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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Mar 7 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - March 7, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaS sure. Thru s Sil i a Umb Chiw i 1 i new Var. With Xabie town it 1m, and Charity a tons. Per annul in Adrian i to if afar Marble Rock Floyd Dunty Iowa March to of number 31. I of it s Iowa route. The Cedar rapids 4v Northern and l o. O. R. L a a. I. My o. It. Jtj tata Jay Hin War Hall. be cute services. Tick s Ahe in a Villa full in America. Set Vick s Only cents. Akk s Alloi tiled monthly Magazine Fine illustrations i of a St. Loyis railways ored plate in each Price the Only Tho co a f1 25 fur 5ve do1 by Blind us Ami minnk.irv-1 Erk with elegant attached j _ Vick s. Flower and i Tuble Garden i cents in paper covers with elegant i hic will twi i k. Fyk p. At. R. A. V All my arc printed in a w.uhji3 English and address. I a , a n. Y. F a u Sis 491 no til 1s4u 0. L Washburn. Turn Tut Romh mwtmw.1c.rftl., Albai Jinai. It Theloa a at 190 in Mil ii m i 10 is r. 315 t. M in H. Ostrander. A sea Yates i Malm H. Johnson att Mph Nataf of us k 14 10 b 11 of. P m v As 4k Sav of Ukandu to f 850 in ill 13 w ii 4s ii w 90 tin 01 1c 419 400 huw1ckh will it Misiac Coutts j. I. R. Frost Lull Ible r. Be 8u 940 1si6 k 140 Mil r u. Or a. M. Cedar Kuildan 11 w 9 15 Weil Union 101 9 so 300 a a in a. All kit an Idun used ii a in kit Rock imn i by Katick d1tuiox. Of Turk it. Comer sow a Forth Low. 10 a live r u. A 110 r. A. It Ihor Orwee my. I Tui i in fort to not. Went of Mala travelling pause will in Wiir la Raul Merit Aai hair to the ban part it to vim j02h Good Oiler Bir War Fofi am Titi Boih the enl us a gun Iii in. . Fosnes tins Are As at with Toledo x r for Mhz pm with own us Borhidi pts a it it fur c h Cato Keokuk Oil of us St. Quait not a and a wait Tad Hanuka my with Wiit ictus k j Foniri Aud be xxv at Tritt a Ftp tic Dull new i at web and be Parks. I am prepared to do All links of Wagon Anil work from the ground up Abo drags flows cultivators hide or repaired air Afa Urt Otic to. All kinds of York with nest Tad dispatch Matij warranted to give satisfaction those wanting work done will Cill on me and 0m what i do at the Wagon shop Marble Bock. Al 1 of not a vile earned in i Hows a Kim. Tit it Bimo in ibo car us Csc of Ell or in May of coat Tryr who it willing u work the in text f m week Idyth Trow bowl not twit from Home a Vita bleat. Lot Bolu i tue to Tow work or Only your Momento. We wow to no dude Day. All eur Nuutt Macy it. At be nude Tut no dlr u say it cute Bot Tai try but Yaciw. 5 Ornat free. Oct u or port Ltd. J. W. Oakland Gui Stock of dr7 goods it itt Guiou. . K Claries City. At with i Utnik it Fecit to of t Ity of Tut i j. S. Trigg. B a k .1 n far Jacob ba1kr of Tiwiah. Durt j by. Kill a tale us tax mrs. Hightshoe fashionable Milliner and diaper main Street Murble Rock. Iowa. I try Hill no in Urdas Ammu Blatt mat pm rv11 h 7 for Milb Nave Ai l i i. X h j for t to a Altroth for but Huilui it. To Klifar Aud Ute. At skill Llull. Atli few at Jazic Tilini with Paul for Plait thu lit and hurl it m. Kmil x at Allert Lea i f on the a shoes hats Caps and of am Kex dry. L a. Dealer in groceries dried fruit Gatiss Ware crockery Wool and Willow and every thing fact found in a class f grocery i pay the highest Price for produce and fell my goods at Tow lowest Hiing profit. Live me a Call awl see for Voura Elf. I Iso keep a fall line dry goods Kansas. Ill about its 1 Viducu Laws and its people. Are a Ibe Kansas Farmer a 10-Pat-e in a 15th y r. Pom paid ii so.-. Address j. K. I Frimin Topeka Kasai. Id tic War it Stork lug tul trial Fra a Wii pm it Ferrii Tel Hal u Law it with in x treat rat two u in tear fun Ibe t ill tar Wiki. Tom ready boots shoes and everything pertaining to dry Goth. L at Ifon Traft Hal a fat the Forf in feb. 19. Among the receptions by the seniors families Here this will to per haps note Are Man largely attended than my a curator Blaine s. This is partly to the Fame of the Maine statesman Aud partly to the fact that Abagail Lylalu Altott Hamilton is a member of by family thit seam. Various opinions arc entertained toward and this it Elk Miami liter. She is apparently it Wai i just As Well no cited in Sci Etc As if tar pea us hugs she had been giving the country s highest for the past year had not been administered. She j and talks with the very men she Awat a Var n c Ami l if Jim m iut wart Drad year Ai Uitti 11 to try Ami intr thumb Ayer s for restoring Gray hair to us natural vitality and color. A dressing which is at once agreeable healthy and effectual for per erring the hair fat cd or Gray Imp rata rat to ill original color Tritt str gha and Aralinta of Teliin hair is thickened falling hair cheeked and baldness often though not always cared by its use. Nom Ine to restore the hair where the am destroyed 01 the atrophied and decayed. But such Al main. Can be saved for Ute Culnen by this application. Instead of foul in the hair with a pasty sediment it win keep it Dean and vigorous. Occasional use will prevent the hair from turning Gray or falling Oft and prevent baldness. From those deleterious sube noes i which make some preparations Dan Mwau and injurious to the hair the vigor can Only Benefit but not harm i Ai v ii Ami Fli Illinois Straf Luile Chicago Kortt Westem l1ites. A k4ii.w.t tote. With a to. J fur or mate a thin. St 1.01 is h v h with t Ortw of sign thirty a Long Orock Kiriy of a Ami latest pattern out cry Yankee notions Etc., i its Public Tont Honl color. U removes fill eruptions itching arc Ilam Lnita. It gives the Bend a ing. Soothing sensation of great com fort Siml the Scalp ii its use a bit Siul clean. By its tonic properties it the Capi Lahiry Glanis to their Norw of j Vilior. Preventing Jahli ices. Nil ing the liar grow to Iii Anil Strong. As a nothing lifts in found so Eli Friml or desirable. A. A. Llaves m.d., state a of Massachusetts the 1-011 St Tui its no and corp full be ctn for excellent Quality snarl i in the Kefa ratio Fot of Riall thu in Flor so Tii and few rom Xvi to five Itne cwt Nui t k4 in 3i_ a. Neb. Cut a to Xci i pm j Manv Kocot Irrer Mil it t r Uffer to i Isufi lie at Price or Al 1 of Chi a Lufi. With a Titi Etc Pill. H am4 the what Bah i Akk Ich Nith a a no Lintton 1 a i i m a it i in Thirn inc ii. A Nav r.1. It i Iii Brit a to to Inri Alc to nil m Ilert United for the whiskers. 1 this elegant preparation Hal on to Cli Ingi Len color of the Khosro min rally Othni Rock to or Mack at i Tion. Being in preparation an i it a not Wil Cambric prepared by or. J. the i Nitt a states and Penni ivs to an Wiur Tobii adv Lis ment faulty in n. Of. A full line con consisting of tables chair s leads rockers j it lev produce it color Whittl Shepardson boo s. To Ltd w we Wmk in int w t to h it Fri in 1.d Uii. Fry k. P. Hall t it Nashua . T Fol in Tiu. I Luln Ai a hit nil thai in first class ? store Sci u Trade coffin1 on Hanit. F it a Wal press with a genial ple auntry and composure that at her personal appearance u very lowering Over twisted eyes not quite crowed but Akin to that and projecting month full of uneven Teeth which have to show continually for the whole face talks when the lips speak. She in affable though and never male or uninteresting. It is often said that the is not As pleasant with ladies As Rith gentlemen and that she much pre fers the society of the sterner bet but at mrs. Blaine s last reception she was constantly surrounded by ladies with whom she laughed and chatted most agreeably although some gentlemen new present she wore 110 jewelry Nave a Jet crts get with suspended by a narrow Black velvet. Her hair which is Light Brown was quite elaborately Fri filed and curled. Or. Blaine s Boute his own arranged according to Bis individual taste and is right pleasant though by no Means perfect in its appoint ments. Turkish rugs and carpets cover the and the wills to almost Bidden h which i arc Many japanese productions in one parlor is a life sized bust of senator is a most perfect likeness. It could never be Misti Ken. The door ways As As the windows Are heavily dried with dark figured damask which ,1 i i i .1 Pete All the wit and pleasantry possible to enliven. I suppose the time will never i of fir will lie Kuuku Here. Government clerkship Are the goal aimed at i the High sat ambition of a nun and Yoi Uig Wom if they could Bat obtain a pot Iok they think they would be Well satiated. They get it Ami they Are satisfied and that h just the misery of it and Why i incl that too much cannot be said against such Pouli tiros. The occupants Settle Down into the narrow ruts that clerkship Lead to and lose ambition fur an higher life. It is a life of Monotony a life that transforms into no entities their work is almost Rontino is and Pic Chunilal and Kcuik to that is ennobling. This a what some aptly say of them when they once ukr the salary of a ii int clerk get comfortably seated ii the jail Cndia of the nation breathe the intoxicating atmosphere of politics Anil Public life the chances an son makes a livelihood by famine i in value All of his farming from the aggregate thereof to deduct the exemption of the Over plus must be As teased a beet to taxation. That farming Utel Isiu includes any and All improvements Are in Ordinary Aud in Oral use to m Dru Karil a Gnu mtg heart 1 aay thing their which if out Ami nil War w4 Way j for a few Hudnut for All eternity. The that the Tia an a 1 we Reform Tad that we will u Del the aft to talk of of the farm and Nec wary to i l i i a j i this declaration As a Naun and who by _. N nation whose reve hit acc Waifu uhf. _ i Nurs Arr in caved Froid a pure Una harrows and the Lluu lil Euls i i i which destroys the Tunbi and bo4 m Ordinary thereof Are included in t of its Citi Iena kit any great length of time. Nln Aon of our country demands that we have wok new elements of vitality our git it political it Stem and that it us . But there is to a Learnt in existence not yet apr oath i a cd that can by brought in except i the female element. Kerr thir Tate u not subject to assessment sex out _ has been brought in and Imd the the term. Tith. Machines Are not exempt under the Law and therefore hour i in upon real Noliti Ite year. 7ib. In since the lint Keil in every other year but any Dekeip Cna inn of Wnok live theory which has been omitted May i. J held her Down through so Keg a knit be a swayed at any tiny by the Omen designated in the this being the sunlight age of the world it would Aat rally be supposed to be super eminently the age of new thought and progressive ideas a close study of history will reveal to us the fact that every nation has had a skin some of them succeeded fatty Well in workup out their Peculiar my of Ages int now be 8w must have a voice in making Ian w which is held amenable with Man. Taxation without Mamta. Tation will bust the strongest Aat Toft that Ever exist no. The female Emmot alone has that redemption in it which we Mill have the whisky prom a. Of this country will w solved or settled until the Baum ii Pel in her. The female half of tons others Only partly a acceded i will go Al Tuott fur abolishing while Many others failed Ami i drinks by Law. Of she will go for the Mission of the great american b i Post heavy fines Penaluer and cover Ament is to solve the great prob pm of Memol Liberty. American slavery was one of the neat hindrances to the fulfilment of j imprisonment upon All vol Alan of said Laws. Wuhu in must be to stand Side by Niile with Man equal and his peer in everything. The of our Mission but that we have fur idea tint Man n the head of the Tawit Tun Atelj pot and of altho Nirh at an in a Emu did a menace and a narrow escape Olf. Fab Hood. Human a the bowl of our National life let we have Aneth. Family and not Man. But the Obj comr or system of slavery and bondage hang _ kind of a figure i Over us which i we must get nil of. I i a i would Woun Cut upon mute by the Constitution arc pm Lens and it follows then full one i equal with half of our americ Aii citizens Haie no i i she will to whom status As Long a this remains to True the great problem of our Nati until that worn then will but 1 end of our Mission Only we mint solve the other half of problem or will i be Uhuru Rome acid cart the now my our Ihan to the great Heap of ruins the Driftwood and Del it of nations and empires now littered All Alung Donn gnat Highway of modern science has Ungki us that then is to effect without its appropriate cause. Robe women if ii Educ Ewa Thair of Vii have Daw Battla h us the dig deep Aud search .1 cause that can produce to great an of feet As the downfall and ruin of re Public kingdom or Empire. There Are two elements pervading the entire realms of positive ail negative. All things that would Gove Miletits themselves must have these two elements United within them. In the uni in of these two Etc Puiia there is life in their separation a death. Jet no Dian put aim Jar what god hath Jui cd a purely male government one i Lii he woman has no Pili tical mice an i of h Baa twi times happened to Mateu Iwig to do m the affairs of the Gove Niedt and uniformly she avowed by reel competent and a great Success. Queen Victoria a a Wotan and has swayed set tre old -4 to their will prove bitter j will and must an i not Lions but the rude hand of , i the eternal St mss of to Jorif a it drives them out at last to taste want and lout Linos unfitted for any useful Iek Al fit 1 Kei Al 1. Blur -1 ii i. M. Hutches a co., buy Grain dealers u h. F. Booth of offs Mittin Tui Tik. Ili Iii Whasil Ilir Oil. Elul a Iii j in Ilic Lur to j he Marrick i l every Energy was taxed Tuth to met life s nets wires finally he hot his place clerks almost Alwa lose their places after a ten Occure Ign Aro that even capacity a Atli Anil if Trio lilt Holn utmost tic in. Our polio Guam i car Lully and awfully american manhood corrupt our rotting have in their n i Kritil of the ballot they in 4 of Protection any t Ori Iii or judicial injun Sun via in 1 the of the family Ami i i r ,1 Gihl Subt Jatin Leanoth for the. In of , ablution of Thi great american last Down the Jwak of w., and i Tell that unless a term. My that Ujj Cicily old Wilt set Apia is Rance to do it. Hard Tjw Sunj in net absolutely Aumi i 1cm of rail nil Lime town the destroying Infix Irenea of j inti eating beverages and be was tar the first or Bat it Treml in. Obtain Wei. Whisk a. Of j and or. Re to i evil s i and Kofl vewer., one Rokes of i a when will their Biliti Weeh Inu native the Law Ite dear i mire i lifts we maj Ufi Iii a of property j a it tto world s two Are great Rte Ifim that will flame ail and Are nut incl Jed it i make the of the Bod the the term farm wit Alcor risk great notral him w wet As to ulva 3d. That cts inc attic Hal to tin of the i will now mention a Tii it Iii Yuu think All the non m. That wagons when us i by per of Oil Fry. By this government a who make a livelihood he farm Cooke Ted As Revenue. From the to get of genl v Exee woh. In Fate Vantage Grid As my to of its pm an i want that a Are firming Uinn fictum and Nile of whisky and j my. Film it is the or nth of the Narv which the i Tor we iwo the Pra Pertt of i per of tews of Nihof Suttib of Fettrow Citi 7 3tf 1 r i we Alee an Nam la
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