria is in Mizirl be. Grow heft t. Ii Taw f club a of it i a. Frfd u. I Kkt it Karl i to -111 i t i i Jtj of Sycamore in hive Sal satisfaction. Mane Wii fall Marble Ikea Thi lore ill., being per to supreme t met of Llie Stan i j i hit l music. It Kintly located at i t. c. Pm illnmiuali.-. And Bon total. I i Wjk 1. .1. R j Lirt m up. N a the _ those wanting will rail me mid what lean do at tin Ami i Tami pin a Boulli e in Ibi in Are nil Ilir wac known Eli Marr. Home id Wue Rama Iii for their i Adji Ess Gilmore co., . U. E. The test improve wets specifications a a Santita Kam pm Cesi agents wanted my nut we wifi take i Tor the cart to the play tomorrow tin Muf Teal of last it it fit of Nikiti cml Aii l i Mirve a Krajc. Hix Zic , wallace., lil 11 Kru l i. 1 Orter March oth ib77. Or. Al Muir. Allow me through your to inform the Good of Tutler and the counties of of what we rail in jilt wheat uen in. I. I v. .1. Lii i courtly thu re was i to men arrested circumstances that to warrant the hot. And the of till j Ubillu will Livy la Kiili Ulvi selves fairly of night. Truly Jusli Fittl suspicion that Lead to Arient. La for Irful. And Thrul h Clort of they were urdu Iid payment of a Fine of five dollars each. The what the boy., Tiluy wild Cor it. They were boards. By the i county four Days and arc ahead in Cash. The county hew in the Coats of a three Days trial. This does Nee Iii to pay a Iii. Lor crime a Lii k a in Niue i. Paid Lor ii Illume in Nti Alicd. A Lilik sv., y and Are lad As tip to Nii c. Ilsi or. Lii Lor ii reminded us of a Man who awol Ullic. Hlll ill u mall cd Inlo Rilki Bur that lie had n Low of strychnine you to. Said she lie still or in May Conn went Side. Valley the m state Mem Lim of township District of Union Floyd co. Iowa ii. Him . I. 1s7h. total i president of the i were , lion continent Teaehey to. N the tax. . Hrs. Of .h.m. T Lafai. Hetesi to. Ir-.i-. pry Isth ij-77. He of the wild Tom or wire of the and tint i Oftle is chunlin Tho Valley. All Art an oath la Anil tar in. Till re wad Tiuch j lir Wing done Urt ill nut will la us i n to i us the f wholly or onion eni for in tuft w.-. In our Drill store ill ruin 11 Iii d. Air it is lira i f i Iii a teachers and As it had my ii in of Tiwon. _. Jet a was quarters Lor i i 1 taif and hiring the teachers. Through the total. Air for the i rvs Jent. M sirs. _ of i.-.-. Lorr find the larj.ir.-4 m Jck i to the the time fraid. Mar . Us indie is. Tie hell Rock Vail y. In tinted until late in erasing. 11. My to Ftp u. Anything kept Kofu runs i lending t j. 2, nil. I the above Doe not include u7 Fco w ii. I . Will do pit Timon. Ii Tum Ike within if tailoring at Rabot it Tom Peri 4w i. M wed desired. Orders escalated to raw Mefi my do Law e. A. Nil a. to. I win Totev try fed the Chr Tefr h. Fth Laxx. Of i a id crat due Foo us Wui Iivo in i. The of Kre Tor 4. Ii r m of. Ekusa Onmi the in of of Liing. Fimi Mvi a r tji n Iii Irtoli. Thi Nolcini inc four v l i. A , that. Ii i in j ii. Giurin thy went to charts that Cpl. Hut they in of i in a Man i Tri to f try annl ii i but arc trix. State a. F 1 c la set. Is t Kwh any a u-77. is to a. Ali to in-1 in risk a Kirin Rit of re Al Fumm to univ s
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